Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 119.1 Resolution!! (1)

Mu Chongyan’s eyes turned into a shade of dark red, heat brewing in his eyes. He was about to fish Bai Rong out of the container when Bai Rong stopped him.

“Chongyan…don’t touch me. This liquid is a bit strange…”

“Strange?!!” Seeing Bai Rong gradually grow weaker, Mu Chongyan was stricken with panic. He flung Laixite effortlessly to the side and pulled out the tube that was delivering the rose gold water into it.

“Chongyan… the off button is on the right side of the instrument. It’s the light gold one…”

“Alright, alright, I get it. Rongrong, don’t say anything more.” Mu Chongyan hurriedly turned off the machine, panic overwhelming him. He looked at the chamber where the liquid had already reached Bai Rong’s chin and felt like he was on the verge of exploding.


“Rongrong, Rongrong, I’ll take you out first, alright?”

“No…” Bai Rong’s eyes turned red, “This liquid is really strange. Please don’t touch it. If you do, I’m going to submerge myself fully in this liquid.”

“Alright! Alright. I won’t touch it! I’m going to think of another way!” Mu Chongyan’s eyes reflected his severe anxiety. He searched the room with desperation but because he had never seen such instruments before, he didn’t have the faintest idea of where to start!

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“Pw Tyd, nblnj bkp srvknyz nsxrwvla, iwknj! Wkde swv obyv lmynvzu vbl zkiwke kdpkel kp!”

“Yes sir!” Du Han was astonished at the situation Bai Rong was in. He quickly took out equipment from his spatial button and sat cross-legged on the floor, typing in code seriously at the speed of light.


Because he had previously followed Laixite’s optical computer, it was a walk in the park for Du Han, successfully infiltrating his optical computer in just a few minutes. However, just as he was about to enter the secret files zone, he was met with a strong counterattack.

“Oh no!”

“What is it?!” Mu Chongyan’s heart rose at the sound of his exclamation.

“There’s a self-destruct sequence installed in Laixite’s optical computer so I can’t hack into it. I can only connect to his optical computer.” Du Han ran to Laixite as he said this, trying to take the optical computer off his wrist but to no avail.

Mu Chongyan walked over with a small silver knife in hand. After a few flashes of silver light, Laixite’s wrist was severed.

“Quick! I’ll buy you a new set of equipment on our return!”

“Yes sir!” Du Han quivered. He quickly placed the bloody optical computer into the joint notch of the super optical computer and shifted the position to prevent the wrist from affecting the circuit.

He then went back to his own optical computer and found the process much easier. Within less than 10 minutes, Du Han was able to hack into the heaviest security-layered secret files zone.

The folder was very big, containing about several thousands of GB and most of them were in the form of videos that were labeled in organized series. Du Han tried to open a video labeled ‘h786’ and a youth appeared on the screen, lying in the silver chamber just like Bai Rong. A silver tube was above the chamber, continuously injecting liquid inside.

However, the liquid was a deep rose gold,, it didn’t look as transparent as the one Bai Rong was currently submerged in.

For some reason, Du Han felt his blood run cold, and he quickly pressed fast-forward.

The actions in the video were played at 3 times the speed. Once the youth was completely immersed, he lost all signs of life. Then, Laixite appeared in the video, the smile on his face appearing extremely delighted. His hand reached towards the bottom right part of the chamber and a silver ring popped out below.


Laixite pulled on the silver ring and heard a click. Several round holes appeared at the bottom of the chamber and the liquid drained away to someplace just like this!

Mu Chongyan’s pupils quivered. He quickly bent down and fumbled around the lower right area of Bai Rong’s chamber and found a small button, pushing it without hesitation.

In the next second, a ring popped out. Mu Chongyan pulled on it and heard a click, the liquid enveloping Bai Rong finally descending down slowly.

The rim of Mu Chongyan’s eyes couldn’t help but turn hot. He stared intently at Bai Rong whose complexion finally stopped turning pale and his vision blurred.

Even though Bai Rong was on the verge of losing consciousness, he could still feel the descent of liquid. It was just that, even though the liquid that restrained him was finally gone, he still found it difficult to breathe.


Bai Rong’s voice was very soft, almost as though he hadn’t spoken, however, Mu Chongyan was able to catch it. He quickly leaned down and asked, “What is it, Rongrong?!”

“Chongyan, I’m thirsty….do you have water?”

“I do…I do!” Mu Chongyan quickly took out a bottle of water from his spatial button but before he could unscrew the cap, he heard Du Han suddenly yell out in a panicked voice.

“Boss! Don’t give sister-in-law any water!! Come and see this!!!”

Mu Chongyan quickly put his bottle away and turned his head, seeing that the view on the screen had changed. After the liquid had been emptied out from the chamber, Laixite then pushed the chamber to another instrument that had sprinklers. After pressing a button, droplets of water showered from above, however, once the water came into contact with the youth’s skin, holes appeared in the originally lustrous skin as if it had come into contact with corrosive acid. However, the holes were white and not black!

The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed, fear and terror appearing on his face for the first time. Wh-….What was this liquid!


His Rongrong…

“Du Han, fast forward! Fast forward again!!!”

“Yes sir!” Du Han upped the speed of the playback and saw that once the youth’s flesh had been fully exposed to water, his skin had been eaten clean, leaving behind only his white skeletal frame as well as a few organs that were the size of an infant’s head. Laixite stroked the frame as though he was intoxicated before taking out the organs and throwing it to the side. He then pushed the chamber to another big instrument.

After a while, he pressed a button to take out the box and after repeating this several times with several different instruments, in the end, the youth’s skeletal frame became extremely smooth, his skull engraved with a few characters.

—–It was “h786”.

Du Han’s finger almost quivered. Could all of the videos in this file be…

“Du Han. Quickly look up whether there’s any information about this liquid. Hurry!”

“Yes sir!” Mu Chongyan suppressed the anger and fear in his stern voice to pull Du Han back to his senses. Du Han quickly regained his composure and typed in strings of code.

A minute later, Du Han finally found a file that explained in detail the steps of preserving bones and points to note. It also included the characteristics needed of the liquid in every step.

“Boss, this rose gold liquid is called ‘Golden Dream Liquid’. It can destroy a person’s cells and nerves from the outside but can’t penetrate through the bone!”

“How do you get rid of it!!” Mu Chongyan’s knuckles cracked.

“I’m sorry, boss, I still haven’t found the solution yet…” Du Han quickly turned his head, his fingers flying across the keyboard like shadows. Three minutes later, he finally let out an excited yelp. “Boss, I found it! This ‘Golden Dream Liquid’ can be removed by using something called ‘xiaolin powder’ dissolved in water and being immersed in it. But…but this can only remove the ‘Golden Dream Liquid’, it can’t restore the cells and nerves that have been destroyed!”


“Moreover, he needs to be submerged in it for three hours!”

“Continue to search whether there’s xiaolin powder here!”

“There is. I found several bottles of xiaolin powder in room s108!”

“Good. Du Han, you stay here and watch Rongrong. I’m going to retrieve it. One more thing, find out the composition of the liquid!

“Yes sir!”

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