Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 27 A Principled Manly Man

On the second day, radiant sun rays trickled into the little bedroom. The person on the bed stirred, stretching a leg out from underneath the covers.

A slight breeze tickled the skin of his leg, causing the dreaming Bai Rong to furrow his brows and open his eyes in a daze.

——What entered his vision was the sight of a naked boy lying beside him who had half of his arm exposed!!!

Seeing this, Bai Rong shot up in alarm and took the physical examination device from the bedside, holding it close to his chest. Vigilance and indignance formed in his eyes as he got into a position, preparing to unmask the perpetrator.

“Wuu….” The naked boy unconsciously turned around in his sleep.


“…..Kuku?!” Bai Rong stared at the naked boy in bed and gaped in surprise. He then recalled that in order to appease Kuku last night, he had slept together with him…

…But why did this look so wrong?!!

Fortunately, Mu Chongyan had no way coming in…. Bai Rong quivered for a moment before jostling Kuku’s shoulder. “Kuku, get up. It’s 6:30 right now..”

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Aii, sure enough, one’s personality determined their traits. Bai Rong heaved a sigh, telling himself on the inside that he should properly take care of the cute Kuku and prevent him from straying off the right path. He then happily climbed out of bed and wore the domineering looking tiger suit!


Alright! He looked extremely impressive!

Kuku fuzzily opened his eyes and saw his family’s Rong Rong in a little tiger suit turning around in front of the mirror. Immediately struck by the cuteness, Kuku fell into a trance, his program lagging for a moment.

After feeling satisfied with what he saw in the mirror, Bai Rong quickly took the physical examination device to scan and record his height——[11.83]. Then, he went to the bathroom to wash up.

By the time he had finished, Kuku had also completely awakened. Bai Rong brought Kuku to the bathroom to wash up before he headed to the living room to prepare Kuku’s new clothes.

Kuku had already grown to 10.71cm so he had to wear clothes that were a size bigger.

“Rong….” Kuku excitedly ran back to the bedroom after washing up “I’m finished!”

“Put this on then.” Bai Rong held a rabbit outfit and handed it to Kuku.

He originally wanted to give Kuku the shark set but such a fierce and intimidating style definitely wouldn’t fit Kuku.

Kuku received the clothes and gave thanks before promptly undressing himself.

“Stopstopstop…..Stop!” Bai Rong covered his eyes. “Kuku, I’ll go out first!” He was already a man with a wife, so he couldn’t allow himself look at other people’s naked bodies!

“Oh….” Kuku continued taking off his clothes.

Bai Rong awkwardly stood outside the bedroom, his body filled with shame and ire for he suddenly remembered that he had slept together with Kuku!


Even though he did it to comfort Kuku! Even though he only treated Kuku as a younger brother!

This was too immoral!!!

He visualized Mu Chongyan twisting a handkerchief and looking hurt while cursing him out for being a philandering rat. At this, Bai Rong covered his face and wailed! He was too much!!!!

“Rong…..” Kuku stepped out after changing his clothes. “What’s going on with you?”

Bai Rong rubbed his face fiercely, appearing like a person who had turned over into a new leaf.. “Kuku, I need to tell you something!”


Bai Rong led Kuku to the second floor of the villa and showed a determined look. “Kuku. Pick a room on the second floor. We need to sleep separately.” 

“But why….” Tears started to well in Kuku’s eyes as he stared sadly at Bai Rong. “Rong…do you not like me anymore?”

“It’s not that…”

“But you want to live apart from me…” Kuku sniffled. “The book says that living apart means being disliked…”

“That’s not the case….” Bai Rong heaved a helpless sigh, still feeling weary. He secretly decided to never let Kuku read that little book again. “Brothers need to live separately. Kuku, who do you believe in more, me? or that book?”

Kuku blinked and answered in a pitiful tone. “I believe Rong…”


“Then it’s settled.” Bai Rong hugged Kuku, “I like you very very much and whatever the book said is wrong!”

Hearing this, Kuku sniffled one last time and sucked back his tears, happily giving Bai Rong’s face a peck. “Ok…”

“….” Bai Rong deeply felt that he needed to draw a clear line between the boundaries of love and friendship with Kuku….

They went over to the bookcase and found a very thick manga and strenuously transported it to the second-floor room of the villa.

“Kuku….from now on, read this.” Bai Rong proudly wiped away his sweat. “After you’ve finished reading this, I’ll give you another one to read.”

Kuku’s eyes sparkled, clearly attracted by the cover of the manga, “Alright!”

Bai Rong let out a breath of relief. After taking one last look at the cover of the manga, he revealed a triumphant smile.

‘The Happy Worm and the Grey Big Fowl’(1) The 138th Book. (Contains episodes 13701 to 13800 of the cartoon)

  1. A parody of a popular Chinese children’s show ‘喜羊羊與灰太狼’ aka Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. lmao.  

With more than 10,000 episodes, it should be enough for Kuku to forget about that little book!

After instructing Kuku to not run out of the villa, Bai Rong finally had some leisure time.And so he went to the living room to pour himself a glass of water to drink. As expected, raising ‘a kid’ was tiring. 

Once Bai Rong finished drinking water, he returned to the bedroom and saw that it was already 6:33am. He quickly fixed his tiger fur sleeves that got wrinkled from moving the book earlier and quickly darted out the villa to wait at the edge of the crystal glass case. 

After half a minute had gone by, Mu Chongyan came out in his pajamas, and Bai Rong who had finally stopped panting immediately widened his eyes. He..he had never seen such a relaxed looking Mu Chongyan!


Bai Rong’s eyes rapidly darted to Mu Chonggyan’s slightly parted collar, the tip of his ears flushing pink.

“Are you hungry?” Mu Chongyan walked towards the crystal glass case, taking the flushed little star pet into his hands. “Why is your face red?”

“I…just…” Bai Rong bashfully twisted the hem of his clothes before his eye twinkled. “I just ran too quickly awhile ago!”

“Then, don’t run so fast next time.” The corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips disclosed amusement as he gently weighed the pet. “You’ve gotten heavier and taller again.”

“En…” Bai Rong secretly touched Mu Chongyan’s finger, puffing his little chest up. “I’m growing up a lot faster recently, aren’t I amazing?!” Previously, he investigated that when placed in a different environment, the growth rate of little star pets would also differ. Moreover, his growth speed was one of the fastest, yet not to the point of being peculiar. There was another little star pet who had grown oddly fast before, growing 30cm in just one month!

You could say it made him feel envious!

‘You’re incredibly amazing.” Mu Chongyan gently patted Bai Rong’s head. “I’m bringing you out to play today. Do you have anywhere you want to go?”

“You can decide for me!” Bai Rong obediently blinked his big eyes. To be able to go out was already great in itself, so he didn’t have too many requests.

Mu Chongyan’s gaze became increasingly tender as he rubbed the round tiger ears on the little star pet’s head. “Alright.“

The corner of Bai Rong’s lips hooked up in complacence. He knew that Mu Chongyan specifically liked his tiger outfit because he would pat him more affectionately every time!

This tiger outfit embodied his fierce character!!

Mu Chongyan placed the little star pet on the table and prepared breakfast for him. The two people then ate their meals in good spirits.

The warm sun rays sprinkled into the living room, basking it with warmth. A few lively strays of light cheerfully jumped around the table, leaping from one edge to the other and melting into a brilliance of light….

After breakfast, Bai Rong rubbed his round little tummy and closed his eyes in satisfaction. He reached his hand out towards Mu Chongyan, asking for today’s share of kisses.

“Mu Chongyan…”

Mu Chongyan placed the wet wipe down after wiping his mouth and picked the little star pet up while instructing the housekeeping robot to clean the table. “What’s the matter?”

“Kiss….” Even though he already regarded themselves as husband and wife, Bai Rong was still a little embarrassed, his little face colored red. “You still haven’t kissed me today…”

Seeing the little star pet’s bashful look, the corners of Mu Chongyan’s lips imperceptibly hooked up and he raised the little star pet’s hand up….

“!!!” Bai Rong’s eyes suddenly widened. His little face rapidly flushed red. Mu Chongyan… Mu Chongyan kissed him twice!!!

The bold and powerful tiger was rendered embarrassed by his lover’s enthusiasm, instantly turning him into jelly. Bai Rong secretly chastised Mu Chongyan in his heart for breaking the rules, yet he felt his actions very sweet. After all, Mu Chongyan loved him so much, his heart only contained him, so he..he was going to love Mu Chongyan back properly as well!!!

Mu Chongyan stared at Bai Rong’s expression. “….” He always felt that the little star pet was thinking of strange things…

Afterwards, Mu Chongyan returned to his bedroom and only came out again after changing his clothes, preparing to bring the little star pet out.

“W-Wait a moment.” Seeing that Mu Chongyan was not planning to bring the crystal glass case, Bai Rong scratched Mu Chongyan’s palm. “I want to go back and get some stuff.”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan carried the little star pet back to the crystal glass case and watched the little star pet run with all his might. He couldn’t help but add, “You don’t need to hurry so don’t run.”

“En en!” Bai Rong slowed down his steps, taking in a big breath of air. He happily thought to himself, ‘Mu Chongyan was so virtuous and considerate.’

After using the toilet, Bai Rong went to the second floor to sneak a peek at Kuku who was completely engrossed in the manga. He closed the door feeling oddly neglected before running out of the villa.

“Finished?” Mu Chongyan picked up the little star pet.

“En.” Bai Rong rubbed Mu Chongyan’s hand and asked cutely, “Where are we going?”

“We’re going to buy some things.” Mu Chongyan carried Bai Rong down the stairs and stopped by the side of a bright red car, knocking on the window.

“Oh, you’ve arrived?” The windows slowly rolled down, revealing Walter’s grinning face. “Hop in then.”

Mu Chongyan opened the car door and sat inside.

“There’s makeup at the back. Go cover yourself up.” Walter stepped on the gas pedal. “I’ll just drive you to Cathay’s Shopping Center since I have another affair to settle.”

“That’s fine.” Mu Chongyan had already resumed his usual cold expression. While in the car, he turned on his optical computer to check the updates on the car that was sent to be guarded and saw that ‘awaiting protection’ was displayed on screen. At this, an ambiguous gloom flashed through the depths of his eyes. 

Once they had arrived at Cathay Shopping Center, Mu Chongyan headed for the daily necessities area on the third floor to buy a set of makeup. Then, he took an elevator to the eighth floor for the star pet area.

Bai Rong shifted his line of sight from the sea of customers to the screens floating mid-air, to the shelves, goods, and conveyor belts that didn’t seem to be in a disorder, with curiosity brimming in his eyes. Yet, he also felt slightly suspicious, if these screens were only used to input orders, wasn’t there too many of them…

As if seeing through the suspicion in the little star pet’s eyes, Mu Chongyan quietly explained, “Some of these screens are used for orders whereas others are used for announcements. There are also advertising screens placed by several large companies.” As he said this, the screen on Mu Chongyan’s side suddenly lit up and started playing a commercial.

“!!!” Bai Rong’s eyes jolted in surprise. His attention was instantly drawn to the screen which coincidentally showed the mini card making equipment he had been yearning for the past few days!

“The best toy-sized card-making equipment in history, only at Blue Canon! This card-making equipment not only has extremely accurate and clever controls but is also the smoothest and most flawless in its line. It’s matchless…..”

Mu Chongyan stared at the completely immersed little star pet with amusement appearing in his eyes. “Do you want it?”

“Ah?” Bai Rong quickly snapped back to his senses and stammered. “N-Not really…I just think it looks interesting…” He knew that one set of equipment would cost 8.8 million star coins so he felt embarrassed to ask Mu Chongyan. It was better for him to earn the money to buy it for himself….

Seeing the impatient look of the little star pet, Mu Chongyan chuckled. He started to rub the little star pet’s head, especially concentrating on the two round fluffy tiger ears and sighed inside, feeling that the little star pet had started becoming sensible…

“If you want it that much, it’s not completely impossible to get it.”

Needless to say, Mu Chonyan also had the potential to be like a ruler who spent extravagantly on a beauty.

Bai Rong’s eyes instantly widened. What did Mu Chongyan just say? Was he going to buy it for him?!

The commercial on the screen continued to play. “This toy-sized card making equipment will start selling on October 11th at midnight. Only a limited number of 80,000 sets will be available in the whole Star Region. Interested collectors shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. The first ten thousand subscribers will also get a free toy-sized card detector….”

“Do you want it?” Mu Chongyan’s voice swept past Bai Rong’s ears, sounding extremely enticing as it echoed.

The words “I do” were inching out of Bai Rong’s mouth before getting swallowed back. Mu Chongyan…was simply tempting him!

Besides, he didn’t overlook the fact that Mu Chongyan was touching his tiger ears when he said, “It’s not completely impossible to get it.” What did that mean?! Combining the hidden contexts in his words and actions, it was evident that there was going to be…..something more to it!

Bai Rong glanced at Mu Chongyan. Even though he knew that Mu Chongyan was a slave to his majesticness and ferociousness, he couldn’t just simply lure the man into buying things for him!

He was an extremely principled manly man!

Mu Chongyan coincidentally saw Bai Rong’s current look. “….” And for some reason, he felt that the little star pet was thinking of weird things again…

The author has something to say:

[Little Theater]

Bai Rong(sticks chest out): Today was a great day for this big imperious twaiger!(1) I’ve managed to captivate someone so deeply.

  1. 腦斧(Nao Fu) is a cute way to say the word tiger 老虎(Lao Fu)

Mu Chongyan:…..En, my wife said it right.

Kuku (suddenly speaks): Widdle Twaiker.

Bai Rong: Kuku, what did you just say! You wouldn’t be having a fever, would you! (anxiously feeling his forehead)

Kuku:…..(mutters softly) I said widdle twaiker….

Author: Wave your lightsticks for Kuku who actually dared to speak the truth! Mu Chongyan is simply too good at flattering people!

Mu Chongyan (face suddenly sinks): That’s my wife, and I’ll pamper him all I want. You got a problem with it?!


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