Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 31.1 Emotional Crisis?! (1)

Under his keen survival instincts, Kuku decided to yield to Bai Rong that day. However, his surrender was only a temporary one. Kuku neatly folded the page of the ‘silly little melon,’ because he was going to wait for the right time to tell him once again…

Hehe, Kuku planted a fat juicy kiss on the page!

…….Bai Rong, on the other hand, thoroughly immersed himself in his studies. In a blink of an eye, three days had passed, and now, the competition day had finally arrived.

After eating breakfast, Bai Rong absentmindedly hurried back into the villa and didn’t even ask Mu Chongyan for a kiss. The competition was going to start in five and a half hours and unfortunately, he hadn’t finished watching the latter half of Basic Spell Cards 10. There were still 18 types of spell cards he hadn’t learned yet!

Time was too pressed that he…he felt a little anxious!  


Mu Chongyan watched the little star pet’s figure disappearing into the villa, his soft expression slowly faded away as the corner of his lips tightened into a thin straight line.

Sadly, these past few days, the little star pet hadn’t been requesting for them to play on the sofa after dinner. He surprisingly didn’t even ask to have his hands kissed today. something that he was usually persistent about.

His heart felt uneasy…

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“AS Virtual Spell Card Union Building.” Bai Rong looked at the kilometer-long traffic ahead and nervously scrunched his brows.


“That’s at the center of Xin Ma City. With this kind of traffic, it would be impossible to get there in just 2 or 3 hours.”

“Then what should I do?!” Hearing these words, Bai Rong was so anxious that he couldn’t sit still.

“Ai…’re really unfortunate to have picked rushing there at this time. Today is the first day for the Spell Card Competition preliminaries. Every time this happens, the city becomes excessively crowded. To the point of…..Ey?!” The driver-uncle suddenly paused, his voice becoming a little excited. “Young man, are you going to compete in the competition, or are you going to watch the competition?”

“Going to compete in the competition….” Bai Rong miserably lowered his head.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that. Young man, are you already a Spell Card Master?! But you’re so young!” The uncle turned over his head. His eyes glistened so brightly that it was a little scary. “I heard that the selection process this time was a lot harsher compared to the previous years. Not a single D-level Spell Card Master was able to advance into the first preliminaries. Young man, you’re remarkable. You’re a young genius!”

Being zealously praised by the driver uncle caused Bai Rong to feel a bit awkward. He slightly adjusted his butt with a somewhat bitter face. “Actually, I’m not that amazing…Uncle, can’t we reach the Union Building in two hours?”

“…..It’s not completely impossible.” The uncle turned his head back, suddenly carrying a sense of responsibility and confidence in his voice out of nowhere. He enthusiastically yelled in a loud voice. “Young man, don’t you worry. This uncle will make sure you will definitely reach the competition in time!”

Bai Rong, who was also infected by the uncle’s confidence, replied, “Thank you, uncle!”

Uncle was indeed worthy of being called uncle. By just saying the word, it was as if he had paved a passage and passed through the most congested section of the road. The uncle utilized his experience from being on the road for many years and took numerous detours through small roads. Although his speed was slower compared to passing through the main roads, it was a lot less crowded. In the end, he had successfully managed to bring Bai Rong at the entrance of the Union Building ten minutes before the specified time!

Uncle was so admirable!

“Thank you, uncle!” Bai Rong gladly transferred 20,000 virtual star coins over to the uncle.

“Hey hey hey! Young man, this isn’t right!” The uncle pointed at the meter. “Five thousand and eight-star coins should be enough. Why are you paying extra?!”


“To thank uncle.” Bai Rong curved his eyes into a smile and added, “Just keep it. I’m going!”

“Heh, this kid…” The uncle watched Bai Rong’s figure leaving and chuckled to himself, shaking his head. 

“This kid looks quite strong. Yet when he smiles, he looks quite adorable…”  

After showing his identification to the guard, Bai Rong was quickly ushered into the competition venue. As soon as he stepped inside, his mouth dropped.  

The silver hall was over 10,000 square meters big. A thousand dark silver card-making equipment and operating tables were neatly arranged inside, and hundreds of silver globe security cameras hovered above the venue.Recorders with blinking red lights hung from the ceilings, clearly broadcasting the entire competition to the whole of Sheng Ya Star Region. 

In front of the hall was a simple yet elegant stage where six competition supervisors dressed in white uniforms stood. Among them was the cold-faced blondy that previously ‘supervised’ Bai Rong!

Feeling a gaze on him, the man turned his attention to the source.  

“!!!” Bai Rong’s heart leapt and froze for a moment before quickly taking in a deep breath to calm himself down. 

He cooly turned his back to the man and sauntered over to his assigned seat.

The man cast another glance at Bai Rong, lowering his eyes with ambiguous intentions before resuming what he was doing earlier.

A minute later, twenty silver robots entered the competition hall, working quickly and efficiently to distribute the materials for the one thousand contestants.  

“Everybody will have one minute to inspect their materials and equipment. If there’s anything that appears defective, please do call our attention within the time limit.” A female supervisor with long wavy hair spoke in a warm voice. “Everybody knows that the first global competition is held in 20 different cities. One in an S-Class City, 17 in A-class cities, and two in B-class cities, so please strive to do your best everyone. Strive, so that at least half of you could advance to the next round.”


The loudspeaker magnified the woman’s gentle voice to the entire hall, causing an uproar to suddenly break out.  

“Wah, Goddess Vivian’s voice still sounds so good!”

“I didn’t expect to see Goddess Vivian in this competition. Even if I fail to advance, I will have no regrets!”

“Goddess Vivian immediately became a competition supervisor just after advancing into an A-class Spell Card Master. She’s so hardworking…”

“Goddess Vivian wasn’t even 40 years old when she advanced into A-Class. She’s really amazing…”


“Silence!” A cold voice suddenly boomed across the entire hall, rendering the crowd to instantly submit into absolute silence.

The blond-haired man surveyed the hall, speaking without the slightest hitch in his voice, “The competition will now begin.”

In an instant, 3-meter white walls quickly rose, effectively blocking off all four sides of each contestant.

The blond man was still awfully terrifying…

Bai Rong quickly shifted his view away and lowered his head to start identifying the materials in the box.  

The materials this time, were not just simple spell card materials. There were at least 7 to 8 spell card materials mixed inside the box, but only three sets could be completed with them. The competition had only given them half an hour to complete the requirement, which was to make two virtual spell cards.


Bai Rong ignored the energy card materials. After all, he had made so many energy cards that he got fed up with making them. He quickly decided to make a wind card and a thunder card, properly organizing two neat piles on the table while secretly releasing a sigh of relief.

The thunder card and wind card were cards both taught in Basic Spell Cards 10. And fortunately for him, he did not rely on wishful thinking and didn’t miss out on watching the last tutorial.

……Seconds then minutes ticked by as Bai Rong carefully processed the materials in an orderly fashion. He then created the card and drew on the text. With 20 minutes left, he had skillfully finished drawing the last stroke on the second card which was the thunder card.

A purple light interspersed with a silver light. The card was a success!

It was a good thing that it was successful. Bai Rong breathed out as the corner of his lips faintly curved up. Originally, he was worried about the result since he hadn’t made a thunder card before this. Furthermore, thunder cards belonged to one of the hardest types of cards to make, according to the Basic Spell Cards.  

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  1. I bet Bai Rong’s talent + lack of experience would make the professionals vomit blood
    (also, it only took him 10 minutes lol)

  2. I bet Bai Rong’s talent + lack of experience would make the professionals vomit blood
    (also, it only took him 10 minutes lol)

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    Omg… I love the story ~it’s so interesting and I definitely love our little Bai… He’s so cute ^^

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