Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 6 Carrying out an experiment

Bai Rong scanned himself and the man repeatedly, but the numbers 8.36 cm and 193 cm were always obtained without discrepancies. The preposterous and unbelievable speculation he harbored in his heart started hooting more madly, and Bai Rong’s brain started malfunctioning.

But how could he have shrunk …?!!

Footsteps suddenly sounded as if they were approaching, causing Bai Rong to start quivering in shock. He quickly stored the physical examination instrument he was holding into the spatial button.

Mu Chongyan looked at the panic-stricken little pet clinging on the fence, his eyes moved slightly, and he turned around exiting the living room.

Bai Rong pinched the corner of his clothes helplessly, looking at the leaving figure of the man. He felt panic, alarm and bitterness surge in his heart, and it had felt so uncomfortable that he wanted to cry.


Looking down at his own toes, Bai Rong stood on the same spot as if he was being punished, then he listlessly left the fence and turned around, returning to the villa.

He went through and recalled all the things that had happened in the past few days, and after an hour had passed, Bai Rong gradually calmed down and exhaled deeply.

Bai Rong couldn’t find a piece of paper in the villa, so he ran to the flowerbed in the courtyard and broke off a few stalks, then he took out a large plate and filled it with soil, before returning to his room.

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Tursvblpkp #2, vbl rbupknyz lmyxkdyvksd elhknl oyp dsv casjld, yde bl bye ynvwyzzu yaakhle sd y dsaxyz rzydlv. Tkp blktbv bye pbawdjld esod vs 8.36 nldvkxlvlap ewl vs vbl lqqlnvp sq vkxl vayhlz——yzvbswtb kv pllxle swvaytlswp, cwv fwetkdt qasx obyv bye fwpv byrrldle, vbkp rascyckzkvu … kp bktbla vbyd 80%.

Jyk Ssdt’p qynl oyp ckvvla, yde bl nsdvkdwle vs kdqla—

Rq vbl plnsde bursvblpkp olal vs bsze oyvla, bkp blktbv obld bl nyxl blal sd vbl qkapv eyu pbswze cl 8.26 nx, cwv dso kv oyp 8.36 nx. Mbld … Rd vblpl 3 eyup, bl bye tasod 0.1 nx vyzzla.

Jwv obyv xyel bkx taso vyzzla? Jyk Ssdt’p lulp tzkdvle yv vbl vbswtbv sq vbkp, vbkp kp vbl jlu, obs jdsop, rlabyrp bl nswze taso cynj vs bkp saktkdyz blktbv!

There was a flash of excitement on Bai Rong’s face as he meticulously combed over the events that had transpired in the past few days, continuing to put forward three other hypotheses.


Hypothesis 1: The planetary environment’s (air, rays, etc.) influence – a 49.9% probability.

Hypothesis 2: The planetary food’s influence -a 50% probability.

Bai Rong grabbed his hair, and paused for a while, before he reluctantly put out the third hypothesis: the touch of the man who had bought him (which perhaps could extend to all humans on this planet)- a 0.1% probability

After making assumptions and inferences, the breath that Bai Rong had been stifling in his heart had dissipated a lot. At this moment, a strong aroma suddenly floated over.

So fragrant!

Bai Rong sucked in a deep breath, impatiently casting a glance outside the window, while pulling himself back with much self-discipline. He swallowed his drool while still holding onto a stalk, and continued to write and draw in the mud pan, yet his thoughts were wandering elsewhere…..


A loud noise had suddenly rung out from his belly, and the last syllable lingered on mellowly, as if it was desperately searching for a certain existence! Bai Rong quickly hugged his stomach, his cheeks flushed as he looked left and right twice. A few seconds later, he quickly dropped the stalk in his hand, and ran out with his little legs, his steps carrying an unconcealable feeling of joy.

Don’t…don’t blame him for being half-hearted and abandoning something midway, his stomach was the one at fault for howling too loudly! This was not good at all!

Mu Chongyan put the heated baked crayfish by the crystal glass case, and peeled the shell slowly, scraping off a piece of the tenderest meat with a small fork, but when he was just about to put it on a small plate, he couldn’t find it on the table.

As soon as the door of the villa was opened, Bai Rong saw the crayfish meat hanging on the fork. His saliva instantly spewed out after a glance, but just as he was about to step out, he suddenly stopped himself, and ran back to the living room, taking one plate, and two bowls. Then he put it on the table outside the villa before quickly running back and shutting the door closed with a bang

This series of actions were done so naturally in one smooth motion!


Mu Chongyan who inexplicably felt a sense of dislike towards himself: “…”

Bai Rong lay beside the window and watched the man’s movements turn stiff, placing the shrimp on the plate, and couldn’t help but feel a little bit guilty. However, in order to verify the three hypotheses, he could only avoid the least likely hypothesis of ‘being touched’ first.

He made a resolve to himself, after he grew taller, he would treat this man better, and would not wrong him like this anymore. Bai Rong thought this, and secretly sighed in his heart.

Sigh, his heart was still too soft, but there was no other way. Perhaps, this was regarded as the tender sentiments that a tough man had.

Looking at the little star pet’s apparent attitude of defending himself from evil, a trace of unhappiness arose in Mu Chongyan’s heart, mixed with a little discomfort, unfortunately, these emotions did not manifest even the slightest bit on his paralyzed face.

However, this did not stop Bai Rong’s brain from visualizing it … Ahhh Shoot, he could even detect the man’s ‘gloom’.

Mu Chongyan took out a small piece of sweet cake and cut a small corner, placing it into one of the small bowls. Then he filled the porridge cooked by the household robot and filled the other small bowl. Without even casting another glance at Bai Rong, he got up and left the living room.

Hmph, he had never been in a hurry to see or touch anyone. Wasn’t it just a star pet? if it wanted to ignore him, then ignore him, this also worked out great for him! He’s a busy man after all! Even if it wants to be petted, he was too busy to do so!

Mu Chongyan returned to the bedroom with a cold face, and opened the optical computer, “Walter.”

“Aiyo, why do you suddenly have the time to contact me, didn’t you say you were busy?” Walter responded as he switched from audio to video, but once he saw Mu Chongyan, he couldn’t help but take a step back: “Egad! What’s wrong? Why do you look like you’re in such a bad mood?”

“It’s nothing.” Mu Chongyan replied with a slightly impatient tone. “Do you want to go to Dizhi or not.”

“Go go go!” Walter promptly leaned forward, “This will be considered as the first meal then.”


Mu Chongyan: “I’m giving you thirty minutes”

“No problem, no problem!” Walter laughed so happily, his teeth were all exposed, and his eyes disappeared. The outstanding image he had built up outside had turned into a wild dog who was out of control. He complacently replied.”Hehe. Fortunately, I haven’t had lunch yet.”

Feeling his eyes hurt, Mu Chongyan closed the video,”We’re going to AS after the meal.”

“Sure. I’ve been meaning to try the new S-class defense card I bought! I can’t wait to add it to my mech … hehe, I’ll definitely be able to sweep all the AS mech fighters today.” After he finished, he then added, “Of course, you’re not in the count, you’re not in the count. “


As soon as he heard the man leave, Bai Rong quickly opened the door and ran to the table. He sat down in excitement, having already been holding a spoon and fork in his hand for a long time.

Mmmmm … it was so delicious! Bai Rong narrowed his eyes and gorged himself, feeling that the man treated him really well. He knew that the man had specially come back home just to prepare lunch for him.

A gentle breeze blew, interlaced with a faint floral fragrance, Bai Rong narrowed his eyes contentedly, and hummed his favorite song in a good mood.

“The river flows eastward, the stars in the sky join the Big Dipper wa! Hehehehehe joins the Big Dipper wa, exchanging a cup of wine in life and death, roar when the road is uneven, and when the time is up, take action, bustling…….”

(1) Lyrics come from the song Good Man, linked here

Bai Rong held his spoon in intoxication, waving his fist ferociously in the air

After singing, Bai Rongyi breathed a sigh of relief, deeply feeling that only such a powerful song suited his temperament.


After eating and singing in a pleasant mood, Bai Rong cleaned up the bowl, and returned to the house. He then took out the physical examination device and scanned himself.

—— [8.36]

Bai Rong frowned once he saw the numbers appearing on the screen. He turned off the physical examination device after a short pause, and turned it on again after a short while had passed.


Why was it still 8.36, Bai Rong stuffed the medical device into the quilt in dismay, allowing his whole person to fall onto the bed.

…After lying down in boredom for a while, Bai Rong rubbed his hands that were feeling itchy. He drilled into the quilt and pulled out the physical examination instrument to turn it on once again.

Scanning—— [8.36]

It was still 8.36!

Bai Rong dropped his shoulders in disappointment and scratched his hair. This was unscientific at all!

Bai Rong turned over and looked at the physical examination instrument in his hand. After a short while, his eyes glinted, and he decided to release Kuku.

“Rou …” As soon as Kuku landed on the ground, he opened his small arms excitedly and rushed towards Bai Rong.

“Stop right there! Aiyo!” Bai Rong was crushed by Kuku’s impact and pressed Kuku away tenaciously. “You’re going to crush me to death!”

“Rou…” Kuku giggled mischievously. He suddenly pursed his mouth, trying to kiss Bai Rong.

“Aiya!” After being caught off guard and nibbled on, Bai Rong became angry and drove Kuku away, “Looks like we have to set some ground rules around here!”

“???” Kuku blinked and looked at Bai Rong, revealing his conventional eight teeth.

“What are you laughing at!” Bai Rong, who now carried a huge red bump on his face from being bitten, picked up a small flower stalk. He rummaged through the bedside cabinet, “Stand straight! Don’t chirp or act soft! Have some pride!”

Kuku: “Hehe…..”

“What are you hehe-ing about!” Bai Rong pointed at Kuku using the small flower stalk.

“Stand straight! Look at you, you don’t even look the slightest bit like a man!”

Kuku: “Hehe…..”

“I swear you’re really ticking me off.” Bai Rong took out the medical device in annoyance, and scanned Kuku.

“8.21 centimeters?” Bai Rong glanced at the numbers on the screen and looked at Kuku again. He suddenly inexplicably felt … better by two points.

“8.1 shentimeters …” Seeing Bai Rong not looking infuriated any longer, Kuku hurriedly walked over once again, and tugged Bai Rong’s arm fawningly, timidly calling out: “Rou….”

“It’s Rong!”


“Oh, you finally pronounced it correctly?” Bai Rong looked at Kuku with pleasant surprise.

“Rong …”

“Ah, forget it.” Bai Rong sighed. “Seeing that you are sooo much shorter than me-I’m not going to bicker with you any longer.” He said as he rubbed Kuku’s hair, and praised: “Kuku is so smart.”

“Rong…” Kuku squinted his eyes in glee.

“Kuku, let me tell you …” Bai Rong rubbed Kuku’s head and said earnestly: “A man cannot just casually kiss anyone! Even if you are a robot, you shouldn’t do it! Not to mention,I … I’m already taking responsibility for someone else, do you understand.”

Kuku:” @#¥% …… “

While the friendly exchange between Bai Rong and Kuku was going on, Mu Chongyan had just walked out of the high-level combat field of the AS Mecha Club wearing a cold face.

“Mu Chongyan, there’s definitely something wrong with your mood today!” Walter who was dripping in sweat, rubbed his aching shoulder while following him from behind: “You actually managed to hit twenty at a time, you have never done that before.”

“They asked for it.”

“Che, I haven’t seen you agree to it once before.” Walter pouted. “But since they were all your fans, they were really happy to have been struck by you.”

Mu Chongyan merely ignored Walter and went straight to the resting room.

Seeing Mu Chongyan remain silent, Walter also hummed and shut his mouth. Besides, he and those people understood that sparring with Mu Chongyan was practically more useful than practicing by themselves for a month.

Ten minutes later, Mu Chongyan stood up again and headed towards the combat field.

“Mu Chongyan?!” Walter, who was lying casually, bounced back up, and stared wide-eyed at Mu Chongyan’s back: ”You’ve only rested for some time and now you’re going back out again?”

Mu Chongyan opened a nutritional dose while walking.

Seeing Mu Chongyan ignore him, Walter quickly got up to follow him, “Are you really okay today? What’s wrong? Are you in a bad mood?”


“Who are you lying to? You definitely have a problem.” Walter carefully thought about what had happened to Mu Chongyan recently, “What is it about? Is it because of Fenya? Your mother? Your little star pet?”

Seeing Mu Chongyan gaze pause when he heard the words little star pet, Walter knew that he had guessed correctly, “What’s wrong? If the little star pet doesn’t suit you, should I help you raise it?”

Mu Chongyan’s face turned dark, “No need.”

“Don’t worry, I have experience in raising pets, and I won’t raise any problems for you. My little pet likes me so much they stick a lot to me.”

Mu Chongyan’s face turned even darker hearing this.

Walter could keenly smell a faint scent of vinegar, “It … it couldn’t be that your little star’s pet isn’t sticking to you right? Um … perhaps, your little star is a little different from other small star pets.”

Mu Chongyan pressed his lips tightly into a straight line.

“But I have a way to help you out.” Walter grinned. “It’s just a star pet, so it should be very easy to coax. If you go and buy some snacks that some star pet likes, he will be very happy and will start sticking to you.”

“There’s no need to do that.” Mu Chongyan snorted coldly and walked into the combat field.

Ten minutes later, Mu Chongyan quickly resolved the battle.

“Mu Chongyan.” Walter, who had just entered the battlefield, sent a message to Mu Chongyan “Do you want to spar with me?”

“I have some urgent matters to handle so I’m going back first.” Mu Chongyan put the mech back in his spatial button, “Let’s spar next time.”

On the other side of the battlefield, Walter, who had finally finished mentally preparing himself to be beaten black and blue, “…”

Half an hour later, Mu Chongyan, who claimed to be in a hurry, drove to the biggest star pet company in Sheng Ya Planet. He had bought toys and snacks amounting to more than one million star coins.

The author has something to say:

[A little theater on how to coax a little star pet]

Walter: Buy star pet toys! Buy star pet food!

Mu Chongyan: Hmph! I’m too busy to coax a mere little star pet. (secretly takes out a notebook to take notes]

Bai Rong: Shallow! Childish! Superficial! (reaches out a hand to refuse and walks away with splayed feet, leaving a string of heroic songs behind)

“The river flows eastward, a tough man doesn’t need to be coaxed ah, heyheyhey don’t need to be coaxed ah, only oneself can understand the pain…”

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