Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 42 I like you the most

Seeing that Mu Chongyan had made his resolve, Ma’er clenched his fists tightly, the rim of his eyes turning faintly red.

The vod drug was also called the “Life Ruining” drug. It destroyed the cells of the user’s body at a very fast speed of within one minute of taking it, and stimulated the user’s genes extremely violently to the point where they were pushed to quickly undo the multiple shackles of their gene locks and greatly enhanced their natural aptitude.

But that was just a vision for it!! Now, the vod drug had been tested hundreds and thousands of times, and so far, only one case had shown to have been successful. The success rate was not even one in 100,000, and all these hundreds of thousands experiments were done on white mice. The chances of a human surviving it was even more unthinkable… 

Ma’er’s fist trembled slightly. He knew that the boss wanted to use the vod drug to destroy all the cells and eliminate the virus, but the price and risk was just too great, he…he really couldn’t accept this…

“Boss…” Ma’er’s voice couldn’t stop trembling, “I beg you to give me some time, I promise that in three years…no, one year! I’ll formulate an antidote for the virus in one year! Just give me a chance, I…”


“Ma’er.” Mu Chongyan raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder, “I know what you’re thinking, but I can’t wait for a year. Since this force sent someone to inject me with the virus, they must be predicting that I will become a useless person within a month. By then… do you think I will be able to survive…” Mu Chongyan smiled mockingly. “Of course, this might not even be the case. By then, they may let me live…just for the purpose of torturing me or injecting me with other things as experiments. Wouldn’t death be better than living like that…”

“Boss.. ….” Ma’er’s fists couldn’t stop shaking.

“So… go get that drug and give it to me.” Mu Chongyan’s face was cold and resolute and he patted Ma’er on the shoulder, “Don’t delay for time any longer.” 

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“It’s not anything major, just a trifling problem and I’m currently taking treatment for it right now so I may not be able to return today. I will be asking Walter to pick you up later, alright?” 


Bai Rong had his butt stuck out as he rummaged through the closet looking for clothes. He had wanted to find the 20cm tiger clothing to wear for Mu Chongyan to see as a way of celebrating his advancement into an S-Level Spell Card Master and the matter of Mu Chongyan being completely fine.

After all…even though he still felt nervous inside, he still hoped that Mu Chongyan wouldn’t have any problems.

Just as he took the tiger attire out, Bai Rong hadn’t exposed his canines in happiness when he saw a message pop out on his screen, and the clothing in his hands fell down on the ground with a woosh.

The smile on his face froze instantly.

What did you mean by just a trifling problem?!!

What did you mean by not returning today?!!

What did you mean by asking Walter to pick him up?!!!

Bai Rong’s eyes instantly turned red. The last time Walter had come to pick him up, Mu Chongyan had been gravely injured, then… this time…

“I don’t agree with this!!!” Bai Rong typed out furiously, “I’m going to see you! You… you can just put me aside, I won’t interrupt your treatment, I just want to accompany you…ok…”

Mu Chongyan looked at the words on the screen, and felt as though he could see the little star pet’s pitiful red-eyed appearance. Feeling a clench in his heart, he still cruelly typed out, “You can’t this time. Don’t worry about me and be good, alright? Walter will pick you up and Dai Suo will take you home to take care of you.” 

“Why not?” Bai Rong looked at the blurry words on the screen and fiercely wiped his little face, feeling angry yet aggrieved. “You… don’t you believe me?!”

“I…” Mu Chongyan’s fingertips paused mid-air as Ma’er had suddenly pushed the door open. “Boss…I’ve brought the drug.”


“En.” Mu Chongyan responded before he resumed typing, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but this time…I can’t allow it.”

“Why not?” Bai Rong tapped furiously: “I… …. I just want to see you, I will be very well-behaved and I won’t disturb your treatment. If you don’t let me go, I will only be very worried and sad…”

Recalling the little star pet’s sad and pitiful appearance in the morning, Mu Chongyan sighed and finally came to a compromise, writing: “Then let’s do it this way..If you’re behaved, I’ll get someone to pick you up and take you here tomorrow, alright?”

Even if he came to a compromise, he wouldn’t allow the little star pet to see his appearance of taking the drug. He didn’t have the heart to do so.

Moreover, even if he had managed to withstand that period of time….and didn’t pass away in the process, he would have still asked to have his little star pet picked up…

Bai Rong stared at the words on the screen. Although he was still feeling unreconciled, he also knew that Mu Chongyan would not compromise any more than this, and he couldn’t afford to trouble Mu Chongyan by increasing his worries.

Sniffing, Bai Rong typed with a slightly wet face. “….Alright, but you…you can’t forget this…”

“Okay, I won’t forget.” Mu Chongyan glanced at the screen for one last time, before shutting the little star pet’s dialog box closed, and quickly sending a message to Walter, “Walter, go to my house and pick up Little Sweet Cake. Then go to the Dizhi branch near my home to book a booth. Dai Suo will swing by in a while, and you can hand over Little Sweet Cake to him.”

He then sent another message to Dai Suo, “Dai Suo, when you see Walter at the Di Zhi branch, take Little Sweet Cake home and take care of him for a day. I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow.”

Soon, Walter and Dai Suo both sent back replies. “No problem.” 

However, when Walter saw that Mu Chongyan had asked him to take away the Little Star Pet, he instinctively knew that something was up, and so, without haste, he quickly drove over to Mu Chongyan’s house.

“Give me the drug.” Mu Chongyan turned off the optical computer and looked at Ma’er.


“Boss…” Ma’er’s shoulders seemed to collapse, his face pale and bloodless. 

The amount of drug that Mu Chongyan needed was a thousand times more than that used in the previous experiments. Not only would the pain increase to an exponentially terrifying degree, the success rate would also drop to less than 1 in a hundred billion…

This was no different to committing suicide, and it was even done in the most cruel and vicious method. He really couldn’t…really couldn’t hand the drug over to him…

“I have already considered it.” Mu Chongyan walked over, leaning down slightly to hold the colorless drug Ma’er’s hand was clutching onto tightly.


“Let go.”

Ma’er looked at Mu Chongyan’s stubborn gaze and helplessly lowered his hand, his hand loosening in defeat.

“Let’s go.” Holding the drug in his hand, Mu Chongyan walked out of the door.

One minute after taking this medicine, he was required to be immediately put into the restoration chamber filled with rapid repair fluid to quickly restore his life force.

Mu Chongyan walked into the repair room at the side, and sat on the long platform next to the restoration chamber. Taking off the optical computer from his wrist, he looked at Ma’er and said, “If I don’t make it through, give the optical computer to Dai Suo.”

Ma’er’s eyes were red as he spoke with difficulty: “…Understood.”



Mu Chongyan opened the drug in his hand.

“Boss…” Ma’er’s tears streamed down his face.

Mu Chongyan’s eyes were dark and quiet, his emotions indiscernible. In the next moment, he raised his neck and poured the drug down his throat.

In an instant, the intense pain struck like dense locusts. It felt as though the cells and bones of his whole body were filled with explosives and bullets. The fuses lit off one after another. The sharp pain of tearing, and explosions compounded all over his body. The drug tube in Mu Chongyan’s hand was immediately crushed. Blue veins popped out of shut eyes and fresh blood seeped out of his pores. In just a short few seconds, he had completely become a bloody man. Half a minute later, a buzz rang in Mu Chongyan’s ear and with a loud bang, he fell back and collapsed onto the long platform. 

“Boss!!!” Ma’er leapt forward and knelt at the side, shouting loudly, “You have to stay awake!!! Wake up!!! Boss…”


Mu Chongyan’s throat was filled with the taste of minced meat and fresh blood. Tthe violent increase in pain was like an endless gulp, chewing him very finely and densely, and his whole person felt destroyed by vod medicine, leaving behind only minced meat floating in blood plasma as life gradually slipped out of his hands, gradually sucking his consciousness away…. 

“Boss!!!” Ma’er’s palm was clenched so tight, blood had started to seep out. With red eyes, he called out with a hoarse voice: “You have to stay awake!!! You still have twenty seconds! Nineteen seconds! Eighteen seconds! Boss…… “


Mu Chongyan could not hear nor see anything. The endless and crazy pain gradually stripped his consciousness away. His whole person seemed to have fallen into a bottomless abyss, but as he continued to fall, there was suddenly … a flash of a bright light in his mind…

“Mu Chongyan…” His little star pet was lying on his chest with his little butt stuck up. He blinked his dark wet eyes and clevely yet bashfully gave him a kiss. Then, he smiled and exposed his white tender dimples: “I like you the most…”

A sweet warmth slowly spread in his heart, and the corners of Mu Chongyan’s lips moved…

“Boss!!!” Seeing Mu Chongyan’s sudden movement, Ma’er quickly howled: “Wake up quick!! There’s only ten seconds left! Nine! Eight! Seven… “

The little star pet on his chest suddenly disappeared, and Mu Chongyan frowned in dissatisfaction. When he tried to move his fingers to search and feel for him, in the next moment, his consciousness suddenly returned to him accompanied by severe pain…

“Cough…” Mu Chongyan coughed out a few pieces of minced meat.

“Boss!!!” Ma Er looked at Mu Chongyan who regained his consciousness with weeping joy, “There are two seconds left, one second… and time is up!” Ma’er immediately opened the repair cabin and wanted to support Mu Chongyan out.

“Wait…” Mu Chongyan shook his head imperceptibly.

The more thoroughly this potion destroyed the body, the higher the aptitude would be stimulated. Since he had endured it up until now, why not continue enduring it for a while…

After another two minutes had passed, when thinking of the little star pet was gradually unable to keep him awake, Mu Chongyan turned his body to the side and slid back into the repair chamber filled with rapid repair fluid.

Ma’er hurriedly sat on the side of the long platform filled with blood stains, and pressed on the screen to operate the repair cabin, adjusting and adding various medicines and repair liquids according to the data response.

On the other side, Bai Rong watched the travel-worn Walter rush to his house, his face expressionless. “Let’s go.”

Walter did not say much, and directly placed the crystal glass case containing the little star pet into the spatial button and went out the door again.

After Walter sat in a booth at Dizhi’s for ten minutes, he then received a message from Dai Suo. “Where are you?”


Dai Suo hurried to the 30th floor, found the booth, and knocked on the door, “Walter?”

Walter opened the door: “Come in.”

Dai Suo closed the door casually, “Where’s the little star pet?”

“He’s here.” Walter raised his hand, and a crystal glass case appeared on the table. His gaze was a bit heavy: “Dai Suo, do you know what happened to Mu Chongyan?”

“I don’t know.” Dai Suo’s expression was similarly unsightly as he directly put the crystal glass case into the spatial button and sat down. “Let’s order some food.”

Anger immediately swept Walter’s face. “You still have the heart to eat?!!” 

Dai Suo glanced at Walter: “Mu Chongyan…has a reason why he asked you to bring the little star pet out but didn’t ask you to take care of him. The same as why he asked me to take care of him but didn’t let him go directly to his house. It’s evident that he’s afraid of being targeted by someone. If you stayed in here for a few minutes before leaving, wouldn’t it be clear that there was something wrong?” Dai Suo’s face grew darker. “Also, be careful when you leave later and don’t let anyone follow you..” 


In the crystal glass case, Bai Rong sat alone on the floor with his small face buried in his knees. Not knowing what he had just thought of, after a while had passed, his knees had become soaking wet…


Bai Rong cried himself to sleep. By the time he woke up, his face was slightly red, and beneath him was a cold hard floor.

Sitting up groggily, Bai Rong rubbed his eyes, and found that his throat felt very much in pain. As soon as he tried to speak, his voice sounded hoarse and unpleasant.

Realizing that he might have a fever, Bai Rong hurriedly climbed onto the bed and picked up the physical examination instrument to check himself.


Seeing the numbers, Bai Rong breathed a sigh of relief, and coughed slightly, saying hoarsely: “It’s alright. It’s just a low fever…“ He then stumbled and ran to the living room in a daze, pouring himself a pot of hot water.

It was just a fever. As long as he drank more water, he would be able to recover… 

Bai Rong sat at the table dizzily and downed a large pot of water continuously until he finally felt nauseous. However, he still pressed down the acid that billowed in his stomach and continued guzzling…

After drinking the entire pot, Bai Rong took another pot of hot water and threw his head back to pour it into his belly again.

As he continued downing it, Bai Rong’s dark eyes turned and turned, but for some inexplicable reason, the more it turned…the more the “physiological tears” couldn’t be held back… 

He didn’t know what was going on with Mu Chongyan, so how could he have gotten sick when Mu Chongyan was already sick himself….

How could he take care of Mu Chongyan like this? If he were to be discovered by Mu Chongyan at night, how worried would he be…

Bai Rong sniffled his red nose, burying his small face in his arms… 

Why was he showing such an unmanly side to him…

The author has something to say:

Mu Chongyan and Bai Rongrong in this chapter made me feel distressed…

Bai Rong feeling that he wasn’t manly enough, also makes people feel very sad…

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