Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 29 Satisfying the Wife

“The competition has been sped up by a lot.” Bai Rong recalled the words Mu Chongyan spoke back previously in the restaurant and sighed. After pondering for a while, he scurried over to the AS Spell Card Union.

After spending two hours in answering questions, Bai Rong finally managed to rack up 1201 points. When he finally snapped out of his question-answering state and looked at the number of points he had accumulated, he nearly yelped out in delight. In a flash, he lightheartedly spent 1000 points to receive the cheapest set of Basic Spell Card knowledge, titled ‘Introduction to Spell Cards 1.’

Introduction to Spell Cards 1 included discussions on comprehensive spell card energy response theory, detailed descriptions of over three hundred spell card materials, as well as 72 comprehensive theories of spell card-making steps.

It was rumored to also contain the most crucial first-year teachings of Sheng Ya Academy’s Spell Card Department!

Bai Rong rushed home in excitement and eagerly logged out of the virtual city.


There were 3GBs of data given. The first GB of content was full of comprehensive spell card energy response theories used in the Sheng Ya star region until now. Each theory was complicated and abstruse that even Bai Rong himself struggled to understand.

While he only needed to browse through something once to learn it back then, these theories needed to be looked over twice to be fully comprehended!

The teaching material’s content, which its value was worth a year studying in Sheng Ya military Academy, was not simple to say the least. Bai Rong flipped through it while grumbling in his heart.

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Hah! Mu Chongyan! To think that he was worried about him when the reason he returned home late was actually due to fooling around outside! What a playboy!


And now…..he even brought home a mistress to threaten him!!!

What did he take him for?!!

“Ah——” Without waiting for Bai Rong to angrily stomp towards him, Mu Chongyan abruptly flung the youth down with a shoulder throw. The youth immediately bawled out, rubbing his sore bum. “Owwww——that hurts! Big Brother Mu, why are you still so mean ahhhhh!”

Bai Rong who had just reached halfway across the living room, exclaimed, “!!!”

What was going on? Was Mu Chongyan using this opportunity to express his devotion and beg for forgiveness to him?!!

Two other people appeared behind Mu Chongyan. One was a handsome serious-looking man, who appeared to be shorter than Mu Chongyan by 2 centimeters while the other person was the ingratiating Walter.

“Hahaha. Didn’t I tell you? You shouldn’t try to put your arm around Mu Chongyan or else he’ll throw you hahahaha!”

“Che…” The youth promptly got back on his feet in one smooth motion and pouted, “Weren’t you the one who said that Big Brother Mu had started raising a little star pet? I thought that meant that he had finally become gentle!”

“Him?? Becoming gentle?!!” Walter rolled his eyes exaggeratedly. “You might as well have claimed that an SSS Rank Spell Card Master had appeared in Sheng Ya instead!”

Feeling a sudden cold gaze sweep over him, Bai Rong’s body froze. He discovered that the serious-looking one was currently observing him. His appearance was no different to when he saw Mu Chongyan for the first time.

“Why did you suddenly run over here?” Mu Chongyan had already arrived in front of Bai Rong, and crouched down to carefully pick Bai Rong up, his expression softening naturally. “Are you hungry?”

“En…” Seeing the youth’s shocked face as if he were struck by lightning, and astonishment on the expressionless man’s face, Bai Rong smugly puffed his chest out and hugged Mu Chongyan’s finger, sweetly and softly saying, “I’m hungry. Why did you come home so late?”


“I got caught up in something.” Mu Chongyan immediately instructed the household robot to make dinner. “Do you want to eat something else first?”

“No need.” Bai Rong looked at the people sitting on the sofa and pointed to the two people he hadn’t seen before, asking, “Who are they?”

“These two are brothers. The older one is Dai Suo. And the younger one’s name is Dai Ya.” Mu Chongyan walked towards the single couch and sat down. “They’ll be leaving after dinner.”

“Big Brother Mu, you’re going to chase us out just like that?” Dai Ya feigned an unhappy expression. “Can’t we stay here for the night?”

Mu Chongyan shot Dai Ya a sharp look. “Do you want to sleep on the floor?”

“….” Dai Ya playfully patted the sofa. “Isn’t there still a sofa?”

Dai Suo suddenly raised his hand and rashly tousled his younger brother’s head. “Be quiet.”

“….” Dai Ya stayed silent and thought to himself ‘How do I live from now on!’

Bai Rong looked at the two people sitting on the sofa and suddenly curved his eyes, chuckling on the inside. It looks like these people were merely friends with Mu Chongyan. Didn’t he already say so? With such an excellent lover like himself, how could Mu Chongyan easily fall for another person?!

With a comforted heart, Bai Rong caressed Mu Chongyan’s palm and gently patted his finger, speaking with concern, “Has your matter been resolved?”

“It’s been resolved.” Mu Chongyan softly rubbed the little star pet’s head. “Don’t worry.”

“Big Brother Mu, your little star pet also discusses these matters with you?!” Dai Ya’s eyes widened in surprise. “Does he know what you’re talking about?”


“More or less yes.”

“….He’s that smart?!”

“En.” Mu Chongyan’s finger played with the little star pet’s round tiger ears. “Why?”

“Nothing…” Dai Ya seemed a little envious. Big Brother Mu’s little star pet was not only good-looking, he was very clever as well….

Sensing Dai Ya’s stare on him, Bai Rong straightened his body and planted a playful kiss on Mu Chongyan’s finger!

Even though he knew that he was more domineering and majestic than anyone else, capable of winning over anyone with just a look, he was still a principled manly man. No matter how many flowers and grasses(1) there were… he would never casually nip one!

  1. Flowers and grasses here refer to beauties or average people

Dai Ya squealed, “Ahhhhh what a lifelike little star pet! He’s so adorable!! I want to steal him away!!!”

Soon, dinner was prepared and everybody sat down on the dinner table in succession. Mu Chongyan prepared his little star pet’s meal first as usual, before picking up his chopsticks.

Ignoring the increasingly odd looks he was receiving, Mu Chongyan coldly spoke, “The Virtual Spell Card Competition’s progress has been sped up quite a lot. It’s probably even more advanced than last time. If this continues, the Global Mech Competition will probably start in less than a month.”

“I’m going to die…” Walter wailed in anguish.

“Getting into the top 10 shouldn’t be a problem.” Dai Suo looked at Mu Chongyan. “But there is too little time. To get a higher rank raises a lot of uncertainty… I heard that aside from last year’s champion, the Eldest Princess, Ma Luo, will also be participating.”

“Eldest Princess….” Mu Chongyan’s pupils slightly dilated. Eldest Princess Ma Luo was the only female Lieutenant General in Sheng Ya. Furthermore, she was one of the three people who had SS+ body constitutions, her battle prowess incredibly formidable. And through the legendary Man Xing battle 20 years ago, she gained renowned fame throughout the whole Sheng Ya Star Region. Her character was straightforward and righteous, a complete opposite of the Third Princess, Fen Ya.


“Why did the Eldest Princess suddenly decide to join the Global Mech Competition? Hasn’t she stopped participating in competitions in the past 20 years?!” Walter became even more depressed. “And why did the military department agree to this?”

“They probably want to personally select the best seedlings.” Dai Ya’s eyes were filled with admiration. “The Eldest Princess was only 43 years old when she was bestowed a Lieutenant General rank. She’s simply too amazing! I hope that when I reach my forties, I’ll be able to rise to the rank of Lieutenant General too…”

Bai Rong silently ate his meal. He knew that in interstellar age standards, the average person could live up to 150 years old. So, 40 was still considered young while 60s to 100s were called middle-aged. Take Mu Chongyan’s mother as an example. When he had met her back then, she looked to be in her forties, but was actually already well into her eighties.

And according to the interstellar age norms, 20 was the standard year of reaching adulthood, which meant that Bai Rong only had a year and half a month left before he could finally be considered an adult!

After casting Mu Chongyan a furtive glance, Bai Rong sighed in disappointment. He still had to let his wife wait another year for him….

Mu Chongyan watched as the little star pet let out an abrupt sigh and extended a hand to comfort and rub the little star pet’s head. “What’s wrong?”

“I-…It’s nothing.” Bai Rong buried his little face into the bowl in embarrassment. He couldn’t reveal his thoughts on when he’d be able to wed Mu Chongyan….

After their meal, Walter and the rest left. Bai Rong saw Mu Chongyan return from sending them out and immediately raised his soft little hands, speaking with a flushed face, “You still haven’t… me today….”

Mirth flashed through Mu Chongyan’s eyes. Why was his little star pet so affixed to having his hand kissed every day?

“Is this fine?” Mu Chongyan planted two small kisses on Bai Rong’s cute little hand and looked deep into the little star pet’s eyes.

“It-…It’s fine.” Bai Rong quickly lowered his scarlet-red face and twisted his searing-hot hands behind his back. What was going on with his wife? To use such a mesmerizing gaze to look at him, where the heck did he learn such a seductive tactic!?

It….It was too much. Mu Chongyan was simply taking advantage of his small stature to render him completely unable to counterattack….

Just he wait and see. When he grows taller, he’ll kiss Mu Chongyan to the point where he becomes so captivated and disoriented by him that his vision turns black….and he becomes weak in his arms!!!

By that time, no matter how much Mu Chongyan cried and pleaded with him, he wouldn’t show any mercy!

Bai Rong secretly cackled at his fantasies, playfully hooking up the corner of his lips and eyeing Mu Chongyan.

Mu Chongyan poked Bai Rong’s cheek, “What’s wrong?”

With just one small jab, Mu Chongyan destroyed Bai Rong’s manly facade!

“!!!” Bai Rong glared at Mu Chongyan, half in embarrassment and half in anger. “Don’t poke me!”

Feeling that the little star pet’s exploding reaction was adorable, a faint smile floated on Mu Chongyan’s face as he asked, “Why?”

“!!!” Bai Rong pursed his lips tightly and turned his red face to the side.

Bewitching him with a devious smile after irritating him, his wife was too cunning that he didn’t know how to handle this!

Unable to get angry, Bai Rong raised his arms towards Mu Chongyan and muttered, “I want to go back….”

Otherwise, if he had continued being passive, he wouldn’t be able to maintain his aloof and domineering tough guy exterior any longer…

“Going back so early?” Mu Chongyan rubbed the little star pet’s head and responded, “Alright.”

Bai Rong raised his head as he sat on Mu Chongyan’s palm. His blushing little face showed self-satisfaction. Hmph, he must’ve been reluctant to part with him….

Once he returned to the villa, Bai Rong continued learning spell cards theories until midnight 12:30 am. 

However, after more than four hours of intense studying, Bai Rong did not feel exhausted. Rather, he was so energetic he could run 10 laps around the garden.

The theories he had learned were incredibly useful. Bai Rong’s eyes glittered while staring at the screen, his cheeks dyed with a faint red tinge. After merely reading through one-fourth of the book, he finally understood plenty of the steps in the basic spell card making process!

Casually flipping through the last portion——the 72 comprehensive theories of spell card-making steps, Bai Rong discovered that he roughly understood what was written on it and knowingly revealed a faint smile. 

Feeling that the latter part of the theories was related to the manufacturing of advanced spell cards, Bai Rong decided to read until he reached three-fourths of the book before continuing onto tutorials. Once he finished learning all the basic spell cards, he’ll tackle the last part of the theories later. 

After all, now that the Virtual Spell Card Contest has been expedited, he still had to learn the 360 types of basic spell cards for insurance.

Bai Rong turned the optical computer off and went to the bathroom to wash up. By the time he was tucked into his quilt, it was already 1 in the morning.

…..The next day, the alarm had to ring for a full 10 minutes before Bai Rong finally woke up. Seeing the time, he immediately quivered. He hastily scanned himself, recorded his height, and washed up. Once everything was settled, the time was already 6:50. Bai Rong briskly combed through his hair before rushing out.

“Don’t be in a rush. Run a little slower.” Seeing the little star pet speeding out of the villa, Mu Chongyan gently reminded him.

“S-Sorry. I woke up late.” Bai Rong huffed. He knew that Mu Chongyan had to attend class at 7:30.

“It’s alright. We have enough time.” Seeing the little star pet exhausted from running, Mu Chongyan picked him up. “The monthly exam starts at 8 today, and breakfast has already been prepared. You don’t need to be in such a rush.”

“En…” Once he was placed on the table, Bai Rong noticed that the dishes had already been prepared and his heart turned warm. He lifted his little bowl of soy milk and ran towards Mu Chongyan’s bowl, clinking it. Revealing his canines, he laughed and said, “Cheers! I hope that your test goes smoothly and that you get first place!”

Mu Chongyan’s heart melted slightly. When he saw the little star pet’s smiling face, he softly answered, “En, cheers.”

After their meal, without even requesting for it yet, Bai Rong received a gentle kiss from Mu Chongyan. And all the way back to his crystal glass case, his little face was red with happiness and giddiness.

Mu Chongyan was loving him more and more and was gradually taking the initiative too. He almost couldn’t take it anymore…..

However, he wouldn’t show this on the surface, because a man who can’t satisfy his wife was not manly at all!

The author has something to say:

Bai Rong (feeling giddy with a flushed face): Mu Chongyan taking the initiative is something I can’t handle but I definitely won’t let this show….

Mu Chongyan (smiles indulgingly): Wifey is too sweet….


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