Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 30 Silly Little Melon

Once he returned to the bedroom, Bai Rong turned on the optical computer and continued to learn more theories. By the time afternoon came, he was already starving, so he casually took two bottles of nutrition drinks without moving an inch from his place.

No…Actually, he did shift a little. When his butt felt sore from all this sitting, Bai Rong would stand up and roll his hips around to increase blood flow.

En, the healthy and honest kind of roll!

Once Bai Rong was done studying in a high-intensity state for more than 10 hours, it was already 6 pm. He finally managed to understand and memorize approximately 80 percent of the material by heart.

After stretching his exhausted waist, Bai Rong ran towards the living room to tear open a pack of prawn-flavored chips. While munching on the snack, he mapped out his learning plan. The second part of the theories (300 spell card material properties and functions) needed another 2 days for Bai Rong to finish going through. And, three days after that, the competition was going to start. 


After reviewing past competitions, it seemed that the Global Competition would arbitrarily choose a basic spell card. However, he had only managed to watch until Basic Spell Cards 5. There was still another half that he hadn’t learnt yet.

He couldn’t continue on like this. If by chance, a card that he hadn’t learned to make came up during the competition, he would undoubtedly lose.

Bai Rong heaved a gloomy sigh before stuffing a fistful of chips into his mouth, his cheeks bulging.

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“Aren’t we going?” Bai Rong softly tugged on the hem of Mu Chongyan’s trousers.


“En…” Mu Chongyan forcefully suppressed a chuckle that was about to erupt from his throat and picked up the little star pet. He continued to purse his lips into a tight straight line in fear that he would carelessly let a sound slip out.

Bai Rong anxiously looked at the tight-lipped Mu Chongyan. Was it because his previous business hadn’t been resolved yet? Otherwise, why would Mu Chongyan’s expression suddenly turn so cold and stiff….

Bai Rong comfortingly rubbed Mu Chongyan’s finger, letting out a sigh on the inside. He needed to grow more quickly and become an outstanding Spell Card Master so that he could help Mu Chongyan out.

If not, whenever his wife would become unhappy, he would also become unhappy as well…..

“I’ve bought a few dishes from Di Zhi today.” Mu Chongyan placed Bai Rong directly on the table and merrily said, “So we don’t need to wait for the household robot to cook for us tonight.”

“!” Bai Rong stood on the table in awe. Looking through the fragrant dishes laid out, there were golden glutinous rice with spare ribs, sweet and sour prawn balls, honey roasted chicken wings, seared corn bobs, and baked cheesy corn…..He took a deep breath, his drool leaking out continuously.

Oh no. He suddenly felt incredibly happy….So much so, that he couldn’t stop himself from smiling foolishly ahhhh…..But since his wife wasn’t happy, how could he let himself feel happy?!!

He was screwed…. He couldn’t be a one hundred percent manly man who would share his wife’s pleasures and concerns….

“What’s wrong?” When Mu Chongyan saw his little star pet’s face turn taut, he thought that he had bought something he didn’t like to eat. “You don’t like it?”

“It’s not that…” Bai Rong raised his head to get a clear view of Mu Chongyan. Seeing that his wife no longer had a grave and serious expression, he released a breath of relief in his heart. He affectionately hugged Mu Chongyan’s finger and rubbed his little face against it. With gleeful-looking eyes, he responded. “I like it very much!”

“If you like it, then good.” The little star pet’s grin was so awfully sweet that his dimples started to appear on his cheeks, causing Mu Chongyan’s heart to feel like it was being drenched in sweet syrup. He couldn’t help but touch the little star pet’s fair and tender cheeks. “There’s also a piece of strawberry honey milk cake that you can eat after dinner.”

Bai Rong, who wanted to say something after being poked on the face, immediately became more behaved. He excitedly nodded his head, obediently saying, “Ok….”


After processing the little star pet’s reaction change in his head, Mu Chongyan inwardly chuckled. The little star pet was easy to coax.

After the two peacefully ate dinner, Mu Chongyan was about to carry Bai Rong to the sofa to play with him, but Bai Rong suddenly tugged his fingers and pointed at the crystal glass case, whispering, “I want to go back…”

Mu Chongyan completely didn’t expect this type of response. “Going back so early?”

“En….” Bai Rong shyly twisted the hem of his clothes and lowered his head without looking at Mu Chongyan. He was afraid that his heart would completely soften when he saw Mu Chongyan’s reluctant expression. However, he needed to head back early to make use of every minute and every second to learn spell card making. His goal was to achieve a good ranking at the Virtual Spell Card Competition after all.

Bai Rong’s hands were still grabbing the corner of his clothes when he sighed softly….

He could see that Mu Chongyan was extremely attached to him and that he wanted to be with him for a little longer. But for the sake of a better future for both of them, he could only cruelly reject Mu Chongyan’s advances for now….

Perhaps this was the difference between a helpless, determined wife, and a responsible manly man. For the sake of supporting his family, he needed to give up on their lovey-dovey time and hope that his wife would be understanding….

“Alright then.” Mu Chongyan raised the little star pet and walked towards the crystal case, slowly putting him down. He then placed a plate of cake on the table in front of the villa, before gently reminding him, “Don’t forget to eat this.”

“En….ok….” Having not expected that Mu Chongyan would let him off so easily and even portray such a virtuous and considerate character, Bai Rong felt a little touched. With his bright red ears, he looked at Mu Chongyan and said, “You should get some rest too.”

“En.” Mu Chongyan tenderly rubbed Bai Rong’s little head. “Good night.”

“…Good night.” Bai Rong’s heart was warm as he looked at Mu Chongyan’s leaving shadow and rubbed his face.

Wuuu….  His wife was so considerate and virtuous. As the family head, it was a blessing to have someone like him as his wife! He was even more determined to earn a lot of money for Mu Chongyan to squander away!


After establishing such high goals, Bai Rong quickly set aside the cake and went to his bedroom. He turned the optical computer on and started watching more tutorials.

…..Four hours later, time had flown by to 12:30. Bai Rong drowsily yawned as he slowly shut down the computer and went to the bathroom to wash up.

After washing up, Bai Rong ran towards the second floor to see how Kuku was doing. Seeing Kuku still happily intoxicated with reading the manga, he inexplicably felt both relief and worry. Ultimately, he decided to softly clear his throat. “….Kuku.”

“….Rong?!” Kuku’s eyes lit up right away. He quickly put the manga down and pounced on Bai Rong, causing him to stumble backwards. 

“Ahhhh…..s-slowly!” Bai Rong managed to balance himself and secretly exhaled a breath of relief. Complacency hung on the corners of his lips, feeling proud that he was strong enough to handle Kuku’s bullet-like pounce like no one could!

“….Rong. Let’s read the manga together!” Kuku zealously pulled on Bai Rong’s hand, leading him inside the room. 

“Kuku. W-wait a moment. I still have things to do….ah!” Shock immediately appeared on Bai Rong’s face the instant Kuku pulled him. Why was Kuku so strong?! He was able to pull him along!

Was Kuku also a secretly manly man?!!!

Kuku led Bai Rong onto the bed and quickly ran towards the table to grab the manga. He then ran back towards the bed with an excited face. “Here. Let’s read together!”

On the other hand, Bai Rong had on a complicated expression, “Uhh….Kuku, I still have things to do…”

Kuku pretended to not have heard anything, merely animatedly pushing the manga to Bai Rong and flipping through the pages wildly before he softly said, “….Rong. Today, I saw a line in the book which immediately made me think of you.”

“Oh…?” Bai Rong promptly became excited, looking towards Kuku with curious eyes. His little face slightly flushed. “Is it something along the lines of being a manly man who could even lift the heaviest of tripod cauldrons?”


Kuku shook his head. “Nope….”

“Then is it something like ‘a manly man with a face like steel, body like a mountain, and might that could overturn the land and waters!?”

Kuku shook his head once again as though he didn’t understand how these words were related to Bai Rong, his gaze still unconvinced. “…It’s not that too.”

“Then what is it?” Bai Rong questioningly leaned over, sticking his shoulder close to Kuku’s. “Is it something related to intelligence then….?”

“Ah I found it!” Kuku suddenly shouted in pleasant surprise. “It’s this line!”

Bai Rong quickly looked over and saw Kuku’s small finger pointing to a line——

“You’re so cute like a silly little melon!”

“???????” Bai Rong exclaimed, “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Kuku….” Seeing that Kuku looked at him with a face asking for praise, Bai Rong barely squeezed out a sentence through gritted teeth. “You….were pointing at the wrong line right?!” He was not the least bit similar to any one of those words!

“Noo…..” Kuku put on a sincere face. “I truly think that Rong Rong is adorable and good-looking. Although there are times…” Through his sixth sense and survival instincts, Kuku covertly omitted the word ‘silly’ in his heart. “….Anyways, Rong Rong is the most good-looking and sweetest little melon!”

“Kuku!” Bai Rong’s face turned hot from both shame and anger. He fiercely slammed his hands on the book page, enunciating each word, “How am I similar to that line? I’m mighty and majestic, clever and domineering. How could you use such arbitrary words to describe me? This is clearly…”

“Ai, this isn’t right…” Bai Rong suddenly considered a thought and quickly touched Kuku’s forehead. “You’re not sick, are you!?” 

He finally figured it out! Kuku must’ve been sick. Otherwise, he wouldn’t link these nonsensical words together with him. However, if a robot had gotten sick, wouldn’t it mean that there was a problem with their program? What should he do if that were the case then…

Kuku reached out a hand and teasingly jabbed Bai Rong’s face, laughing as he said, “….Rong. Your face looks like it’s been completely cooked through.”

“Kuku!” Bai Rong couldn’t care less about his naughty hand. Worry flashed through his face as he immediately touched Kuku’s chest and discovered that Kuku’s body wasn’t emitting excess heat. It also didn’t seem like his circuits were overused and malfunctions were appearing. 

It probably wasn’t a circuit problem then. In the end, he still decided to lay Kuku down on the bed and sternly told him, “Didn’t I set an alarm for you? It’s almost 1 am. Why haven’t you gone to sleep?!”

Kuku blinked his eyes guiltily, retracting his hands in an obedient manner.

“Perhaps it was because you haven’t gotten rest for a long time. Once you’ve rested for a while, your program will probably get better….” Bai Rong pulled Kuku’s covers up in concern and gently rubbed Kuku’s forehead. “I’ll take a look at you tomorrow. If there are any more problems, just go into complete hibernation. When I can finally become independent, I’ll take you to the star pet company to fix you up….”


Was Rong….threatening him?!

The author has something to say:

Under Bai Rong’s cordial care and special nurturing, Kuku gradually became smarter.

[Little Theater]

Bai Rong: Kuku got sick today. I’m so worried…

Mu Chongyan:…Actually, little melon is merely a very subjective adjective.

Bai Rong: What do you mean?

Mu Chongyan(serious face): In his heart, little melon probably means being very strong, fierce, and majestic….

Bai Rong: Is that so….(EQ goes online for some reason, somewhat feeling disbelief)

Mu Chongyan (rubs head): It’s settled then. Let’s go watch a movie. (How could he allow his wife to worry blindly? Waiting for you online. Quick quick quick!)

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