Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 38 Discovered The Truth?!

Naturally, Bai Rong wouldn’t believe Mu Chongyan’s simple sentence of ‘having just found these’ He wasn’t ignorant of how precious these materials were. If it were just the detailed explanations of those 30,000+ kinds of spell card materials, even if he wanted to redeem it, he couldn’t. In total, there were only more than 20,000 kinds in the AS Union database, and more than one hundred thousand points can be exchanged. It has only been 100 years since their establishment, but so far, there has been only one record of a successful transaction! There are also one hundred kinds of intermediate card production data, and some of them simply couldn’t be found on the internet! 

Mu Chongyan surely must’ve used some special method, if not, he must’ve known an S-level or even SS-level Spell Card Master and pried out this information from them with much difficulty.

But… Bai Rong guessed that Mu Chongyan must’ve already pried this info out before. After all, even he could not accomplish such a difficult thing in just a few days, but he still felt moved and grateful. Even though Mu Chongyan did not know he could make spell cards, he still gave him all the precious materials that couldn’t be measured with money.

“Mu Chongyan, I will make a good card…” Bai Rong held Mu Chongyan’s fingers tightly and stared at him with watery eyes, he solemnly promised: “I will make the highest-level spell card for you to use!”

“Alright…” Mu Chong Yan rubbed the little star pet’s head and agreed with a smile, “I’ll be waiting.”


In fact, the reason why he gave the little star pet so many precious materials wasn’t because he really expected him to produce anything, he just wanted to make the little star pet understand a little more, and follow according to the information, this way it would be safe for his star pet…

That’s right, he merely thought that his little sweet cake deserved the best equipment and information even if it was only just for play.

This mentality of being fiercely protective of one’s children could be said to be exactly the same as a certain tough guy’s… 

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Rv’p nsxrzlvle!

Immediately inserting the spell card into the Spell Card Detector and looking at the A-level evaluation on the screen, Bai Rong’s eyes curved in happiness.


Despite wearing protective clothing, he still managed to achieve an A grade. If he continued doing this, could he possibly soon advance to S grade?!!

After Immediately putting away the fire card, Bai Rong took off his protective clothing, and took out six sets of basic spell card materials, completely immersing himself in the fun of card making.

Three hours later…

Looking at the six advanced A-level Spell Cards on the table, Bai Rong took a deep breath out. Although he felt a little disappointed, it was also within his expectations.

S-level spell cards truly aren’t easy to achieve. 

Putting all six spell cards into the space button, Bai Rong, who made real spell cards for the first time and continuously made them all night, suddenly felt exhaustion hitting him. After thinking for a moment, he decided to take a bath.

After preparing a tub of warm water, Bai Rong undressed himself and stepped inside.

“En…… it’s simply too comfortable.” Bai Rong tilted his little head, lying in the bathtub and released a comfortable long sigh. The feeling of taking a bath after doing such hard work, exceeded the feeling of living the life of an immortal……

After soaking for a while, Bai Rong got up and took a bag of little cubs, hanging on top of the bathtub.

Smelling the fragrant little cub, Bai Rong’s mood became more cheerful. He had heard that this bath treasure was purposely designed for little star pets in that it would emit a gentle and clean smell once it was placed into the bathtub, and could both clean the star pet’s skin and entertain them….

However, the bath treasure that came as a gift with this crystal glass case, originally came in the form of a duck. At his strong behest, Mu Chongyan asked the salesperson to replace it with the mighty and fierce king of the jungle.

Bai Rong kissed the word ‘王’ (King) on the tiger’s head with great satisfaction before he turned the bag upside down, causing the seven or eight little cubs to splash into the bathtub. 


En… this was much more suitable for someone of his temperament. Bai Rong’s eyes curved as he laid back in the tub, surrounded by a group of little cubs. His face that had turned pink from the steam revealed a domineering smile.

Only he, a tough guy who exudes such mighty valor all the time, could easily control such a situation of being surrounded by ferocious and vicious tigers in the bath!! 

Half an hour later, Bai Rong, whose skin had turned tender and fragrant from soaking, stepped out of the bathtub with satisfaction. After picking up the cubs and placing them back into the bag, he took a towel and dried himself off before putting on his pajamas and returning to his bedroom. He then drilled into his quilt and fell into a sweet sleep.

Another day had passed where he was completely manly all day. 

……The next day.

After having had a good sleep, Bai Rong woke up as soon as the alarm clock rang twice. He rubbed his drowsy eyes, quickly scanned his height and recorded it, then ran to wash up.

After washing, Bai Rong ran to the second floor to visit Kuku.

Pushing the door open gently, Bai Rong poked his small head in for a look: “Kuku?”

“Rong!” Kuku turned his head around promptly, and flipped over, leaping out from the bed and rejoicing: “Come in quick!”

“You’re awake?” Bai Rong walked in and sat on Kuku’s bed with a smile. “Did you wake up early today?”

“En!” Kuku got up and sat next to Bai Rong. “I’m going to wash up, Rong. Wait for me first.”

“Good boy…” Bai Rong looked at Kuku who had developed a habit of washing, and inexplicably felt relieved as though “his younger brother had grown up”.


By the time Kuku had returned from washing up, Bai Rong was sitting at the bedside looking at Kuku’s manga.

“Rong…?” Kucu blinked. He remembered that his Rongrong didn’t like to read manga…

“It’s nothing.” Bai Rong closed the manga lightly. He merely wanted to take a closer look at what Kuku has been reading the past two days. After all, he needed to care for the child’s interests.

Standing up and rubbing Kuku’s head, Bai Rong took Kuku’s arm and rushed downstairs, “Come on, brother has a surprise for you.”

“Surprise?!” Kuku’s eyes instantly gleamed “What surprise?”

“You’ll know when you go.” Bai Rong smiled mysteriously.

The two ran to the hall on the first floor. Bai Rong then took out a remote control and turned the optical television and a tall, muscular man immediately appeared on the screen and began to speak.

“This is a training material I found for you. You don’t have to train by yourself now, Kuku. Train according to this program.” Bai Rong rubbed Kuku’s head. “Do you like it?”

“I like it!!!” Kuku stared at the screen without blinking as the man on it started moving. With just one glance, he immediately knew that this training program was a lot better than blindly training himself!  

Although Bai Rong didn’t know why Kuku suddenly became so passionate about physical training a week ago, for some reason, Kuku simply started liking it…Perhaps little star pets were able to manifest their different talents.

Looking at Bai Rong who smiled as he watched him, Kuku suddenly let out a whimper before hugging Bai Rong tightly. His Rongrong was too kind to him, he was definitely going to study hard and train well, and then protect his family’s Rongrong!

“Good boy…” Seeing that Kuku liked it very much, Bai Rong was also very happy on the inside, and he immediately rubbed Kuku’s head. “Learn it well. After you finish studying, your brother will help you buy another… cough, I mean, look for a new training program.”


En… Kuku didn’t need to know the cost of that program. After all, it was enough for the matter of making money to be handled by a manly man like him!

After allowing Kuku to watch the video in place obediently, Bai Rong reckoned that it was almost time and he slipped out of the crystal glass case.

After waiting for about half a minute outside the crystal glass case, Mu Chongyan turned from the small corridor and walked into the living room.

“Mu Chongyan…” Bai Rong jumped up. His dark eyes looked like a pair of agates soaked in water. They stared at Mu Chongyan excitedly while his small hands waved in excitement.

A fine day begins with seeing your wife!

“Why are you so happy?” Mu Chongyan quickened his footsteps and hurried over to pick up the little star pet into his hand. The gentle smile in his eyes almost overflowed, “Are you hungry?”

“Not hungry!” Bai Rong rubbed his face and blinked, speaking softly: “I’m happy because I saw you…”

“!!!” Struck by the little star pet’s sudden sweetness, Mu Chongyan’s heart quivered. He immediately picked up the Bai Rong’s little hand and gave it two kisses, asking softly. “Did you secretly eat sugar in the morning…how come your little mouth is so sweet?”

Having unexpectedly completed his mission of receiving kisses for the day, Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan who stared at him with full attention. His ears turned red and his hand quivered as he tried to take it back, but found that he actually couldn’t move!

Having been kissed passionately and wildly by his wife early in the morning, his tough guy spirit had actually become stronger and stronger!!

Bai Rong lifted his small chin and looked at Mu Chongyan with an aloof look. After numerous attempts of pulling his hand back, he finally managed to retrieve his hand. “You’re the one who ate sugar, I obviously didn’t eat anything…”

Hmph, Mu Chong Yan’s mouth was so sweet, he knew to use sweet words to coax him but the metaphor he used wasn’t appropriate for him…

However, he didn’t mind it too much!

“Alright…I ate it, you didn’t eat it.” Mu Chongyan rubbed the little star pet’s little head in amusement. He took the little star pet to the table and sat down, saying, “Since you haven’t eaten anything, just eat more breakfast.”

After the two had finished breakfast, Bai Rong returned to the crystal glass case. He linked the box of data Mu Chongyan had given up to his optical computer and downloaded all the information from it before encrypting it all.

Putting the data box into the spatial button, Bai Rong opened the detailed explanations of materials, and studied it earnestly.

Because there were more than 30,000 types of spell card materials, Bai Rong couldn’t stop it once he started studying it. By the time he felt his exhaustion kicking in, ten full hours had already passed. 

With a tired yawn, Bai Rong satisfactorily added a bookmark beside the 1,127th kind of material, took a nutritional dose, and then ran to the room where the card-making equipment was placed. 

After spending less than half an hour creating a spell card, Bai Rong looked at the data informing him that the card was only 18 Carters away from achieving S Class, and secretly sighed. Why was it still a little lacking ah ……

Just as he was about to practice with another set of materials, before he could even tear the box open, Mu Chongyan’s footsteps sounded.

And so… 

The material box was decisively abandoned at the side by Bai Rong ruthlessly and heartlessly…

“Are you hungry?” Mu Chongyan took the little star pet who reached his small arms out, asking to be carried, into his hand and gently rubbed his small belly. He gently said: “The dishes have been bought, so you can eat right now. “

“Not-….I’m hungry!” Bai Rong shook his head but then nodded quickly. Panic swept across his face for a moment for he had just recalled that today was the day that Wei Huai required his delivery. However, he had yet to log into the virtual city to make the spell card!!!  

“Are you hungry or not?” Mu Chongyan poked the little star pet’s cheek.

“Hungry! I’m hungry!” Bai Rong held onto Mu Chongyan’s fingers tightly and hurriedly urged: “Let’s eat quickly!”

“Alright…” Seeing that little star pet clearly hiding something from him, Mu Chongyan rubbed the little star pet’s head, and sighed helplessly in his heart. It felt as though there was something that was inexplicably stifling his heart..

The little star pet had already grown up, and even had his own thoughts.

The most important thing was that… he actually wanted to hide something from him!

After eating, Bai Rong hurried back to the crystal glass case.

Mu Chongyan watched as the little star pet’s leaving figure grew smaller without any hesitation in his footsteps, and returned to the bedroom with a gloomy face.

As soon as he logged into the virtual city, Bai Rong discovered that Wei Huai had already transmitted the card-making requirements and money early, and hurriedly took out the materials from the treasury. He then placed another order for a set, and then began to produce  the ice rain card that Wei Huai requested. 

After creating the first one, the set of materials he had just bought had also arrived. Bai Rong took a sip of water and without stopping for rest, he went straight into making the second card.

Working at an extremely fast pace against the clock, Bai Rong finally made two icefall cards by 8:10. Seeing that Wei Huai had sent him a notice, saying that he had already been waiting for him at the union center, Bai Rong quickly put away the card and hurried there.

“I-, I’m sorry…” By the time Bai Rong arrived at the place out of breath, he saw Wei Huai sitting on the sofa in the corner of the hall with an unapproachable look on his face, and his legs immediately paused.

This… this Wei Huai was obviously in a bad mood!

Feeling his heart quiver slightly, Bai Rong took a deep breath, and cautiously walked towards Wei Huai, carefully asking: “Mr. Wei?”

How could he arrive at such a time when Wei Huai was clearly in a bad mood. He really had such unfortunate luck! 

He doesn’t know who caused Weihuai to be unhappy. But looking at Wei Huai’s sour and gloomy face, could it possibly be… Wei Huai’s wife?!!

Bai Rong’s eyes glinted. Suddenly feeling as though he had discovered the truth, his heart couldn’t help but gloat at his misery.  

Hahahahahaha. Looking at Wei Huai’s grim and overbearing appearance, he was still somebody who couldn’t figure out his own wife. Look at him and his wife, they spent every day so sweetly! 

Bai Rong raised his chin, feeling proud, and the moment of cautiousness he had earlier, disappeared in an instant. He puffed out his chest and said with a smile: “Mr. Wei… Did you encounter something unfortunate, Why not share it with me.Let me see if I could offer any help to you…”

The author of has something to say:

To the tough guy who gloats at other people’s misfortunes, I advise you not to be too complacent too early…

In addition, I guess today’s cute MVP should be Bai Rong Rong who bathed in the bathtub surrounded by floating little cubs.

Bai Rong: I took a super invincible bath today! So happy!

Mu Chongyan: Today my wife ignored me again. I’m not happy at all….

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