Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 13.2 A genius appears! (2)

“Mo Xi.” Bai Rong moved his body, and turned around, patting Mo Xi’s shoulder in excitement saying: “Let’s get started then.”

“En.” Mo Xi sighed in his heart. He had already finished making mental preparations to suffer a crushing defeat. He did not blame Mu Nan for this, because the moment that news of him producing a C-class defensive card leaked out, he should have already been prepared for the card to be snatched by the Dragon Snake Clan.

“First, prepare the card solution. The main material used to make the fire type card’s solution is the Jinlin stone. The first step is to melt the Jinlin stone, and the temperature of the crystal pot should be adjusted to one thousand and two … hey you!” Mo Xi saw that Bai Rong had adjusted the temperature to 1,800 and his voice immediately turned anxious. “Why are you adjusting so high?!”

Bai Rong kept moving and replied innocently: “The video I watched had it adjusted to 1,800 degrees.”

“That would be the first step for a C-Class or even a B-Class Spell Card Master! This method of material handling is very demanding. As a novice, you simply aren’t…” Mo Xi’s voice suddenly paused. He stared in amazement at Bai Rong who had already started stirring the completely melted Jinlin stone liquid. He stirred it by drawing an 8 figure 6 times and then slowly stirred in circles 18 times in the second half until the jinlin stone liquid faintly revealed a golden green color. He immediately adjusted the temperature to 3000 degrees and poured the crystal energy solution in, and stirring it in an elliptical shape a dozen times. Then he added a red leaf and drew a circle at uniform speed. The instant the red leaf melted, he sprinkled 0.8 grams of wood powder….


The entire process was carried out cleanly and sharply, completely unalike the skills of a novice!! 

“You…” Mo Xi was shocked to the point he was speechless. Mu Nan’s techniques were not only skilled and clean, he completely lacked the timid nature of a novice and simply acted like a C class or even a B class Spell Card Master. He couldn’t help but start suspecting that this Mu Nan was not a novice at all! 

However … it was impossible for a spell master above C classto have not created a virtual spell card that has a class!

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“Hey guys …come check this out! Quick!” The spell card master exclaimed in a sharp voice, “The oaf has already started drawing on the card!” 


However, the others didn’t move, only a few sounds of sneering were heard.

“Drawing on the card? That’s impossible. Didn’t they already give up on the competition?!”

“Yeah, they’ve only been working for a few minutes. It shouldn’t have been enough time for them.”

“Ah Pooh! Still drawing cards? This daddy had waited more than 10 minutes for them and didn’t see them move a muscle! Because of that, I couldn’t even find a good close position to look at this side..” A middle aged man who had been learning how to make spell cards for 7-8 years but had still been unable to form an E-class virtual spell card, bellowed in rage. “If you’re trying to trick us to go over, wouldn’t you be better off observing here and learning?!”

“Why would I lie to you. I am already an E-class spell card master, would I still need to watch that child to learn?!” The spell card master became unhappy, “If you don’t want to come, then forget it!”

Seeing that the spell card master was acting as if he was telling the truth, a few spell card masters standing on the edge of the group turned around and walked over. One of them even laughed as he walked over: “Di Xi, I haven’t seen you in a month, did you go learn how to act? Because the way you’re acting is too…” The man’s voice was suddenly cut off, as if his neck was being choked, and it took a full seven or eight seconds before he sucked in a mouth of cold air, “Oh my god, he’s already finished painting half of the card?!!!”

Due to the man’s much more exaggerated ‘acting’, several people’s curiosity had been tickled, and the crowd who had remained motionless as if they were stone statues, suddenly came to life, rushing over to this side one after the other.

What entered their sights was the great big hulk of man painting lines of raging flames on the card extremely seriously, and the complicated yet exquisite flames were already half finished!

In an instant, the crowd gasped in succession, crying out in astonishment in waves. Every one of them tried to squeeze forward desperately in shock, trying to catch a glance of the oaf’s drawing!

Bai Rong, who was inside the room, was completely unaware of the commotion he had caused. He wrinkled his brows tightly, looking at the slightly rough lines he drew which were caused by his lack of proficiency and control in power. The word ‘dissatisfaction’ kept repeatedly floating around and bouncing in his heart. But the process of drawing the card was required to be done in one stroke, so he could only bear all discontent and continue to draw.

Mo Xi watched Bai Rong’s familiar actions, and was even more convinced that Mu Nan was not a greenhorn. Those newcomers who were considered to be geniuses were only able to keep the pen tip on the card surface, but they would usually stop at certain places repeatedly in hesitation, yet ever since this Mu Nan placed his pen down, he had not even paused the slightest once!

Mo Xi stared at Bai Rong closely, and after he had thought of something, his cheeks flushed in excitement.


The line under the pen tip flowed more smoothly and perfectly, causing Bai Rong’s brows to gradually loosen by two points. When Bai Rong made a sharp hook on the last long ripple, he quickly moved the pen tip away.

A burst of red light suddenly flashed forth from the card. Card complete!

“The card is completed!” Mo Xi couldn’t help himself from excitedly stepping forward.

“Fortunately, it’s completed.” Bai Rong looked at the red card that slowly stopped glowing, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. “Mo Xi, what do you think the class of the card will be?”

“There is a card detector here.” Mo Xi reached out a hand, pointing at the white machine in the northeast corner, his tone quivered slightly. “This instrument can detect and archive the data of spell cards.”

“This is a spell card detector?” Bai Rong’s eyes lit up. He immediately took the fire type card and walked towards the corner. The crowd surrounding the room squeezed forward even more, desperately straining their necks to watch the huge screen.

Bai Rong impatiently inserted the spell card inside.

The spell card detector’s screen flashed for a moment, and after a few seconds, a few lines of black bold text had appeared.

In the next moment, both the inside and the outside of the card making room went quiet, so quiet that for a period of time, even the sound of breathing had disappeared.

The author has something to say:

[Deep feelings within the small theater]
Bai Rong (excited): The river flows eastward, the Bai Rong who can make cards is the toughest man wa, heyheyheyheyhey the toughest man wa, never looking back in fire or water wa!
Mu Chongyan (cold-faced): Hmph, Seeing that you’re so happy playing outside, it looks like you don’t want to grow any taller anymore.
Bai Rong (terrified for a second): Nonono, I want to grow taller
Mu Chongyan: Hmph.
Bai Rong (Frowning in sadness in a flash): This is the second consecutive chapter that hubby hasn’t appeared in, I miss him, I miss him….

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