Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 14 A Family Crisis!

The black bold characters on the screen flickered slightly:

Tested spell card: Fire Type Card

Spell Card Energy: 13,678 Carters

Comprehensive evaluation: B Class

B Class!!!!


The crowd surrounding the card making room were frozen in place. They looked at each other for a few seconds before a much more heated discussion and exclamation erupted!

“It’s … it’s actually a B-class !!!”

“Dear God, It’s been decades since a spell card master who can produce a B-class virtual spell card appeared in the New Golden City! This Mu Nan is too amazing!

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“Rv’p vawl vbyv Yw Lyd’p yxygkdt, cwv vblal’p psxlvbkdt see ycswv vbkp. Tl … bl nswzed’v rsppkczu cl y dlonsxla aktbv?!”

“Fwalzu dsv! Ohld vbspl tldkwp prlzz nyae xypvlap obs clnyxl qyxswp kd vbl ldvkal Fbldt Zy rzydlv, olald’v yczl vs rasewnl y prlzz nyae vbyv bye y nzypp obld vblu qkapv nyxl kdvs nsdvynv okvb prlzz nyaep. Ysalshla, vbkp kp y J-nzypp hkavwyz prlzz nyae ol’al vyzjkdt ycswv!”

“Jwv vbkp Yw Lyd nzlyazu eked’v byhl y alnsaele Frlzz Uyae Yypvla Sydj … “


Usxrzlvlzu wdyoyal sq vbl ekprwvl byrrldkdt swvpkel, Jyk Ssdt pvyale kdvldvzu yv vbl ckt ‘J’ zlvvla pbsonyple sd vbl pnalld yde qasodle. Tkp tygl clnsxkdt y zkvvzl nsxrzknyvle.

“Yw Lyd, &dcpr;usw’al vss yxygkdt. R eked’v vbkdj kv oswze ynvwyzzu cl y J-nzypp!” Ys Dk nblljp yzps pvyavle vs qzwpb okvb lmnkvlxldv yde bl ryvvle Jyk Ssdt’p pbswzela okvb yzz bkp pvaldtvb. “R alyzzu dlle vs vbydj usw vbkp vkxl, clnywpl ol’al elqkdkvlzu tskdt vs okd!”

“Od… ” Jyk Ssdt vwadle bkp blye yde pxkzle yv Ys Dk, clqsal vwadkdt cynj yaswde vs pvyal yv vbl ckt J zlvvla. Wsa psxl kdlmrzknyczl alypsd, bl nswze qllz psxlvbkdt czsnjkdt wr bkp blyav, zkjl y calyvb oyp pvwnj kd bkp vbasyv, okvb ds oyu vs ts wr sa esod….

Jyk Ssdt tzssxkzu pdkqqzle. Tl alnyzzle vbyv lhla pkdnl bl bye qkapv pvyavle vyjkdt lmyxp, bl bye dlhla tsvvld y pnsal clzso G. Tl byed’v lhld plld yd “G-“, cwv dso…bl bye ynvwyzzu tsvvld y J…!

Bai Rong grievously gnashed his teeth, and silently pulled the fire type card out of the detector. In his heart, a miniature figure of himself squatted in the corner with his head hung, curling into the picture of a mushroom.


“People are really too greedy…” Bai Rong muttered aggrievedly. Even though he had clearly made mental preparations to accept failure, why did it still feel a bit uncomfortable to see a B despite having succeeded…

“What did you say?” Mo Xi looked at Bai Rong. Why did he feel that this big man didn’t seem to be happy at all?

“It’s nothing …” Bai Rong put away the fire type card and looked down at the time. “There’s still one more minute before the end of the fight, shall we go out now?”

“Let’s go. The result of the fight will come out automatically.” Mo Xi’s complexion tensed up slightly. He had just remembered that Mu Nan’s performance was completely unlike a novice’s, so there was a possibility that the Dragon Snake Clan… would perhaps renege on this competition.

Half a minute later, Bai Rong and Mo Xi returned to the Spell Card Trade Center’s third floor hall. In the center of the hall, there was a screen that was more than ten meters wide and two meters high. The screen would immediately display the results of the contest, and Bai Rong’s spell card results had already been announced on the screen.

The entire hall or rather the entire spell card trading center had been stirred into an uproar due to the announcement of this spell card test results!

“Mu Nan, wait for the results of the Dragon and Snake Club to be released, regardless of whether they refused to acknowledge the game or not, we will have to quickly escape.” Sensing that they had attracted too much attention and commotion, Mo Xi subconsciously felt an ominous premonition. He tugged Bai Rong’s sleeve and whispered to him: “A B-class virtual spell card is too ostentatious in New Golden City, it would definitely attract all kinds of forces who we can not afford to offend, it’s best that we go home first and hide for a while, remember to…… “

“Mo Xi.” Bai Rong suddenly pulled Mo Xi’s arm and pointed at the screen: “The results of the Dragon Snake Clan’s spell card are out. “

“It’s already out?” Mo Xi raised his head quickly, and found a few new lines of bold text appearing on the screen.

Competition-Use Card-Making Room 403

Tested Spell Card: Fire Type Card

Spell Card Energy: 378 Carters


Comprehensive evaluation: E Class

“We won!” Mo Xi’s fingers clenched tightly, and his voice trembled slightly. Even though he was already prepared for this result, he still couldn’t help feel excited at the moment.

“En.” A smile had also appeared on Bai Rong’s face, but out of the corner of his eyes, he coincidentally saw the people from the Dragon Snake Clan approaching them, and at the sight of this, his smile became insipid, “They’ve come out.”

Liu Meichen, who usually had a charming smile on, had a very ugly look on her face. It was evident that she had already been informed of Bai Rong’s card making results. When she saw Mo Xi and Bai Rong, she exposed an extremely mocking smile.

“Aiyo, look who we have here. Where did this C-class Spell Master come from? Did you give up living in the big city to come running to our little New Golden City and pretend to be a newcomer? Tsk, how low of you.”

“Liu Meichen, watch what you say!” The fire in Mo Xi’s heart was ignited once again, “Don’t think that eating a few pieces of shit gives you the right to slander other people. After all, for what reason did this showdown have to happen if it were not a part of your scheme in the first place?!”

“How did you think it happened? Of course it happened in an honorable way.” A trace of twistedness manifested on Liu Meichen’s face. “It’s your kind that obviously……”

“Sister Mei Chen, the boss wants to talk to you.” The big man at the side saw that Liu Meichen’s wristwatch was flashing and interrupted Liu Meichen midspeech.

“Get lost!” Liu Meichen was extremely unhappy from being interrupted. She glared at the big man before poking at the communication terminal on her wrist, then in the next second, her voice became sweet. “Brother Hualai, it’s Meichen. What’s the matter?”

It was unclear what was being said on the other end but Liu Meichen ’s face had turned even more ugly than when she first arrived at the third floor hall. The gloom in her eyes seemed to condense into an essence. In the end, she smiled while somewhat gnashing her teeth. “Alright. I understand. I’ll listen to you, rest assured.”

After hanging up on the call, Liu Meichen bitterly looked at Mo Xi and an extremely warped smile floated on her face,” … we concede our defeat.” She said while taking out a white flat jade box and handing it over to Bai Rong. “This is the stake of our bet.”

Bai Rong took it. “Is the C-class virtual defense card inside of it?”


“Why don’t you open it and see?” Liu Meichen turned her head and left. The rest of the members of the Dragon Snake Clan gave Bai Rong nasty looks before following her out and leaving.

Bai Rong didn’t open the case, and merely stuffed it into Mo Xi’s hands, “Mo Xi, I want to sell the B-class virtual fire card that I just made, how do I sell it?”

Mo Xi held the jade box stunned for a moment and only managed to speak after a few seconds later, “You can sell it directly to the Spell Card Trading Center, or you can put up a post about it there and wait for other people to come buy it. The price of the former option is generally lower, but the latter option requires 8 percent of the price to be given to the trading center.”

“Oh……” Bai Rong thought for a moment, “Then I’ll just sell it directly.” After all, he urgently needed money.

The two arrived at the trading hall on the second floor. Bai Rong sold the Class B virtual fire card for 1.8 million virtual stars coins, and Mo Xi sold two C-class virtual defense cards for the price of 240 thousand virtual star coins, then he immediately transferred 120,000 of them to Bai Rong.

“Don’t refuse it, if you refuse, we can’t be friends anymore.” Mo Xi blocked out Bai Rong’s arguments directly and smiled: “My family just came home, I need to hurry and log off, let’s see each other again next time.”

” … Alright.”

Bai Rong reluctantly watched Mo Xi exit and flag a flying car before slowly heading to the real estate center to buy an extremely tiny house for 80,000 virtual star coins. He then logged out, exiting the virtual city.

After spending more than two hours in the virtual city, the time was currently only 9:50, Bai Rong rubbed his eyes and trotted to the bathroom to wash up.

After washing, Bai Rong came back and opened the spell card making video, he watched it earnestly while hugging a small pillow.

The Spell Card Master in the spell card making video simply carried out the production steps. Aside from briefly introducing the material names and characteristics while he was handling the materials, he remained completely silent the rest of the time. There were no key points or precautions being mentioned at all. 

Bai Rong watched with rapt attention while opening a notebook and recording down the doubtful points. The only reason why he was able to copy the behavior of this B-class spell card master without error was because he had accumulated a lot of experience of solely relying on his strong memory as well as carried out several high-precision experiments. It didn’t mean that he had a complete and thorough understanding of each step at all.


But … even if it were any other newcomer, regardless of whether they watched it a hundred times or a thousand times, it was impossible to produce a virtual charm card that was above E class from the get go.

After watching and making notes on the rest of the video, Bai Rong exhaustedly turned off the optical computer and shrank inside the small quilt, falling into a deep sleep.

In the early morning of the next day, Bai Rong first took out the physical examination device and scanned his height as usual. He pulled the crushed and flattened little dinosaur hat up, and got out of bed to pick up the small stalk, drawing a new figure on the mud dish——[8.66].

He went to the bathroom in a content mood and washed up. After washing, Bai Rong returned to his room to change back into the set of shark clothes. He then trotted outside the crystal glass box and waited for Mu Chongyan.

Not long had passed when Mu Chongyan had walked out wearing dark green clothes that looked slightly tight on him. When Bai Rong looked at the cool looking military uniform, his eyes lit up.

These clothes were simply too manly!

Feeling delighted and even slightly giddy while being carried to the dining table, Bai Rong clung onto Mu Chongyan’s fingers without moving.

Seeing the little star pet’s face rippling with waves of excitement and not letting go of his finger, a small smile bloomed in the depths of Mu Chongyan’s eyes: “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Bai Rong smiled revealing little canines, “Hehe, your clothes look so nice.”

“Do you like it?”

“En En!” Bai Rong nodded quickly, a sweet little dimple squeezed out from his right cheek, and his eyes were glowing with the words “If you can see that I like it, please get the drift and offer me the exact same clothes please!”

“Oh…” Mu Chongyan pressed down on the corners of his lips, his voice cold and serious: “I like it too.”

“…” Bai Rong was a little bit embarrassed. Why did this unfold differently from how he imagined it to be?!

“Hurry up and eat.” Mu Chongyan secretly smiled, placing the fluffy blue shark next to the plate.

“Oh…” Bai Rong grievously slapped his cheeks, and scooped up a spoonful of shrimp porridge into his mouth.

Watching the little star pet stuff his cheeks in rage and finishing. Mu Chongyan’s mood unexpectedly became better. Although he secretly felt in his heart that having these kinds of thoughts were unacceptable, Mu Chongyan pressed down on the raised corners of his mouth, and quickly resolved breakfast. Then, he carried the little star pet back to the crystal glass case.

Bai Rong clung onto the crystal glass case, and frowned watching Mu Chongyan leave. He then returned home and turned the optical computer on, browsing for “Genius Girl Spell Card Master: Asking the Overbearing Marshal to Please Let Me Go”.

Mu Chongyan was so cold to him today. There was clearly something wrong with the situation! 

After searching over and over again, Bai Rong looked at the current page, having been unsuccessful in finding any traces of the video, and angrily slammed the table. Di Mu Chongyan actually block his privileges?!

Sure enough, there really was a problem!!!

Feeling that he had encountered a very grim family crisis, Bai Rong hurriedly logged onto the virtual city and sent an urgent message to Mo Xi.

“Mo Xi, quickly send me the complete set of ‘Genius Girl Spell Card Master: Asking Overbearing Marshal to Please Let Me Go!’. It’s extremely urgent! You must send it now! I‘m in a hurry to watch it!”

Mo Xi, who was about to exit the virtual city: “….. “

After a long pause, Mo Xi typed in a line of words with a complicated expression, “Watching these won’t help with card making.”

“I’m not watching it for the sake of card making, I’m using it for other purposes, I’m watching it for the drama!”

Mo Xi’s expression turned even more complicated. “Are you…..sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, if you have any other similar movies, TV shows or books, you could also send them to me!” Bai Rong typed in big paragraphs going ‘tatata’, “If I need to pay for anything, let me know and I will transfer the money to you!”

“…” Mo Xi suddenly felt a slight pain in his lungs. “No need, there is no charge for these movies and TV shows.” He then quickly downloaded two TV shows similar to ‘Overbearing Marshal Please Let Me Go’ and sent them over.

Then he sent a message in haste: “Mu Nan, I’m going off. Let’s talk again next time.”

“Okokok, bye!” Bai Rong looked at the titles displayed on the screen. ‘Genius Girl Spell Card Master: Asking Overbearing Marshal to Please Let Me Go’, ‘The Beauty’s Poor Life: The Evil Heartthrob Is Bullying Me’ and ‘The Only Darling of a Powerful Family: The Hundred Billion Little Wives of the Evil Majesty’ and a raging fighting spirit was instantly lit in his eyes!

The author has something to say: 

[Little Chrysanthemum Love Class in the Little Theater]
Teacher Chrysanthemum: Today, we will analyze the love philosophy inside the story of 100 billion little wives.
Mu Chongyan: I suddenly have a bad feeling about this.
Bai Rong Rong: Hmph, Hmph. Are you feeling guilty? Short of breath?
Mu Chongyan: No. I feel like I need to download “Augustus’ Ideology of Love Philosophy”……

PS.The creation of virtual spell cards is a bit easier than creating them in real life. For example, the difficulty of creating a D-class virtual spell card is the same as creating an E-class spell card in reality, so those who could make a ‘D-class virtual spell card’ or an  ‘E-class real spell card’ will be called an E class spell card master, and so on. [Those who were able to make an E-class virtual spell card will be registered as a qualified spell card master.]

And the value of virtual spell cards will be lower than the actual class of the same spell card. A D-class virtual spell card and an E-class real spell card would not differ much in price, and so on.

PS. Spell Cards Energy Ranking
E class Spell Card: 1——500 Carters
D class Spell Card: 501——2000 Carters
C class Spell Card: 2000——8000 Carters
B class Spell Card: 80001——20000 Carters
A class Spell Card: 20001——50000 Carters
S class Spell Card: 50001——200000 Carters
SS class Spell Card: 200000——1000000 Carters
SSS class Spell Card: 1000000 Carters and above

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