Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 24.2 Big Kissing Battle! (2)

Mu Chongyan gently let go of Bai Rong’s soft little hands. His face had turned into a rock while a faint flush appeared on the tips of his ears. He feigned an ungiving tone, “Is it fine now?”

“Mmm….. ” Bai Rong’s head became steaming hot and giddy as though he was losing oxygen from heating up so badly. His entire face was flushed with shame. and he could only feel the warmth of Mu Chongyan’s lips on his right palm…and that soft sensation….

“It’s….It’s fine….”

Seeing the little star pet display an embarrassed look, half of the tension in Mu Chongyan’s body had oddly disappeared. Only the roots of his ears remained faintly hot as he pretended to rub Bai Rong’s hair casually. “Are you still angry?”

Bai Rong bashfully raised his lowered head, as if he weren’t the one who was confidently asking for a kiss back then. His voice sounded even softer than a mosquito’s hum. “I’m not angry anymore…” 


Noticing the little star pet still looking bashfully, Mu Chongyan felt more at ease. The rigidness in his body had completely vanished while his eyes slowly swept across the little star pet’s flushed cheeks, stopping on top of the head that looked tempting to touch. “In the future, don’t get so easily angered.”

“How was I easily angered …”

“Okay, I was wrong.” Faint amusement appeared on the corners of Mu Chongyan’s lips. “You didn’t get easily angered, but…if you get angry again in the future, you can’t wage a cold war.”

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Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s back figure leaving the living room and roughly rubbed his face, trying to make the heat subside.


After Mu Chongyan’s figure had disappeared, Bai Rong walked back to the villa with his face still hot. As soon as he entered, Bai Rong closed the door immediately and rushed towards his room, heading for the bed and wrapping himself with the quilt.

“Aaahhhhh!” Bai Rong curled up giddily inside the quilt. The image of Mu Chongyan kissing his hand resurfaced in his mind again and again like a broken record. Once he remembered the way Mu Chongyan stared straight into his eyes as he kissed him, Bai Rong’s heart beat wildly as if he had gotten himself drunk. The warmth on his hand had also lingered around as if it had just been kissed….

He’s finished… Bai Rong hammered the quilt filled with shame. In the past, he had only seen Mu Chongyan’s bare-chested body, but now….he- he had been kissed, so Mu Chongyan definitely had to take responsibility for him from now on…

Naturally, Bai Rong knew that the main responsibility fell onto him. It was his fault for seducing Mu Chongyan for the sake of growing taller…

Bai Rong buried himself further into the quilt, bearing a complicated mood., his head filled with chaotic and confusing thoughts. After a while, he fell into a deep slumber.


“Mu Chongyan!” Amidst layers of hazy white mist, Bai Rong looked shocked at the scene of a man in a white coat about to kiss Mu Chongyan. His face was overflowing with indescribable hurt and heart-brokenness. “How could you…”

“Rong Rong, listen to me!” Mu Chongyan instantly panicked and tried to hide the person behind him, “I can explain!”

“Explain what?” Bai Rong took heavy steps towards them. His heart clenching in pain and his eyes turning red. “Say it! “

“This person … is actually……” Without even waiting for Mu Chongyan to finish, the person behind him suddenly stepped in front of Mu Chongyan and smiled. “Hi.”

“You!” Bai Rong stared at the person who looked exactly like him. He was so dumbfounded that he couldn’t speak coherently. “Who-Who are you.. How are you….”

“Who do you think I am?” The man in white promptly crouched down while smiling. In a panic, Bai Rong realized that his vision was rapidly lowering while the white-coated man instantly grew ten times taller, causing his line of sight to fall in front of the other party’s trousers!


“If you want to get kisses… wait until you grow a little taller.” The man in white walked back to Mu Chongyan and tilted his face slightly. From Bai Rong’s perspective, he could see a faint smirk resting on the man’s lips, as if he were proud of himself. This angered Bai Rong to rush towards them. But before he could even take another step, the man completely disappeared with Mu Chongyan…

“Ahhhh!” Bai Rong woke up from his dream feeling furious. He stared wide-eyed at the ceiling, frozen in place for a full 3 seconds before taking a huge sigh of relief. “Whew….it was just a dream.”

After wearily sitting up, Bai Rong looked down at the tiger-printed quilt, feeling dispirited. Why did he… have such an outrageous dream?!

The man in the white coat was clearly him wearing the research uniform in reality…..

When the image of Mu Chongyan lowering his head to kiss ‘him in the white coat’ flashed in his mind, Bai Rong’s face visibly turned into a deep shade of red. His head even started producing steam. Originally, he was still able to maintain a plain face and sit in place. However, this facade soon disappeared as he couldn’t help himself from burying back into the quilt and curling up from embarrassment again…

He actually dreamed of Mu Chongyan…kissing him … and the type that he was about to do… was mouth-to-mouth!!!!

Ahhhhhhhh Bai Rong was so ashamed he collapsed back in the quilt. Was he… really such a wild, unrestrained, and brazen person?!!!

Unable to accept this kind of himself, Bai Rong laid like a dead corpse inside his quilt for a full hour. It was only until the sky outside had brightened that his tomato-red face gradually started to cool down.

The reason for the heat subsiding was that he had only dreamt of this situation because he wished to grow taller. Moreover, he had just watched the leads in ‘His Demonic Highness Wants to Control Me’ kiss!

For the first time in his life, Bai Rong felt that watching these kinds of dramas may be a bit detrimental to his body’s health, and he furrowed his brows in concern. He was originally planning on heading over to the restaurant every day to watch the trailer. But now… 

Bai Rong heaved a deep sigh and decided to temporarily put aside the task of learning more about love. 

Sitting up with hair like a bird’s nest, Bai Rong quickly grabbed the physical examination device on the bedside cabinet, skillfully turning it on, and scanned–



Bai Rong stared at the numbers on the screen in amazement. His small face flushed red with excitement. He did not guess wrong! Kisses really did make him grow much quicker!

Bai Rong got out of bed and picked up the flower stalk, noting down the new number in the mud dish. His eyes shone brightly and his entire body was surrounded in a layer of renewed air. His pupils slightly turned as he quickly made a new calculation.

A kiss allowed him to grow 0.8 cm. At this rate, in just half a year, he could grow back to a full 1.8 meters!!! 

The day where he can reach his goal and take Mu Chongyan as his wife was just around the corner! Bai Rong clenched his fist as he confidently pushed the bedroom door open and started washing up. 

After a bath, Bai Rong quickly dressed up and ran out of the villa.

After waiting a short period at the edge of the crystal case, Mu Chongyan’s figure could be seen heading over to his way. Bai Rong’s eyes instantly lit up and he waved his little arm at Mu Chongyan.

Seeing the little star pet waving his arm as soon as he saw him, Mu Chongyan’s originally dark appearance softened by two points.

“Why did you get up so early today?” Mu Chongyan walked over and gently took the little star pet into his hand, “Did you not sleep well?”

“No, I slept well.” Bai Rong stared deep into Mu Chongyan’s faint blue-black eyes and voiced his suspicions. “Aren’t you the one who didn’t have a good sleep?”

“… No.” Mu Chongyan cleared his throat uncomfortably, shifting his gaze to the side, “I slept very well.”

” … “Bai Rong obviously didn’t believe it, but he didn’t say anything. After all, there was nothing strange about suffering from insomnia.


The two had both woken up an hour early. By the time they finished breakfast, it had only been 6:30 am.

“Today is the school’s monthly end briefing, I may come back a bit later than usual.” Mu Chongyan gently placed Bai Rong back at the door of the crystal glass case and crouched, “But I’ll come back earlier tomorrow. The day after and the one after that are my monthly day-offs, so I won’t need to go to the academy.”

“In other words, the day after tomorrow and the day after that are your holidays?” Bai Rong’s tone revealed a bit of excitement. 

“En.” Seeing the little star pet suddenly becoming elated, Mu Chongyan’s expression also carried a trace of a smile. “What’s the matter?”

“… There’s something I wanted to ask…” Bai Rong was a little embarrassed, but he still went on and asked, “Can you take me out to play the day after tomorrow?” 

He hadn’t gone out to see the outside world for over a month. If this continued any longer, he would soon start growing a beard!

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