Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 22 Bravely Exploring the Business District

After dinner, Mu Chongyan directly took Bai Rong back to the crystal glass case. Despite Bai Rong’s blatant attempts to act spoiled, Mu Chongyan did not change his mind at all, and so, Bai Rong stood at the door of the crystal glass case, glaring at Mu Chongyan’s leaving figure with gnashed teeth.

The sky has been overturned! The sky has been overturned!(1)

  1. This means that they are having a falling-out. 

Bai Rong stomped back to his villa with his little hands clenched into fists. Today was annoying. Nevermind making up the number of intimate touches he had missed yesterday, Mu Chongyan had ignored his wishes and stubbornly returned him to the crystal glass case!

Was he still in Mu Chongyan’s eyes?!

After angrily kicking the small stool next to him, Bai Rong rushed into the bedroom and turned on the optical computer. Alright, Mu Chongyan. You’ve began to neglect me and this family; Looks like there’s no other option but to ignore you too!


Did Mu Chongyan think that he was just a little pretty boy who didn’t understand anything? Bai Rong decided. From now on, he was going to spend at least three hours a day learning interstellar code to become a top hacker within 2 months!

He’ll remove all restrictions! Surf the entire network! Absorb all the knowledge of love! And, familiarize himself deeply with all kinds of emotional entanglements!

Hmph, Bai Rong narrowed his eyes and perked the corners of his soft lips up dangerously. He instantly closed the spell card video he was almost done with, and instead, started to learn interstellar code.

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“Is the original poster trying to show off or act sarcastic? What’s the point in asking this question?!”


“What do you mean sarcastic? IMO this spell master is showing off. To change a spell card due to a sudden flash of inspiration… Isn’t he basically saying that it’s too easy to make spell cards the normal way?! Looks like OP has a spell card success rate of 70-80% huh?”

“Hahaha, the above comment isn’t wrong. Why are you looking down on our genius questioner though? How could it only be 70 or 80%, it’s be 100%! (Lol) “

“To the commenters above, you shouldn’t be too honest. You should tell our genius OP here how to change the drawing ah…”

“The OP is retarded!”


“You guys are the retarded ones. Do you need to be this salty? Is there a point in attacking OP?” There were also a few comments that were defending Bai Rong, but they were quickly flooded to the bottom. 

Bai Rong stared at the screen. His eyes had turned bloodshot red and his mouth was gloomily pursed into a fine line. He didn’t understand why people were responding to him like this when he was just asking a question….

He scrolled to the end of the responses and finally, a decent comment with a different style popped out.

“There is a way to do this, but it’s a lot more difficult to execute. First, you need to buy 100 sets of a certain spell card’s materials, then make it at least thrice a day. You need to record your results each time. After some time, maybe you’ll be able to realize something. However, this isn’t entirely accurate because it depends on your understanding. Also, the most important thing is that this method needs to be practiced in reality, don’t practice it in the virtual city!!!” 

Bai Rong continued to stare at the three exclamation marks at the end of the last sentence and sniffled his red nose. There were still good people in this world after all!

He immediately picked this answer and paid over a hundred points.

At the same time, the ‘good person’ located somewhere in central city, suddenly felt his nose itch and sneezed loudly


Practice in reality!

As Bai Rong continued to think of the answer over and over again, he felt that the answer made more and more sense. No matter how lifelike the virtual world felt, it was still different from reality. If you wanted to make a breakthrough, you needed to practice with real materials.


The two-meter tall man looked down at his own powerful body and sighed. If he weren’t in the virtual city, he wasn’t capable of making it…

In front of the optical computer, Bai Rong rubbed his face in irritation and dragged his curled up body out of the quilt. He silently pondered and put on a serious face for a moment. Then, he left the virtual city, and opened the browser to start searching——

“The smallest card-making equipment in Sheng Ya Star Region.”

After searching for a full half-hour, Bai Rong’s expression suddenly lit up as he stared  reassuringly at the page on the screen, his right hand clenching into a small fist.

Low-Level Card-Making Equipment (Limited Fun-Sized Edition)

Manufacturing Company: Blue Canon

Price: 8.8 million star coins

Goods introduction: This card-making device is a limited fun-sized edition that has the same functions as normal-sized low-level card-making equipment. It will be on sale starting on November 1st at midnight. Only 800,000 sets will be available in the entire Star Region. Avid collectors shouldn’t miss out! The first 10,000 pre-orders will be given a free fun-sized version of a card detector….

November 1st? There’s still half a month till then. Bai Rong nodded and continued to breeze through the introduction.


However, as he continued to skim, his brows began to furrow.

This device … Although it was a fun-sized version for a normal person, it was still too big for him. Take for example the crystal pen. It was three centimeters long, which was already around a third of his size…

To achieve a suitable height ratio, he would have to grow to at least 16 or 17 centimeters before he could use it.

Bai Rong sighed deeply. He was currently only a little over ten centimeters tall. To grow to a height needed for this equipment would require two months. 

But he couldn’t wait any longer!

If only there were a way to grow faster. Bai Rong stared longingly
at the card-making equipment on the screen until a ring suddenly sounded at his wrist.

Bai Rong looked at his watch absent-mindedly and immediately became spirited as he hurriedly pressed the message icon.

“Mo Xi?”

“Mu Nan.” Mo Xi’s complexion looked much better than last time, and his tone had also grown softer. “Thank you for lending me money last time. I’m paying back 400,000 virtual star coins first today. The remaining money will be paid back within a month. “As soon as Mo Xi’s voice disappeared, Bai Rong instantly received a notice of 400,000 virtual stars.

“It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry to use the money.” Bai Rong waved his hand as his eyes curved into a smile: “I haven’t seen you for a long time. When are you going to visit me…. By the way, I moved houses.” Bai Rong was a little embarrassed. “I forgot to tell you.”

“Where did you move to?”

“Sai Ya City.”


“Sai Ya City?!” Mo Xi was so surprised his voice had risen by eight octaves, “You’ve earned enough money to move to Sai Ya City that quickly?”

“…En, I’ve saved up enough.” Bai Rong rarely had a petty side, “A few days ago, I was able to make an A-class virtual spell card by a stroke of luck.”

“An A-class?!!!” Mo Xi started to feel dizzy. He paused for a while before managing to form a sentence through his teeth. “Mu Nan…are you…really a beginner at this?”

“I…” Bai Rong frowned as countless thoughts flashed through his head. He finally blinked and openly shared, “I am but at the same time, I’m not.”

“…What do you mean?”

Bai Rong feigned a mysterious look, and responded, “I can only grasp it intuitively but I’m unable to convey it in words.”

Mo Xi imagined Bai Rong as a secretly nurtured genius from an aristocratic family. He blanked out for a few seconds before hurriedly nodding. “I see. I understand. Don’t worry, I won’t leak this out!”

“…” Observing Mo Xi’s shift in expressions from having just realized a big secret to promising to keep this secret, Bai Rong was tongue-tied for a moment. What was Mo Xi thinking?!

“Cough, as long as you understand.” Bai Rong  nodded in befuddlement even though he didn’t really know what had gone through Mo Xi’s head…

An inexplicable sense of pride suddenly surfaced in the depths of Mo Xi’s heart and he hesitantly asked, “Did you enter the virtual spell card contest?”

“I did. The preliminaries will be held at Sai Ya City. What about you?”

“I had just sent in a video, but I’m not sure if I can pass.”

“You’ll definitely pass.” Bai Rong nodded with certainty towards Mo Xi as encouragement, “Maybe we’ll even be in the same preliminary venue! “

“That’s rather likely.” Mo Xi also had a smile on his face as he jested. “Then when I do arrive there, you have to properly receive me ah.”

“No problem, no problem…”


After chatting with Mo Xi for half an hour, Bai Rong reluctantly hung up the communicator and decided to head out to explore the local conditions and customs of Sai Ya City. 

So that by the time Mo Xi arrived, he wouldn’t be completely clueless and could guide him around with ease and have fun together.

Sai Ya City’s business district was close to Bai Rong’s house. So, it didn’t take long for Bai Rong to arrive at the center of the busy business district.

As Bai Rong stared at a giant billboard rotating in the air, he couldn’t help but gulp.

He saw a plate of appetizing and captivating peppered spare ribs. It looked crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and was continuously revolving on the billboard appearing lifelike. It was as if you could reach out and grab a few pieces of that fresh and delicious ribs. Below the advertisement was a line of fancy dark orange words——Sai Ya’s High Altitude Restaurant welcomes you.

Stimulated by this irresistible temptation, Bai Rong unconsciously started walking towards the building behind the billboard. When he unwittingly returned to his senses, he had already arrived at the restaurant at the top of the building…

Bai Rong,”…?!!!”

“Hello, sir. What would you like to order?” The seasoned waiter greeted him with a standard smile.

“I would like…” As Bai Rong snapped back to his senses, his ears turned pink. “This please.” Bai Rong pointed at the signature set meal on the front page of the menu.

“Understood. Please wait for a moment.” The waiter drew back faintly before walking away.

Bai Rong rubbed his face with shame. Why did he inadvertently walk into the restaurant?!!

Before he could sort out his feelings of shame mixed with small hints of excitement, familiar music suddenly floated into his ears. Bai Rong raised his head and discovered that the ultra-HD screen at the center of the restaurant had suddenly turned on and had began to play a video.

Watching the events on the screen unfold, Bai Rong’s eyes immediately widened like saucers.

The author has something to say:

Hahaha, when Bai Rong Rong sees xxx this time, it will be of great~ help~ to him oh! Have you guessed what it is?

Little hint: On the path of love and growing taller, every footstep a certain manly man took, was steadfast and certain!

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