Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 60.2 Reciting Verses In My Dreams (2)

“We’re here.” Mu Chongyan took out the porridge packaged by Dizhi from his spatial button, “Hey, eat something first before going back to sleep…”

“Ok…” Bai Rong tried his best to gather his wits. He didn’t know why he felt so tired. Perhaps it was because he had slept late yesterday, in addition to that, he had expended much mental and physical energy.

After eating a bowl of rice porridge in a daze, Bai Rong then fell asleep on the table. Mu Chongyan watched the little one lie softly on the table next to the small bowl, and his heart immediately turned warm and soft, mixed with a tinge of distress…

He had no idea what his little sweet cake had been up to recently, to have gotten himself this worn out…

Gently taking Bai Rong into his hand, Mu Chongyan placed the person beside his pillow, and then found a soft light yellow handkerchief to cover him with.


“Mm…” Bai Rong buried his face in the bed sheet beneath him, curling his body, and reaching out a small arm to press the handkerchief closer to himself, sleeping soundly.

Mu Chongyan stood at the side and watched him. The depths of his eyes and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but show a sweet tenderness. After a long while, he reluctantly turned the lights off and turned to leave.

He still had a lot of work to do, so he couldn’t go to rest just yet…

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Eblal oyp vbkp??

Pke bl naspp shla sdvs yd 800-piwyal-xlvla cle?!!!

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Was the person lying beside him Mu Chongyan?!!!


The panic on Bai Rong’s face slowly morphed into shock, in the end, he was left foolishly dumbfounded in place.

He wouldn’t have…..abducted Mu Chongyan into bed, did he?

Bai Rong shook his head strongly in denial, his small face wrinkling into a bun as he tried to remember what had happened last night….In the end, after three seconds had passed, everything came back to mind.

Looking at Mu Chongyan’s sleeping countenance, the heavy look on Bai Rong’s face was replaced by a flushed bashfulness.

He…he was actually taken to bed by the enthusiastic Mu Chongyan…

Could this be considered sharing the same bed as his wife…?!!!

A flash of scarlet red quickly flitted across Bai Rong’s small face, and his whole person felt so ashamed he turned into a tomato, wishing to plunge into the quilt.

Twisting the corners of his clothes unconsciously, Bai Rong’s gaze involuntarily floated to Mu Chongyan’s handsome cheekbones, travelling down from his deep eyebrows to his straight nose, and stopping at his pale pink lips…

“Poof!” Bai Rong’s face turned into an even deeper shade of red.

Feeling his heart thumping restlessly, Bai Rong coarsely rubbed his face, kneading the flesh on his cheeks until he suddenly heard an extremely gentle low laugh.

“Why are you so cruel to own your face early in the morning? How did it anger you?”

“!!!” Bai Rong’s actions paused for a moment upon realizing that Mu Chongyan had already opened his eyes at some point in time, and those deep eyes of his were looking right at him tenderly.


“Yo-you…I…” Bai Rong couldn’t help but start stuttering.

“What you you I I?” Mu Chongyan’s lips were hooked up into a smile, and he sat up and picked the shy and helpless Bai Rong into his hands.

“What’s wrong, why is your little face so red early in the morning?” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed the top of Bai Rong’s hair, then lowered his head and gave him a kiss, asking: “…Did you catch a cold?”

“Boom–” Bai Rong’s head exploded from too much stimulation.

Seeing that the little star pet was completely dyed in red and had even turned stiff in his hands, Mu Chongyan smiled and sighed in his heart. Unable to tease him anymore, he merely said, “We’re going to have breakfast in a while. Do you want to go back and wash up?”

“Yes!” Bai Rong said loudly, lowering his head.

“Okay…” Mu Chongyan carried Bai Rong back to the crystal glass case on the bedside table, and said warmly, “I’ll pick you up later.”

“Ok…” Bai Rong quickly ran back to the villa with a flushed face.

Ahhhhhh, even his heart was almost about to explode!

After washing his face in cold water several times, Bai Rong slowly calmed down.

Facing the person in the mirror, he clenched his fist hard, and puffed his face solemnly, telling himself.

That is your wife! What are you ashamed of, you are a tough guy! Overwhelmed by your wife’s loftiness, can you still call yourself a tough guy!


Bai Rong brushed his teeth quickly, rinsing off the toothpaste foam in his mouth, then he raised his brows and chest, and sauntered out of the villa arrogantly.

However…upon going out and laying eyes on the big bed, Bai Rong’s little head had emitted a ‘poof’ sound again.

“Have you finished washing up?” Mu Chongyan had already been waiting at the crystal glass box for three minutes, upon seeing Bai Rong come out, he smiled and picked him up, “The meal has been prepared, shall we go eat?”

“Ok…..” Bai Rong responded softly, feeling like a scarlet quail.

Once breakfast was finished, Bai Rong quickly returned to the crystal case.

Looking at the familiar grass, the familiar fence, and the familiar stone tables and chairs, Bai Rong let out a long sigh, finding them to be very beautiful for the first time in his life.

Look at the round black stone bench, how delicate it looked!

After returning to the bedroom, the heat and redness on Bai Rong’s face gradually receded. He turned the optical computer on, studied spell card data for two hours, and then logged into the virtual city.

As soon as he logged in, Bai Rong received a message.

“Dear Spell Card Master: Greetings and Congratulations, you have advanced to the next round! The next round is the last round of the Shengya Global Virtual Spell Card Competition ——the finals. The venue of the competition will be held at the first floor of the Central City Government Building, the competition time is on November 14th at 9 am. In this round, the spell card will be tested and appraised on the spot once the spell card master has finished making them, and the winner will obtain very bountiful rewards, please be there on time for the competition. Please take note of the following matters: ….”

As expected, he had advanced into the next round. Bai Rong scanned the notice he received, and the corners of his lips hooked up slightly.


The competition time was November 14th, which was the day after tomorrow. The competition time was quite early, so it shouldn’t interfere with his plans of modifying his data since Du Han was going to be back on November 17 or 18.

Bai Rong nodded to himself in secret, deciding to open the remote permissions on the 14th to allow hackers to help him modify his body data.

Having lifted the big boulder that was pressing on his heart, a relaxed smile appeared on Bai Rong’s face. Then, he took out an SS-level intermediate spell card from the spatial button and posted it at his tough guy spell card shop, pricing at 4 billion virtual star coins.

After all, he still had to go to the auction tonight, so he needed to raise more funds.

After posting the cards, Bai Rong left the villa and rushed to the AS Virtual Mech Union.

After a full eight hours of serious and hard practice in the training room, Bai Rong returned to the suburban villa, then took a quick shower, before laying on the bed and logging out of the virtual city.

Afterwards, Bai Rong took a small bath towel and ran to the bathroom for a half-hour bath.

After all, after training in the virtual city, the body in real life will also be similarly tired.

After finishing his bath, the clean and fragrant Bai Rong looked at the tiger bath treasures which were now as small as his fists, and sighed at the vicissitudes of life.

Now that it had decreased in size, even the King of the Jungle lost its majestic and mighty appeal, completely unworthy of his iron-blooded temperament, sigh…despite this, he would not give up.

After Bai Rong dried his body and changed his clothes, it didn’t take long for him to start hearing the signs of Mu Chongyan’s return.

The tip of his ear turned red for a moment as Bai Rong raised his chin, and walked out with a stiff face.

He is a tough guy! He must maintain his dignity.

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