Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 33.2 I have a nice surprise for you (2)

Once this idea had popped into his head, Kuku couldn’t hold himself back any longer. An odd glint flashed in Kuku’s eyes, but by the time Bai Rong had noticed it, it was already too late. Kuku had already knocked him down.

“!!!” Bai Rong’s face warped into a dumbfounded look.

Kuku had defied him!

With his fighting spirit suddenly ignited, Bai Rong’s eyes became wild, vowing to defend his dignity as a brother and as a manly man!

And so…


The two dumplings started to ferociously wrestle on the bed!

…Ten minutes later, the fight ended with Bai Rong winning by a narrow margin.

“Ku, Kuku… You lost, so that means you have to listen to your brother.” Bai Rong breathlessly stared at the ceiling, completely devoid of strength while enjoying his triumph.

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Iwjw’p lulp vokdjzle. Tl pweeldzu pvsse wr yde rzydvle y jkpp sd Jyk Ssdt’p nbllj. “R okzz rasvlnv casvbla vss!”

Being called ‘brother’ for the first time instantly made Bai Rong’s face light up in happiness, it even made him blush a bit too. He then ruffled Kuku’s hair, saying, “Kuku is the best!”


“En…” Kuku curved his eyes in a smile as he obediently replied, “Rong, go back and rest.”

Disregarding that Kuku no longer called him ‘brother,’ Bai Rong playfully pinched Kuku’s chubby cheeks and replied, “Okay, I’m leaving.”

Bai Rong left Kuku’s bedroom in high spirits and was getting ready to return to his room to make some spell cards. He wanted to earn more money for both Mu Chongyan and Kuku to squander away!

In the second-floor bedroom, Kuku leaped up and enthusiastically flipped the book on the bedside table open.

The picture contained a handsome worm doting on his cute little brother worm, saying, “Alright alright, I won’t fight you anymore. I’ll let you have your way…”

Cute worm: “It’s obviously me who’s letting you have your way.”

Handsome worm: “Brother, why are you…”

Kuku giggled mischievously. He was a lot smarter than the Handsome Worm for he allowed Bai Rong to have his way more naturally…. and stayed particularly calm and collected while doing so. 

Look how happy his Rongrong was?!

At the same time, Bai Rong gulped down a bottle of nutritional drink, rubbed his sore muscles, and started studying.

Even though Bai Rong was exhausted to the point of being unable to lift his arms, he could not just simply drop his studies and his work. After all, he needed to support his wife and Kuku, so he didn’t have much time to waste.

He was such a responsible and persevering manly man!


For the next eight hours, Bai Rong was completely engrossed in his studies. The break he took during this time didn’t even amount to three minutes. Furthermore, his lunch only consisted of the nutrient drink from before and he finally managed to finish all 300 spell card materials’ characteristics and uses.

The information was easy to remember and understand, however… he still had his doubts regarding certain materials’ uses.

Bai Rong opened his notes and jotted down the last problem he had.

When he returned to the virtual city, he was going to check them out himself, one by one. 

Bai Rong tiredly massaged his shoulders, closed his remaining notes and videos, and entered the virtual city.

As soon as he logged in, his wristwatch rapidly beeped as if it were about to explode, the inbox icon flashing red.

Bai Rong’s eyelids jumped from surprise as he immediately opened it.

An overwhelming majority of these messages were seeking to buy S-Class virtual spell cards or were requesting to make custom virtual spell cards.

The asking prices on these requests almost made Bai Rong’s eyes pop out of their sockets. The lowest among these prices was 300 million virtual star coins, while the highest was 1.1 billion!!!

Did he just… sell himself short before?!

Aside from the fact that the three spell cards he had previously posted were all off the shelves, their transaction times were all within seconds of him posting them!

Was his shop… actually popular?!!!


Bai Rong quickly made some mental calculations. Since he had sold 173 spell cards,       deducting tax and the spell card shopping center’s service charge, there should be 600 million star coins left!

He opened his shop account in excitement and transferred all of the money into his personal account.

Since his personal account had received a significant lump sum, Bai Rong couldn’t stop himself from grinning ear-to-ear. He had earned so much that he was finally willing to buy the expensive Intermediate-Level Spell Card tutorials!

Intermediate spell cards refer to cards that have a combination of two basic spell cards’ abilities. The production difficulty was exceptionally harder than the basics, and generally, only A-Class Spell Card Masters and above were able to make them. Moreover…the reason why it was extremely difficult for A-Class Spell Card Masters to advance into S-Class was that the assessment criteria not only required the Spell Card Master to produce an S-Level spell card, but it also required them to make an S-Level Intermediate Spell Card!

So, one could only imagine how difficult it was to create intermediate spell cards!

At present, there were more than 10,000 kinds of intermediate spell cards, but not every card had the same value. For example, last year, an A-Class Spell Card Master created a dual water-and-fire-ball card—— allowing the mech, who used this, to spray out a water-ball first and then a fire-ball 0.01 seconds after. However, before the balls even managed to come into contact with the opponent, the two opposing balls canceled each other out….

Because of this, under the constraints from various factors, there were only six thousand intermediate spell cards that have a genuine attack power, exceeding that of a basic spell card. There were even fewer intermediate spell cards that have a stronger attack power, which exceeded two cards and more, numbering only a hundred types.

Moreover, these 100 types weren’t something every S-Class Spell Card Master could make.

Bai Rong browsed for a while and finally settled on a flash card intermediate tutorial taught by an S-Class Spell Card Master. This Spell Card Master had the most tutorials which were coincidentally the most expensive ones too. There were six videos in total, and each video demonstrated the process of making 10 different types of intermediate spell cards. 

After staring at the price, Bai Rong gritted his teeth in pain and finally paid for it.

In the blink of an eye, 1.2 billion star coins were gone…

Bai Rong endured the painful throbbing in his heart and weakly comforted himself. It was already difficult to encounter an S-Class Spell Card Master, so it should be enough to be able to watch someone of his caliber make a spell card!


That’s right. This video merely showed the process, but not a single word was uttered throughout the video… 

While Bai Rong was drumming his face in an attempt to cheer himself up, a glowing message appeared in his inbox.

—— “Respected Spell Card Master: Greetings and congratulations for advancing to the next round of the competition! The next round will cut 8000 contenders down to 500. The venue is at Lu Ya City’s AS Spell Card Union and will be held on the 31st of October. A gentle reminder to arrive at the venue on time. Please draw your attention to the following competition events:……”

He had advanced!

The pain in Bai Rong’s heart had vanished and was, instead, replaced with joy. He nearly couldn’t close his mouth from pleasant surprise after reading the message several times.

Lu Ya City… was an A-Class City and was just beside Xin Ma City!

Bai Rong suddenly recalled the traffic congestion he had encountered in Xin Ma City and consequently clenched his fists. He was determined to leave four days before the competition date to prevent himself from getting anxious from the traffic as he had the last time.

After making more virtual spell cards, Bai Rong surmised that Mu Chongyan was coming back soon so he stopped and posted his newly-made cards in the shopping center, pricing each at 400 million virtual star coins.

Although the prices of those who had directly messaged him were higher, he didn’t want to come into contact with those people nor those clans. While disliking them was one only an aspect of it, the most important reason was so that he didn’t expose himself. 

Bai Rong raised his chin high. He wasn’t a manly man who was all brawn and no brains!

Before logging out of the virtual city, he sent Mo Xi a message to ask how he was doing

Not long after exiting the virtual city, Mu Chongyan’s footsteps could be heard from afar.

Bai Rong’s eyes perked up. And subsequently, he immediately abandoned the handsome uncle he had just spent 1.2 billion on, climbing off the bed and running out of the villa.

It looked like true love was more important than money!!!

“You’re back!” Bai Rong dashed towards Mu Chongyan using his short legs. His soft dark hair was blown back by the gentle breeze, revealing a smooth white forehead and his small mouth widened and narrowed from panting for air, revealing two adorable little canines.

“En…” Mu Chongyan’s eyes became softer as he spotted the little star pet run towards him. He picked up the breathless little star pet and light-heartedly said, “I have a nice surprise for you.”

“What surprise?!” Bai Rong’s small face started flushing red from excitement. Could it possibly be the card-making equipment that he wanted?! 

“Guess what it is?” Mu Chongyan slowly carried the little star pet to the sofa and sat down.

“Is it the card-making equipment!?”

“No, it won’t arrive that quickly.” Mu Chongyan poked his chubby cheeks.

“Oh…” Bai Rong was disheartened for a bit before smacking the sides of his face, “What is it then?”

“Take another guess.”

“I don’t have a clue on what it is!” Bai Rong scrambled up on Mu Chongyan’s thigh, stomping around on it like a spoiled child. “Tell me, tell me!”

Seeing the ‘little dinosaur’ behaving poorly on his lap, Mu Chongyan wanted to chuckle, however, he only said, “You’re not allowed to make a scene. Take a guess first.”

“But I can’t think of anything else…” Since his previous strategy was ineffective, Bai Rong plopped down on his butt and started pounding on Mu Chongyan’s thigh. In the end, his hand ached from all the hammering, so he quietly sat there and lifted his face, blinking his two tearful black eyes, and softly asking, “Mu Chongyan…… you’re the best. Can’t you just directly tell me what it is?”

Mu Chongyan, who trembled from being overwhelmed by his moe, exclaimed, “!!!” Was his little star pet starting to act coquettishly?

Mu Chongyan shifted his eyes, and suddenly, the picture of the Soy Milk’s and Bean Bun kissing Walter’s smug and cheeky face floated into his head….

“Mu Chongyan?” Bai Rong innocently scratched Mu Chongyan’s legs.

“Cough, it is not impossible to say it…” Mu Chongyan awkwardly cleared his throat with slightly reddening ears.

When Bai Rong heard this, he instantly knew that Mu Chongyan wanted something in return, so he thought for a while before coyly raising his chin. He curved his eyes and asked in a softly sweet voice, “Do you have anything you want? Tell me.”

His wife was acting like a tsundere, how could he not entertain him?!

He was a manly man, who was the most magnanimous, most gentle, and most doting towards his wife!

“Cough…” Mu Chongyan spurned himself but still couldn’t abandon the idea that popped up in his mind. After pondering about it for a while, his expression turned rigid, and he laid down on the sofa.

“…” Bai Rong with a dumbstruck look asked, “Mu Chongyan, why did you lie down?”

The author has something to say:

Bai Rong (perplexed): What does this mean?

Mu Chongyan (red ears and taut face): Cough, I’m just afraid you won’t be able to kiss me….

Mu Chongyan was being extremely considerate!  

TOC for advanced chapters – KMGT – Completed

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