Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 59.3 I’ve figured it out (3)

After walking out of the competition hall, Bai Rong swept a look at Grace who was walking towards the entrance of the hall behind him, and quickly accelerated the speed of his pace, leaving the AS Union Building as though he was fleeing.

Seeing Bai Rong’s movements, Grace frowned slightly and walked out of the hall unhurriedly to the high-level VIP room on the upper floor of the competition hall.

“Second prince.” Grace knocked on the door of the VIP room respectfully.

A voice soon rang out from the room: “Come in.”

“Understood.” Grace opened the door, and after walking in, he shut the door gently.


“Grace, I’m afraid you won’t be able to advance this time.” The swivel chair turned around revealing the second prince who had a teasing smile on, his voice languid.

“This subordinate was not capable enough, please bestow punishment upon me, second prince.”

“Punishment?” The second prince smiled as he stood up and walked to Grace, saying, “You haven’t even reached forty years old, you are still young. The achievements you have achieved so far are already amazing. Why should I punish you?”

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“Xjyu, sjyu, sjyu, kv’p xu qywzv.” Pasty pxkzle yde dyaasole bkp lulp, zsspldkdt bkp yaxp zktbvzu, yde nbydtkdt vbl vsrkn. “Ju vbl oyu… vbl prlzz nyae xypvla usw ralhkswpzu xldvksdle oyp alyzzu kdvlalpvkdt, eke usw xydytl vs qkde swv yduvbkdt?”

“R qswde psxl, cwv R nswzed’v qkde ydu qwdeyxldvyz kdqsaxyvksd.”

“Mbyv…” Mbl plnsde rakdnl oyp ycswv vs pyu psxlvbkdt obld bl pweeldzu alnlkhle y xlppytl.

“Ozelpv pkpvla?” Fwarakple qzypble kd vbl plnsde rakdnl’p lulp. Tl iwknjzu nzknjle vbl xlppytl srld, “Ozelpv pkpvla, obyv’p vbl xyvvla?”

“Pasty, nsxl hkpkv xl.”

“Eldest Sister…” Droga’s eyes suddenly lit up as he asked, “Are you alone?”


“Don’t ask any more questions, come over quickly, I have something to discuss with you, it’s related to father.” Eldest Princess Margot was in the military department at this time. As a lieutenant general, even taking one day of rest every month was considered to be extravagant hope. She could only log into the virtual city and find her younger siblings in their residence to meet and discuss matters with.

“Will Fenya also be there?” Hearing his sister say not to ask any more questions, Droga immediately knew she wouldn’t be alone and his expression immediately turned cold.

“…Yes.” Margot was also helpless. She didn’t know why these two younger siblings wouldn’t just get along. Although Fenya was spoiled and was a little domineering, she was still educated. They couldn’t have a cold war since they were biological siblings. How could they bear such heavy grudges …

“I understand, I’m going now.” Droga controlled his expression and left the conference room.


On the other side, Bai Rong found Mu Chongyan’s parking spot, opened the car door and sat in.

“Mr. Mu performed well this time.” Mu Chongyan stepped on the pedal and slowly left the parking lot.

“It’s alright…” Bai Rong smiled, and said, “I almost didn’t finish the third intermediate spell card.”

“Mr. Mu is already very amazing. This time, there are only twelve spell card masters who managed to finish six spell cards. I believe Mr. Mu can advance.”

“Only twelve?” Bai Rong raised his voice in surprise, “That’s few!”

“This isn’t considered few anymore. The difficulty of this game has risen compared to before, and the process has accelerated as well. Many spell card masters had prepared themselves in a hurry so this number is already considered quite good.”

“…That’s true.” Bai Rong nodded. He stared at Mu Chongyan’s profile and said: “I’m going to practice operating the mech for a while, Mr. Wei can drive me directly to the AS virtual mecha union.”


“Alright.” Mu Chongyan glanced at the reflection of Mu Nan in the rearview mirror and paused, saying, “But Mr. Mu just finished making spell cards, don’t you need to recuperate?”

“It’s okay, I can’t help it.” Bai Rong lifted his face with a slight smile, his tone firm, “I want to finish mastering the video training tutorial you sent me within a month, so…it’s better to hurry up, and it’s not a problem if I feel a little exhausted.”

“Mr. Mu… is so hardworking, to show my admiration, I’ll give Mr. Mu a gift.” A hint of appreciation flashed in Mu Chongyan’s eye. He couldn’t help but appreciate the talented and hardworking people.

“A gift?” Bai Rong’s eyes lit up, filled with little stars, “What gift?”

“I have a special VIP card in the AS Virtual Mecha Union. I will open up a special training room for you for a month. Within this month, all you need to do is go to the room as no appointment will be needed.”

“Really?!!! Thank you, Mr. Wei!!” Bai Rong’s face lit up. This really surprised him, he knew how extremely difficult it was to make an appointment for the special training room of the AS Virtual Mecha Union. He originally wanted to book an ordinary training room despite the fact that the equipment and the venue there were a bit lacking.

“No need to thank me, as long as Mr. Mu likes it, it’s fine.”

“Hehehe…” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s handsome profile, and suddenly smiled foolishly, his bright black eyes curved into crescents, “Actually….. Actually it was my birthday yesterday, I can treat this as a birthday present…”

Bai Rong’s heart felt so happy it was as though golden syrup was being poured into it, turning his whole heart sweet and warm.

He had also become someone who had received a birthday present!

This was the very first time he received one ever since he was born!!!

Bai Rong pressed the back of his hand on his lips, for fear that he would smile too foolishly and scare his wife away.


“Yesterday was actually Mr. Mu’s birthday. I’ve unexpectedly missed the day I should give my congratulations.” Mu Chongyan looked at the person in the back seat whose person was overwhelmed with joy merely because he had received a gift that couldn’t even be considered to be a birthday present and suddenly felt a little….dissatisfied towards the person Mu Nan kept calling his wife.

How much had she ignored Mu Nan to make him…this happy all because he had received such a ‘gift’.

“In a while, I’ll accompany Mr. Mu in your training.” Mu Chongyan suddenly said: “I’ll give you some pointers so you can train faster.”

“Can you?” Having not expected that one surprise after another would fall on him. Bai Rong’s eyes widened, “Aren’t you busy?”

Mu Chongyan crossed out the plan he had made in his mind, and lied: “I’m not busy.”

“Well then, thank you for your time.” Bai Rong curved his eyes and stared at Mu Chongyan’s profile motionlessly. No matter where he looked, he felt that Mu Chongyan looked handsome. Moreover, he even had such a good character.

“Oh… by the way, I suddenly remembered something.” Bai Rong said cheerfully, “Mr. Wei said before that he would find me a hacker to help modify my physical data. I’ve now become convinced and I plan on having the modification done in these few days, do you think it would work?”

The author has something to say:

I wish my lovelies a happy holiday today, love you~

Bai Rong (leaping up and waving fists around): I’m an adult man now! An adult!!!

Mu Chongyan (seizes Bai Rong into arms and kisses him): Be good…you are also my baby too…

Bai Rong (blushes): …Hmph, then I’ll spend this holiday with you…


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