Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 59.2 I’ve figured it out (2)

The vigilance in Bai Rong’s heart immediately rose to the highest level. If this person wanted to use this as bait to speculate which force he belonged to, it would not be impossible to be able to come up with one or two guesses.

The gentleness in his eyes dissipated slightly after this realization. Bai Rong feigned an expression of recall, wrinkling his brows and speaking in a surprised tone, “I’m not too sure about this. I didn’t recognize that this was phosphorus wisteria, but now I see. This phosphorus wisteria is actually a good material for making intermediate spell cards with dual attributes of thunder and wind.”

Bai Rong looked at the old man apologetically and gratefully. Seeing that he was about to say something, he hurriedly blocked him flawlessly and said, “But you If you want to ask how to fuse phosphorus wisteria and wind core talcum powder together…I really don’t have any idea because I haven’t tried it either.”

The old man saw that Bai Rong had actually mentioned this out loud, causing all the people around them to turn their attention to him. The flickering probing look in his eyes turned even deeper, and the smile on his old face could no longer be maintained.



“Ahhhh we’ve arrived so quickly.” Bai Rong abruptly stood up, interrupting the old man as he smiled, “The doors have opened, I’ll be going down first without waiting for you. You should probably hurry up too.”

Bai Rong walked out of the aircraft, unconcerned about whether the person behind him was shaking with anger or not.

At the front, Grace dropped his eyes in contemplation before getting off the aircraft wearing his usual expression.

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Bai Rong stared at the round recorder, sighed, and took out the mask Mu Chongyan had given him when he got out of the car, putting it on obediently.


This recorder could clearly capture how many stubbles he had painted on, so as not to be recognized that he had makeup on, he had no choice but to cover himself up.

Five minutes later, a clear and cold mechanical sound suddenly sounded in the hall.

“There is still three minutes before the competition starts. Please check the card making equipment.”

Together with the ringing of the mechanical sound, a three-meter-high white board rose rapidly around each console, guarding the spell card master and the console tightly.

After the boards stopped rising, a huge silver box suddenly popped out from underneath the console, accompanied by another mechanical sound.

“Competitors, please check the materials. The duration of this round is three hundred minutes. The requirements are to make three virtual intermediate spell cards and three virtual basic spell cards.”

Three virtual intermediate spell cards!

The difficulty of the game had increased a lot!!!

Bai Rong’s eyes flashed, feeling faintly excited on the inside, his fists slightly clenched.

After checking the materials quickly, Bai Rong was assured that there was nothing wrong with them, but compared to the last time, the types he could find were more diverse and complex.

Bai Rong picked out seven sets of basic spell card materials and ten sets of intermediate spell card materials, sorted them out, and placed them on the left side of the console.

“The competition begins now.” The mechanical sound suddenly sounded.


Bai Rong’s eyes narrowed slightly. Coldly and calmly picking up the card-making tool on the console, he began to process the materials in an orderly manner.

Three hundred minutes, six spell cards, he had to arrange the failure rate well to succeed…

Knowing that at this time, the host of the Central City TV station must be sitting with Spell Card Master Timothy again, and had started to comment on their competition screens, and those recorders may have zoomed the screens closer, spreading these contestants’ “big faces” to all corners of the virtual city, Bai Rong pressed the edge of his hat down slightly, and pulled his mask up again.

He didn’t want to spread his big face like this to the entire Shengya.

The competition hall was so quiet that you could hear the sound of one’s breathing, and the nervous atmosphere spread silently to the audience. Bai Rong coldly and calmly made a plan in his heart, following the sequence of success, failure, success, failure, failure, and success in making the basic spell cards, then he put the three basic spell cards away, placing them in the upper right corner of the console.

At this moment, exactly one hundred minutes had just passed.

Bai Rong let out a long sigh in his heart. This time, the success rate of the basic spell card he planned was 50%. Although it was a little high, it shouldn’t be considered to be too high amongst the top fifty contestants.

Then, Bai Rong planned the production plan of the intermediate spell card in his mind, and then proceeded to make them according to the plan..

Since there were still 200 minutes left, Bai Rong was prepared to use up all the ten sets of materials selected, so that the card-making success rate was 30%. To tell the truth and not an exaggeration, the success rate he had planned for making the intermediate-level spell cards was also considered to be on the higher side.

After failing three intermediate-level spell cards, Bai Rong made two successful cards successively, and then pretended to be mentally exhausted. While trying to wipe away the ‘sweat’ that he barely managed to squeeze out of his forehead, he made four failed cards with an ‘extremely weak’ appearance.

This incited the commenting hostess and the hundreds of millions of Shengya residents who watched the live broadcast, sigh again and again.

However, what everyone did not expect was that in the last second of the last minute before the end of the game, Bai Rong ended the last stroke of the spell card with difficulty but with matchless precision.


In an instant, a dazzling silver light mixed with purple flashed!

Card Success!!!

The instant the card was made, countless people couldn’t help themselves from exclaiming in excitement. Some smacked the table, some jumped straight up, and some frantically filled the bullet screen with  “Ahhhhhhh”s on the live video.

After all, this kind of reversal that happens within a hair’s breadth at the end of the competition was too exciting! Too touching!

The hostess in charge of the narration was also very excited. From their side, you could see that there were only 12 people who completed the creation of six spell cards within the competition time. One of the spell card masters who just produced some spell card only elicited a card light that was very weak as well!

This last-minute spell card master might really be able to turn the tables around and advance into the next level!

Unaware that this move had attracted the attention of Master Timothy and countless residents of Shengya, even also attracting billions of fans and admirers, his fame suddenly soaring to the top ten of Shengya Spell Card Masters, Bai Rong placed the six spell cards he created into the drawer that popped up under the console following the instructions of the mechanical voice.

Seeing that the drawer was immediately retracted as soon as the spell card was put in, Bai Rong wiped his sweat and let out a sigh of relief.

That scared him to death, he had almost exposed himself this time…

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