Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 62.3 Was his wife trying to have an illicit affair?! (3)

Bai Rong quivered for a moment, and quickly put aside half of the materials in his hand. He then arranged the remaining eleven sets of materials and placed them on the left side of the console.

The spacious hall was so quiet, one could hear the sound of a needle drop. A chilly air was quickly produced, surrounding Bai Rong from all sides.

Bai Rong gulped nervously and clenched his fists slightly.

This time, he had to win, but he didn’t need to be in first place, being in the top three would suffice.

Bai Rong concocted a plan in his heart. After raising his eyes slightly, he calmly and orderly picked up the card-making equipment on the console, and processed the materials in a systematic manner.


With three hundred minutes, and the requirement of five intermediate spell cards, he had to properly arrange the failure rate and the spell card data level…

At this time, the hostess of the Central City TV station and Master Timothy were sitting in the live broadcast hall of the Central City TV station, which was only one street away from the government building. And they began to comment on the competition footage.

“Master Timothy, the Global Virtual Spell Card Competition has finally reached the finals. What do you think of these players?” The hostess’s voice was slightly excited, her eyes glinting with curiosity, “Do you think that there would be an S-level spell card master who had suddenly advanced a few days ago among these spell card masters?”

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Time passed by unconsciously, and at the last second of the last minute before the end of the round, Bai Rong, who wore an expression of mental fatigue, finally finished the last stroke on the spell card.


In an instant, a dazzling light flashed!

Card Success!!!

Immediately, the hostess of the TV station and hundreds of millions of people watching the live broadcast heaved a long breath, and then, comments began to fill the screen of the final’s live broadcast.

“Aaahhhhhh, that made me so nervous to death! I thought my heart was about to stop!!!”

“Our idol is simply torturing us fans, I was almost about to have a heart attack!!!

“Ahhh me too, now I’m so excited. This time, there are only four Spell Card Masters who have completed five Spell Cards, four! My great uncle will definitely get into the top three!!!”

“My God, that was a long breath of relief, but even though this uncle is sadistic to his fans, he’s still able to complete the card at the very last juncture every time and being able to see that is extremely satisfying hahaha. I’ve decided, I’m going to become this Spell Card Master’s fan!”

“Wow, welcome, welcome, I want to beg for a hacker to find out the idol’s virtual star network number, I want to follow him there aahhhh!!!”

“Me too, why is my idol so low-key [tears]”



After the mechanical sound signalling the end of the competition rang out, five staff members suddenly walked into the hall.


The leading staff member held a miniature spell card detector and smiled respectfully, “Thank you for your participation, spell card masters. Now we will proceed to the last spell card test. After the test, all the spell card masters may leave and rest. The awards will be presented at 3:30 in the afternoon.”

Awards will be presented at 3:30 in the afternoon?

Bai Rong nodded secretly. The competition was quite humane. After all, after competing for five hours, most of the spell card masters would be both tired and hungry. Not even a few wanted to wait here for the award ceremony as they were eager to go back and get some rest.

The efficiency of the staff was very fast. Twelve minutes later, all the spell cards produced by the spell card masters have been tested and broadcasted live to the entire virtual city.

The live broadcast of the competition once again swept the forums.

Bai Rong smiled slightly, feeling calm on the inside. He knew that his grades were firmly ranked in the top three, but he was not sure which rank he was in.

After all, the scores of spell cards with different levels and different data were different, so detailed calculations were needed.

Since he was able to achieve the result he had planned for, he felt very pleased.

“Alright, you may now leave. Awards will be presented in the lobby on the third floor of the Government Building at 3:30 in the afternoon.” The staff smiled respectfully.

Bai Rong looked around, and left the hall with the other spell card masters.

As soon as he left, Bai Rong rushed to the security checkpoint.

“Mr. Wei!” Bai Rong was guarded by Mu Chongyan as soon as he exited the security checkpoint. The two of them returned to the aircraft crossing through thorny obstacles, and as soon as they managed to get into the aircraft, Mu Chongyan stepped on the accelerator.


“Huff…that was dangerous.” Bai Rong sighed, his eyes curving as he said: “Th-..Thank you Mr. Wei, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get out.”

“No problem.” Mu Chongyan shook his head slightly, his brows scrunching up.

He had actually thought that the uncle’s version of little sweet cake, who had just been frightened by the crowd, was also very cute. His eyes were simply…getting more and more poisoned.

Suspicious of his own aesthetics, Mu Chongyan was silent, and didn’t speak a word in the entire journey…

Seeing that Mu Chongyan stopped talking, Bai Rong looked around and also closed his mouth.

Ten minutes later, the two had reached the villa.

“Mr. Mu, have you thought about the physical data you want to be modified into?” Mu Chongyan entered the living room and called Bai Rong who was about to go upstairs, “After you receive the award, we can start modifying it.”

“…I haven’t thought of it.” Bai Rong turned around and looked at Mu Chongyan, shaking his head. Then, he puffed up his chest, saying, “However, I don’t have much demands, as long as the style suits my character well!”

“Suits your character?” The image of the cute and sweet and soft little sweet cake appeared in Mu Chongyan’s head.

“That’s right!” Bai Rong’s lips curled up, and his eyes narrowing slightly. “The tough man type! ….The more majestic and mighty it is, the better! That’s the kind that suits my character!!”

Tough man??

Majestic and mighty??!!


Mu Chongyan broke into a smile. He didn’t know that his little sweet cake’ s self-recognition was so skewed. Was this how the little sweet cake thought of himself all along…

Otherwise, why would he mind others calling him little sweet cake so much, and insist on calling him big red crayfish instead…

The smile on Mu Chongyan’s face grew deeper, finding out the little star pet’s true identity certainly had its benefits, because at the very least… he found a lot of pleasant surprises.

Bai Rong watched Mu Chongyan break out into a captivating and beautiful smile. His face turned flushed for a moment as he grabbed the corner of his clothes bashfully, but then he was taken aback and feeling a little annoyed.

His family Mu Chongyan didn’t know that Mu Nan was him, how dare he smile so tenderly at Mu Nan!

Wa-…Was he trying to have an illicit affair?!!!

Drawing his face taut and his eyebrows scrunched, Bai Rong exuded a deep sense of unhappiness and jealousy.

As though the person who had made “Wei Huai”’s attitude turn for the better was not him…

Now that “Wei Huai” treated him a lot better, contrary to expectations, he wasn’t happy anymore.

Mu Chongyan saw Bai Rong’s face suddenly stiffen, thinking that his little sweet cake felt humiliated and angered, he quickly withdrew his smile, and said softly: “This…it is not difficult to meet Mr. Mu’s character. But, if you get another…cough, tough guy physical data, it wouldn’t be much different from your current body. This won’t be conducive to erasing your tracks. What do you think?”

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