Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 25 Giant Tough Guy?

Mu Chongyan’s stiffness was finally broken by Walter’s arrival. Bai Rong watched as Mu Chongyan instantly recomposed his cold and sharp look with glittering eyes.

How intimidating! As expected of his man!

“Oh hey, why did you bring the little guy here?” Once Walter walked into the room, his eyes began to glow having spotted Bai Rong at the corner. He looked as though he wanted to reach a hand out and pick him up.

“Pa!” Before Bai Rong could twist his body and escape his attempt, Mu Chongyan smacked Walter’s greasy claws away.

“Owwww, that hurts——”


Walter immediately retracted his claws and blew on the area on the back of his hand that was starting to turn red. ”Mu Chongyan, you’re so cruel. Don’t you think that slap was too strong?!!”

Mu Chongyan didn’t even bat an eyelash at him, only drawing a circle around the little star pet. “Your hand should never go past this part.”

“Che.” Walter pouted sadly. “Can you not be so possessive? The little star pet also needs to be in contact with other people, alright?! You’re doing this wrong, right Little Sweet Cake?”

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Mu Chongyan placed the menu in front of the little star pet and allowed him to choose.


With Walter’s complicated expression and the waitress’s increasingly excited gaze watching him, Bai Rong picked out several dishes. Mu Chongyan casually added another order of soup before handing the menu back to the waitress.

“Alright. Please wait for a moment.” The waitress hung her head before turning around and quickly leaving the booth. Her wide eyes couldn’t hold back from glittering excitedly.

She couldn’t believe that the male god before her would act like this! Usually, he appeared cold and fierce, yet he was actually gentle towards this little star pet. If she posted this on the Internet, everyone would definitely be shocked to death. Hahahahaha!

This was such a rare and explosive allegation!!!

Mu Chongyan, who was unaware that he was going to become a hot topic on the Internet tomorrow, expressionlessly opened the Global Mech Competition’s network and started registering. 

Incidentally, he also reminded Walter. “The Mech Competition has opened its registrations.”

“Oh rightttt…. I would’ve forgotten if you hadn’t mentioned it.” Walter quickly turned his optical computer on and laughed playfully. “When they sent out the global notice two days ago, I clearly remember marking down the date.”

Mu Chongyan browsed the event registration before lifting his eyes to glance at Walter. “Not only was the Mech Competition’s registration moved earlier by a half a month, but the competition’s schedule has also changed. It is estimated that the competition will start in a month.”

“A month?!”’ Walter leaped up from his seat. “That can’t be right?! Who could possibly move the competition up by a month?!”

“The Global Virtual Spell Card Competition has also been moved earlier. The competition has been on a tight schedule, which resulted in the competition ending half a month earlier than the last one. ” Mu Chongyan closed the optical computer and rubbed the little star pet’s head who had been quietly listening. “Usually, after the Virtual Spell Card Competition ends, the Mech Card Competition would commence right after. After that, it would be the Real Global Spell Card Competition. These big competitions have always been held right after each other. 

“My god!” Walter laid on the table pretending to be dead. “I’m finished. I haven’t trained well. I haven’t even mastered Attle’s arc step yet…..”

Bai Rong felt that the blond man’s actions were unsightly. He raised his head to look at the calm Mu Chongyan and reached out his little hand to stroke his wrist, softly saying, “Mu Chongyan, add oil!(1)”


(1) Add oil is the common Chinese saying of ‘Do your best!’

His warm touch and lovely voice made Mu Chongyan’s heart melt, and his gaze to soften. His lips twitched as he lowered his hand to stroke the little star pet’s cat tail. “Alright.”

“En!” Bai Rong sweetly smiled, placing his little chin on top of Mu Chongyan’s wrist and blinking his big black glossy eyes. “But you shouldn’t feel too pressured about it. Regardless of what rank you place, you’ll always be the best in my heart!”

“En….” Like a spring fountain, warmth started to seep out from the bottom of his heart. Mu Chongyan’s gaze became increasingly gentle as his finger touched the little star pet’s fair and tender cheeks, and his whole temperament turned soft.

“Can you two stop acting like that…” Walter finally raised his head from the table and glared at the both of them. Even if he hadn’t seen what they were doing, he could still feel how sweet their atmosphere was to the point where his teeth were about to fall off!

What was this pervert Mu Chongyan planning? Acting so charming while raising this little star pet!

“You don’t even need to be concerned about him!” Walter stared at the little star pet, who was sitting on Mu Chongyan’s wrist and gritted his teeth. “This pervert, Mu Chongyan, has been participating in Youth Mech Competitions since he was 14 and had never once gotten second place in any of the competitions! If you’re going to worry about someone, why don’t you worry about me instead!”

“That’s amazing!” A flame of admiration instantly lit up in Bai Rong’s eyes, his little face flushed with excitement as he turned his head back staring straight at Mu Chongyan.

“….” This was the first time Mu Chongyan was looked at with such a passionate gaze that his ears started feeling a little hot.

Seeing that the little star pet’s attention was diverted back to Mu Chongyan again, Walter helplessly and grumpily crawled back down, muttering, “But this time, the Global Mech Competition is different. This is Mu Chongyan’s first time participating in the adult category of a Star Region Competition, so don’t assume that Mu Chongyan will be easily crowned the champion…”

“A champion!” Bai Rong pressed a kiss on Mu Chongyan’s wrist and raised his chin, “In my heart, he’s a champion!”

As a manly man, he needed to give his lover his whole support whenever necessary!


Moreover, his family’s Mu Chongyan was already amazing in the first place!

“…. What evil sin did I commit….,” Walter thought.

Not expecting the little star pet to say these words in front of Walter… The tips of Mu Chongyan’s ears turned hot and his face became tense. Even though he felt somewhat uncomfortable, his heart still felt extremely soft and warm…

‘Tok tok’ Knocking suddenly resounded on the door. “Mr. Mu, the dishes have arrived.”

“Come in quickly, quickly!” Walter jumped up with excitement and immediately felt comforted…

Di Zhi Restaurant was one of the most well-known restaurants in Sheng Ya Planet, so there was no need to explain how good the food was. The three people ate in extreme satisfaction, particularly Bai Rong who ate until his little belly bulged and was almost unable to prop himself up.

By the time they finished eating, it was already 6:10 pm. Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet, who was clinging onto his fingers and refused to return to the crystal glass case. Seeing this, traces of happiness and helplessness were reflected in his eyes. He thought for a second before asking Walter, “Do you know of any suitable recreational spaces for a little star pet?”

“The Star Pet Fun Center.” Walter blurted out before his expression turned odd. “You’re…not possibly going there right….”

“Why?” Mu Chongyan dryly looked at Walter. “Am I not allowed?”

“It’s not that…” Walter rubbed his nose, mumbling to himself. “This expression and tone are finally of the usual him…” But his behavior was still out of place.

“There’s a Star Pet Fun Center near my house, do you want to go together? This would be a great opportunity to introduce my family’s Soy Milk and Bean Bun to your family’s Little Sweet Cake and have them get to know each other.” This time, it was Bai Rong’s turn to scowl at him yet, Walter smiled ingratiatingly without a care.

“….Alright.” Thinking of Walter’s words, although Mu Chongyan didn’t completely agree, he still decided to let his little star pet make some new friends.


Before they headed to the Star Pet Fun Center, Walter put makeup on Mu Chongyan. Originally, Mu Chongyan was extremely against it. But when Walter explained that he may appear on the news for bringing his little star pet to the Star Pet Fun Center, Mu Chongyan had no choice but to reluctantly agree to it.

The two people drove to the fun center near Walter’s home and Walter covered the expenses by using his membership number.

“Wait for me for a bit. I’ll go bring my Soy Milk and Bean Bun over.” Walter said, before slipping off and running away.

“….” Mu Chongyan ‘s face turned cold as he placed Bai Rong on a ginormous and luxurious star pet playground. He looked at the hundred little star pets who were very excited and his body became slightly stiffer.

He absolutely didn’t want to put his obedient and smart little star pet inside. 

Bai Rong eagerly looked at the crowd of little star pets in the huge playground. However, what he was interested in wasn’t the playground but the little star pets who were running inside.

There were at least a hundred of them who were smaller than him!!!

If he went to them, he would become a giant manly man and would appear awe-inspiring!!!

Bai Rong imagined a scene where he overlooked everyone and took in disciples, standing at the top of the peak. He couldn’t help but secretly giggle to himself. He truly didn’t think a day would come where he could be completely domineering. At once, he turned around, pointing at that playground.

“You want to play there?” Mu Chongyan’s face turned cold.

“En en!” Bai Rong nodded excitedly.

However, before Mu Chongyan could comply with the little star pet’s request and head over, a worker at the side smiled and said, “Mister. This is only a playground for star pets who are 10 cm and under. Since your star pet has already exceeded this height, he should be brought to the B-type playground. Please follow me.”


Mu Chongyan followed the worker across the hall and arrived before a much larger playground.

“Alright. You can put your star pet in,” the worker said.

“!!!” Bai Rong was shocked.

Seeing a playground densely packed with boys and girls who were more than a head taller than him, Bai Rong nearly burst into tears. He immediately clung onto Mu Chongyan’s finger and put on a face that said ‘I’d rather die than go there’. “I-….I don’t want to play anymore!”

The author has something to say:

Bai Rong: You can’t cheat someone like this! QAQ

T/N: HAHAHAHAH Bai Rong where did you all your confidence go? kekeke

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