Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 17 Why is it you?!

Walter looked terrified for a second, “Uh, no thanks, Don’t you usually fight with Dai Suo…Ah I mean, partner up with him? I don’t think we would match….” He said while holding the bolster in his arms and shrinking to the side.

Asking him to partner up with Mu Chongyan had got to be a joke. He did not have masochistic tendencies!

“Dai Suo is busy, he won’t be coming back to the academy for half a month.” Mu Chongyan sat on the edge of the table and poked the little star pet’s petite face, the look in his eyes softened a bit, “If you don’t want to partner up with me, that’s fine. Uncle was asking me where you were yesterday. He told me to take you to him when I saw you. Originally I wanted to refuse, but…”

“I’ll do it! Isn’t it just partnering up! I’ll be your partner!” Walter ran up to the table with a smile on his face but he was actually crying in his heart. He patted Mu Chongyan’s shoulder like a good brother and proudly said. “How can I let my good brother go without a partner. That’s impossible!”

This was a complete and utter no zuo no die(1) situation!

  1. No zuo no die is a chinese meme that means to dig your own grave.

Bai Rong, who was holding on Mu Chongyan’s finger tightly, immediately turned starry-eyed the next second. He had just clearly seen a super tough man’s domineering air emanating from Mu Chongyan’s body!

So cool! As expected of his man!

Feeling the strength of the little star pet gripping his finger turning tighter, the corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips twitched and a faint smile flashed through his eyes. He stretched out his left hand and rubbed the little star pet’s small head, focusing on rubbing twice around the round ears on the tiger cap.

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Bai Rong watched the video and took notes for an hour and a half before closing it and logging onto the virtual city.


As soon as he logged on, the ringing sound on the watch continued incessantly. Bai Rong looked down at it and immediately poked the communication box open, “Mo Xi, what’s wrong?”

“Mu Nan. I’m in trouble, I … ..I know that my request would sound rude, but I can only ask you for help.” Mo Xi’s voice sounded extremely anxious, and even revealed a hit of embarrassment. “Mu Nan, can … can you lend me some money?”

“Mo Xi, what trouble did you get into?” Bai Rong’s voice also became anxious when he heard that something bad had happened to his only friend.

“Sorry Mu Nan, I’ll tell you the specifics of it later. I’m in a hurry right now…”

“Alright alright, don’t worry, Mo Xi. How much do you need?”

“Eight … Eight Hundred Thousand.”

“800,000?!” Bai Rong was alarmed, but he didn’t think too much about it. He immediately nodded his head and agreed, “Okay, I’ll transfer the sum over for you.”

“Mu Nan…” Mo Xi’s voice sounded a little choked up. “Thank you.”

“It’s okay, aren’t we friends?” Bai Rong transferred the money to Mo Xi, “Have you received it?”

“I’ve received it.” Mo Xi hiccuped, “Thank you, Mu Nan. I’m going offline first, I will definitely pay you back.”

“It’s alright. Handle your matters first.”

Mo Xi’s screen turned black. Bai Rong heaved a sigh when he heard that his friend had encountered an unfortunate matter, his heart feeling a little distressed.


Bai Rong exited the communication page and logged into the shopping center. He found a spell card material store that had the most favorable reviews and the most comprehensive set of materials and ordered a full set of card making materials for 30 different types of spell cards, spending about 1 million virtual star coins.

Almost half an hour later, the card materials were sent over. Bai Rong dismissed all the distracting thoughts he had and devoted himself to creating spell cards.

Seven hours passed like this without his awareness. When Bai Rong felt that he was almost unable to lift his arms, he subconsciously realized that he had been working for too long this time.

Bai Rong rubbed his sore shoulders and arms, his line of sight falling on the seventeen A-level virtual spell cards lying quietly on the table. Among them, The lowest only had 23,786 carters, and the highest had 42,367 carters.

He was planning to go offline to eat after posting all of the virtual spell cards in his store but when he pressed on the small groove on the right side of his watch, before he could start scanning the cards, another message was delivered into his inbox. 

He casually pressed it to take a look——

“Greetings Respected B-Class Spell Card Master! This is the largest virtual spell card club in the Sheng Ya Star Region—— the AS Virtual Spell Card Union. Within this union, we have the most number of revered spell card masters, the most abundant spell card information as well as the most comprehensive sets of spell card materials within the entire Sheng Ya star region. We welcome you in registering for the union. B-Class Spell Card Masters can register to become a high ranking union member for free, here is your invitation code…”

“AS Virtual Spell Card Union?” A little flame of shrewdness and pleasant surprise lit up in Bai Rong’s eyes as he repeatedly read the letter several times, “Member points can be exchanged for spell card information and spell card materials? This is too wonderful!” It was a perfect match for him who was still lacking in spell card knowledge!

But…the headquarters of this AS Virtual Charm Card Union was located in the central city. The other 300 branches were located in various B-level and C-level cities which all weren’t convenient for him to go to right now.

Bai Rong furrowed his brows in gloom. After thinking about it, he simply opened the webpage and searched for housing prices in C-class cities, he was stupefied to find that the housing prices in C-Class cities were about 100 times more expensive than those of E-class cities! And the C-Class cities that had branches of the AS Union were even more expensive compared to the average C-Class city!

“A small room of 30 square meters actually cost 9.8 million virtual star coins, Isn’t this a rip off!” Just looking at the price made Bai Rong feel a slight stinging pain, so he closed the page without hesitating.

The little miser started to meticulously count with his fingers to calculate in his heart. A small dilapidated house would cost 10 million. He also wanted to replace his card-making equipment for a slightly more advanced one. A conservative estimate of the total would be around several million dollars. Plus, he had just finished watching and learning all the spell cards in Basic Spell Cards(1) and he had to buy the remaining nine videos, which added up to about another 10 million. After learning the basics of the 360 spell cards, he would then have to buy the materials to make them. And after practicing the basics…he would have to move on to learning intermediate spell cards, and then the advanced ones…


Ahhhhhh! Bai Rong collapsed into a small…. a big ball, his face wrinkled in misery. It was as if he could already foresee the money continuously flying out of his purse!

It was really difficult to make money to support the family. Thinking that as the head of the family, he would have to bear other family expenses apart from these personal expenses in the future, combining it would definitely result into a very very very big sum, Bai Rong’s face’s face wrinkled once again into a steamed bun.

But … he had only buried his head for a few seconds, before quickly standing up again in a competitive spirit. He vigorously shook his arms around before taking a set of lightning materials and started handling it in an orderly manner.

These were his responsibilities as the head of the family. As a man, especially a man of steel, he would never shrink back, nor would he let his family and lover feel shackled by financial constraints!

With the thought that the entire family was relying on his broad and majestic chest, Bai Rong’s enthusiasm became particularly strong.

He even visualized the scene of him handsome throwing a card and allowing Mu Chongyan, whose eyes were brimming with admiration and reliance, to buy buy buy whatever he wanted. At this delusion, Bai Rong couldn’t hold himself back from suddenly bursting out in laughter.

At this time, on the other side, Mu Chongyan, who had just finished the mech combat course, was heading to the school hospital with Walter for a comprehensive medical checkup that the school had decided to conduct at the last moment.

The school hospital was actually a subsidiary of Sheng Mu Hospital, the largest hospital in the Sheng Ya Star Region. As the leading hospital in medical technology and medical equipment, regardless of whether it was the general hospital or its subordinate institutions, Shengya Hospital was extremely high-end and safe.

… At six o’clock in the afternoon, Bai Rong had finished making the twenty-first spell card, and had finally heeded the call of his continuously growling stomach, going offline to start cooking.

Bai Rong first took out a bag of ready-to-eat steak and heated it in the oven before taking a tube of nutrient dose and drinking it first to fill the stomach.

Within just a minute, the seductive aroma of the steak wafted out. Bai Rong suppressed the urge to drool while counting down the remaining time.

“(Gada)… (Gada)… (Gada)…”  Clear footsteps suddenly rang from the outside causing Bai Rong’s eyes to light up. Thinking that Mu Chongyan had come back, he bolted out quickly at once.


But just after taking one step out of the villa, he immediately became stunned.

‘Why is it you?!”

T/N: Any guesses on who the lucky person is? XD

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