Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 52.2 He needed to attract the limelight (2)

The aircraft flew for two and a half hours before finally reaching the central area of the central city.

In the central area, there stood rows upon rows of giant buildings with a height of one kilometer, and the crowded aerial avenues interweaved but did not seem disordered. Countless A-level or even S-level aircrafts flew past them, and huge billboards were suspended mid-air. Several slender and exquisite virtual mechas carrying electronic advertising bills shuttled back and forth everywhere…

Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide as he once again felt the novelty of the place like a country boy entering the city.

“The security for this competition is very high. There will be a special aircraft to pick you up. Other vehicles can’t enter within five kilometers of the competition site.” Mu Chongyan drove for a while before parking the aircraft next to a flight station.

“This flight station has special aircrafts to pick you up and drop you off. There will be staff in the aircraft. Go and dock your wristwatch so they can scan your identity, and someone will guide you to the competition venue.”


“Alright.” Bai Rong nodded, “Are you going to wait here for me?”

“Yeah.” Hearing Mu Nan’s obedient tone, Mu Chongyan suddenly thought of his little sweet cake and a tenderness abruptly appeared in his eyes, however his heart felt inexplicably strange and vexed.

How could this person compare with his sweet cake?

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The AS Virtual Spell Card Union Headquarters Building looked very luxurious. It was at least five or six times larger than the union building in Saiya City. The lobby was spacious to the point it could be used as a racetrack, and the silver luster gleamed from all directions, carrying an unspeakable grandeur.


Bai Rong took a deep breath and followed the staff into the elevator.

The elevator quickly reached the top floor, and with a “ding” sound, parted open.

The chilly silver hall instantly entered everyone’s view. Seven or eight silver consoles were quietly lined up in the hall. The high-end card-making equipment on top of it glittered magnificently. A huge ball-shaped silver broadcasting device floated in the middle of the air above the hall, and above it, the surveillance camera kept flashing with a shallow red light.

Bai Rong lowered his head slightly, and found the console corresponding to his competition number.

After carefully checking the card making equipment, Bai Rong glanced at the time and found that there were still 16 minutes left before the competition would begin.

The console of this competition was two times bigger than the previous round, and the distance between the consoles was also much wider. Bai Rong lightly glanced around, and suddenly discovered that one who was 20 meters away from his left rear was actually the invigilator…..Shoot, it was the iceberg blonde man who invigilated his competition round before!

Immediately, Bai Rong’s whole person quivered. He swiftly shifted his eyes away and turned his head back.

He already knew that the man was called Grace, one of Sheng Ya’s famous spell card geniuses. Three years ago, when he was only 36 years old, he had advanced into an A-level Spell Card Master. Now, he worked for the royal family, and was close with the second prince Droga, known as one of the second prince’s capable subordinates.

He must stay away from people involved with the royal family!

Feeling a gaze on him, Grace slowly raised his head and looked in the direction of Bai Rong, his eyes narrowing slightly…

Ten minutes later, a three-meter-high white board suddenly rose up around each side of the console, and then a huge silver box suddenly popped out from under the console, accompanied by a clear mechanical sound.

“All contestants, please check the materials. The time given for this competition is 200 minutes. Requirements: Make one intermediate spell card and three basic spell cards.”


Required to make an intermediate spell card! Bai Rong’s eyes glinted as excitement faintly appeared in his heart.

After doing a quick check of the materials, Bai Rong was sure that there was nothing wrong with it, however, the materials provided a wide diversity of options.

Bai Rong picked out eight sets of basic spell card materials and three sets of intermediate spell card materials, then sorted them out, and placed them on the left side of the console.

“The competition begins.” The mechanical sound suddenly sounded.

Bai Rong’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he picked up the card-making tool on the console and began to process the materials in an orderly manner.

Knowing that at this time, the host of the Central City TV station was sitting with Grandmaster Timothy, and had started commenting on the live broadcast of this competition that’s being shown everywhere in the virtual city. Bai Rong pressed the edge of his hat down slightly, concocting a plan in his mind.

He needed to attract the limelight, but…he had to do it with extreme caution.

Under the tense atmosphere of the game and the host’s passionate commentary, Bai Rong made the basic spell cards according to the following sequence: success, fail, fail, success, fail, fail, success. Then, he put away the three successful basic spell cards. By this time, one hundred and one minutes had just passed.

Bai Rong let out a long sigh in his heart. Pretending to fail without exposing a trace was much more difficult than making S-level spell cards.

The success rate of making basic spell cards was about 42%, which was relatively high but not too unreasonably high. Bai Rong was satisfied with the result of this pretense, and nodded to himself before starting to make the intermediate spell card.

After first deliberately destroying two intermediate spell cards, Bai Rong then moved onto his third set of intermediate spell card materials and finally began to get serious.

At this moment, there were still forty minutes left. From an outsiders’ point of view, the chances of him making a successful spell card were very slim. Bai Rong put on a cold look, his actions fast and precise, completely different from his previous stumbling and hesitations, as though his potential had burst out from the pressure of the countdown.


In reality, Bai Rong could also do it a little slower. He had originally planned to do so that way. However, after suddenly recalling that Mu Chongyan might also be watching him right now, he felt that making his wife too worried and nervous wouldn’t be too ideal…..

You could say that he was a tough guy who spoiled his wife a lot!

Six minutes before the end of the game, Bai Rong’s eyes sharpened, and the nib of the pen hooked faintly, concluding the final stroke of the spell text.

In an instant, a radiant golden light mixed with silver shone!

Card success!

Heaving a light breath of relief in his heart, Bai Rong picked up the intermediate spell card and looked at it, then he stood still and lowered his head slightly, motionless.

“Master Timothy, Master Timothy?” The hostess saw that Master Timothy, who had always been earnest, was distracted during the live broadcast. She couldn’t help but feel anxious, however, a smile remained plastered on her face: “Master Timothy, what do you think of these contestants?”

“…” Timothy tapped his finger on the tabletop lightly, his gaze sweeping across the ten contestants on the screen.

These were the ten best performers in the entire competition.

“Grace, Berg, Yuanhu, that gray-haired old man, and the… the one that’s wearing a robe are very good.”

“Yeah! The performance of these five spell card masters are indeed outstanding!” The hostess hurriedly answered, “And it just so happens that these participants represent different age groups. Spell Card Master Grace is a young genius at the age of 30 or 40. Spell Card Master Berg and the uncle in the robe represent the age group of 60 or 70. Spell Card Masters Yuanhu represents the age group of hundred years old and the old man…”

At this moment, Bai Rong, who represented spell card masters in their 60s and 70s, stared closely at the time on his wristwatch.


Why was it not over yet! His wife was still waiting for him!

After another three minutes had passed, the mechanical voice rang again.

“The competition is over, please put the created spell cards into the drawer on the right side of the console.”

As soon as the mechanical voice fell, a small silver drawer promptly popped out of the right side of the console.

Bai Rong quickly put the four spell cards in.

Thirty seconds later, the drawer quickly retracted and locked itself immediately.

Following it, the white boards around the console slowly descended.

As soon as the white boards descended, Bai Rong quickly left.

Just as he walked out of the Union Building, Bai Rong was caught by a hand that reached out from behind him.

The voice that came from behind sounded a little cold: “Can I ask this Spell Card Master to please stay for a moment.”

T/N: In the raws, the author confused the second prince’s name with a doctor in cahoots with Mother Mu, Velas. 

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