Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 2 An uncommon name

The auction of the star pet A29 had already begun in the auction hall. Mu Chongyan swept a glance at the crystal glass case on the table, and observed the little star pet wearing furry orange cat clothes standing stiffly against the fence. His chin was slightly raised, and his two small hands were obediently placed against both sides of his body.

His stance could be said to be extremely on point!

An undetectable trace of tenderness secretly arose from the bottom of his heart. Mu Chongyan lowered his head sluggishly as he scrunched his brows in confusion. An inexplicable and strange emotion had just swept across his heart but before he could determine what it was, it had vanished without a trace.

Seeing the man across him pause all of a sudden, the self proclaimed tough guy Bai Rong, who was proud of being able to keep calm in this situation, stood even stiffer.

Mu Chongyan looked down at the little star pet he had just bought after deciding to ignore the trifling peculiarity he had felt in his heart.


He was convinced that he had just seen an expression of horror flash through this star pet’s face just a moment ago, but how could a man-made powerless robot, made for the sake of selling meng without resisting or refusing, have this kind of expression?

Although he had never bought a star pet before, neither did he ever own one as a child, he still knew that the core settings of a Star Pet were always formatted to be obedient and servile. No matter what their owner did to them or asked them to do, they would only continue to be obedient and meek, accepting everything with a smile and never revealing any dissatisfied expressions.

However, this particular one…

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“My mother?” Although it was asked as a question, Mu Chongyan’s tone was very firm.


“Yeah, auntie heard that there was a new type of star pet auction going on here, and since you were training at the close-by AS, she wanted me to bring you here to——… make you buy one as a gift for Princess Fenua…” Walter’s voice gradually became softer and softer as his left hand subconsciously went towards his waist in preparation to activate the defense shield at any given moment. “After all, hasn’t auntie been trying her best to match you with…Ow —! You kicked me again!”

“Dare lie to me again, and I will wreck your mech.”

“Mu…” Confronted with Mu Chongyan’s increasingly darkening eyes, Walter swallowed his words back and mumbled quietly. “Got it.” If he had not spent all his living expenses in order to buy an A-level defensive spell card and got tempted by his mother’s promise of giving him ten million star coins as long as he helped the mistress of the Mu household fulfill a favor, he… he would’ve been disinclined to do this!

Besides, he wasn’t just casually helping outsiders deceive his good friends, the person he was helping was Mu Chongyan’s mother!

Mu Chongyan glanced at the big screen, and paid attention to the progress of the second round, ——it was currently the auctioning of the spell card materials.

Since the rule of the Blue Emperor’s Auction House states that once the auction starts, they could only enter and cannot go out, they had to wait for the afternoon round to end completely before they were allowed to finally leave. And because Walter claimed that there was a new type of mecha being auctioned here as a ruse to lure him into coming, it was of no surprise that Mu Chongyan who instead saw a smiling star pet in a suit dancing once he stepped in, had immediately turned sour.

However, for some reason, his mood right now had gotten a little better.

When the second part of the auction was starting, Mu Chongyan, whose spirits had finally been lifted, once again cast a glance on the little star pet in front of him.

Bai Rong, who had just felt relieved, and was about to sneak back to the villa: “!!!”

(Angry Cry), why was he always caught whenever he wanted to return to the villa—!

“Hey, Mu Chongyan, if you didn’t intend to give it to …” Walter sensibly swallowed Fenya’s name back in his throat, “…someone, then what are you buying him for, you can’t possibly have taken a liking to him, so why don’t you perhaps… ” Walter grinned mischievously, “give him to me, I quite like this little fellow!”



“Stingy!” Walter pouted, but because he was still feeling restless, he hadn’t paused for long when he deliberately questioned, “Mu Chongyan, have you taken a liking to this little star pet?”

“No.” Mu Chongyan’s face became a little bit dark.

“Then you…”

“If you continue speaking nonsense, you can get lost.”

“Che…” Walter shut his mouth reluctantly, but his stomach suddenly rumbled loudly.

Walter: “…”

Bai Rong who could feel the stares on him coming from all directions, stiffly put up a smile, but on the inside, he was crying and panicking: What should he do now?? Should he sing? dance? Or should he shake his bumbum?

He hadn’t learnt how to sing or dance, and shaking his butt went against his moral principles. Bai Rong carefully thought about it for a while, and still thought it was much more appropriate to stand in a military posture.

This was because it was simple and in accord with his tough guy temperament!

“Hey, Mu Chongyan.” Walter looked at the little star pet who remained unmoved standing stiffly before the fence, and said: “Is your star pet defective? Why is it not moving?”

“Isn’t he better like this.” The little star pet didn’t act coquettish nor did he act sticky, so Mu Chongyan showed a very satisfied expression, “His attention posture is also on point. This program setting is perfect.”

Walter: ” …… ” Sure enough, he still understood the pervert the best…


Soon, the second auction ended. Mu Chongyan stored the crystal glass case into the spatial button while Walter kept nagging him at the side to treat him to free dinner to compensate the damage he received in his soul from being kicked.

Mu Chongyan glanced expressionlessly at Walter and walked out the door.

Knowing that Mu Chongyan did not object, Walter became excited: “Let’s go! To Dizhi! Dizhi!”

After half an hour later.

At the most luxurious high-altitude restaurant on Sheng Ya Planet, Dizhi….. More specifically, the opposite of it, was a small restaurant, Walter angrily muttered to himself while chewing on a piece of roasted meat in his mouth: “Stingy man…”

“You can choose not to eat.” Mu Chongyan took a bite of the shrimp meat slowly and took the crystal glass case out of the spatial button.

“If it’s not free, I’m not going to eat.” Walter muttered to himself again, then raised his hand and knocked on the glass case twice. “Hey, where did your little star pet go?”

Bai Rong, who was currently inside the villa suppressing his desire to hit someone, looked at the pile of messy candy wrappers, and wanted to cry but lacked the tears: “…”

Can someone fucking tell him why this robot can even eat sugar?!!!

“Toktoktok, toktoktok …” The increasingly loud sound pulled Bai Rong out of the grief and indignation he felt, which was caused by the robot who nibbled on the only piece of milk candy he had carried with him. He rubbed his face with his cat’s claws resolutely, before stepping out of the villa with the aura of a warrior.

A real tough guy would even dare to confront dripping blood. Today, he was going to bravely tell the violent pervert that he was starving and he wanted to eat!

“By the way, shouldn’t you give the little fellow a name?” Walter looked at Mu Chongyan, and eagerly asked, “If you don’t know how to come up with one, I can help you think of one. My little pets’ names were both decided by me. They’re called soy milk and bean bun, don’t they sound nice?”


Mu Chongyan cast Walter a look of disgust.

“Hey! What’s with your expression! Don’t you know that almost all the star pet’s names are related to food? Even some children were named this way because it sounds cute~” Walter put on a haughty expression of ‘Don’t speak if you can’t understand.”

The knife that Mu Chongyan held in the middle of cutting a lobster, paused for a moment. He then raised his head to look at the crystal glass case. Bai Rong, who had just gallantly stepped out of the villa immediately became paralyzed, and the heroic spirit he summoned had flown into the Yellow River without any hope of return.

Bai Rong: “QAQ!” This pervert’s eyes were too … terrifying!

Mu Chongyan: “Big Red Crayfish.”

“What?” Walter glanced puzzledly at his friend who suddenly spoke out, “What did you just say?!”

Mu Chongyan gently lifted his wrist and cut a piece of shrimp, a faint satisfaction arising in the depths of his eyes, laced with even a touch of imperceptible pride, as he looked at Bai Rong.

“His name will be called Big Red Crayfish.”

The author has something to say:

[Interstellar Encyclopedia]

The Big Red Crayfish is an unusually ferocious type of shrimp, its entire body is red like a raging inferno, and could grow to a meter’s worth in its adult form. Its two pincers are extremely strong, capable of crushing a rock into pieces. It’s incredibly difficult to catch but its meat is extremely delicious.

In short, the Big Red Crayfish is an extremely ferocious and very manly ingredient!

Bai Rong: This name fits my temperament very well! (* / ω\ *)

T/N: The ML’s naming skills are..uhh.. impressive huh XD

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