Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 13.1 A genius appears! (1)

“Ah? Nonono! I can’t make a card!” Bai Rong hurriedly shook his head. He hadn’t even touched a spell card before, how could he participate in a spell card showdown on Mo Xi’s behalf?!

“It’ll be fine.” Mo Xi patted Bai Rong’s arm in comfort, “As long as you follow what I say, it doesn’t matter if it comes out good or not.” He didn’t really expect the Mu Nan to make a spell card that had a class, as long as it was complete, there shouldn’t be any problems at all.”

After all was said and done, it was just a gamble on that tiny little bit of possibility.

“The- …Then alright.” Seeing Mo Xi’s gaze reveal a hint of begging, Bai Rong agreed uneasily. He then pressed on his watch to conceal some of his private information, and projected the rest of it out.

Personal identification number: ***


Name: Mu Nan

Contact Number: ***

Mech Soldier Rank: NA

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Frlzz Uyae Yypvla Sydj: LG

Ylnb Yyjla Sydj: LG

Slpkeldvkyz yeealpp: ***


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“A defense card.”


“That won’t work.” Liu Meichen’s pupils roamed around as she smiled: “Defensive cards are your specialty, I don’t hold a candle to you at all.”

“Then which card do you intend to appoint?” Mo Xi’s gaze grew darker. He knew this woman wasn’t going to allow this showdown to run smoothly.

“A fire type card.” Liu Meichen’s red lips hooked up slightly, “You already know that my specialty lies in ice blade cards. It wouldn’t be to your advantage at all.”

“A fire type card?” After going through the fire type card material preparations and production steps in his head, Mo Xi remained silent for a long time and ultimately nodded his head in agreement. “Fine.” The skills required to handle fire type cards were not demanding, so it was considered one of the more suitable cards for novices to make. It ought to be more appropriate for Mu Nan to make as well.

“Then, shall we begin in ten minutes?” Liu Meichen clapped her hands, and a person behind her immediately headed towards the material hall on the first floor to buy two sets of the fire type card materials.

“Sure.” Mo Xi’s eyes sharpened slightly. “The duration will be set to an hour.”

Generally, D-class spell card masters only needed half an hour to produce a fire type card, but newbies would need at least 50 minutes or more. Liu Meichen thought for a while before nodding in agreement: “That’s fine, we’ll do it just the way little brother says.” She said, walking towards the working station. She tossed a charming look at one of the staff members, asking, “Can I trouble you to open up two competing spell card making rooms.”

“Alright alright, please wait a minute.” The staff member reluctantly shifted his greasy eyes away, inputting instructions in the optical computer. After a few seconds, he handed two cards to Liu Meichen and solicitously said. “Fourth floors 402 and 403.” 

“Okay, thank you~” Liu Meichen sent a sexy flying kiss to the staff member, before turning around and handing one of the cards to Mo Xi, “Little brother, please~ “

Mo Xi didn’t spare her a glance as he took the card and the materials. He then pulled the bitter faced Bai Rong to the fourth floor. The people who had gathered around them for a long time quickly dispersed before regrouping again to follow them upstairs. They pressed their voices down as they discussed in excitement.

“Who do you think will win between Mo Xi and Liu Meichen?”

“It’s Liu Meichen for sure. Since when did the Dragon Snake Clan suffer before. She wouldn’t have agreed to this competition if she wasn’t sure of the outcome!” 


“That’s pretty reasonable. I also think it’s going to be Liu Meichen, besides, she has way more experience than Mo Xi. It’s been nearly 10 years since she’s been promoted to a D-class Spell Card Master!” 

“You can’t just say that.” A new voice stuck in. “What’s the use of seniority? It has only been a year since Mo Xi was promoted from being an E-class Spell Card Master to a D-class, and he doesn’t seem to have reached the age of twenty yet?! His talent is extraordinary! I’m supporting him!”

“What’s the use of having an extraordinary talent when the one who’s making the card isn’t even him.” Another voice scorned, “Look at the silly big guy next to him. Does he look like he can make cards? It looks more like he’s going to break the cards instead! I can’t say the same for Liu Meichen’s apprentice though. I heard that he’s pretty gifted.”

“Where did you hear that, news about her little apprentice has been concealed oddly tight.”

“I heard my cousin say that her classmate’s brother-in-law’s neighbor’s brother-in-law’s older female cousin was sitting in the front of a Dragon Snake Clan meeting….”

… Just as people behind agreed simultaneously that Mo Xi and the oaf would definitely lose, Bai Rong and Mo Xi had just entered the competition-use card-making room and closed the door.

Inside this card-making room, one couldn’t see what was going on outside, but the people from the outside could see everything inside the room clearly. There was also a recording camera that didn’t record any sounds and a professional card detector. The detector could test and evaluate the card making process of the competition, and once the spell card was inserted inside it, the results would immediately be archived.

“Mo Xi, I would like to watch a video of making a fire type card for a while.” After finally getting rid of the large group that followed them from behind like mosquitoes, Bai Rong quickly spoke up. Just now, he had spent 8,800 virtual star coins to buy a 160 minute long video. It was a detailed process of a C-class spell card master making six different basic spell cards (energy card, airflow card, defense card, fire type card, ice blade card, and water screen card).

“You’re trying to watch it now?!” Mo Xi’s eyes widened. Did Mu Nan not know that an hour isn’t considered much for a novice who was trying to learn how to make a fire type card! 

The people outside the card room saw Mo Xi’s expression of shock which even carried a faint hint of collapse, and they became even more certain that they would lose.

“En.” Bai Rong nodded earnestly. He was confident that after he had watched the video once, he would be able to remember the properties of these materials and their handling methods. “Let me watch this very quickly and it’ll aid me in understanding your instructions later.”

“There wouldn’t be enough time.” Mo Xi did not agree to it.


Bai Rong tried his best to persuade Mo Xi, “This fire type card video is short, it’s only eighteen minutes long.”

“Even if it was shorter, there still wouldn’t be enough time for you to use.”

“It’d be enough … “Bai Rong insisted.


Three minutes later, everyone outside the card room stared in shock at Mo Xi and the oaf who seemed to have fought after arguing for a while. The pair stood back to back and mutually ignored each other. Wasn’t this just basically giving up on the competition?!

This swarm of people soon headed to another spell card room. Once they saw Mu Yan calmly and orderly handling the materials, they all voiced inwardly in unison: With a probability of 10,000%, Mo Xi and that oaf were definitely going to lose.

At this time, Bai Rong was sitting cross-legged hugging a small pillow,and staring seriously at the optical computer screen playing the educational video. He had finally managed to convince Mo Xi, so he now had to catch every second of standby time!

Bai Rong, who was unaware nor did he actually care that the people outside were bad mouthing them, quickly became entranced in watching the video, his small face had started to turn red with excitement.

Eighteen minutes later, Bai Rong excitedly yet reluctantly turned the video off. Then, he entered the virtual city once again.

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