Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 18 Was Walter poisonous?

“Come with me.” Walter’s complexion didn’t look too good, his eyes were even a little gloomy. Just as he bent down and reached his hand to fish Bai Rong up, he was quickly avoided by Bai Rong who turned around and twisted away, quickly running back to his crystal glass case. “What are you trying to do, Where’s Mu Chongyan?”

“Mu Chongyan has been injured. Come with me, I will take care of you.” Walter seemed to have remembered that he shouldn’t be facing the little star pet with this kind of look, so he softened his eyes and gently spoke: “Mu Chongyan agreed to it, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get in either. Don’t be afraid. Once Mu Chongyan gets better, I will send you back.”

“What happened to Mu Chongyan?” Bai Rong instantly seized the oddity in Walter’s words, “Did something happen to him?! “

Walter paused, and seemed to think that there wouldn’t be any problems if he were to reveal these matters to the little star pet so his face darkened a little when he spoke, “Something did happen to him, he was attacked by a ruffian who had broken into the hospital all of sudden during his medical examination, but he wasn’t heavily injured and should be discharged in less than a month. He asked me to take you home to take care of you, so you should do as you were told.”

“Attacked by a ruffian?” Bai Rong stared at Walter intently, his fair tenderl face overcome with anxiety and even a hint of anger, “Are the hospital’s security measures that lacking?!”


Hearing the little star pet ’s first reaction, Walter couldn’t help but give a mocking laugh at the bottom of his heart. Even the little star pet was aware that something was wrong. If one were to say that this incident wasn’t plotted….who would believe that?!

Were there really so many coincidences and overlooked factors that allowed those ruffians to break into the hospital’s heavy security measures and attack Mu Chongyan who had just disarmed all his weapons for the physical evaluation?! 

“These will all be explained later, right now you need to come with me first.” Walter also didn’t expect that Mu Chongyan’s first reaction after detecting that he was being targeted by a hostile force, was to actually protect this little star pet.

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“Good boy.” Mother Mu faintly smiled and went into the living room. She looked at the crystal glass case in the corner, and said, “Previously, Auntie was just outside the ward when she heard Xiao Yan say that he wanted you to help take care of the little star pet?”

“En, is there something wrong Auntie?”

Mother Mu’s expression looked a little dim, “I came here for the purpose of helping Xiao Yan take care of this little star pet. In fact, I have always regretted it ever since I left abruptly last time. I shouldn’t have quarrelled with Xiao Yan … ” Mother Mu hung her eyes and wiped the corners, her tone filled with remorse and sadness,” But what kind of parents wouldn’t want their kids to behave? I only wanted Xiao Yan to come back and live with us so I can take care of him. Walter, you are a good boy, you should understand that Aunty merely wants to use this chance to repair my relationship with Xiao Yan … “

“Auntie, don’t be too sad. Mu Chongyan wouldn’t blame you.  Hasn’t he been very obedient since he was a kid?” Walter looked at the slightly haggard looking Mother Mu, and didn’t know what to say to make it better. “Is Auntie intending to take care of the little star pet?”

“En, in this way, When Xiao Yan recovers from his injuries, he can come home to see him.” Mother Mu took out a tissue from her purse and wiped the corners of her slightly red eyes, “I just don’t know how long it would take for Xiao Yan to fully recover…”

“Don’t worry too much, auntie. I believe that Mu Chongyan will quickly recover soon.” Walter comforted Mother Mu awkwardly, “Mu Chongyan’s natural aptitude is SS class, so his self-healing ability is very strong. Not to mention, the medical level of Shengmu Hospital is so high, there’s no doubt that Mu Chongyan would be fine … “

“I hope so too. “Mother Mu’s eyes were red as she scrunched the tissue in her hand into a ball. “Walter, you’re such a good boy. You must’ve been busy all afternoon. Go back and rest.”

“Auntie, what are you planning to do?”

“I’ll bring the little star pet home first, and then, in the evening, I’m going to visit Xiao Yan at the hospital.” Seeing Walter’s uneasy look, Mother Mu looked up at Walter and smiled, “I really like this little fellow too, so I’ll definitely take good care of him, don’t worry.” 

“No, no… Auntie, I didn’t mean that.” Walter blushed.

“Silly child, auntie didn’t say anything.” Mother Mu went straight to the corner and put the crystal glass box into her spatial button. “Alright, auntie is going back first, you should quickly hurry back.”



When Bai Rong saw the scene beyond the window immediately plunging into darkness, he knew that the crystal glass case had been stored by Mother Mu into her spatial button. He sat quietly in the living room of the villa with the doors shut tightly. The ripples of anxiety and flusteredness in his heart had turned into huge waves, ruthlessly crashing down on his heart. 

In fact, when he heard Mother Mu express that she wanted to take him away, he could already conclude that he couldn’t go with Walter, but the panic and alarm he felt did not diminish in the slightest, and instead, it increasingly became more rampant. He didn’t understand why when the relationship between Mother Mu and Mu Chongyan clearly should have been closer.

Was it because he hadn’t made contact with Mother Mu at all, so he didn’t have as much cordiality for her as he did for Walter?

After about an hour had passed, the sky outside the window had finally brightened up, Bai Rong’s eyes jumped for he knew that he must’ve reached Mother Mu’s house.

Although the panic in his heart had subsided by a lot after doing an hour of mental preparations, he was still unable to produce the slightest affection and trust for Mother Mu. No matter how many times she knocked on the crystal glass case, Bai Rong did not take one step out the door.

Not long after, a barrage of abuses rang outside, followed by anxious footsteps that gradually went away. Bai Rong looked up to see the figure of Mother Mu leaving from far away.

Bai Rong breathed a sigh of relief. In all seriousness, he was really afraid that Mother Mu would directly open the crystal glass box and grab him, even if the villa roof couldn’t be opened like the cover of a box….

Bai Rong didn’t expect his situation to sour once Mu Chongyan had gotten into trouble and felt his spirits plummet. All his worries about Mu Chongyan and the anxiety caused by his situation intertwined, causing Bai Rong’s breathing to almost become blocked.

Under these circumstances, he was forced to realize Mu Chongyan’s importance —— both mentally as well as in terms of living conditions, it was something that had made him unhappy.  Bai Rong covered himself with the quilt in gloom, curling into a little ball.

After all, this unilateral dependence did not bode well. He didn’t want to be this passive, but in the end, this was all due to his identity and his status, both of which were an inconvenience. If he was taller and had a more honorable identity, the situation would not have been so terrible.

After languishing in the quilt for a long time, Bai Rong finally pulled himself together. Being dispirited did not do any good for his situation, and it was better to work hard to gain independence earlier.

Bai Rong came out of the quilt and turned the optical computer on, re-watching the course Basic Spell Cards (1) again. Then, he logged onto the virtual city and started producing the remaining types of spell cards.


At this time, at the advanced ward of Shengmu Hospital located hundreds of miles away, Mu Chongyan, who had just woken up from anesthesia, pressed on Walter’s communication terminal.

The call instantly connected, and Walter’s anxious voice rang out: “Mu Chongyan, you’re awake?!”


“Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? How are your current injuries?!” 

Mu Chongyan tried to move his right arm around a bit, then felt his lower abdomen before saying:.”The right arm’s almost fully recovered, the anesthetic in the abdomen hasn’t totally cleared up, so the specifics are still unknown.”

“What did the doctor say?”

“The nurse just went out to call the doctor.” Mu Chongyan seemed to have been thinking of something as the look in his eyes deepened. “Walter, you don’t need to worry about what happened this time, I will handle it alone.”

“That …” Walter shut his mouth, and sent a type-written message over——

“Shouldn’t we dispatch v67 to investigate it?”

“No.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes narrowed slightly, his gaze falling onto his quilt. “You just need to focus on taking care of my little star pet.” 

Walter paused for a moment, feeling somewhat guilty: “Mu Chongyan .. …. Your little star pet was taken away by your mother. “

“My mother?” The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed. “How did that happen?”


“It’s nothing really. It’s just that when I went to your house, aunt happened to be visiting as well and because she wanted to have an opportunity to reconcile with you, she took the little star pet away to take care of him….”

Mu Chongyan glanced at the corner of the ward, and fell into deep contemplation without speaking. A burst of hurried footsteps suddenly rang outside causing Mu Chongyan to shut off his optical computer but not before leaving behind a sentence. “I’ll contact you tomorrow.” 

The next moment, the door of the ward was pushed open.

“Xiao Yan.” The first to come in was Mother Mu. She anxiously ran towards the side of Mu Chongyan’s bed. “How are you feeling now?”

“I’m fine, I’m doing quite well.” Mu Chongyan looked at the so-called best doctor of Mu Sheng Hospital, Velas, bend down to examine the instruments around him and paused for two seconds before asking. “Well, how is it? Can I be discharged in 3 days?”

“Three days?!” Velas turned to stare at Mu Chongyan, his voice suddenly raised, “Do you know what injury you suffered, your abdomen was almost wrecked by the lightning bullet. Do you think you can be discharged from the hospital in three days?!”

“Xiao Yan, you shouldn’t be impatient about treating the injury. Stay in the hospital to treat it and don’t make your mother worry … ” Mother Mu rubbed her fingers anxiously in concern, and turned to Velas. “How long would it take to heal Xiao Yan’s injuries?”

“Dean, don’t worry. Xiao Yan’s physique is very good, coupled with our hospital’s medical level, he will be fully recovered within half a month, besides…”

Hearing the unfamiliar person calling himself Xiao Yan, Mu Chongyan frowned and directly interrupted: “That won’t do, the most I can stay is for a week.”

“A week is definitely out of the question!” Mother Mu retorted without thinking, “You need to take good care of your injuries!”

Mu Chongyan’s brows knit even tighter.” Mother, my injuries only appear terrifying, after a few days, it wouldn’t be of any harm.”

“No, and If I say no, I mean no!” Mother Mu’s voice was not only raised, it also became sharper, “Don’t even think about it!”

Mu Chongyan looked at the angry Mother Mu before powerlessly shifting his gaze away. No one knew more about his injury than himself. He clearly could be cured in a week… why did they have to drag it to half a month?

“Fine, I have a request then.” Mu Chongyan faintly lifted his eyes and looked at Mother Mu. “Would mother be willing to agree?”

“What is it?” Mother Mu was somewhat surprised, staring at her son who hadn’t requested her for anything since he was 7, her voice softened slightly, “Except for an early discharge, mother would agree to anything else.”

Mu Chongyan swept a glance at the doctors and nurses in the surroundings and said quietly: “Can I trouble mother to help bring my little star pet here.”

“Little star pet?” Mother Mu’s eyes changed and she was about to veto it, but she saw that everyone around her was pricking their ears up, so she changed her mind and responded: “What do you need it for? It’s going to affect your recovery!”

“It won’t, the little star pet is very obedient. I can easily pass the time watching him jump around. Didn’t mother just agree to it awhile ago?” Mu Chongyan glanced at Velas with a blank expression and continued: “If you don’t agree, I might need to change my main doctor for one with better medical skills…..”

“Dean, having a little star pet to accompany Xiao Yan would be beneficial. Patients in other wards have also brought a lot of their star pets to relieve their boredom. ”Velas stated with a smile, “It’s better to let Xiao Yan feel at ease healing his injuries, what do you think…”

Having failed to predict that Mu Chongyan would become more and more disobedient to the point that he had even learned how to threaten her, Mother Mu’s anger had been reignited, but in the end, she did not overrule his request and only pressed down on her anger: “Fine, but you have to stay here quietly! ” After saying this, she did not remain any longer and turned around, leaving the ward.

Mu Chongyan watched his mother’s leaving figure, he cast another imperceptible glance at the side before shutting his eyes closed.

… A night passed.

Just as dawn broke, Bai Rong who stayed up all night, posting all the virtual spell cards he had made in the shopping center, finally logged out in exhaustion. He then pulled the physical examination device out to scan his height.

“8.83 centimeters?!!!”

Bai Rong stared at the numbers on the screen in astonishment and disappointment again. He didn’t understand why he had only grown 0.07 centimeters taller this time around!

Was it because he didn’t touch Mu Chongyan enough?! That can’t be, he obviously didn’t secretly touch him any less than usual yesterday morning!

This was a serious problem. It was as if Bai Rong had confronted a big enemy, the panic in his heart was worse than before. After all, his growth speed had always been very stable, a sudden slight decrease could only imply that there must be a problem somewhere!

Bai Rong crossed his little legs on the bed, and carefully scrutinized the events that had happened yesterday from morning to night, and finally found a clue!

The only thing that happened differently from usual yesterday was that ——Walter had touched him early in the morning!

A little bit of resentment and annoyance flashed in Bai Rong’s eyes, but he was a little puzzled. Walter had merely touched him a little. How could he grow less from that? Was Walter poisonous in that he consumed his growing energy?!

That shouldn’t be the case because Walter appeared to be quite normal…

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