Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 28 Very Positive Energy

“You sure you don’t want it?” The amusement in Mu Chongyan’s eyes grew brighter as he gently stroked Bai Rong’s head. “Alright. Then let’s buy other stuff first then.” 

Bai Rong reluctantly cast a final glance at the screen before nodding his head. “Alright.”

Mu Chongyan first took Bai Rong to the clothes section of the star pet area and bought more than 180 sets of clothes with sizes ranging from 18 until the biggest size which was 100. Originally, he wanted to buy a lot more but was stopped by Bai Rong. After all, he was growing swiftly. If he bought too much, he wouldn’t be able to wear them all, which would be such a huge waste.

Bai Rong stared at his wife who kept trying to spend money on him. With a pampering and helpless gaze, his heart turned warm. His wife was perfect in all aspects. The only drawback was that he was a bit unrestrained with his spending. However, he was going to do his best to earn more money for him to squander.

Soon after, Mu Chongyan had bought 3 more crystal glass cases. The first one was suitable for a little star pet of 18cm to 28cm to live in. The second one was suitable for little star pets of 28cm to 46cm to live in. And, the third one was suitable for little star pets of 46cm to 76cm to live in.


As for when the little star pet had grown more than 76 centimeters, Mu Chongyan expressed that he had another guest room where he could stay.

After shopping, Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong to another destination and played there for a while before heading over to Di Zhi for a meal. They then went home afterwards.

Once they arrived home, Mu Chongyan placed the little star pet back into his glass case and turned on his optical computer to book an AS Advanced Mech Training Room. After washing off his disguise, he left the house again.

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“That’s him.” The staff who had previously led Bai Rong around, Dias, nodded. “Don’t even think about stirring up trouble. You could tell with just a glance that Mu Nan is a spell card master from an influential family. You can’t possibly afford to provoke him. Besides that, with such a young appearance, I figured he’s probably only in his twenties, so he’s not appropriate for you.”


“What do you mean not appropriate.” The girl’s tone carried a hint of mischief. “Find a woman ten years older than you, and you will be lucky(1). Moreover, I’m 178cm, so I’m more than suitable for that tall strong man. There’s only a few people who can make me appear small, not to mention, sometimes I could even emphasize their shortness…”

  1. Originally, the saying was “If you find a woman who is 3 years older than you, you will be lucky.” but the author used 10 to fit the woman’s age.


The Bai Rong, who can make others seem small, returned home, and logged out of the virtual city. He slowly uncurled himself from underneath the covers in his tiger outfit, and got out of bed.

It was already 6pm, but Mu Chongyan still hadn’t come home yet.

Bai Rong went to the living room to find something to snack on. He strolled to the second floor to take a look and discovered that Kuku was still so engrossed in reading ‘Happy Worm and Grey Big Fowl’ that he didn’t notice him coming by. 

The feeling of abandonment that Bai Rong felt grew even deeper…

“Cough…” Bai Rong cleared his throat.

“….Rong?” Kuku finally lifted his head, his eyes promptly glittering. He set down the manga he was reading right away and ran towards him, wrapping himself around Bai Rong for a warm hug like a panda!

“Let’s read together!” Kuku held onto Bai Rong’s hand and pulled him inside the room.


“Uhhh….” Bai Rong raised the bag of chips he was holding. “Kuku, do you want to eat some chips?”

“Alright.” Kuku took a piece and stuffed it in his mouth before smacking his lips. “It’s delicious but this book is even better. Rong, sit here!” Kuku excitedly patted the bed with glittering eyes. “Let’s read together!”


“….” Bai Rong glanced at the open page and coincidentally saw the scene where Happy Worm was kicking over the Big Grey Fowl, and was immediately rendered speechless….

“Rong…” Kuku cutely tugged Bai Rong’s arm. “Sit sit.”

Bai Rong finally made his resolve. He stuffed the bag of chips in Kuku’s arm and ran out the door. “Uhh… You can have more of this Kuku, I suddenly remembered I have other things to do, so I’ll go back first!”

“….” Kuku: “Ok.”

Bai Rong panted heavily as he slipped away and ran back to his bedroom. It appeared that it was best to give Kuku something that was beneficial for his personal development. Reading manga.. could only be a temporary measure for now…

Bai Rong turned on the optical computer and watched a few spell card videos. When he was finished with Basic Spell Cards 4 and was about to open the next one, Mu Chongyan’s familiar footsteps finally sounded….

Bai Rong quickly glanced at the lower right-hand corner of the screen and saw that it was already 7:33.

Mu Chongyan had returned so late…

Bai Rong paused the video and ran out of the villa. From afar, he saw Mu Chongyan walking towards him.

“Why did you return home so late?” Bai Rong stared at Mu Chongyan as if he were a villain who no longer cared about his family.

“I was too absorbed in training that I forgot the time.” The sweat on Mu Chongyan’s body slightly dampened his clothes, emphasizing the defined muscles on his arms and abs. He emitted an extremely invasive air. However, when he placed the little star pet in his hand, the air around him seemed to have been immediately retracted.

Bai Rong gave Mu Chongyan a look that reflected both envy and admiration. “Ohh…..”


“Are you unhappy?” Mu Chongyan teasingly rubbed the little star pet’s head and exposed a faint smile. Even though his smile was barely perceptible, it was still considered to be a big improvement.

“I’m not…” Bai Rong flushed and looked somewhere else. He thought to himself, ‘His wife was becoming more and more cunning, actually using such a smile to tempt and curry favor with him for the sake of forgetting his late return!’

“Go play by yourself for a bit.” Mu Chongyan placed Bai Rong on the sofa and ordered the household robot to make dinner. He then took some new clothes and headed towards the bathroom. Moments later, the sounds of running water rang out.

Mu Chongyan went to take a bath!

Bai Rong was still on the sofa, in-between a sitting and a lying posture. His little face suddenly reddened, making him look like a cub that had just been born. 

Wuu… Was Mu Chongyan hinting something when he placed him on the sofa that was diagonally opposite the bathroom? But, he couldn’t even get off the sofa right now…

After 10 minutes had passed, Mu Chongyan walked out with slightly damp hair. His leisure clothes were a loose fit on him, revealing a small portion of his firm chest.

Bai Rong, who was behaving on the sofa, exclaimed, “!!!”

Seeing the little star pet suddenly turn his back on him and laying down, Mu Chongyan knitted his brows in suspicion. He quickly marched towards the sofa and picked up the little star pet from the sofa’s corner.

“What’s wrong?”

“You….” Bai Rong sat on Mu Chongyan’s palm with a glaringly-red face. His legs squirmed and his eyes flitted around as he quietly whispered. “Your cl-….clothes aren’t worn properly…”

Mu Chongyan was stunned on the outside but was amused on the inside. Has the little star pet’s sense of privacy gotten stronger?


“Alright. I’ll wear it better.” Mu Chongyan’s tone contained traces of delight. He placed the little star pet back on the sofa before fixing his clothes.

Bai Rong sat at the side, his little face turning hot from being enveloped with Mu Chongyan’s minty fragrance.…

Mu Chongyan had just finished fixing his clothes when the household android called them over to eat. He promptly grasped the little star pet and headed for the dining table.

Bai Rong looked at the sumptuous food on the table and decided to turn his shame into his appetite!

“Eat slowly.” Seeing that the little star pet was eating excitedly, Mu Chongyan silently took note of the dishes on the table. 

Bai Rong’s face turned even redder in response. “En….”

……Once dinner was finished, Mu Chongyan accompanied the little star pet in his games for a while before returning to his bedroom and resuming his mech training. On the other hand, Bai Rong also went back to his bedroom and opened a video to continue his learning.

They could be referred to as a pair of husbands with very positive energy!

After watching more than 3 hours worth of videos, Bai Rong felt so exhausted that his head felt light. He looked at the time and saw that it was already midnight, and so, he promptly got off the bed in a daze and went to wash up.

Once he finished, he immediately latched onto his quilt, carelessly forgetting to shut his optical computer off.

On the second day, Bai Rong carried out his routine. He woke up, scanned himself, noted down his height, washed up, and ran towards the second floor to visit Kuku.

Kuku was still in the same position Bai Rong had found him last time, completely immersed in reading ‘Happy Worm and Big Grey Fowl’.

Bai Rong: “…”


“….Rong?” Kuku raised his head in pleasant surprise and leaped towards him. “Are you done with your business? Let’s start reading together then!”

“….No, I haven’t finished yet. Were you reading the whole day?”

“Yup.” Kuku scratched his head in embarrassment. “It’s too good.”

“You can’t go on like this.” Bai Rong took the alarm by Kuku’s bed and set two alarms on it. Placing it on the side, he instructed, “Once this alarm rings, Kuku has to go to sleep. When it rings again, Kuku has to wake up. Do you understand?”

Kuku didn’t understand why he had to do that when he didn’t feel the least bit fatigued. However, he still compliantly nodded his head and responded, “Alright.” After all, he believed that whatever Rong said was right.

“Then go to sleep for a while.” Bai Rong laid Kuku down on the bed and covered him with his quilt. “I’ll wake you up in the afternoon.”

Kuku obediently nodded back. “Ok.”

Bai Rong heaved a sigh of relief. Obedient kids were a lot easier to raise. 

After leaving Kuku’s room, Bai Rong happily ran out of the villa and waited outside the crystal case.

“Alright. I understand.” Mu Chongyan walked out of his bedroom wearing a cold face. After hanging up, he immediately contacted Walter. “Walter.”

“Mu Chongyan?” Walter’s voice sounded vague. “What’s the matter?”

“Dai Suo’s back. There’s an urgent matter. Meet me at the usual place.”

“Alright. I’ll be there right away!” Walter’s initially sloppy tone turned serious at once. “How are you going there? Has your car been towed back?”

“It’s back. I’ll hang up first. I’ll talk to you when we’re there.” Mu Chongyan turned off his communicator and optical computer and walked towards the crystal case, his gaze softening as he spoke, “I have some matters to attend to today so you’ll have to make breakfast and lunch by yourself. Is that alright?”

“Ok.” Bai Rong nodded obediently and asked with concern, “Is it something serious?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just something trivial.” Mu Chongyan reassured Bai Rong by rubbing his head. “You don’t need to worry. Go head back.”

“Ok.” Bai Rong rubbed Mu Chongyan’s finger, trying to send his manly energy to him. “Bye-bye.”

“En.” Mu Chongyan stared at the little star pet’s eyes. “Bye-bye.”

After Mu Chongyan left, Bai Rong returned home and heated up two buns. Once he finished eating them, he went to his bedroom and turned on the optical computer to continue watching more spell card videos.

He felt that he not only needed to grow taller quickly, he also needed to master a skill and refine it quickly until he reached its peak. This way, he could ease Mu Chongyan’s burden earlier.

After watching videos for four hours, Bai Rong gulped down a nutritional drink before heading over to wake Kuku up.

“Rong…” Kuku sleepily rubbed his eyes. “Let’s read manga together?”

“….” Bai Rong poked Kuku’s face. “No need. You can continue reading as I have some matters to settle.”


Bai Rong returned to his bedroom and watched videos for another 3 hours. Once he finished watching Basic Spell Cards 5, he logged onto the virtual city.

As soon as Bai Rong logged in, he noticed the blinking light on his wristwatch.

He pressed on the inbox; and, a message instantly popped out.

——”Respected Spell Card Master. Greetings and congratulations on passing the Virtual Spell Card Competition’s Preliminary Round! Due to the changes in the competition system, the regional competition has been canceled and you will now enter the global competition. The next round will cut down 10,000 participants to 8,000 and It will be held on October 26 at 10. The competition venue is in Contest Area B01. Please be punctual…”

“Contest Area B01?”

Bai Rong browsed the net for the contest areas and found that it was in Xin Ma City——a B-rank city located closest to the city center.

At the same time, Mu Chongyan had also received a new message.

——”Respected Mr. Mu, Greetings. Your real estate has been successfully registered. Currently, your virtual city log-in areas have increased to 10 areas. Please confirm.”

The author has something to say:

[Little Theater]

Bai Rong: Didn’t you say you only had a few million dollars. Why do you have 10 properties?!!!

Mu Chongyan: I won them all after a month of battling.

Bai Rong: A month?! (becomes sad, he worked so hard to earn this little bit of money)

Mu Chongyan (rubs Bai Rong’s head): Be good. Aren’t they all yours as well….

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