Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 46.2 Little Wife Number 123333333 (2)

This was just the third day since he received the S-level air bullet card and he hadn’t had time to practice in the virtual city for long. After all, he had only begun training in the virtual city after Mu Nan had made the S-level card, so it still wasn’t appropriate for him to take it out to use. 

Otherwise, if he couldn’t harness the power of the spell properly, it would end up exploding the other party. 

Once he recalled Mu Nan, Mu Chongyan suddenly remembered that he seemed to have had an appointment with the Spell Card Master yesterday, and a trace of annoyance flashed through his eyes. Looks like he could only apologize to him after the fight was over.

At this moment, the so-called Spell Card Master was hugging a small pillow, studying the spell card information in front of the optical computer attentively. However…as he studied the screen, a small window suddenly popped out of the right hand corner and blocked the whole screen.

“It’s another spam advertisement again!” Bai Rong angrily shifted the small cursor to close the window.


The current optical computers are such…trash. Was it because he was searching for card-making equipment on the net before that they started sending him these advertisements frequently…..Huh?! Wait a second!! 

Bai Rong stared at the words on the small window, his eyes widening into the shape of saucers.

[Star Net News Today: Mech God Mu Chongyan’s hot battle scene! Quickly…]

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Yw Ubsdtuyd?!!

Jyk Ssdt’p qynl rwqqle wr yp bl zssjle yv vbl blyezkdl sd vbl okdeso, bkp casop qwaasokdt. Tso nswze Yw Ubsdtuyd cl sd vbl dlop? Gde okvb pwnb yd mmm vkvzl vss!!!

Mbl dlmv plnsde, Jyk Ssdt nzknjle vbl zkdj yde pvyale kdvldplzu yv vbl pnalld, bsolhla, obyv rsrrle swv yqvla vbl rytl oyp y zstkd okdeso yde kv scpvawnvle xspv sq vbl rytl. &dcpr;

[Tlzzs, usw yal dsv y altkpvlale Fvya dlv wpla ps usw es dsv byhl ydu rlaxkppksdp vs oyvnb vbkp, rzlypl…]

Gbbbbbbb, bso prkvlqwz!

Jyk Ssdt’p zkvvzl qynl bye yzalyeu vwadle ale qasx ydmkswpdlpp yp bl iwknjzu altkpvlale bkp kdqsaxyvksd, lhld wpkdt y aydesx dyxl tldlayvle cu vbl pvya dlv yp bkp dknjdyxl, yde nzknjkdt sd vbl altkpvla cwvvsd okvbswv zssjkdt yv kv.

Xdnl bl bye qkdyzzu xydytle vs ldvla vbl assx.&dcpr;

G hkels rsrrle wr sd vbl rytl kxxlekyvlzu. Jyk Ssdt’p lulp talo okel pllkdt vos xlnbyp pvydekdt kd vbl hkels. Mbl ale xlnby sd vbl zlqv xshle iwknjzu, pbssvkdt esgldp sq qklau czyelp vsoyaep vbl xsvksdzlpp xlnb sd vbl aktbv!

Bai Rong’s heart suddenly tightened.


“Student Dross played the Blazing Blade! As expected, it was an S-class Fire Card. The Blazing Blade’s might is very powerful. Even as I sit outside the field shielded behind the defense barrier, I could stiIl feel the heat! It’s simply frightening! However, I believe that my idol Mu Chongyan could easily….. Ahhhhh our idol actually isn’t moving an inch. What’s going on! Evade it quickly! Ahhhhh!”

The boy holding the live broadcast emitted a long howl, and the sounds of his other classmates’ loud screaming could also be heard. Countless of  “Ahhhhhhh” words also appeared on screen…

Bai Rong clenched his fists tightly, holding his breath nervously. The person in the white mech was obviously Mu Chongyan in the white mecha. Why wasn’t he evading it? Was he afraid that he would be discovered by the dark forces? If that was the case, why did he accept this challenge in the first place?!!!

Bai Rong was worried and angry, staring intensely at the white mech on screen. He silently cheered and prayed for Mu Chongyan in his heart.

Mu Chongyan looked at the fast-moving red mech in front of him with a grim expression. The dozens of blazing blades produced by the red mech happened to form an extremely tricky angle. Unless he mobilized a speed of 6 points, he could barely escape it.

However, carrying out a speed of 6 points would mean that he had already reached the standard of an S-Class aptitude.

So…was this a deliberate move or was it a coincidence?

Mu Chongyan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and after 0.3 seconds, he quickly dodged to the left tilting slightly behind. The speed he used was barely an A grade standard so the right side of his mech was burnt to a pitch black color. However, Mu Chongyan did not stop and immediately launched a counterattack!

Dozens of purple thunder bullets were fired out at lightning speed, and with Mu Chongyan’s rapid and continuous angle adjustments, they formed an extremely tricky offensive attack!!!

The red mecha dodged swiftly, but still couldn’t manage to evade all of them and was struck by the last three thunder bullets. After he was sent flying from the impact, he fell down straight to the ground and was continued to be bombed by the successive purple thunder bullets at such a sorry state! 

The sighs in the live broadcast instantly turned into a series of excited exclamations.

Another round of “Ahhhhhhh” and “The Male God is too handsome”, “Damn, the accuracy at that angle is frightening!”, “Damn, his control is simply too awesome…”, “Ahhh Male God, I want to give birth to your child” could be seen scrolling through the screen.


Bai Rong stared at the white mecha on the screen, his face flushing with excitement.

His wife was simply too awesome and too handsome!!!

Mu Chongyan adjusted the angle while observing the movement of the red mecha. Although the difficulty of controlling his angle was extremely high, he relied mostly on  his experience and control and not his S-class speed. This was to say that any A-level mech warriors could also do this, however, the probability of that was extremely small, however…towards “people who dropped down to an A Class from an SS Class”, it wouldn’t be considered too hard. 

The corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips revealed a cold mocking smile, and his attacks became even more merciless. The red mech dodged it as best as he could, however, only mech warriors who had S-Class aptitude could do this successively thrice… ..Was this a coincidence?

In the end, the two legs of the red mecha were blasted off as he spun around 720 degrees in the air, and fell headfirst to the ground.

The white mecha never moved more than ten meters in the whole process, but with the extremely terrifying control and powerful attack power he had, he practically tortured the red mech. 

That’s right, torture. In the end, the white mech was purely sending violent attacks, even ignoring the red mech’s signal of conceding defeat.

This caused dissatisfaction to rouse among a small group of people, and whether it was in real life or in live broadcast, people started chattering.

“This Mu Chong Yan is too much, the other party has already thrown the towel but he still keeps on going.”

“What a domineering bastard. In addition to being useless vermins, these high officials’ children are just hedonistic sons who consider everyone to be beneath them. So what if they have skills, it still doesn’t erase the fact that they’re trash!”

“The above poster’s maliciousness and bitterness can’t even be blocked by the screen. You claim that SS+ is trash? In that case, why not just say that the entire Sheng Ya is trash! Which cesspit did you crawl out from, you maggot? Why don’t you go back and eat shit?!!!” 

“Is the above poster blind!!! Did you really think that the male god is ignoring his signal of defeat? Look at how the red mech keeps sending attacks while signalling defeat, do you think other people are brainless fools?!!”


“Yeah, I also just found out that the other man was secretly dealing attacks to the male god while pretending to concede defeat. How scummy! It’s simply insidious so my male god is just doing the right thing!” 

“The male god must have discovered the man’s true face, that’s why he started torturing him. The male god would have never done this in battle before …”


Mu Chongyan saw that the red mech had already been rendered half obsolete. As such, he left the field wearing a cold face. Gao’er Junior, who was sitting within the audience, was already quivering from fear and could not even move a muscle. He only instructed his fellow brothers to drag Dross out of his mech. 

Delos was already in a coma and was rushed to the ICU.

Mu Chongyan put away his mech and changed his clothes in the lounge. After a while, Dai Suo and Walter walked over.

“Wow, Mu Chongyan, why were you so ruthless today?” Walter gave Mu Chongyan’s a friendly punch as he laughed and said: “But you were really cool!”

Dai Suo remained expressionless: “In theory, it’s possible to maintain the speed of within A-Class aptitude.”

Mu Chongyan: “En.”

A trace of envy and jealousy flashed across Dai Suo’s face: “Your control power got stronger again, it’s even more accurate than before.”

Mu Chongyan: “Yeah. You have to work harder if you want to catch up.”

Dai Suo: “…”


Mu Chongyan was prepared to leave after he had gotten dressed. Considering how he had beaten Dross to that state, even if he didn’t deal heavy injuries, he wouldn’t be able to recover in a week and Mu Chongyan didn’t want to stay in school any longer, otherwise, he would be dealt with disciplinary action or be nagged by the school director.

In fact, even if Dross didn’t concede defeat and secretly attacked him, he wouldn’t have stopped at all. This Dross was too suspicious, and he had an 80% feeling that he had something to do with those forces, so he simply went to the hospital to avoid being monitored and troubled.

In a remote villa in the central city, a male voice resounded respectfully and timidly: “Sir, Mu Chongyan has sent Dross to the hospital.”

Three seconds later, another gloomy voice sounded from the other end of the optical computer, “Weren’t there any problems with Mu Chongyan’s physique?”

“No.” The male voice quickly responded: “There must’ve been a problem with his aptitude, because he barely moved the whole time, and the speed that he used was theoretically within an A grade mech warrior’s capabilities. Towards someone of SS+ like him, even if his aptitude had dropped to A Level, he would still be able to carry it out but his attack angle was too sly, hence, Dross was tortured. However, it’s all probably due to the experience he had accumulated and had little to do with his aptitude…”

After a while, the gloomy voice sounded again, this time, sounding somewhat at ease: “Mu Chongyan’s speed hasn’t surpassed Grade A throughout the whole battle?”

“No!” The male voice sounded very decisive, even carrying a bit of pleasant surprise.

“Good.” The gloomy voice slowly rang: “Then proceed as planned.”




At this time, Bai Rong, who was overjoyed because of Mu Chongyan’s victory, was looking at the screen with a puffed up face. He had just discovered that his nickname was “Male God Mu’s little wife number 123333333.”

He knew that the star net generated random nicknames based on the current hottest nicknames, then didn’t that mean that “Male God Mu’s Litle Wife Number xxxx.” was the hottest nickname right now!!!

He didn’t even know that Mu Chongyan was so popular outside, he actually had so many little wives!!!

This was simply too much!!!

Bai Rong was originally depressed because his nickname was “Male God Mu’s Wife” instead of “Male God Mu’s Husband”, but now he couldn’t even feel depressed because he was ranked in the millions in Mu Chongyan’s list of “little wives”!  

“Sighhh, Excuse me 123333333, the battle is over, please leave soon!” Seeing “Male God Mu’s Little Wife No.123333333” being unresponsive, a “Male God Mu’s Little Wife No. 12336” sent him a poke.

Bai Rong looked at the number that was 4 digits shorter at 12336, and felt inexplicably frustrated: “Don’t poke me.” 

“Heh, so you aren’t going to leave, are you?” Feeling bluffed, “Male God Mu’s Little Wife No. 12336” also got angry and simply used her administrator’s authority to kick Bai Rong out.

When Bai Rong read the message on the screen that said “You have been kicked out by Male God Mu’s Little Wife No. 12336”, his eyes grew wide and his face turned into an angry shade of pink..

This… this day was simply impossible!

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