Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 47.2 A Little Special (2)

“Is it bad?” Bai Rong curved his eyes, his pitch black eyes glittering brightly: “This way, it’ll seem like we are very close, don’t you like it? Do we not have the most intimate relationship?”

Mu Chongyan paused for a full ten seconds before responding towards the little star pet’s clear and joyful eyes: “Of course…we do.”

Amongst the people in his life, aside from his gloomy and irrational mother, his father who often stayed in the military department and exhorted him to behave, as well as Dai Suo, Walter and his group of trusted friends, there was his little star pet. 

However… he didn’t know when the intimacy of his friends had actually become inferior to his relationship with his little star pet. 

“Then I’ll call you like that!” Bai Rong happily hugged Mu Chongyan’s wrist, however, his arm was a little too short, so after struggling for half a day, he only managed to hug two-thirds of the girth. In the end, he sighed in renouncement and raised his little head, “Alright?” 


Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet’s awkward and cute appearance, and the warmth in his heart gradually deepened. After pausing for a while, he still couldn’t bear refusing the little star pet, so the tip of his ears remained red as he responded. “……Okay.”

“Hehehe.” Bai Rong smiled happily when he heard Mu Chongyan agree to it. After letting go of his arm, he planted a kiss on Mu Chongyan’s wrist, “Chongyan, you are so kind.”

He knew that his wife loved him so much, he definitely would not refuse!

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Bai Rong: “…”


Reached out his little hand to touch the top of his head. Bai Rong’s eyes looked straight at Mu Chongyan’s back, and his brows wrinkled slightly. Why did he feel as though Mu Chongyan was evading him like the plague?

If he hadn’t kissed him before he left, he almost would’ve thought that Mu Chongyan was having another emotional crisis with him!

Sigh, a wife’s heart was hard to guess. Even if you tried to do so, you wouldn’t be able to understand them anyways!

Bai Rong sighed like an old man, putting his little hands behind his back, and walking slowly towards the villa.

Having such a wife whose thoughts were as deep as the ocean, was really a test to being a tough man.

As soon as he reached his bedroom, Bai Rong drank a glass of water, turned the optical computer, logging into the virtual city.

By the time he logged in, when he saw the message box on his watch flashing, Bai Rong quickly lowered his head and opened it.

“Mr. Mu, I’m so sorry. Something had happened at home yesterday and I was too busy to deal with the mess to show up. I hope you didn’t wait long but I do deeply apologize. Would you be able to meet again at the AS Virtual Mech Union? ——Wei Huai.”

It was Mu Chongyan!

Bai Rong stared at the message for more than ten seconds, recalling Mu Chongyan’s serious and solemn look in his mind, and with a glint in his eyes, he sent a reply back.

“I waited for more than three hours yesterday. Mr. Wei, don’t you think that telling me this was a little too late.”

“I’m very sorry, and to express my apologies, how about I let Mr. Mu decide the training plan and mech learning period?”


Heh, his wife was quite tough. He thought his wife would do anything he wanted to ask in place of an apology. However, he merely asked him to set a study time? It was as though he simply didn’t even lower his head, and instead conversed with the usual tone… 

Very good, as expected of a tough guy’s wife! 

Bai Rong raised his chin and typed: “Since this is the case, I’m not going to haggle anymore. If Mr. Wei has time, we can meet at the AS Virtual Mech Union now.”

Three seconds later, Mu Chongyan sent a message: “Understood. I’ll be there in 10 or so minutes.”

Yes! Seeing the message flash on screen, Bai Rong immediately stepped out of the living room and left home to rush towards the AS Virtual Mech Union.

The AS Virtual Mech Union and the AS Virtual Spell Card Union were only separated by a street, so he was able to reach the venue in time.

By the time Bai Rong arrived at the AS Union, he could already see Mu Chongyan…Ah no, Wei Huai was standing next to the Union Building. Wei Huai was standing casually with his two long legs, sporting dark gray casual clothing.

Bai Rong’s cheeks turned slightly red. How had he never noticed that his wife’s virtual profile was also very good-looking…

“Mu…Mr. Wei, did you wait long?” Having almost blurted out Mu Chongyan’s name, Bai Rong nearly bit his tongue in fright.

“Mu what?” Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Hahaha, I meant I just finished taking a shower1Shower in chinese used here is Muyu (沐浴) . How long has Mr. Wei been waiting?” Bai Rong jested as his brain quickly churned out this excuse.

“It didn’t take long.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes darkened, and he no longer pursued the subject, instead, he said: “This person’s surname is Hua, you can call him Mr. Hua.”


Bai Rong then finally noticed that there was a man standing behind Mu Chongyan, and was able to recognize him as Walter at first glance!

After all, who else could have such a cheesy smile other than Walter?

“Mr. Hua, nice to meet you.”

“Hahaha, you don’t have to be so polite.” Walter smiled brightly, extending a hand out to Bai Rong: “Mr. Mu, it’s nice to meet you.”

“That’s enough.” Mu Chongyan suddenly slapped Walter’s arm. “Let’s stop with the formalities and just go. We’re tight on time today.” 

“Oh…” Walter withdrew his hand and curled his lips at Bai Rong after a while, whispering: “He might have a perverted character, but his personality isn’t bad, please pardon him.”

Bai Rong was unhappy for a moment. How dare Walter tell him bad things about his wife? Where did his wife have a perverted character, his wife was obviously the most remarkable person in the world!

You’re the pervert, Mr. Wei is fine!” Bai Rong cast Walter the stink eye and sped up towards Mu Chongyan.

“Hey! This man…” Walter looked at the figures of Mu Chongyan and Mu Nan walking side by side, and rolled his eyes in anger at them.

Seriously… People are not what they seemed.

When they arrived at the training grounds, Mu Chongyan directly took Bai Rong to get warmed up, and then briefly demonstrated a few moves.

“You will do these actions one by one for a while, and do them until you can’t feel your muscles, understood?” Mu Chongyan looked at the tall man who looked at him with big black eyes and felt that the man’s gaze looked inexplicably behaved, just like his family’s sweet little cake. Sensing this thought, his brows scrunched up and his heart and he felt a little inexplicably jittery, his tone becoming much harsher, “Do you understand?!”


“Understood!” Bai Rong quickly returned to his senses. His wife was so handsome when he was giving him guidance seriously. It was especially manly!

He was simply a perfect match with a tough guy like him!

Mu Chongyan watched as Mu Nan suddenly straightened his chest, and acted like a proud male peacock, following his previous actions.

“Execute every action once at first.” Mu Chongyan’s brows, however, only locked even tighter. Why was this Mu Nan acting so strange today…

“Understood.” Bai Rong obediently responded, and executed every move once.

Although Mu Chongyan was wondering whether this Mu Nan had taken the wrong medicine, his eyes and attitude suddenly turning a little… strange, however, he couldn’t help admit that this Mu Man was a man of talent. Even though the moves he had taught him were extremely complicated, he was able to remember each move after watching just once and he executed them perfectly too!

Carrying a little appreciation in his eyes, Mu Chongyan stopped Bai Rong: “Okay, from now on, repeat every movement until you can’t do it any longer.”

“Yes sir!” Bai Rong immediately stood up and replied sonorously.

“Eh…Mu…Wei Huai.” After ten minutes had passed, Walter suddenly slipped over from the side and placed a hand on Mu Chongyan’s shoulders, saying: “This kid is amazing. He must’ve done at least 300 sets of the first movement, that’s pretty amazing.”  

“Yeah.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes narrowed. Although the mission data in this virtual city was only virtual, their physical and mental data did not differ that much. Judging from his current performance, Mu Nan’s mental strength was high and his physical aptitude….was not inferior either. 

“Moreover…” Walter suddenly started smiling a little cheesily. even carrying an unfathomable ambiguity, “Do you think that this Mu Nan is a little special to you?”

Mu Chongyan’s eyes suddenly turned cold and severe. “Have you finished your training yet?”

“Nope…” Walter bravely withstood the cold air Mu Chongyan emitted and continued to move forward, chuckling: “Don’t you find that the way he looks at you is different from how he looks at me? When he looks at you, he appears behaved and happy, he obviously appears to have feelings for you…Ow——!”  

Walter let out a mournful cry: “Why the fuck did you kick me again!!!”

“Get outta here and train!” Mu Chongyan shot Walter a glare and said coldly: “I’m giving you ten seconds, otherwise, the training you’ll have tomorrow will double.”

“Che…” Walter grumbled as he got up and said, “I’m going I’m going, I don’t want to become a light bulb 2 Light bulb: Unwanted third wheeler in a relationship too you know.” Then just as his voice fell, he quickly ran out for fear that Mu Chongyan would give him another kick.

One could consider his act to have been extremely petty.

…Bai Rong cast a glance at Mu Chongyan who kicked a certain someone from a distance, stars appearing in his eyes.

The figure of his wife kicking Walter was also very handsome!

The author has something to say:

Walter (purse lips): Why am I always the one getting hurt? Mu Chongyan, you’ll regret this one day!

Mu Chongyan (Cold look): Get outta here and train!

Bai Rongrong (clenches fist) :Wifey is so handsome!

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