Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 16 A failed seduction attempt

“Sent off?” Bai Rong’s expression changed immediately, “What do you mean?”

“It’s literally what it means.” Walter sloppily walked back to the sofa and sat down, saying. “Mu Chongyan just went to pick up his mother. The reason why his mother is coming over is to take you away.

“How do you know this?”

“I heard it.” Walter brought the little star close to him and smiled. “Auntie likes you very much. In other words, she wants to take you away. Mu Chongyan, this person, has always been a filial and obedient child, he’ll definitely send you away.” 

Bai Rong’s face became more and more unsightly, and he slapped Walter’s finger away hard, viciously telling him: “Put me down!”


“No.” Walter poked Bai Rong’s puffed up face, and snorted, “Why is your little star pet so irritable? Is there a problem with his program?”

Just as Bai Rong was about to kick Walter, he suddenly paused and became well-behaved, putting his leg down. His voice also faintly softened by two points when he spoke. “You-You’re the one who’s got problems.” 

How flexible!

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“It’s good to practice, but don’t overdo it.” Mother Mu’s gaze fell on Walter’s hand. “IS that a….star pet you’re holding in your hands?“


“Mother.” Mu Chongyan suddenly spoke up, “You can already see that I’m doing fine living here.”

“Fine, what do you mean fine, look at you, you’ve lost weight!” Mother Mu retracted her gaze, her voice turning slightly sharp. “Look at your house, it’s so small, and the housekeeping robot is really outdated. Isn’t this version from years ago? Can it really take good care of you?! Quickly pack up and return to the Duke’s Manor with me.”

“I’m really doing fine here.” Mu Chongyan’s voice remained unchanged, “Mother doesn’t have to worry. “

“If you know that I’m worried, then come back with me.” Mother Mu stroked her chest with her left hand to calm herself. “You’re not a child anymore. If you understand then stop trying to infuriate me!”

Mu Chongyan watched her familiar movements, and bowed his head slightly, respectfully replying, “Mother truly doesn’t need to be angry. The environment here is good, and it is near the academy. There is nothing wrong with it.” Then he instructed the housekeeping robot to cook. “Mother, would you like to have a meal with us?”

Seeing that Mu Chongyan was implying his refusal, Mother Mu’s complexion turned ugly, “So you don’t want to listen to me. You’ve made up your mind not to go back, is that right?”

Mu Chongyan hung his head down, concealing the look in his eye, “This place is really nice. Mother truly doesn’t have to worry.”

“Fine fine fine! I see that you are now an adult, and you’re ready to spread your wings, so now you’re refusing to listen to your parents any longer!” Mother Mu pointed at Mu Chongyan and was about to say something more until she suddenly remembered that there was still an outsider present. She then suppressed her anger and put her hand down, but since the fire couldn’t be released and the words were stuck at her throat, it pushed her to the verge of explosion. “Since you don’t recognize me as your mother, we won’t care about you any longer and you won’t receive a single penny from us in the future!” 

Mother Mu glared at Mu Chongyan and took her little purse, stomping towards the door and leaving, The sound of her heels clacking on the ground expressed her burst of anger.

The door slammed shut, and the room was immediately overtaken by silence for a while.

“Cough …” A moment later, Walter rubbed his nose awkwardly, asking hesitantly, “Mu Chongyan, do you want to apologize to aunty …”

“You don’t need to concern yourself.” Seeing that the housekeeping robot had almost finished cooking the meal, Mu Chongyan walked over and took Bai Rong from Walter’s hand. “If you are not hungry, you can just stare blankly on the sofa.”


“I am hungry, Why would I not be hungry?!” Walter rushed to the table and sat down. “I’m starving. What delicious food have you got?”

“Nothing delicious. Didn’t you hear it just now? My living expenses are being cut off.” Mu Chongyan glanced expressionlessly at him while rubbing the furry shark fin on the little star pet’s back. Bai Rong sat rigidly and obediently at the table, allowing the finger to rub his back. A trace of indulgence and helplessness flashed across his face.

Sigh. To be a tough guy is to be like this. To always be able to provide a broad and powerful chest to his hurt lover as a harbor of warmth and tolerance.

“What, can you stop pretending with me?” Walter muttered to himself. “You? Running short of money? Weren’t you already earning money six years ago?”

Mu Chongyan didn’t say anything, only feeling that his mockery was ridiculous. He considered his mother’s words to be a pity, but they were completely ineffective on him.

To clarify a little, he started participating in Youth Mecha Contests six years ago and won award money from them. The accumulated award money from all these years had amounted to about billions. In fact, all his expenses during these years couldn’t even make up for half of the award money. But … now his personal account only had about several million star coins. As to where the remaining money had gone … only his mother who kept his assets for him knew.

Feeling the low pressure and coldness being emitted from Mu Chongyan’s body, Bai Rong turned around and hugged that finger, planting a soft kiss on it.

Don’t be sad, even if you don’t have any money, I won’t hate you.

When Mu Chongyan felt a pacifying kiss pressed gently on his finger, he was stunned for a moment. The soft and moist touch penetrated the skin a little bit through the very thin nerve fibers, and travelled along the countless cells into his heart. A numbing feeling arose in the softest tip of his heart as Mu Chongyan became entirely paralyzed because of this strange and magical feeling.

Mu Chongyan moved his fingers around in panic and with reluctance. He lowered his head, sweeping a gaze at the small star pet’s concerned and comforting face. The softness he felt in his heart was like Mars falling on the winter grassland, burning everything in its path in an instant.

“Mu Chongyan.” Walter saw that his good friend’s face had turned stiff and motionless, so he opened his mouth in concern, “Are you alright? Are you still worried that aunt was angry?”

Walter’s voice had caught Mu Chongyan off guard, pulling him out of his reverie. Although Mu Chongyan was reluctant, he felt glad yet his face became even stiffer. “I’m fine.”


“Are you sure?”

The short and stout robot set dinner on the table, Mu Chongyan’s gaze fell on the meal, and he said quietly. “I’m fine, just start eating.”

Seeing Mu Chongyan’s response return to normal, Walter retracted the words he was about to say and took the slice of toast from his plate to start eating.

Mu Chongyan faintly lowered his head, his fingers slightly touching the little star pet’s white tender cheek before he quickly retracted his hand, and looked away stiffly: “What do you want to eat?”

“Mutton, grilled fish, vegetables.” Bai Rong scanned the dining table, crisply pointing it out.

“En.” Mu Chongyan clipped the tenderest parts of each food, and cut them into small pieces, placing them in Bai Rong’s plate.

Walter was watching Mu Chongyan’s skilful and natural movements when he suddenly drew a sharp breath into his lungs, and started coughing heavily.

Mu Chongyan peeled Walter off the table, “Go and cough to the side.”

“Cough … cough … you …” Walter coughed to the point his whole face had turned red. He coughed his lungs out for half a minute before stopping, and complained angrily as soon as he was finally able to inhale air: “Mu Chongyan, don’t you have any bit of humanity! Your first reaction was not to pat my back but to take me out?”

Mu Chongyan didn’t even lift his eyes. “Are you going to eat the food that was tainted by your saliva from coughing?”

“I …” Walter stretched his neck out. “Why wouldn’t I eat it?!”

It was his saliva after all!


Mu Chongyan glanced at Walter with an expressionless face, causing Walter to immediately shrink his neck back like a chicken and stay silent. Walter then ate the food behavedly. He was sure that Mu Chongyan was telling him with his eyes “If you continue speaking, I’ll add saliva into your food in the future!” 

Funnily enough, Mu Chongyan still owed him a meal at Di Zhi! He couldn’t grumble any longer, otherwise he would be the one suffering a loss!

The three people ate quietly and harmoniously. After the meal, Mu Chongyan played with the little star pet on the sofa for a while before returning to the room and logging onto the virtual city to continue his mech training.

As for … Walter who had sought asylum from Mu Chongyan in fear of being beaten up by his father after he had stirred some trouble, he seized the sofa as soon as Mu Chongyan left and lied down playing games.

Bai Rong stood far away by the door, staring at the mischievous Walter. He sighed very deeply like an old grandfather.

Fortunately, Mu Chongyan was not as troublesome as Walter, otherwise he would’ve worried to death about this family’s future…

Bai Rong ran back home and turned on the optical computer, placing all his attention on finishing the spell card making video. After watching the production process of the 31st type of card, he got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. Then he returned to shut the optical computer off before heading to bed.

The next morning, as usual, Bai Rong woke up, scanned himself, washed up, and marked a new number in the mud dish— [8.76]

After noting this down, Bai Rong threw the stalk aside and went to the closet to find a very mighty tiger attire to put on.

Bai Rong turned in front of the mirror and when he was satisfied, he walked out of the villa majestically.

Yup, the ocean overlord is tired, so now it was time for the king of the jungle to shine.

Walter woke up in a daze, his head lying askewed on the sofa. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw a furry tiger who was barely the size of a palm, step out of the glass box in the corner of the living room. He felt like he could die from the cuteness as his whole person became invigorated.

Walter immediately leapt up from the sofa and rushed towards the crystal glass case at mach speed. Reaching out a hand, he held the resolute, cold and overbearing looking Bai Rong in his hands.

“What ……what are you doing?” Bai Rong, who was caught up in acting like an overbearing tiger, was suddenly taken by surprise. He was so frightened his tiger front was about to crumble. “L-let go of me!”

The furry tiger with a tender small face struggled in his hand. Bubbles started foaming on the top of Walter’s head turning pink from the cuteness, and his mouth started spilling words of enticement. “Little fellow, do you want to go with me? Mu Chongyan, that big ice cube, doesn’t know how to pamper a little star pet at all, I can love you….ow——!!!”

A flying bolster struck the back of Walter’s head with great strength, causing him to fall onto the ground!

Mu Chongyan quickly walked over and picked up the frightened little star. He couldn’t help but blame himself a little. He should have known to take the little star pet first before viciously beating Walter.

Fortunately, the little star was not injured, Mu Chongyan dropped his gaze slightly, his fingers gently rubbed the back of the little star pet who had curled up into a ball, worry slowly spreading in his eyes.

Little ball Bai Rong with slightly flushed cheeks: Ahhh, that was too exciting! It was just like jumping off of a building! Sure enough, only a true manly man can remain nonchalant after experiencing such a stimulus!!!

On the other hand, Walter rubbed the back of his head, glaring at Mu Chongyan angrily and completely being unaware that he was captured in the act of seducing the little star pet: “Mu Chongyan, you are too cruel. Don’t you know that you can render me mentally impaired from that?” He said as he patted the bolster in his hand fiercely, “How sick are you to use such a stiff bolster!”

“There’s a mech combat class this afternoon.” Mu Chongyan casually ordered the housekeeping robot to cook, “Come and partner up with me.”

The author has something to say:

[The Little Theater’s Primary School Student’s Story]

Mu Chongyan: You dare steal my girlfriend, don’t you leave after school today, I challenge you to a fight!

Bai Rong (wearing a furry tiger suit at the side, waving his fist excitedly): Fighting hubby! Fighting!

Mu Chongyan (strokes head): Good boy.

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