Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 66.1 What do you think, isn’t it manly? (1)

“What news?!” Mu Chongyan’s expression turned cold, the look in his eyes grim.

Du Han stared at the dark web page on the screen and looked a little anxious. He deliberated how to word his sentences repeatedly before sending the message over.

“Boss, an ex-attendant who used to serve His Majesty the Queen but was sacked, divulged some information. He claimed that after His Majesty had fallen heavily ill, he never saw him again. Moreover, apart from the emperor and the caretaking robot, he never saw anyone enter the designated sickroom of His Majesty the Queen.”

After Du Han sent this message, he curled his fingers and pressed them against the cold table.

Knowing too much about the Imperial Family’s private affairs wouldn’t bode well… Boss, what exactly are you trying to do…


Mu Chongyan stared at the words on the screen and the look in his eyes changed thrice. Countless conjectures surged in his mind but was once again ruthlessly pushed down.

He sent a cold reply back, “When was that person dismissed?”

“A week after His Majesty the Queen had fallen ill, all the people who were in charge of taking care of him were all fired.”

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Perhaps….even this analogy was just scrCatching the surface.


The bedroom was quiet for a long time when the warm lights suddenly went out, pitch black instantly surrounding Mu Chongyan.


The next day.

Bai Rong had breakfast together with Mu Chongyan as usual. Then, they both separated as one hurried towards the academy and the other returned to the crystal glass case.

Upon returning to his room, Bai Rong turned the optical computer on and logged into the virtual city

He couldn’t wait to see his new appearance.

As soon as he logged in, Bai Rong quickly rushed to the living room where the big mirror was. His slightly flushed face wore an expression of nervousness and expectation.

However, upon seeing his figure in the mirror….

Bai Rong’s little face became paralyzed before he suddenly cried out of exclamation.

W-who was this pretty boy in the mirror?!!!

Bai Rong glared angrily at the person in the mirror and the person in the mirror glared angrily back at him. His watery eyes were stained red with anger and grief, his tender cheeks puffed with rage, his ruddy lips revealed deep teeth marks from biting his lip, it was if he had been maltreated, his appearance looking extremely pitiful that it made anyone who saw him feel their heart melt….

However, Bai Rong’s heart did not show the tiniest hint of melting. He was so furious his hair was about to stand on end. He reached out a hand and strongly twisted his face.


The right cheek of the person in the mirror instantly turned red and his eyes also turned misty as though the pitiful youth had been miserably bullied by Bai Rong.

However, when this sight fell in Bai Rong’s eyes, he only grew unhappier. He angrily showed the mirror the middle finger.

Che! His previous body didn’t even turn red after exerting physical effort but with just this motion, he could see himself turning flushed immediately. Too weak!

Besides that, the person in the mirror also gave him the middle finger.

Oho! Look at this brat!

Bai Rong raised a brow and narrowed his eyes at the “person” across him, coldly and dangerously sneering.

He took one step forward and the person across him took one step forward as well.

Just as Bai Rong was about to do something, he suddenly realized how foolish he was acting and immediately turned blank, a hint of humiliation flashing across his face.

Truly…just because his body had changed, he nearly turned foolish!

Bai Rong harrumphed and turned around, pinching his own face. However, he immediately gave a pained hiss, drawing the corners of his mouth back.

It hurts….

The pain was too real. Bai Rong put down his hand after pinching himself twice. He decided to inspect the rest of his body and touch the top of his head, measuring his height. Upon finding that he hadn’t even reached 1.8 meters, his eyes immediately turned red with anger.


Ahhhhhhh Why was this body so short?!!!

Bai Rong’s hand remained on the top of his head as his whole person appeared on the verge of exploding. He needed to find Mu Chongyan and that hacker and settle this matter today!!!

Even if he previously agreed to changing into a leaner and slender body type, the body shouldn’t have been this weak. They were simply too much, he should…

Bai Rong was just about to null over how to settle accounts with Mu Chongyan when a series of familiar footsteps suddenly sounded.

Bai Rong’s eye immediately lit up in anger and he stomped towards the source of the sounds.

Mu Chongyan had just gone down the stairs and promptly saw Bai Rong walk towards him with a huffy face. His footsteps immediately turned sluggish.

By the looks of his posture, he seemed to be coming towards himself. What did his Little Sweet cake want?

“Mis! Ter! Wei!” Bai Rong arrived in front of Mu Chongyan and angrily raised his head to glare at him while pointing at his own face, “Would you care to explain this?!”

“Hm?” Mu Chongyan looked at this little sweet cake’s angry face with mirth in his eyes and gently asked, “What’s wrong with it?”

“You tell me what’s wrong?!”

Mu Chongyan lowered his head slightly to warmly and attentively stare at Bai Rong.

Hmm… Du Han’s modifications weren’t bad. Even though this body’s eyes were slightly smaller than his little sweet cake’s, the pupils a bit fainter, the nose not as small and tall as his little sweet cake’s, the lips weren’t ruddy enough, the shape of the face wasn’t exquisite as his little sweet cakes, there weren’t any dimples and the hair wasn’t as soft, it still overall looked good.


Mm..In the end, nothing could beat his Little Sweet Cake’s original appearance.

“H-Have you finished looking or not…” Bai Rong’s face couldn’t help but turn red from being stared at so gently and attentively, his hands unconsciously clenching his clothes.

“I’ve finished.” Mu Chongyan’s voice was gentle and even contained a trace of mirth.

Even though this body was a tiny bit similar to his little sweet cake, they were still 2 completely different people so people wouldn’t be able to connect him to Little Sweet Cake.

This was good since it not only kept Little Sweet Cake’s identity safe but the disparity between their appearances was no longer as wide as heaven and earth.

Otherwise, if his little sweet cake continued acting cute in his previous body, there would be no redemption for his corrupted aesthetics.

“I-If you’ve finished looking…don’t you have anything to say?!” Bai Rong mustered his courage and blurted out the same he felt before glowering at Mu Chongyan again.

“This…” Seeing Bai Rong’s indignant eyes, Mu Chongyan was somewhat confused at first. However, a bulb lit up above his head the next instant as he finally realized something.

A chuckle nearly escaped his lips before Mu Chongyan cleared his throat, putting on a serious look on the surface, “This modification was done very well. It conforms to the requirements we discussed yesterday. Moreover…” Seeing Bai Rong’s eyes widen in astonishment, Mu Chongyan coughed before continuing, “Moreover, this type of body can’t conceal your character. Mr. Mu‘s current appearance looks very admirable.”

“?!!” Bai Rong’s originally puffing face suddenly turned stunned and soon, a smile bloomed on his face.

At the same time, he stuck out his chest and feigned aloofness asking, “I-is that so?”

“It’s true.” Mu Chongyan put on a sincere look, his voice earnest.

After all, he didn’t specify which character couldn’t be concealed…

“Ehem…” Seeing that this soft and adorable body couldn’t completely cover up his manly and tough aura, happiness blossomed in Bai Rong’s heart. However, he still maintained an aloof look on the surface, gravely pursing his lips.

Since this didn’t hinder his majestic mightiness, he’ll magnanimously forgive Mu Chongyan. Besides, to ask for another modification would just be adding unnecessary workload to someone else.

Seeing Bai Rong’s appearance, Mu Chongyan knew that he had once again managed to successfully appease the person and he couldn’t help but chuckle on the inside, his eyes revealing helplessness and a pampering amusement.

“Mr. Mu. Where are you planning to go today?”

“Ah…I-I was going to make some spell cards.” Bai Rong quickly said, “I was going to make the SS Intermediate Spell Cards and SS Level Basic Cards. After that…”

“After that, you want to use it in exchange for the virtual mech?”

“Yes..” Seeing that his thoughts were easily pointed out, Bai Rong felt inexplicably embarrassed.

“No worries.” Mu Chongyan smiled, “After Mr. Mu finishes making the spell cards, I’ll immediately return the mech so that you and your lover could soon operate a couple mech together.”

“….” Bai Rong’s face turned into a deeper shade of red and he quickly took a step back, preparing to turn and flee upstairs.

“Mr. Wei, I..I’m going to make the cards now. I’ll be leaving first.”

“Alright. Please go ahead, Mr. Mu.”

As soon as he got Mu Chonyan’s reply, Bai Rong immediately turned around and ran. Bai Rong watched Bai Rong’s figure soon disappear, the warmth in his eyes apparent.

Upon reaching the second floor, Bai Rong immediately entered the spell card room.

Whew… His Mu Chongyan was becoming more and more tempting. As his husband, he almost couldn’t hold himself back..

Bai Rong spent two hours making 2 SS level intermediate spell cards and 2 SS level virtual spell cards. After picking out two cards from among the batch to give to Mu Chongyan, he posted the rest on his tough man virtual spell card shop.

After posting and refreshing the page, both cards had been sold clean.

Happily withdrawing the money he had just earned into his account, Bai Rong decided to check out the shop messages.

Having not gone through it the past few weeks, the message had accumulated to several hundred millions. Bai Rong marked them all as read before casually opening a few to look through.

He found that the most recent messages mentioned something about an “S Class Spell Card Master” and “Search in the Virtual Star Network”…

Curious, Bai Rong exited the virtual shopping mall and opened the virtual star network…

In the next second, he saw the headline “Tough Man Shop, S Class Spell Card Master” trending as a hot topic.

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