Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 21.1 A tsundere’s thought process is impossible to grasp (1)

Once he logged into the virtual city, a ‘ding’ popped up from his watch.

Bai Rong curiously looked down. It was a notice from the Global Virtual Spell Card Competition. He had passed pre-selections!

Needless to say, Bai Rong was brimming with happiness. Scrolling through the message, he found that the preliminaries was going to start in the afternoon 6 days from now at Sai Ya City, the nearest C-level city to New Golden City.  

…Sai Ya City?

Bai Rong’s eyes sparked with excitement. If he remembered correctly, Sai Ya City was one of the C-level cities that had a AS Virtual Spell Card Union branch.


Staring at his watch’s flickering screen, Bai Rong narrowed his eyes and tilted his head down. He was deep in thought. Ultimately, he had decided — to move houses!

Moving houses proved to be the right call. Competing from here was inconvenient. Plus, Bai Rong couldn’t join the AS Virtual Spell Card Union from his current location. Before, he didn’t really care about joining the union. But, joining it now would mean that Bai Rong could converse with other Spell Card Masters and possibly fix his ‘card-drawing-failures’.

Perhaps…the reason why he failed previously in drawing cards was due to his severe lack of basic knowledge?!

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“Hello, sir.” As soon as he entered the doors, a staff member welcomed him with a standard smile. He briefly observed Bai Rong and asked softly, “Is this your first time coming to AS Virtual Union?”


” … Yes.” Bai Rong nodded embarrassedly while stealing a glance at the name tag hanging on the staff member’s chest, “Excuse me, could I ask how I could register to become a member?”

“Do you have an invitation code?”

“Yes.” Bai Rong searched for the AS Union’s message in his watch, and pressed it to show to Diaz, the staff, “Is this the invitation code?”

Seeing that Bai Rong’s invitation code was a rare high-ranking one, astonishment flashed through Diaz’s eyes, and he became more attentive, “Yes, that’s it. Please follow me.”

Bai Rong briskly followed Diaz to the VIP room on the second floor. The staff in the VIP room immediately registered Bai Rong after seeing the invitation code and respectfully handed him a silver card, “Hello Mr. Mu, this is your premium membership card.”

“Thank you.” Bai Rong hastily took the card and immediately stored it into the spatial button.

Diaz respectfully followed Bai Rong out of the VIP room together and walked along with him: “Mr. Mu, the Union Building has eight floors altogether. The first floor is mainly for spell card transactions. The second floor is for handling spell card master rank registrations and other similar affairs. The third floor is the spell card material transaction area. The fourth floor is the main activity area for qualified and E-rank spell card masters. The fifth floor is the main activity area for D-rank and C-rank spell card masters. The sixth floor is the main activity area for B-rank and A-rank spell card masters…” Diaz paused before hesitantly continuing with a standard smile: “However, there is only one A-rank spell card master in our branch, and he doesn’t come by often.”

“When is the A-rank spell card master usually here?” Bai Rong asked with an eager tone, swiftly turning his head and staring at Diaz. “I wish to ask for his advice for a problem that I have…”

“Mr. Marco usually comes on Wednesday mornings … Oh yes, that’s right. Tomorrow is Wednesday.” The smile on Diaz’s face remained composed. “But, Mr. Marco usually does not see guests. And rarely, gives advice to other spell card masters.” After all, there were too many spell card masters who coveted Mr. Marco’s expert guidance. Once Mr. Marco started entertaining one, he would have no choice but to entertain all of them.

“Then how does he give pointers to other spell card masters?” Bai Rong frowned. Not being able to see the person would be unfortunate…

“Mr. Mu, you can head to the seventh floor, the Spell Card Q&A Center, and post your question there. Perhaps Mr. Marco will answer it.”

Diaz respectfully led Bai Rong to the lift, and the two soared to the seventh floor in just a moment’s time. Once they emerged, the view of a large silver hall surrounded by screens entered their sights. The hall was filled with a multitude of voices. It bustled with activity and was extremely lively!


“Regardless of their rank, any spell card master can come to the Q&A center.” Diaz led Bai Rong to a screen that was constantly scrolling with newly added questions. “Posting a question requires rewarding points. You can reward as much as you want, and similarly, you can obtain points just by answering questions. Points can be exchanged for spell card information and extremely rare spell card materials.”

Bai Rong stared at the screen intently: “Can we only use points to exchange for materials?”

“No. If the materials are not rare, they can also be bought using cash. Premium members also enjoy a 10% discount.”

“Alright, I understand. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Seeing that Bai Rong no longer needed him, Diaz swiftly turned around and left.

After standing in front of the screen for half an hour, Bai Rong bitterly realized that…..he didn’t know how to answer any of these questions!

The problem was that most of these questions were asking why and not how, and when it came to theory, Bai Rong was a complete idiot!!!

Bai Rong stared at the screen in front with his brows scrunched up as he inwardly wept. Previously, he imagined himself answering these questions like he was mowing grass and trampling on the corpses of several questions. He visualized himself standing on the apex of life, and marrying Mu Chongyan, however, this thought was immediately and ruthlessly shattered by reality, crumbling into pieces!

…… After tiredly standing in front of the screen for an hour, he finally found a question that only asked for the steps. Bai Rong’s eyes lit up as he hurriedly took action. He impatiently scrolled down to click on the question, typed down the answer, and submitted it as fast as possible!

Bai Rong nervously stifled his breath. He continued to stare at the issuer of the question, sincerely praying in his heart for his answer to be picked. 

“Ding Dong!”

A jingle suddenly sounded from his watch. Bai Rong hurriedly looked down at it and saw.


—— “Your answer has been picked. You’ve obtained thirty points!”

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