Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 24.3 Big Kissing Battle! (3)

“You want to go out?”

“Uh-huh!!!” Bai Rong nodded quickly.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Where to go…I don’t know.” Bai Rong looked into Mu Chongyan’s eyes and cleverly said, “We’ll go to wherever you say we’ll go.” As long as he could go out, he would be happy anywhere!

Mu Chongyan paused in contemplation before responding, “… Alright.”


“Since you agreed, then you’re not allowed to go back on your word!” Bai Rong happily exposed his two little canines and said, “But I believe you aren’t the type to break your promises.”

Was he giving him the stick before the carrot? Thinking that he was a bit strict, Mu Chongyan felt it was a little funny and couldn’t help but pat the little star pet’s head. “I won’t back out on it.” 

“Hehe…” Bai Rong’s smile became sweeter as both of his eyes happily curved into charming crescent moons. He thought to himself, the love tips from ‘His Demonic Highness Wants to Control Me’ were quite useful. He had evidently become more intimate with Mu Chongyan!  

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“Od.” Yw Ubsdtuyd’p zkrp alhlyzle y pzkhla sq fsu clqsal bl tsv wr yde zlqv.

When Bai Rong heard the sound of the door closing, he exhaled deeply. He had felt so hot earlier he nearly felt himself about to faint, how scary!


When he ran back to the villa, Bai Rong turned the optical computer on and studied coding for four hours. Then, he went to the living room and snacked on a piece of bread. After he finished snacking, he exited the coding page and logged onto the virtual city. 

As soon as he logged in, the watch on his wrist started blinking.

What’s the matter again? Bai Rong opened the inbox, harboring slight suspicions.

—— “Dear Respected Spell Card Master: Greetings, due to an urgent situation, the organizing committee of the contest had decided to hold the preliminary round ahead of the prescribed time. At the same time, the progress of the competition will also be sped up. Your preliminary round has been adjusted to be held at 1:30 pm tomorrow. The competition venue: Sai Ya City AS Club 4th Floor 403, Seat A Row 01. Please come to the venue on time. ——Global Spell Card Competition Organizing Committee.”

The preliminary round was going to be moved ahead of time?!

Bai Rong frowned at the screen. Wasn’t this a bit too sudden? Even if the transportation in Sai Ya City was well developed where a day was enough for a C-Class aircraft to circle the planet, the organizing committee of the contest shouldn’t be this willful.

After sitting in the room for a while, Bai Rong began to make spell cards to avoid being out of practice.

Once five and a half hours had passed, Bai Rong had finished making the remaining spell cards in Basic Spell Cards 2 as well as the first ten types of cards in Basic Spell Cards 3. Then, he posted them on the shopping center and left home to head to the AS Spell Card Union.

He had already remembered all the steps explained in the three basic spell card videos, so he should easily be able to answer more questions and earn more points.

After spending two hours answering questions in the Q&A center, he managed to earn a total of 211 points. Bai Rong happily hummed the song ‘Good Man’ for he had answered more questions this time around than he did previously. However… another reason was perhaps because of the number of questions asking about steps had increased. 

Once he returned home, Bai Rong logged out of the virtual city and opened the Virtual Spell Card 4 video, adjusting it to play at 1.5 times speed and started watching. But throughout the duration of the video, Bai Rong was slightly absent-minded. After all, it was already 6:40 pm and there were no signs of Mu Chongyan coming back.

As time passed by slowly, it soon reached 7:21 pm. The sound of Mu Chongyan coming back was finally heard outside the living room.


Bai Rong threw the optical computer that had accompanied him the entire afternoon away without a care and rushed out of the crystal glass case.

After running a meter out of the crystal glass case, Mu Chongyan had walked inside.

“You ca-(huff)…came back.” Bai Rong continued to pant but stopped, waiting for Mu Chongyan to walk towards him, “I’m hungry …”

“What do you want to eat?” Mu Chongyan bent down and fished the little star pet into his hand. Carefully scanning him once before he spoke, his voice revealing a hint of satisfaction, “You’ve grown a lot recently.”

“Of course!” Bai Rong puffed his chest out proudly. Nobody could grow as fast as he did!

Seeing the little star pet’s proud look, Mu Chongyan pressed down the corner of his lips, “What do you want to eat later?”

“Jinhua fish, oyster mushroom, celtuce, and rice.”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan instructed the housekeeping robot to cook and added another order of tomato egg soup.

Mu Chongyan carried Bai Rong back to the sofa and sat down. When his gaze fell onto Bai Rong’s slender white ankles, his brows wrinkled, “Your clothes are small.”

“What?” Bai Rong followed the direction of Mu Chongyan’s gaze which led to his ankles, and suddenly realized, “Oh, you mean this. It’s fine. It’s just a bit small. There are some bigger clothes in the closet. I’ll change into them when I grow a bit taller.” 

“How many clothes do you have in your closet?”

“A….a lot.” As if he had suddenly figured something out, Bai Rong squeezed his eyes in a smile. “Did you want to buy me clothes?”


Mu Chongyan felt uncomfortable being smiled at by his little star pet, and his face turned stiff. “What’s the biggest size you have in your closet?”

“It should be around 16.5.”

“I see.” Mu Chongyan no longer spoke out, quietly pondering on where to buy clothes for his little star pet.

After a while, the housekeeping robot came over and called the two to eat. Mu Chongyan prepared food for the little star pet as usual before moving his chopsticks. When they ate, once he noticed that the little star pet’s plate was clean, he would immediately put his chopsticks down and refill his plate. 

When Bai Rong, who never thought much of it before, noticed this peculiar action, he immediately lowered his head and slowly chewed the vegetables in his mouth, the tips of his ears turning slightly red.

As a manly man, being taken care of like this was unnecessary but still, his heart couldn’t help but swoon….

As a tough guy who was unwilling to accept this shame, Bai Rong secretly decided that once he had grown taller, he would properly love Mu Chongyan! 

Seeing the little star pet’s head going lower and lower, Mu Chongyan reached out his finger and poked at the little star pet’s back, “What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

“No, no!” Bai Rong quickly straightened his waist and glanced up at Mu Chongyan before quickly withdrawing his gaze. He stammered saying, “I was just…just thinking about things.”

“You should be more attentive while eating.” Mu Chongyan pretended not to notice the odd behavior and only scooped up a small piece of fish meat for Bai Rong. “The bones have already been picked out.”

“En…” Bai Rong’s ears turned into a deeper shade of red. Why didn’t he notice how chivalrous Mu Chongyan was before?!

After finishing the food, Bai Rong drank another small bowl of tomato egg soup. His whole stomach had ultimately bulged out, so he began walking around on the dining table to aid his digestion. 


While Bai Rong strolled around, he would twist his head to look at Mu Chongyan from time to time and saw that Mu Chongyan had refilled his own bowl thrice. His eyes couldn’t help but widen with admiration and envy. No wonder he was able to grow to 1.90 meters, he ate so much….

After taking a huge lap around the table, Bai Rong hummed and arrived beside Mu Chongyan’s soup bowl. He clung onto the edge of the bowl trying to peer inside. But before he could see how much was left, a strong force suddenly ambushed him from behind, pulling his cat tail away from where he stood.

“Go play over there or else you’ll fall inside again.” Mu Chongyan expressionlessly took the bowl and set it on the other side.

“!!!” Bai Rong choked and the tips of his ear immediately tinged red. He puffed up in disagreement, “What happened yesterday was… was an accident. I wouldn’t have fallen in the bowl!” 

Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet’s expression that said ‘I won’t admit to what had happened yesterday’, and his lips twitched, “En, it was an accident.”

“That’s right. An accident.” Bai Rong couldn’t help but repeat his words for emphasis, puffing out his small chest. “You shouldn’t slander me.” Because this was a big issue that concerned the dignity of manly men!

“En.” Mu Chongyan followed suit, “It was an accident, I shouldn’t have slandered you.” Unfortunately, the arc on the corner of his lips had sold him out!

Bai Rong, who had excellent vision, noticed this too. His little cheeks puffed up at once as he turned around and sat down with his back against Mu Chongyan, intending to ignore him!

Mu Chongyan clenched his right hand trying to suppress the corners of his lips. He poked the little star pet’s gloomy back and said with a calm tone, “En, the accident shouldn’t be counted, you didn’t even fall inside.” Since he managed to pick him up before it even happened….

“That’s right, accidents shouldn’t be counted.” Hearing Mu Chongyan say this, Bai Rong’s anger quickly subsided. He raised his small head and turned around, patting Mu Chongyan’s finger,while speaking boldly and confidently, “And that day, I was trying to help you test the soup’s temperature.” It was all for your sake!

“En…” Looking at the little star pet whose face showed that he wanted to be praised, Mu Chongyan had wanted to say a word of thanks just to coax him. But in fear of not being able to keep a straight face, he could only lift the bowl and drink the remaining soup.

Bai Rong, who didn’t receive any praise, frowned as he stared at Mu Chongyan, his gaze complicated.  

If Mu Chongyan ate so much every day … wouldn’t he get fat?!!

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