Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 41 Something Wrong With The Body

“En, good…” Mu Chongyan gently stroked Bai Rong’s head before bringing him back to the crystal glass case and instructed: “Remember to be careful during card making.”

“Okay.” Bai Rong nodded, reaching out his little hand to stroke Mu Chongyan’s wrist. “Don’t worry…”

“En.” Mu Chongyan sighed, feeling the little star pet’s sensibility and cleverness strike his heart. He felt that it was about time to ask v67 to speed up their work. Now that he had learned his little star pet’s secret, if he couldn’t manage to ferret out who the hidden forces were, he could never be rest assured. 

Returning to the crystal glass case, Bai Rong happily saved Mu Chongyan’s name in his contacts as ‘Delicate Wifey!”. And as always, he reminded himself that he would properly love and take good care of Mu Chongyan.

After saving his contact, Bai Rong secretly cheerfully chuckled to himself and sent a ‘good night’ message to Mu Chongyan before logging out of the contacts icon and logging into the virtual city.


Not too long after logging in, Bai Rong received a message from Wei Huai, asking for a postponement of their meeting to the day after tomorrow. 

Bai Rong immediately typed back in reply: “Alright, Mr. Wei. There’s another thing I wanted to ask you. I’ve already thought about it, and I want to learn about mechs as soon as I can. Would it be alright for you to come earlier the day after tomorrow?”

After waiting for a long time without a reply, Bai Rong clenched his hands in nervousness before taking out a set of spell card materials and started making cards.

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“Bdelapvsse….” Iwjw dseele sclekldvzu. “Nlv xl qkdkpb eskdt vbkp plv clqsal R ts cynj.”

“En, good Kuku.”


By the time Bai Rong had already finished washing, there was no one left in the living room. Seeing that Kuku had obediently gone to sleep, Bai Rong nodded his head in satisfaction and proudly clasped his hands behind his back, heading towards his bedroom and drilling into his quilt.

Good obedient children were the most adorable.

The next day.

Bai Rong opened his eyes and recorded his height as usual. However, the moment his eyes laid on the numbers on the screen, surprise flitted through his gaze!


What was going on? According to his usual growth speed of 0.8cm per day, he should’ve been 20.63 by today. Why was there a sudden decrease of 0.07cm?!!

Bai Rong clenched his little fist as his face turned dark. According to all his experiments in the past, his speed of growth was connected to touching people, however, the only person he had been consistently touching was Mu Chongyan and the data has always been very stable. Why did the result this time suddenly….

Could it be that something had happened to Mu Chongyan’s body?!!

Unable to sit still, Bai Rong hurriedly got out of bed and rushed outside. However, after reaching halfway, he realized that Mu Chongyan might not possibly be awake at this time. And so, he went back in a flurry to wash up and change clothes before dashing outside once again.

After waiting outside the crystal glass case for 6 to 7 minutes, Bai Rong finally caught a glimpse of Mu Chongyan walking out.

“Mu Chongyan!!!” Bai Rong exclaimed, his voice sounding a little broken. He immediately used his arms to rub his face and quickly ran towards Mu Chongyan with faintly red eyes.

If something were to happen to Mu Chongyan, what was he going to do?!!


Back then, he never had somebody who cared for him, loved him, and accompanied him. Aside from his colleagues at work, he was only surrounded by cold, hard machines, now that he had someone, was he also going to….

Bai Rong’s eyes immediately turned misty.

“What’s wrong?!!” Seeing his little star pet appear with red eyes, Mu Chongyan immediately became anxious, quickening his steps towards the little star pet. He picked him up and asked in distress. “What’s going on? Where do you feel uncomfortable?!”

“I…” Bai Rong sniffled, suddenly feeling as if he had just been thinking too much. Didn’t Mu Chongyan look normal right now? He shouldn’t have come to a conclusion this early, but….he couldn’t completely ignore the fact that something might not be right with Mu Chongyan’s body…..

“What’s going on? Tell me…” Seeing the little star pet’s face lowered, Mu Chongyan became even more anxious, yet he couldn’t stand to reprimand him, instead, he spoke quickly but with the same gentle tone. “…..Why aren’t you speaking?”

“I…” Bai Rong knew that he definitely couldn’t say the words he was thinking in his heart out loud so he quickly weaved up an excuse and said: “I dreamt that you had gotten sick…”

Seeing the little star pet say that he had dreamt of himself getting sick with red eyes, Mu Chongyan’s heart immediately became sour. The reason why…his family’s little sweet cake looked so sad, was because he felt scared that he had seen him getting sick…

What a little fool… much did he really care for him….

“I’m fine..” Mu Chongyan gently kissed Bai Rong’s hand as a sour yet sweet warm current flowed into his heart. He repeated himself: “I’m fine, don’t worry about me…”

“But…I can’t help it…” Bai Rong’s dark moist eyes stared straight into Mu Chonyan’s, his little hand placed in front of his chest. He had decided. Regardless of whether he had to continue playing pretend or continue playing dumb, he definitely had to convince Mu Chongyan to go to the hospital to get a check-up. Otherwise, he would never feel at ease!!

Mu Chongyan lowered his eyes and exhaled a long sigh on the inside.. He gently lifted the little star pet up to eye level and with a sour wrenching feeling in his heart, he responded. “I’m fine, you don’t need to worry alright…?”

“No.” Bai Rong stubbornly stared at Mu Chongyan. “You have to get checked at the hospital, I want to see the report!”


Even if Mu Chongyan thought that he was being too naggy or annoying, Bai Rong still wanted Mu Chongyan to go get a check up. He wouldn’t let Mu Chongyan’s one moment of being unhappy with his “meddling”, stop him from urging him to do so. He wasn’t a selfish and irresponsible person. 

However,…..the mere thought that Mu Chongyan would think him annoying made Bai Rong feel depressed, and his eyes instantly turned even redder. 

Seeing his little star pet put on a miserable expression on the verge of tears made Mu Chongyan’s heart feel aggrieved at once, and so he immediately responded. “I’ll go. I’ll go and get a check up today, alright…?

“Ok…” Bai Rong sniffled his nose pitifully. “If you go today, when will the report come out?”

“….If I probably go in the afternoon, it would be out by evening.” Mu Chongyan decided to go get checked at v67. Originally, he was supposed to get a check-up once a month. The last time he got discharged from the hospital, he had gone over to get a check-up, and Ma’er had concluded that everything looked normal and that he had recovered very well without any problems.

It had only been 20 days since he had last gone for a check-up, but for the sake of easing the little star pet’s worries, he was going to go 10 days in advance before his original scheduled visit.

“Alright…” Bai Rong rubbed his eyes, his expression eventually going off into a daze as he realized he had just done something very unmanly…

What did he just do?!!

H-..He actually almost cri-cried because of worrying about Mu Chongyan?!!!

Could it be that worry for a wife would change a steel blooded tough man into…No, wait! Bai Rong’s eyebrows scrunched up as a glint appeared in his eyes, this was probably…..a manly man’s tender sentiments right?!

Because he was too worried about his wife, his steel blood and tough air had melted and become pliant and soft!!

That’s right. This was probably the case!


Bai Rong mentally resolved his inner conflict in a mere three seconds before hugging Mu Chongyan’s finger and saying in concern: “Are you hungry?”

Getting a physical examination was important, but reminding his wife to eat on time was also very important…

“….Yes.” Mu Chongyan gently stroked Bai Rong’s little head. “Shall we go and eat now?”

The two people ate breakfast before Mu Chongyan kissed Bai Rong’s hand and brought him back to the crystal glass case.

“Do-…Don’t forget that you have to get a physical checkup.” Bai Rong placed his little hands behind his back and put on a strict face.

“Alright. I won’t forget it.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head. “Then, I might return home a little late.”

“No worries. A little late is a little late. It won’t be a big problem…”

After Mu Chongyan left, Bai Rong quickly ran back to the villa.

His face no longer looked as relaxed as it did earlier. With a heavy face, he went to the card making room beside the bedroom.

For some reason, he felt very strongly about the abnormality that appeared all of  a sudden in Mu Chongyan’s body, and just after Mu Chongyan left, this feeling grew more and more…

Bai Rong felt a little concerned but he immediately took a deep breath. Taking out 20 sets of spell card materials, he then started making cards with a stern gaze.

Since he couldn’t even help Mu Chongyan now, he was going to properly study how to make cards.

Didn’t Wei Huai say that those who were capable but not to the point of reaching the summit, were not only able to conceal other people, instead, they were easily attacked, their ability ultimately turning into a burden. In that case, he was going to work hard and make cards, striving for the position of the world’s best Spell Card Master!

As long as his skills were refined to the ultimate level, wouldn’t he be able to protect both Mu Chongyan and Kuku?!

With a serious gaze, Bai Rong methodically handled drawing the spell text, not even letting a sliver of his attention slip away, letting spell cards be the only things that were left in his dark eyes.

After staying in the room for a full ten hours, once the 19th spell card had lit up, Bai Rong paused for a while. 

The next instant, he quickly inserted the spell card into the slot of the spell card doctor.

50,000 Carters!

It was only 1 carter away from achieving S Class!!!

Immediately taking the last set of materials from the corner of the desk, Bai Rong’s lips were pursed into a straight line and his eyes narrowed slightly as he once again began to process the materials.

Twelve minutes later, Bai Rong prepared the spell text liquid, and took the thin yet sturdy spell card from the incubator and began to draw on it.

Bai Rong’s sight was locked on the black card, his brows furrowed in a scrunch and his gaze cold and stern. Exerting a bout of strength, the nib of his pen unwittingly moved faster and faster atop the spell card. After three minutes had passed, the swift moving nib became a phantom, appearing like a silver snake that danced nimbly in the dark!!

The silver snake’s dance became more and more chaotic, and Bai Rong who had made 19 successive spell cards was beginning to feel mentally fatigued. His head began to feel a piercing pain and beads of sweat started to seep out of his forehead. Bai Rong took a deep breath and gritted his teeth, determined to control the trembling nib in his hands…

A minute later, the card surface suddenly flashed white!

Card-making Success!!

Bai Rong exhaled breathlessly, ignoring the dull ache in his head that felt as though his brain was going to split in half. He quickly placed the spell card into the slot of the spell card detector. 

56,003 Carter!!!

Bai Rong stared at the numbers on the screen, his pupils widening into the shape of sauces for a moment…

S Class!

He succeeded!!!

Feeling excited as though he was going to soar up in the clouds, Bai Rong immediately ran back to the bedroom and turned on the optical computer, sending a message to Mu Chongyan. “Mu Chongyan, have you finished the physical examination?”

He hoped that he could hear Mu Chongyan reply that there was nothing wrong with him.

There was nothing better than having two simultaneous happy events occurring within the family!

……At this moment on the other side, Mu Chongyan had just sat up from the silver inspection cabin.

“How is it?”

Ma’er who was sitting in front of a large optical computer connected to the inspection cabin, had an unsightly look on: “….It’s not good.”

“What’s going on?!” Mu Chongyan’s eyes deepened.

“There’s something wrong..” Ma’er stared at the data and images on the screen, his brows furrowing. “There’s a strange virus that has invaded your cells. Moreover.. It looks as though it’s been concealed for nearly a month. We had actually completely missed this in our previous check up!”

“What does this virus do?” Not a hint of panic could be seen in Mu Chongyan’s face. He remained quiet as though he was hearing someone else’s body report. 

This virus has remained safe in your body the entire time but yesterday, it had turned active and the rate of its activity increased exponentially. In just a short one day, your physical condition has dropped from SS+ to SS…” Ma’er’s face looked heavy. “If we had discovered this any later, not even mentioning a week later, your physical condition may have completely turned obsolete…”

Ma’er calmly looked at Mu Chongyan: “Boss. Didn’t you feel anything at all?” 

“No.” Hearing Ma’er’s words, Mu Chongyan’s appearance instantly turned cold. “I completely didn’t detect anything at all.”

“This is one of the frightening properties of the virus.” Ma’er quickly deleted everything on the optical computer. “You need to stay here for treatment.” 

“How are you going to treat it?”

“We have to study this virus first…..”

“There’s no need.” Mu Chongyan interrupted coldly. “Just use the vod drug you’ve been researching before.” 

“No!” The look on Ma’er’s face changed as he immediately refused in anger. “I object! The vod drug hasn’t been…”

“What do you plan to do then?” Mu Chongyan interrupted Ma’er, “Can you ensure that you’ll be able to figure out the weakness of this drug within 3 or 7 days and create an antidote to counter it?”

“If you’ve managed to have a 30% grasp on it, I’d be willing to wait, if not…” Mu Chongyan’s face promptly turned extremely cold, his every word resounding in Ma’er’s eardrums, cutting through the silent air. 

“Ma’er, go get that drug and give it to me.”

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