Chapter 34.1 A Romantic Encounter (1)

Once Bai Rong had returned to his senses, he started dashing forward, intending to climb up Mu Chongyan’s robust chest. As he continued running forward on the stable ground, Mu Chongyan could feel every tiny step the star pet took, his entire body turning tenser with each passing step….. 

After reaching the edge of Mu Chongyan’s shoulders, Bai Rong craned out his small head to estimate the distance left and figured that it wouldn’t be difficult for a manly man like himself. So he bravely leaped with a whoosh, and with a smile plastered on his face, he darted to the side of Mu Chongyan’s head.

Bai Rong slowly reached out his hand and warmly touched Mu Chongyan’s red ear, dubiously asking, “Mu Chongyan, why did you lie down all of a sudden?”

“…” The little star pet’s softly sweet voice floated into Mu Chongyan’s ears, suddenly causing his sense of shame to grow stronger. He quietly moved his arm around a bit, deliberating whether it would be too embarrassing if he abruptly got up now…

Seeing as Mu Chongyan did not respond to his query, Bai Rong became deeply troubled. He bypassed Mu Chongyan’s ear and hurriedly placed his little hand on Mu Chongyan’s forehead, carefully feeling around, “You don’t seem to have a fever. Where do you feel uncomfortable? “

” … ” Mu Chongyan kept silent.

Why did his brain have to come up with… such a ridiculous idea!

Was it too late for him to get up now and save his face…?

Mu Chongyan remained silent and unmoving, leading Bai Rong’s small face to wrinkle up. He then thrusted himself forward, barely covering Mu Chongyan’s forehead with half of his body, and leaned in, earnestly gluing his forehead against Mu Chongyan’s. 

Hmm… he distinctly remembered that temperature measurements through hands were highly inaccurate, so he could only use the forehead-to-forehead method.

“You still don’t feel hot….” Bai Rong quickly straightened up and quietly muttered to himself in confusion. He caressed Mu Chongyan’s forehead and filled with concern, softly asked, “Mu Chongyan, what’s going on with you?” 

There was clearly something wrong with his wife. What was even worse was that, he wasn’t speaking to him at all. This made him extremely concerned!

Unable to ask the little star pet to kiss him, the red-eared Mu Chongyan discreetly pressed his lips together into a tight line and ignored the raging disappointment surging into his heart, deciding to reluctantly give up….

“Mu Chong… ahh!” Bai Rong carelessly tripped, his face landing against Mu Chongyan’s fair cheek. 

“!!!” Mu Chongyan exclaimed in shock, his ears turning into a bright shade of red instantly. 

Was this considered as a kiss… this was probably considered as a kiss … this was a kiss!!!

Bai Rong sluggishly propped his hands against Mu Chongyan’s cheeks and stood up, his face stinging a little. Because the impact from his fall was a bit strong, his nose had colored red from the landing, appearing pitiful in anyone’s eyes. However, the tough guy, himself, did not feel as though anything was wrong. After fixing himself up, he finally saw the part of Mu Chongyan’s cheeks he had ruthlessly bumped into, turning beet-red and letting out a distressed ‘ahhh’.

He had hurt Mu Chongyan’s face!!!

Immediately, Bai Rong started blowing on the reddened area and continuously rubbed his hand against Mu Chongyan’s cheeks, asking in an extremely upset voice, “Did that hurt?”

Mu Chongyan’s ears turned even redder from the warm and gentle air blowing on him. As a result, his whole body ascended into a completely new state of stiffness, as if he were a fish being dried under the sun. 

His entire body turned a scorching hot and extremely rigid shell of what he used to be!!

Feeling heartache in seeing Mu Chongyan’s face turn stiff, Bai Rong innocently planted a kiss on the “red area,” and faintly whispered, “Kisses will make the pain fly away….”

“!!!!!!” Mu Chongyan was shaken to his core. 

The flushing in his ears quickly spread down to his entire neck. Mu Chongyan’s heart seemed to stop beating for a moment before it suddenly started thumping wildly, like a violently beaten drum. 

The little star pet’s warm gentle kiss caused that area of his cheek to turn numb. The numbness slowly dispersed to its surroundings while the strange and fascinating sensation rendered Mu Chongyan frozen into place as if he had immersed himself in narcotic bliss. He certainly knew it wasn’t normal, but for some unfathomable reason, he couldn’t stop himself from letting go and wallowing into it further….. 

… After what felt like a century, Mu Chongyan’s finger eventually moved, and with the numbness settling down, he began to suppress every boiling cell in his body. 

“…Cough.” Mu Chongyan tilted his head slightly and pretended to clear his throat.

“Are you alright, Mu Chongyan…” Bai Rong carefully leaned his body against the crook of Mu Chongyan’s neck and gently stroked it with his small hand, voicing out his immediate concerns, “Why did your neck turn hot and red? You couldn’t have gotten a fever, could you?”

“……” Knowing that he couldn’t keep up this farce much longer, Mu Chongyan sat up and placed the little star pet into his hand, his face still tensing slightly, “It’s nothing. I don’t have a fever.” 

“Then why did you just…”

“Come and take a look at what I bought just for you.” The awkward Mu Chongyan interrupted Bai Rong’s words as he lifted his right hand, causing small boxes to instantly appear stacked on the table. 

“What are these?!” Bai Rong soon forgot what he was about to ask and curiously stared at the small magical boxes.

“Spell card materials.” Mu Chongyan casually placed the little star pet on the coffee table and added in a normal tone, “This is the entire set of materials for three hundred and sixty basic spell cards.”

“The entire set?!” Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide from astonishment. He had spent nearly 10 million virtual star coins to buy 360 sets of basic spell card materials in the virtual city, but the prices of real-life materials were said to be 7 or 8 times more expensive than that of the virtual!

“They’re all in mini versions.” Mu Chongyan smiled as if he saw through the little star pet’s expression, rubbing Bai Rong’s little head nonchalantly, “Adding the cost for all of these doesn’t even amount to 8 million star coins.”

What does he mean by doesn’t even amount to?!

Bai Rong vacantly stared at his ‘big spending’ wife, who was more than willing to spend extravagantly on him, his eyes turning helpless. His wife was too excessive in his expenses. Fortunately for him, he was going to earn a king’s ransom for his wife soon!

“Here, look at this.” Mu Chongyan took out a small silver box from the spatial button. “This is for you. Remember to put it on when making spell cards.”

“What is this?” Caught off guard by another surprise, Bai Rong accepted the small box and opened it with excitement.

A set of dark silver clothes was neatly presented inside the box. Furthermore, it was even a one-piece!! 

“…” Bai Rong’s eyes turned shifty and were a bit harder to read. Why were his wife’s tastes so……incomprehensible?

“This is a protective suit.” Mu Chongyan poked the little star pet’s cheek playfully as if seeing through his thoughts. “What did you think it was? This protective suit will protect you in case a spell card explosion occurs. It will prevent you from getting injured.”

Even though he truly believed that his little star pet was the cleverest, wasn’t it still a given for him to prevent any unnecessary accidents happening to his little star pet?

“Oh …” Bai Rong hugged the clothes tightly in embarrassment. How could he have thought to buy me protective clothing? The protective gear consisted of a one-piece suit and gloves that greatly affected a Spell Card Master’s perception on the energy responses during spell card making and eliminating them. Now that Spell Card Masters have gotten familiar with the spell card making process through the virtual city, this danger has been remarkably reduced….

However, his wife didn’t seem to know that he knew how to make spell cards in the virtual city…

At the end of the day, he’ll gladly accept his wife’s good intentions! Bai Rong happily donned the small clothing and gestured to himself, coyly asking Mu Chongyan, “Does it look aggressive?”

Without disagreeing with the little star pet’s unsuitable choice of words, Mu Chongyan enthusiastically patted his head and chuckled, “It does.” 

However, he merely didn’t buy the protective suit just because of his lack of awareness of his little star pet’s activities in the virtual world. His thoughts didn’t even go anywhere near that line of thinking. The real reason why he had spent so much money on the little star pet’s spell card equipment was only for the sake of coaxing his little star pet to be happy. As for what his little star pet was able to make out of it…. Mu Chongyan honestly didn’t have any unreasonable demands.

He only treated the situation as if the little star pet wanted to play house. Safety was a first, then happiness came second. As for the result….

Did playing house require any results at all?

“As long as you like it.” As the little star pet’s eyes curved with joy, Mu Chongyan also revealed a smile on his face. “You must remember to wear it every time you play…. cough, I mean, make cards.” 

“En!” Bai Rong nodded obediently. He was going to wear it the first time he made a spell card. As for the times following that….

He was going to do his best to be a manly man who dutifully listens to his wife!

The two were in good spirits for a while before eating dinner together.

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