Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 19 Quickly Get Better

Bai Rong’s face was wrinkled into the shape of a peeled orange, and he lowered his head in contemplation for a long time before finally coming up with two hypotheses…

Hypothesis 1: Having Walter (or other people) touch him will consume the energy he could obtain from Mu Chongyan.

Hypothesis 2: He can only obtain the energy to grow from one person only. After Walter touches him, he cannot retrieve energy from Mu Chongyan anymore, and the amount of energy he could obtain from Walter was less than that from Mu Chongyan. As for why it was less, this would have to be discussed on a separate note.

Bai Rong sighed, laden with grief again. He ardently hoped that Mu Chongyan could quickly recover soon and take him back.

A loud rumbling noise from his stomach broke Bai Rong’s inwardly distressed atmosphere. Bai Rong put on an embarrassed look before getting out of bed to wash up and make breakfast. While he was making breakfast, a wave of unfamiliar footsteps gradually approached and stopped by the crystal glass case.


Bai Rong paused, tilting his head to look outside, and saw that Mother Mu was standing beside the crystal glass box, fiddling with the optical computer on her wrist with an impatient look.

“Peter, are you done with preparations or not?!” 

It was unclear what they were talking about, but Mother Mu’s eyebrows abruptly stood erect, her voice turning sharp: “What?! You still haven’t been prepared yet? Wait until I deal with you! What do you mean I shouldn’t blame you? How wouldn’t it be your fault? I’ve already told you a week ago, and now you’re asking me to wait another twenty days? Peter, you should be so ashamed of your skillset! You better hope that the first plan would show results soon, otherwise…”

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Seeing the little star pet’s eyes brimming with distress, Mu Chongyan’s heart turned soft, yet he also found it a little funny, his voice was extremely gentle when he responded. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it, I’m alright.”


“How could it be nothing.” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s waist that was bandaged like sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves(1) , and he started trembling as if he could feel how much it hurt, his eyes started turning red and his nose started to sniffle: “It must’ve hurt a lot …”

“It doesn’t hurt at all.” Mu Chongyan’s heart turned a little sour when he saw the little star pet’s pained expression. He tried to raise the stiff corners of his lips up, unfortunately, he failed to smile. “It doesn’t hurt at all, you don’t have to worry.”

“Liar…” Bai Rong stretched out his two small hands and stroked the glass, as if he was trying to soothe Mu Chongyan’s wounds, with a soft nasal voice, he asked: “… when can you get out of bed? “

“In about three days, what’s wrong?”

“Can you carry me next to your pillow.” Bai Rong twisted his little hands, his cheeks slightly red, “I can accompany you by your pillow. “

Mu Chong Yan’s eyes softened by two points in an instant, his voice also softened involuntarily: “Did you want to come and talk with me?”

“Not just talk, I, I can also sing for you.” Bai Rong rubbed his face, his jet black wet pupils overflowing with determination, “Injuries can heal faster when one is in a good mood. I’ll sing for you, so you can get better soon …”

The little star pet’s soft words seemed to float to his heart, causing all of Mu Chongyan’s body’s cells to warm up. He stared at the little star pet quietly, revealing a faint smile on his face. “…Okay.”

Seeing a small smile bloom on Mu Chongyan’s face, Bai Rong’s eyes widened in surprise, and his ears soon flushed a faint red. He had not expected that Mu Chongyan would look so dashing when he smiled so warmly.

“I….I’ll sing some of my favorite songs for you.” Bai Rong clenched his little hands,” You’ll definitely get better soon! “

“Alright.” The corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips twitched slightly when he saw the resolute, look on the fluffy ‘little tiger’, “Have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet…” Bai Rong lowered his head and rubbed his stomach, then he looked up at Mu Chongyan again, “Have you? “


“I’ve already eaten. You should go eat first, come back out again after your meal.”

“Okay.” Bai Rong nodded, the two round tiger ears on his head shaking, “Wait for me to come back, I will accompany you after I finish my meal and sing for you. “

“En.” Mu Chongyan responded, watching the ‘little tiger’ run back to the villa with his short legs. The faint warmth in his eyes had yet to disperse even after a long while had passed.

However, when Bai Rong came back out again after dinner, Mu Chongyan was already fast asleep. Bai Rong squatted down sadly staring at Mu Chongyan who looked blanch lying down.

If only there was a spell card that could quickly treat serious injuries…

Mu Chongyan’s slumber lasted three days, and during this period, doctors and nurses came and went, extracting a lot of blood from Mu Chongyan, and injecting a lot of cold medicine into him. Everyday, Bai Rong spent a lot of time near the end at which the crystal case was closest to Mu Chonyan’s bed, and watched him, praying that he would get better soon.

On the third night, Mu Chongyan finally woke up. After the doctors and nurses busied themselves again, Velas had announced that Mu Chongyan had no life threatening issues any longer. He only needed to cooperate with receiving basic treatment for about ten days before he could be discharged.

After expressing that he wasn’t feeling any discomfort anywhere, Mu Chongyan drove all doctors and nurses out of the room.

Bai Rong’s eyes were red as he watched Mu Chongyan approach the crystal glass case once the group of people left, he urged him anxiously. “You, what are you doing out of bed, go back and lie down!”

“It’s all right “Mu Chongyan lifted the top of the crystal glass case, and gently took Bai Rong into his hand. “I already feel better.”

“But you just woke up! “

As if he had suddenly thought of something, Mu Chongyan’s eyes abruptly turned dark, and his face turned colder, but it gradually softened again once he turned his attention to the little star pet. “You don’t have to worry, I’m fine.”


Bai Rong hugged Mu Chongyan’s finger, rubbing his little face on it. “You have to get better soon.”

The warm and smooth sensation brushed against his fingers, causing Mu Chongyan’s heart to warm up even further, “Alright, didn’t you say you were going to sing for me?”

“I did!” After Bai Rong was placed beside Mu Chongyan’s pillow, he gallantly patted the pillow, “What do you want to hear?”

Mu Chongyan laid down: “What songs can you sing?”

“I can sing anything!” Bai Rong climbed onto Mu Chongyan’s warm shoulders, and narrowed his eyes “I have learned a lot of new songs in the past two days, but I still like my favorite song the most.”

“What is your favorite song?”

“It’s…” Bai Rong blinked, trying to keep him on tenterhooks. His eyes curved as he softly said: “The favorite song has to be sung as the finale, shall I sing to you the ones that I recently learned?”

Mu Chongyan’s voice was dyed with mirth, “Alright, sing then.”

“En….” Bai Rong combed through the list of songs he had studied in his heart, and ultimately chose one that was popular this year in the entire sheng Ya.

He cleared his throat, faint embarrassment manifesting on his white tender face as he had never sung for anyone else before.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh ohh, ahhhh oohh heyyy, ahh saiii dee aihhh saiiii dee, ahh saii dee gee dee ge de, ah sai de ah sai de ge de, ahh~~~~ Ah ~~~~ Ah~~ ah~~, ahyayo, ahyayo…”

A quirky tone filled the ears. Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet whose neck was stretched and whose face was red as he tried his best to sing. For the first time in his life, he really wanted to laugh out loud, but he had to mobilize all his facial muscles to suppress himself from smiling……


After all, his family’s little star pet was giving his very best…

And he couldn’t really bear to douse the little star pet’s enthusiasm…

The author has something to say:

Mu Chongyan whose ears were poured with magical music: My Family’s Rong Rong is too cute.

Bai Rong Rong: Does it sound good?

Mu Chongyan: It sounds very good!

Bai Rong Rong (shy): Then next time, I’ll sing to you my favorite song, that one sounds even better!

Statement: Our manly man——Classmate Bai Rong had no problems with his pitch! His voice is also pleasant to the ear! However, his taste in music…is a bit different from everyone else’s….

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