Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 24.1 Big Kissing Battle! (1)

T/N: This chapter alone was 7K+ words *sweats* so this’ll be split into 4 parts. Also title is pretty clickbait and kind of misleading :’)

“…..” Mu Chongyan was completely taken aback, assuming he had heard wrongly.

Seeing that Mu Chongyan did not respond, the shame in Bai Rong’s heart grew even deeper but he didn’t retract the arms that were wrapped around Mu Chongyan’s finger. Instead, because he had nothing else left to lose, he shut his eyes tightly and yelled, “J-just quickly kiss me!!!”

Mu Chongyan looked at the blushing little star pet whose shiny black eyelashes quivered endlessly with his eyes shut tight. He couldn’t comprehend how the little guy had suddenly come up with such a bold request. Even though he felt a bit surprised, he could feel his heart melting…as well as his ears getting inexplicably hot… 

“…Stop joking around.”


“I’m not!” Bai Rong pouted as he opened his black eyes and stared bashfully and angrily at Mu Chongyan. After boldly planting a ‘chu’ on Mu Chongyan’s finger, he raised his little face and asked, “I have just kissed you, can’t you kiss me back too?!”

“…” The tips of Mu Chongyan’s ears became even hotter.

Seeing Mu Chongyan’s expression remain indifferent, Bai Rong was almost about to explode from shame. However, as he continued staring at Mu Chongyan’s tense face, Bai Rong’s eyes narrowed, and he secretly concocted a new scheme in his mind.

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They hadn’t even gotten married yet but the situation was already like this, what more if they got married then?!!! 


The gloomy Bai Rong sat paralyzed on the sofa with his head hung depressingly, evidently sinking into self-doubt and contemplation…. 

When Mu Chongyan finally returned, taking a pause with each step he took, he saw the ‘cat patty’ listlessly and motionlessly sitting on the sofa. He couldn’t help but somewhat blame himself for what had happened, yet there was also a slight trace of unnoticeable happiness mixed in…

But then again, even if he had detected this small feeling of happiness, he would probably never admit it….

“Our meals are ready. Come over and eat.” Having not expected that the little star pet wouldn’t notice him, Mu Chongyan felt an inexplicable discomfort inside. The hand he reached out to pick the little star pet up immediately retracted after recalling his earlier ‘rejection’ as his face hardened. “It’s time to eat.”

Bai Rong finally raised his head but did not speak nor move. His two dark eyes merely gazed at Mu Chongyan without budging and his expression was probing yet complicated.

Being stared at made Mu Chongyan uncomfortable, so with taut lips, he stiffly asked. “What’s wrong?”

Bai Rong stared at the difficult man in front of him and paused for a full 10 seconds, before finally letting out a sigh. 

He was so stupid. Why did he forget that his wife was thin-skinned? His straightforward and intimidating behavior must’ve definitely scared him off! 

No wonder he failed!

It looked like he would have to come up with another plan then. Bai Rong narrowed his eyes, the gloomy and frustrating atmosphere around him vanishing in an instant.  He had been too impulsive. He failed to consider Mu Chongyan’s sensitive and delicate thoughts and adopted a manly man’s way of asking for a kiss. It was no wonder he didn’t succeed! 

He should’ve been gentle every step of the way!

After sighing once more, Bai Rong propped his hand against the sofa and turned to the side of his bum to groom his messy furry tail.


Mu Chongyan who was standing at the side, saw that the little star pet’s small face had regained its liveliness and felt a sense of relief. Yet, he couldn’t shake off his rigidness as he asked. “….shall we go eat?”

“Of course.” Bai Rong carefully sorted out the fur on his tail before turning around and raising his arms towards Mu Chongyan. He curved his eyes in a smile and said, “Let’s go.” 

There was no other way to do this. He was such a gentle and generous man after all!

The little star pet’s cheerful smile reflected in Mu Chongyan’s eyes and made him think that it was exceedingly cute and sweet. In an instant, warmth spread across Mu Chongyan’s chest and his long rigid face thawed. He reached out his hands, placing the little star pet on top of his palms.

Touching the somewhat hard muscles under his hands, Bai Rong sighed again. Aiiii. It really was his fault. Blame this daddy for acting as if it were natural and failing to empathize with his other half’s sensitive and nervous feelings.

See. He had made him so nervous that even his hands had turned stiff.

Hearing the little star pet repeatedly sigh over and over again, Mu Chongyan’s heart leapt up and the little trace of self-blame he had, faintly crept back up again…

The two ate in silence and harmony and in this period, Bai Rong acted extremely gentle and considerate. He even purposely helped his wife check whether the soup was scalding or not, nearly causing Mu Chongyan’s expression to crumble from being moved.

As for the matter of nearly falling headfirst into Mu Chongyan’s bowl… he wouldn’t admit to this.

After eating, he accompanied Mu Chongyan and played fruit cut for a while. When it was almost time, Bai Rong tenderly touched Mu Chongyan’s arm and turned around conveying a smile on his face. “Mu Chongyan.”

Mu Chongyan’s eyes became attentive for some unknown reason “What’s wrong?”

“I wanted to discuss something with you.” Bai Rong’s voice was so soft as if he were afraid of scaring Mu Chongyan away. He rubbed his face and the small dimples on his cheeks seemed to be filled with honey. With his sweetly soft voice, he asked, “We are a family, right?”


In order to prevent his enthusiasm and boldness from scaring Mu Chongyan away, Bai Rong especially softened his voice saying, “I am your man,” eight octaves lower. So, you could say that he was treating him very considerately! 

Taking in the little star pet’s clever and cunning expression, a hint of mirth flashed in Mu Chongyan’s eyes, “Yes, that’s right.”

“Hehe…” Bai Rong’s smile became even sweeter. He knew that Mu Chongyan would definitely say this. It looked like he really did use the wrong approach before, “Then don’t you think that…our interactions aren’t intimate enough?”

Mu Chongyan’s eyelids couldn’t help but jump again, “….What do you mean?”

Bai Rong shyly climbed onto Mu Chongyan’s arm and sat down firmly on top of it. His two legs adorably swayed back and forth as he softly asked, “Don’t you think we spend too little time together every day….”

Mu Chongyan unconsciously tensed his muscles due to the itchiness caused by the cat tail sweeping his arm, “So what do you propose?”

“It’s not really much of a proposal.” Feeling the muscles underneath his butt suddenly becoming stiff, Bai Rong shifted his bum in an attempt to stop himself from feeling sad, “I just wanted to spend more time with you and get to know you more.”

Mu Chongyan watched as the little star pet revealed a charming smile with a hint of craftiness. After pausing for a long while, he seemed to have finally realized something and the tautness of his body had completely dissipated. He softened his voice inquiring, “Then, how should we get along better?” 

“Let’s….umm do that thing.” Bai Rong’s cheeks flushed red with embarrassment again “….let’s sleep together tonight….. ” That way, he could secretly kiss him!

“!!!” In an instant, all the tension returned to Mu Chongyan’s body who thought that he may have figured it out a little too early.


“Why not?” With a red face, Bai Rong patted Mu Chongyan’s arm. “Why not?” He was already being so gentle throwing himself to him yet Mu Chongyan actually… actually refused so coldly! 


“No means no.” Mu Chongyan looked at the soft little star pet who wasn’t even as tall as his palm and felt somewhat helpless. “It wouldn’t be appropriate.”

“Why wouldn’t it be appropriate.” Bai Rong blinked his big round eyes and suddenly couldn’t help feeling a little wronged, grabbing onto the hem of his clothes with his little hands. 

“Why … why wouldn’t it be appropriate? Mu Chongyan you … do you … do you actually  hate me?” Otherwise, why would he reject him so coldly twice when he tried to get closer to him?!!!

The more Bai Rong thought about it, the more he felt distressed. It seemed that this was really the case. In the end, his eyes started turning red and his little nose started sniffling. His entire person shriveling up. “Nevermind! Since you don’t like me, I won’t ever…ah!”

Bai Rong’s eyes suddenly grew as big as saucers when he was suddenly picked up. “Wh-…what are you doing.”

Mu Chongyan stared into the little star pet’s red eyes. He also didn’t know what he was trying to do. The only thing he knew at this moment was that, when he saw the little star pet appear disheartened, his heart felt… extremely discomfited.

“Put me down.” Bai Rong turned his little head to the side as he fiercely wiped his face.

Mu Chongyan didn’t move a muscle. Instead, he continued to stare at Bai Rong.

“Put me down.” Bai Rong stomped on Mu Chongyan’s palm, “I want to go back!” He never ever wanted to concern himself with Mu Chongyan anymore. Let’s see who’s short-tempered now?! 

“I won’t.” Mu Chongyan furrowed his brows, wearing a cold face.

“You put me down, or else…!!!” False vicious words became stuck in Bai Rong’s throat as he blushed and gawked at Mu Chongyan who was less than 2 centimeters away. His entire body had turned completely frozen.

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