Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 47.1 A Little Special (1)

Two round eyes stared at the screen for a long time until Bai Rong’s little hand slapped the table, preparing to change his name!


A small window suddenly popped up on the page——

[“Male God Mu’s Little Wife No.123333333” Greetings, your nickname has not been registered for half a year, so you aren’t permitted to change your name!]

Bai Rong’s whole body instantly blew up, becoming a pufferfish: “?!!!”


He actually couldn’t even change his name. This was simply bullying people!!!

Panting in anger, he read the guidelines of changing names——”The first time you want to change your name, you must be registered for half a year, the second time you want to change your name, you must be registered for 10 years, the third time you want to change your name, you must be registered for 30 years, the fourth time…” Bai Rong rubbed his face, and dropped his shoulders listlessly.

Aren’t the guidelines for changing your name in this star net a little too strict! 

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Mbkp…Mbkp oyp pkxrzu vss elrzsayczl!!!

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Ebyv y ckt ealyx bl bye!!!

Exiting No. 138’s page, Bai Rong then took a look at another series of “Mu Chongyan’s xxx” pages for a while, and discovered that they were all ardent fans of Mu Chongyan, posting things about Mu Chongyan every day. They even had pictures of Mu Chongyan participating in competitions when he was young and they all looked intimately taken…


Bai Rong pursed his mouth, unconvinced, and…his little hands quickly clicked on the mouse, collecting all those images and photos.

Needless to say, his wife was really handsome and adorable when he was young. Even though he was just a child, he still had a serious and solemn expression! 

How adorable!

Bai Rong flipped through the pages of his rivals for the entire noon and watched all Mu Chongyan’s past achievements, fighting videos, and snapped photos. His whole person was extremely ecstatic, and his glossy black eyes were glittering.

Such an amazing and perfect person was, without a doubt, his wife!!!

After twisting his waist on the inside in happiness for a while, Bai Rong suddenly realized that several of Mu Chongyan’s enthusiastic fans were A-level spell card masters. Not mentioning the fact that they would confess to Mu Chongyan everyday, they would also prattle about him everyday, claiming that they want to become Mu Chongyan’s exclusive Spell Card Master! 

As soon as he saw this, Bai Rong’s little face instantly turned grim and the warning levels in his head immediately soared to red high!

Mu Chongyan’s exclusive Spell Card Master position must be and can only be his!

Looking through the pages of those spell card masters carefully, Bai Rong’s small fists clenched tighter. These spell card masters were very young, not having reached 40 yet, and they were plenty in number. Their power to rally supporters also seemed very strong and although plenty of their friends told them they were indulging in a fantasy, they had fans who shipped them as a couple. After all, having an age gap of 10 or 20 years in the interstellar age wasn’t considered outrageous, in fact, it was even considered hip!

Looking at the activities of those spell card masters who teasingly tagged Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong’s lungs immediately turned sour. Fortunately, Mu Chongyan had never responded to any of these.

Otherwise, he would have to properly remind Mu Chongyan of his importance as his husband! 

Countless tactics flashed through his mind quickly, and ultimately, Bai Rong narrowed his eyes and his soft lips hooked up domineeringly. He arrogantly wrote his introduction- “The top interstellar Spell Card Master as well as Mu Chongyan’s only lover!”


Hmph, he saw that many people’s introductions were all written as “Male God Mu’s xxx”. However, only a few dared to mention Mu Chongyan’s name directly and only a few dared to say that they were Mu Chongyan’s lover, so through this act, he intended to assert sovereignty.

After modifying his profile introduction, Bai Rong finally felt relieved. He happily followed Mu Chongyan’s account before returning to his own page and posting an update.

“Continuing to work hard to support the family today, add oil! 💪💪☀️☀️

Closing the star net page, Bai Rong quickly opened the spell card materials data and continued to study. However, his heart felt a little empty for some reason… 

He felt like a student whose exams were approaching yet he spent everyday playing without studying. 

Bai Rong sighed deeply from the bottom of his heart, it was all his fault for being too caught up with Mu Chongyan…..

Churning his brain desperately with a sense of guilt, Bai Rong tried his best to start the little motor, and in one hour he managed to memorize the detailed characteristics of 236 kinds of spell card materials. 

His efficiency had once again broken the previous record!

It was just that… he had only studied for two hours, and it was currently half past six in the afternoon when a series of familiar footsteps sounded…indicating that Mu Chongyan was back.

Bai Rong’s eyes lit up, showing a hint of excitement, but his eyes were still glued to the screen. Memorizing the important points on the screen, he appeared to be very serious and focused!

If only a certain someone’s little butt hadn’t moved to the edge of the bed unknowingly…

Mu Chongyan returned to the living room, and sent a message to Dai Suo and Walter, instructing them of matters to keep a note of before walking towards the crystal glass case.


Seeing that the little star pet hadn’t come out again, Mu Chongyan frowned slightly, and squatted down after a while, knocking on the door of the crystal glass case.

Heh, only naive people would sulk silently while mature people knew how to communicate.

Hearing Mu Chongyan knocking on the door, Bai Rong couldn’t hold onto his will firmly. And soon his little bum got off the bed as he darted outside.

Let’s indulge ourselves for a day. After all, he had been maintaining a consistent study schedule for nearly a month. In order to save time, he had even relied on drinking nutrient doses for lunch, it shouldn’t….be considered too juvenile right…

Running out of the villa happily, Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan, who was smiling softly, and his legs put in even more effort. As soon as he ran out of the crystal glass case, he jumped onto Mu Chongyan’s hand, who quickly stretched out his other hand to support Bai Rong’s small butt and prevent him from falling down.

“You seem happy today?” Seeing the little star pet smile, reveal two little canines and appearing so happy that honey filled his dimples, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but be infected by his mood as well. He immediately rubbed Bai Rong’s small head and his face softened as a result.

“I am!” Bai Rong mischievously chuckled, hooking the corner of his lips up.

Hmph, even if the little fairies outside had wild imaginations, Mu Chongyan still returned home on time every day to be his gentle, virtuous and good wife!

When Mu Chongyan saw Bai Rong’s delighted and smug face, he couldn’t help but poke Bai Rong’s puffed face, chuckling: “Did you steal something delicious to eat? Why do you look so happy?”

“You’re the one who stole something to eat. I’m happy because I saw the video of your fight!” Bai Rong stood firmly on Mu Chongyan’s palm and ferociously swung his fists around, “I saw you send that Red Mech flying on video!” 

“A video of my fight?” Mu Chongyan paused for two seconds, guessing that a student may have started the live broadcast, then nodded before hesitating slightly: ” Did you… think I was a little too violent?”

“Why would I?!” Bai Rong looked straight at Mu Chongyan, blinking his huge black eyes before he frowned, “How could someone think like that. Not only are you extremely amazing, you were also very handsome!!”


“…..En.” Hearing the little star pet praise him like this, Mu Chongyan felt his heart turn soft and even felt a little embarrassed. He clearly heard these words often and even more exaggerated versions of it too. Yet why was it that when his little star pet praised him that he would feel….

This happy…

“So you should quickly grow taller so that I can teach you.” Mu Chongyan looked down at the little star pet’s eyes, the roots of his ears actually appearing a little red.

“Okay!” Bai Rong hugged Mu Chongyan’s finger and rubbed his face against it, saying softly: “I’ll call you teacher…Ah no, instructor, is that fine?”

“…” Mu Chongyan’s face suddenly turned a little stiff and after a while, he whispered: “You can just call me by my name…”

“I can’t. That would be too impolite, what about…” Bai Rong’s eyes rolled around as he smiled mischievously: “What about Instructor Mu…or Instructor Chongyan?!”

“Cough… Stop it.” Mu Chongyan cleared his throat uncomfortably, “Shall we go eat now?”

“Okay.” Bai Rong answered casually, staring straight at Mu Chongyan’s jaw with his black eyes as several thoughts passed through his head. 

The little fairies outside kept calling his Mu Chongyan ‘husband’ or ‘male god’. How could he be used to compare with them in terms of the intimacy of his address?!!

He couldn’t be compared with those xxxxxxxx numbers at all!!!

“I bought some meals from Dizhi today.” Mu Chongyan placed the little star pet in his hand on the dining table and took out a set of small tableware: “Sit down for a while, and I’ll prepare your food for you.”


“Good boy. ” Mu Chong Yan rubbed the little star pet’s small head before shifting his gaze on the sweet and sour fish on the table. He suddenly recalled the last time his star pet tried to cut out a piece. After heroically and fiercely stabbing the fish, he couldn’t even move the meat away even when his face had already turned red from how much effort he put in…. 

A smile appeared on the corners of his lips, and Mu Chongyan quickly picked up pieces of the fish meat without bones and placed it on Bai Rong’s small plate.

“Chongyan…” Bai Rong’s sweet and soft voice travelled towards Mu Chongyan’s eardrums.

Mu Chongyan’s hands quivered and the small plate in his hand almost got crushed. The  expression on his face seemed to have also frozen, and his whole person turned extremely stiff.

“Chongyan, what’s wrong?” Bai Rong was very satisfied with the new address he came up with, and shouted happily, “Chongyan… Chongyan…”

He had never heard of anyone calling Mu Chongyan like this! This address belonged to him!

Mu Chongyan’s throat bobbed slightly, and he felt his whole body turning into a stiff plaster, feeling very restless, However.. This unease wasn’t the same disgust he had when other people called out to him. Instead, with every call the star pet made, a numbing peculiar feeling floated into the tip of his heart… 

His heart had turned so soft, he couldn’t even move an inch…

“Chongyan, what’s wrong?” Bai Rong saw Mu Chongyan remaining motionless, and clung onto Mu Chongyan’s wrist in concern, “Are you cramping up…?”

“… “Mu Chongyan struggled to force the dangerous feeling that began to spread all over the body into the bottom of his heart, and moved his arm, “…..Why…. are you suddenly calling me like this?”

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