Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 20 Emotional Crisis!

Mu Chongyan, who couldn’t bear to strike down the little star pet’s enthusiasm, ended up listening to the songs ‘Ups and Downs’ and ‘Good Man’ for more than ten days, and had finally finished receiving all the basic treatments on the fourteenth day before he was discharged.

Feeling inexplicably relieved, Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet who appeared regretful due to having overslept and missing his afternoon singing, and couldn’t help but think it was a little funny,

“If you want to sing, you can continue singing once we get home.”

“Wh-who wanted to sing?” After being caught red-handed, Bai Rong leapt up and waved his fists trying to hide it but failing, “I’ve already gotten tired of singing!”

“Tired of singing?” Mu Chongyan pretended to look sadly at Bai Rong, “Alright, I originally wanted to send you a very nice song and record you singing it.”


“Wh-Why would you need to record it…” Bai Rong twisted the hem of his clothes regretfully.

“To use it as an alarm.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s small head, “It’s a pity …”

“Send it then.” Bai Rong held Mu Chongyan’s fingers, pretending to be magnanimous. “I’ll sing it for you!”

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Bai Rong secretly tightened his fists and rubbed his face before curving his eyes and cheering.


An hour later…

Bai Rong, who had soaked enough and became plump and firm, finally reluctantly stepped out of the bathtub, wiped himself clean, and put on a bigger size of the orange cat attire.

Then he went back into the bedroom and packed up the smaller-sized clothes he had worn before, into a box, and then sealed them before stuffing the box under the bed.

One must know that he was currently standing at 10.03 cm right now, so he couldn’t wear the same small clothes he wore back then!

On the other side, Mu Chongyan had just ended the call with Dai Suo, and his eyes were so dark that his true emotions couldn’t be discerned.

A few days ago, he discovered that Velas had used an excessive amount of anesthesia on him, which caused him to be deep in slumber for three days. Although he had noticed something amiss with Sheng Mu Hospital, he hadn’t figured out the reason, but now…

Mu Chongyan’s face grew colder. After a short while had passed, he took out a silver optical computer from the spatial button and pressed on a dark silver icon on it …

Inside the crystal glass case, Bai Rong cheerfully counted his little treasury in the virtual city. In the past few days, he had been spending most of his time with Mu Chongyan, so he could only use his leisure time to watch the learning videos which left no time to actually manufacture a virtual spell card. Fortunately, before this happened, he was able to sell out all the 30 cards he produced before.

The price of 30 A-level virtual spell cards was slightly more than 300 million virtual star coins. After deducting the commissions and taxes to be paid to Sheng Ya Virtual Spell Card Shopping Center, there was still around 300 million left. 

Bai Rong felt so excited, his small hands arms waved around boldly as he ordered a brand new set of intermediate virtual card making equipment, nine sets of basic A-level spell card courses 2-10 that he hadn’t learned yet which was taught by A-level spell card master, as well as a complete set of materials for 360 basic spell cards.

With this, he had managed to spend nearly half of his little treasury in just one transaction!

Bai Rong looked at the numbers on the screen in distress and grinded his teeth secretly. Being a spell card master was really one of the most respected professions as it was such a money burner! People who were poor couldn’t afford it at all!!!


It’s just that …

The fact that spell card masters are such money burners was not a lie, but if other spellcasters were to know that the success rate of little money grubber Bai’s card-making, they’d be so furious that they would want to beat him to death.

An hour later, everything that had been ordered had been sent over, Bai Rong used all his strength to move everything into the room, almost filling up the entire living room.

Bai Rong moved all the card-making equipment out of the box and set it up, then he logged out of the virtual city, switched pages and started to watch the learning video of basic spell cards (2).

Three hours later, a knocking sound was heard., Bai Rong immediately paused the video and whooshed out of bed, running over towards the noise.

Mu Chongyan stood beside the crystal glass box, watching a fluffy “little orange cat” run out, and the coldness in his eyes instantly faded slightly.

“Hungry?” Mu Chongyan fished the little star pet into his hand and weighed him. He was quite satisfied with the little star’s pet’s change of becoming taller and heavier.

“I’m hungry…” Bai Rong nodded at once. He became aware that his appetite was getting bigger and bigger. He had obviously eaten a lot, but his little belly was still nagging at him to eat more.

Watching the little star pet’s black eyes blinking and appearing like a gluttonous little kitten, Mu Chongyan’s lips moved slightly. He stretched out his fingers and rubbed the little star pet’s cat ears gently before walking slowly towards the table and placing Xiaoxing beside the plate.

After quickly preparing food for the little star pet, Mu Chongyan then told him softly: “Eat.”

“En En.” Bai Rong’s drool started to surge so he quickly sat down and picked up the small fork, eating at a very fast speed!

While Mu Chongyan ate, he stared at the little star pet out of the corner of his eyes and watched the little star pet’s cheeks bulge as he ate, this caused his original gloomy mood to gradually improve by a few points,


In the evening, Mu Chongyan used his fingers in place of a cat stick to play with Bai-Little Orange Cat-Rong for a while before heading back to the bedroom. Bai Rong, who had finally touched Mu Chongyan enough, waved his hands at Mu Chongyan’s leaving figure contentedly before running like the wind back to the villa.

He turned on the optical computer and continued watching the educational videos that he hadn’t finished before. After an hour and a half had passed, Bai Rong then entered the virtual city again.

As soon as he entered the virtual city, a beautiful message popped out of the watch on his wrist.

—— “Dear Respected Spell Card Master, the highly anticipated Global Virtual Spell Card Master Contest is about to start! Not only does this competition have a generous reward system, we’ve also invited Sheng Ya’s most reputed S-Class Spell Card Master, Timothy, to serve as the judge for the final round. The competition winner will not only be able to receive an enormous amount of virtual star coins and spell card materials, they would also obtain one of Master Timothy’s personally made spell cards! This opportunity only comes by once in a blue moon so sign up quickly! Interested applicants, please register within three days….. “

“Global Virtual Spell Card Contest?!” Bai Rong’s eyes lit up and he quickly browsed the whole information again. He then clenched his hands ambitiously and decided to enter the competition!

“Shortlist stage: the Spell Card Master is required to record a full video of themselves making a virtual spell card to be sent to the email of the organizing committee…” After reviewing the pre-selection rules, Bai Rong found that as long as he could produce a D-level virtual card, there was a 100% chance he could pass the shortlist.

Sure enough, the pre-selection stage was not difficult at all. Bai Rongyan narrowed his eyes and thought for a while, before finally deciding to make a virtual energy card, because the light emitted by this spell card once it was completed, was the most beautiful color of green!

Once he had finished deciding, he carried it out immediately. Bai Rong took off his watch and placed it on the table across him, turning on the camera, then he took out a set of materials for the energy card, and started handling it in an orderly manner …

Twenty minutes later, the video was sent to the mailbox of the competition’s organizing committee. Bai Rong curved the corner of his lips with confidence, and began to make a new thunderball card that he had learnt from the Basic Spell Cards (2)….

He had heard that this was the most difficult yet most powerful type of spell card in the 2nd part of Basic Spell Cards and only a real man would dare take the challenge of making it!

… After half an hour had elapsed.

Staring at the card that did not emit any purple light at all, Bai-Real Man- Rong dropped his head down in gloom, his entire person enveloped in dark clouds.


What’s going on … why didn’t the card produce any light?!

The card should’ve obviously been glowing once it was made successfully, unless, Bai Rong scowled miserably…unless this card wasn’t successful and it had simply turned into a scrap card!

A mini version of Bai Rong had curled up into a pitiful and sad ball inside of Bai Rong’s heart as he stared at the thunderball card on the table unreconciled. It turned out that the greatest damage to him wasn’t getting a B, but was not even receiving any points at all!

Bai Rong grit his teeth in misery and quickly replayed the entire card-making process in his mind. He should have done it exactly according to the steps made in that video, without any discrepancies … wait that’s not right! Bai Rong’s gaze changed abruptly because he had actually made a wrong stroke when he was drawing on the card!

The third last stroke was supposed to be a thick oblique wave with a thickness of about three millimeters, but for some reason, he instead drew a thin curved wave with a thickness of only one millimeter?!

What was going on. The normal him wouldn’t have made such a mistake. Bai Rong’s face immediately turned cold as he carefully thought about what he was feeling when he had painted this stroke, He eventually realized that at the beginning of the stroke, the tip of the pen had slipped up abruptly extremely slightly, causing the energy of the spell fluid and the card surface to produce a reaction, to the extent that he subconsciously wanted to make his strokes thinner and curvier in an attempt to make it more harmonious and perfect.

However, he had evidently failed. His sudden flash of inspiration, or rather his ‘subconsciousness’ was wrong!

Bai Rong stared at the thunderball card unhappily, and ultimately heaved a sigh, casually throwing it into the innermost part of his drawer.

The random subconscious stroke of his pen wasn’t the so-called ‘Godly stroke’ that a genius master would experience, on the contrary, it was a complete and utter failure. This was considered to be a severe blow to Bai Rong who had experienced countless white halos ever since he was young. Even though it didn’t show much on the surface, Bai Rong’s heart was, in reality, suffering a lot.

It was as if he was being completely rejected, that he was only limited to imitating other spell card master’s actions. Once he puts in a slight twist according to his feelings, he would end up making a complete mistake and failing.

This fact made him feel worse than failing to make a card due to a lack in ability.

After glancing at the table indifferently, Bai Rong ordered another set of thunderball card materials. When the materials were delivered, he made the card completely according to the actions of the spell card master in the video.

A flash of purple light was produced after half an hour as Bai Rong expressionlessly inserted the spell card into the detector, and sure enough, he obtained the highest A-level number.

Void of any excitement or joy, Bai Rong tiredly withdrew from the virtual city, squeezing into the small quilt, and covering his head.

He soon unwittingly fell asleep before he knew it … In the early morning of the next day, Bai Rong woke up with disheveled hair. He then turned the physical examination device on to scan his own height, and rubbed his eyes while getting out of bed, taking the small stalk and recording a new number.

—— [10.13]

He then had breakfast with Mu Chongyan as usual and when Mu Chongyan was leaving, Bai Rong smiled and waved at him, before making his way back to the villa.

Mu Chongyan, who had just closed the door, paused in place for some reason before stepping away and leaving.

There was evidently something wrong with the little star pet’s mood today. He looked completely listless, he even ate less than the usual amount he did….

Most importantly, he didn’t even try to sneakily touch him.

The author has something to say:

Mu Chongyan: I’ve encountered an emotional crisis.

T/N: Lmao MCY’s emotional crisis is not sensing Bai Rong touch him XD

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