Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 63.1 Did he look like a wife! (1)

“Then what should I do…” Bai Rong still hadn’t snapped out of the thought that his wife might be cheating on him, his tone gloomy.

Seeing Bai Rong drooping his head and looking listless, Mu Chongyan’s heart also softened in an instant and the urge to pull the man in his arms to comfort and ask what was wrong arose, however, upon recalling that his figure was two meters tall and very manly, his heart instantly quivered.

His taste has really gotten more and more poisoned!!!

Mu Chongyan rubbed his temples, having realized that the amount of times he has been rubbing his temples from pain had risen sharply recently.

“In any case..I recommend Mr. Mu to modify your physical data into something that’s completely different from your current physique and style.”


“Completely different?” Bai Rong raised his head, getting an ominous feeling, “What do you mean?”

“I mean we would have to modify your physique to be of a slimmer type, your appearance also has to look more gentle.” Mu Chongyan raised his hand and projected a figure of a youth. The youth had a smile on his face and appeared delicate and gentle. He was about 170cm tall with a slim physique.

“Something like this.” Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong and said, “How does Mr. Mu feel about it?”

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“Ya. Elk..” Jyk Ssdt zssjle yv Yw Ubsdtuyd nyalqwzzu, “Gal…yal usw ydtau?”

“No.” Seeing Bai Rong act cautiously towards him, Mu Chongyan quickly retracted his expression and resumed a gentle look. He cleared his throat to say, “Why would I be angry at Mr. Mu, it’s just that…if Mr. Mu is insistent on keeping the same type of physique, the chances of being exposed would be very high. Not only for you but for the people beside you as well.”


“!!!’ Bai Rong was immediately taken aback, his eyes immediately growing wide.

How could he forget? Right now, he was not alone, he still had Mu Chongyan by his side. And right now, Mu Chongyan was being targeted by an evil force, so how could he implicate his wife?!

“Then, let’s do as Mr. Wei says!” Bai Rong decisively stopped insisting. And though he felt a little depressed, compared to the safety of his wife, this kind of sacrifice was tantamount to nothing!

“Has Mr. Mu decided?” Mu Chongyan had merely reminded him of the pros and cons of modifying his physical data and didn’t think that his little sweet cake would actually agree quickly, it was truly… a little bit out of his expectations.

“En, I’ve decided!” Bai Rong put on a face of defeat, appearing as though he had just sacrificed something great.

Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but reveal a smile. Pressing down the urge to ruffle little sweet cake’s hair, he smiled lightly saying, “Alright. Then, does Mr. Mu have any other requests regarding the modification? I can help transmit this to the hacker.”

“….” Bai Rong frowned in thought before lowering his head and muttering, “….None.”

In any case, since he couldn’t become another macho looking man, he couldn’t really care what kind of body he would have…

“Ok, then we’ll be doing it according to my way, does Mr. Mu believe me?”

“I do…” Thinking that his virtual body was soon going to morph into that picture, Bai Rong felt a little sour on the inside. He listlessly replied, ”We’ll just do it according to Mr. Wei’s proposal…”

“Good.” Seeing Bai Rnog look gloomy, Mu Chongyan held back the urge to laugh and gently said, “Actually, Mr. Mu doesn’t have to feel this sad. A person’s manliness shouldn’t be restricted to his outer appearance. I believe that even if you use a very..cough, cuddly figure, it still wouldn’t affect your temperament.”

Mu Chongyan lied very smoothly without any change in his expression.


However, he certainly thought the same. After all, even if his little sweet cake…used a 2 meter tall buff physique, he would always emit a clever and adorable air…

“….That does sound reasonable?” Bai Rong’s eyes started shining.

That’s right…A tough person like him was iron blooded deep in his bones. His every movement was inexplicably majestic, domineering and mighty. Why would he need a buff body to represent that….

Buff bodies were just an ornament to decorate something that was already there, towards a tough guy like him, it was simply unneeded!

Thinking up to here, Bai Rong’s spirits were lifted and his eyes twinkled in joy, “Mr. Wei. You’re right. I didn’t think you would have such foresight!”

Bai Rong looked dotingly at Mu Chongyan with an expression that said “I knew you would be infatuated with my manliness regardless of whether it’s in the real world or the virtual world”. The corner of his lips were raised and his cheeks were flushed.

Mu Chongyan was shocked by his gaze and immediately covered his mouth. He had just realized that he would have to hold himself back from smiling a lot more in the future…

“En, My foresight has always been very good.” Mu Chongyan had on a serious look as he gently said, “Mr. Mu should go rest for a while. Later on, we still need to go to the prize giving ceremony.”

“Ok!” Bai Rong curved his eyes before turning around and going up the stairs.

He knew that his manly air couldn’t be completely concealed, but his wife was really….insightful and persuasive…

However, it wasn’t odd considering when he was just 10 centimeters tall, he had already charmed Mu Chongyan, so right now, didn’t he have more control in their relationship?

In front of the optical computer, Bai Rong couldn’t help but smirk. He narrowed his eyes imperiously and then, with a loud sound, fell back on the quilt behind him with a red face.


His Mu Chongyan loved him this much, admiring his manly air greatly, he felt a little embarrassed already…

….Bai Rong rolled around the sheet a few times before getting underneath his quilt and sleeping for a while.

Time quickly flew to 3 and Bai Rong shut off his alarm, getting up from the bed. He went to the living room to gulp down a nutrient dose before returning to the bedroom and logging into the virtual city again.

“Has Mr. Mu rested well?” Mu Chongyan had been sitting on the sofa all this time without moving, having just finished arranging the last mission for a v67 member. Seeing Bai Rong come down, he quickly closed the window.

“En. I had a good rest.” Bai Rong walked downstairs and smiled somewhat bashfully, ”Let’s go.”

The two quickly reached the Central City’s Government Building. Bai Rong looked from a distance and discovered that the security checkpoint had been moved 50 meters outside the building. Several reporters were surrounding the checkpoint and round metal recorders floated on top. It was noisy and crowded. Fortunately, security guards were present to maintain order so there hadn’t been chaos at the scene.

Bai Rong anticipated that getting out later on would also feel like going through a battlefield and couldn’t help but quiver at the thought.

“Don’t worry.” Mu Chongyan saw Bai Rong look bitterly at the group of reporters and smiled in comfort, “By then, I’ll protect you.”

“Ok!” Bai Rong raised his head and cast Mu Chongyan a smile but immediately felt something amiss.

He was a tough man, why would he need his wife to protect him…

However, before he could even ponder over this, the aircraft landed on an empty runway cleared by the security.

Bai Rong put away his thoughts and quickly got off the aircraft, showing his identity to the staff. Then, the staff members respectfully led him inside a big hall.


The big hell was spacious but not cold. Red banners were hung everywhere around the hall as well as on stage and there were colorful round balls hanging on those banners.Two big plant pots were placed on each end of the stage and red ribbons were tied around the plants. With just one glance, one could see that it was an award ceremony for it was extremely jubilant.

“The award giving ceremony will start in 5 minutes. Please wait here for a while.” The staff said, revealing a set of perfect teeth.

“Alright.” Bai Rong nodded. He went to find a place to sit before sweeping a gaze across the hall, realizing that out of 10 participants in the finals, only 8 had showed up.

Are the other two spell card masters not coming? Bai Rong turned his head to look at the entrance of the hall. All ten finalists would have spell card materials bestowed to them so not coming would be such a waste…

Just as Bai Rong was thinking this, two people arrived outside. After taking a closer look at them, they were indeed the last remaining finalists.

The hall remained quiet for 2 minutes before a group of people walked in. The person leading the group was shockingly Grand Master Timothy who had a head and beard of white, his complexion was ruddy and he appeared amply energetic.

As soon as Grand Master Timothy had taken his seat in the center, the other people also took theirs. Several receptionists with smiles on their faces stood on both ends of the stage while a few permitted reporters quickly found their locations, flashing their lenses nonstop.

A hostess stood up with a smile and she carried a very tiny silver microphone.

“Respected Leaders, Respected Spell Card Masters, as well as fellow Shengya citizens who are currently watching this live broadcast, Good afternoon. The Shengya Global Virtual Competition has finally come to an end and the list of winners have been announced. I am very fortunate to be able to host this event…”

Bai Rong watched the person on stage chatter on and couldn’t help but yawn.

Five minutes later, the long-winded speech had ended and a tall staff member walked out, delivering a bright gold letter to Grand Master Timothy.

Grand Master Timothy opened the letter and revealed a surprised look before quickly recovering a smile.

He took the microphone given to him and announced in a steady calm voice that resounded across the entire hall.

“This time, we have a total of four winners…”

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