Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 118 Pervert!!!

“What did you say?!!” Thes screen-showing pen Mu Chongyan was holding dropped down to the ground. “Second brother, say it clearly!!”

“Rongrong was captured by Weng Na citizens and they’ve just left Sheng Ya. I’m sorry, third brother….”

“S…Send me the coordinates of the group of people that just left Sheng Ya.” Mu Chengyan clenched his fist, a dark vortex swirling in his eyes. He took a breath and told himself to calm down by all means.

A beep sounded from his wristwatch. Mu Chongyan took a look at the coordinates that were sent and immediately headed back to base, walking briskly to Du Han’s studio.

“Du Han, bring your gear and come with me.”


“Yes boss!” Du Han quickly stood up.

“Where are you going?” Kuku, who was drinking water at the side, placed down his cup and asked promptly.

“Rongrong’s been captured by Weng Na people so I’m going to look for him.” Mu Chongyan looked at Kuku, “Are you coming?”

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“Ebyv byrrldle obld Ssdtasdt oyp nyrvwale? Eyp bkp srvknyz nsxrwvla alxshle?!”

“Tkp srvknyz nsxrwvla’p okvb bkx. Ebld Ssdtasdt oyp nyrvwale, bl oyp pvkzz kdpkel bkp xlnb cwv yqvla bl oyp vyjld kdvs vbl ykapbkr, R zspv nsdvynv okvb bkx. Mbkae casvbla, esd’v rydkn yde nyzx esod. Ssdtasdt kp pvasdt. Jlpkelp, vbspl rlsrzl zssjle zkjl vblu olal elvlaxkdle vs nyvnb Ssdtasdt yzkhl ps R clzklhl Ssdtasdt osd’v cl kd ydu eydtla qsa dso!”

“R jdso. R’x hlau nyzx aktbv dso!”

Yw Ubsdtuyd’p jdwnjzlp bye vwadle obkvl. Mwadkdt sqq vbl nsxxwdknyvsa, bl nbydtle vbl pvayvltu sd vbl pnalld, nsdvynvkdt oszq altkxldv 1 yde 3’p zlyelap….

Wsavwdyvlzu, Pw Tyd xydytle vs qkde Jyk Ssdt’p zsnyvksd yde bwaaklezu alrsavle kv vs Yw Ubsdtuyd.

“Boss, s-….sister-in-law’s location is on the north of Sheng Ya. It looks like they’re headed to Weng Na!”


A light flashed across Mu Chongyan’s eyes as if he had expected this but the darkness of his face didn’t ease. “Send the coordinates to Bai Ku!”

“Yes sir!”

“Follow the changes in the coordinates closely and report it

“Yes sir!”


On the other side, Bai Rong realized that no matter how much he attacked the wall, he couldn’t blast it open. In fact, his attacks would even rebound back. As such, he gave up attacking it and instead, racked his head on how to get away.

The connection of his optical computer was hindered so he couldn’t send messages to anyone and was left with no other choice but to rely on himself to escape.

He could see that these people wanted to capture him alive so he was still safe at this moment. It was just that he didn’t know what their purpose was and whether he could escape once he got off the airship.

The airship continued on its way without a hitch but would shake for a few minutes every few hours. Bai Rong deduced that this was due to the leaping wormholes.

After about 15-16 hours, Bai Rong felt the ground below him shake. The airship had landed.

Bai Rong’s vigilance rose. He held the operating stick in his hand tightly and initialized a barrier.

After about 10 minutes, the sound of mech footsteps approaching sounded. The door that was sealed shut in front of him, slowly opened up with a click.


Bai Rong’s nerves were stretched taut and he moved the stick in his hand slightly, preparing to launch an attack any moment.

Once the big doors had been completely opened, a row of big black mechs were revealed, appearing slightly scary. Several attack and escape strategies flashed across Bai Rong’s head but before he could carry them out, a chilly laugh resounded. Like a snake that slithered across his skin, the voice made goosebumps arise from his arms.

“Spell Card Master Bai Rong, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time…”

“Who are you? And what do you want?!” Bai Rong didn’t dare to relax for one second, staring at the mech in front of him. “If you have something you want to say, just say it.”

“Hehehe…..” The laugh sounded as if he was clenching his throat. Bai Rong could even strangely tell that the man deliberately tried to squeeze out warmth into it. “Even though such a beauty wants to see me, I still can’t appear in front of you…”

“Ahh ptoo!” Hearing himself being referred to as a beauty, Bai Rong narrowly gagged. “Stop putting on airs and playing tricks!”

“Tsk tsk tsk…The beauty is even more coarse than I imagined, but…feisty beauties like this…are much..much better…” His laughter gradually grew more carefree as though he had found something worth being happy about. “Moreover, let me remind the beauty. Don’t even think about escaping. There are 300 high level mech warriors on duty around you and every single one of them is equipped with SSS Level barrier and SSS level advanced spell cards. If you refuse to follow my commands, I can only ask that you leave your corpse behind for you will not be permitted to escape alive.”

“Wh…What do you exactly want to do?!” Bai Rong gritted his teeth, his knuckles turning white and quivering.

Since he couldn’t just charge forward recklessly, he could only think of another plan. As long as he was alive, he could return to Sheng Ya and reunite with Chongyan!

“Nothing much really.” The two rows of black mechs in front moved all of a sudden, forming a road for him. “I only want you to be our Weng Na’s guest. Please.”

Bai Rong swept a look at the sight before him and shut his eyes, taking a deep breath. In the end, while maneuvering the stick, he slowly walked out.

“Tsk. Why is beauty still keeping his barrier on. Do you distrust me that much?”


“Ah…” Bai Rong couldn’t help but sneer. “Don’t you also distrust me? Otherwise, why else wouldn’t you come out and speak through a transmitter instead?!”

“Sigh, beauty has misunderstood me…It’s because I’m currently bogged down by affairs, which is why I can’t come and meet beauty. However, don’t you worry, beauty. I’ll come meet you soon.” Laixite smiled while putting the flaying tools back into the spatial button and breaking the one-way transmitter. He looked towards Ku Luode and asked, “Is the knockout mist ready?”

“It’s ready.” Ku Luode quickly responded.

“That’s good. Also, move the solutions I asked you to prepare to the underground of the southern hall of the manor. Be careful when moving them. Those are the best solutions to keeping the bones’ color and luster, they’re priceless objects.”

“Yes. Please rest assured.” Ku Luode bowed, unable to help shivering on the inside. Though he only felt fear towards Laixite, towards the genius Spell Card Master who was going to become just another part of his boss’s perverse collection, he didn’t feel much.

After all, when one destroys things that are too beautiful, one can certainly obtain pleasure like no other.

Bai Rong was led to the entrance of a villa. When he refused to enter the building, the surrounding mechs started to circle him, and an ominous feeling arose within him.

As expected, just when he was about to jump, the surrounding mechs suddenly started to move and a large net flew over. At the same time, the mechs in front raised their launchers.

The look in Bai Rong’s eyes changed and he quickly launched counterattacks but to his surprise, after the launchers were aimed at him, no attacks appeared.

Doubt flashed across Bai Rong’s mind when he suddenly thought of something and his face changed, quickly initiating a burst of wind!


A wind that blew more ferociously than a hurricane cut across and the mechs erected around Bai Rong formed a wall. Within 3 seconds, Bai Rong could hear the sound of several mechs crashing down to the ground.


As expected, it was invisible toxic mist!

Bai Rong thought it was just a toxic mist but didn’t think it was a powerful knockout mist, his counterattack growing stronger. However, the black mechs were quite startled, not at all expecting Bai Rong to react very quickly. They were just about to start shooting the knockout mist when he started sending such strong blasts of wind!

Could there be a traitor amongst them?!!

“This won’t do. Bai Rong has already come prepared. We can’t cast the knockout mist when he’s already aware of it!” The leader of the group frowned while issuing commands, “For now, do your best to restrain him. Then, take him out of the mech!”

“Yes sir!”


This series of events were reported to Laixite. Ku Luode, who was standing at the side, shook with fear, fearing that Laixite’s ire would be provoked. However, to his surprise, Laixite was in a good mood.

“….Duke Laixite, is this situation alright?”

“It’s fine.” Laixite smiled, watching the screen. He shook the cup full of wine in his hand and sighed. “Truthfully, I regretted having to employ the use of knockout mist. I didn’t think that Bai Rong would actually be able to evade it….haa…It’s just as I expected….”

Ku Luode revealed a hint of doubt on his face at the side.

Sensing Ku Luode’s reaction out of the corner of his eye, Laixite chuckled in amusement and showed rare patience in explaining, “Ku Luode, you may not understand this. Even though knockout mist is useful, it would affect the luster of the bone and though the effect is minimal, towards such beautiful bones like his, it would be such a waste.”

“I see. Thank you for your guidance, Duke. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have understood why the mist wasn’t released in the special confinement room of the airship…” Ku Luode lowered his head, “So that’s the reason.”

“It’s even worse to release confusion gas in the special confinement. Once he gets transported over, the bones would receive a much bigger impact.” Laixite raised his cup and took a sip of his wine. Staring at the screen, a chilly light flashed across his eyes, “I didn’t think Bai Rong would still be amazing…”

“Yes, he is. I’m afraid he’s close to having the strength of an SSS Level…” Ku Luode watched the hundreds of mechs being knocked down on screen and felt shocked. This Bai Rong was much stronger than he anticipated!!

“What a group of trash. However, this Bai Rong is certainly a bundle of surprises. As expected of a good find.” The two people watched two hundred mechs explode into pitiful pieces until they finally managed to restrain Bai Rong. Laixite scrunched his brows and turned the optical computer on, “Luofan, bring Bai Rong to me. Be careful not to damage his bones.”

“Yes!” A black mech holding an air net which restrained Bai Rong immediately flew to the southeast direction.

Within a couple of minutes, a knock resounded on Laixite’s door.

“Ku Luode, open the door.”

“Yes sir.”

Ku Luode walked to the entrance and opened the door, revealing Luofan holding a youth restrained with silk. The youth was still continuing to struggle.

“Let’s go. We’re going to the underground of the Southern Palace.” Laixite looked at Bai Rong in satisfaction and met his red angry eyes. He then let out a sigh of pleasure.

“This pair of eyes are gorgeous. Don’t worry. I’ll help you take good care of them. I’ll put them in my gold glass cabinet and properly treasure them…”

“Mmm….Mmm…!!” Bai Rong glared at the skinny pale man in front of him. A hint of fear flashed across his eyes but was mostly overcome with rage.

This man was an extremely sick pervert!!!

The group of people quickly arrived at the end of the room in the underground level of the southern palace hall. Laixite commanded Luofan to let go of Bai Rong and pressed a button.


The dim room lit up. White light was reflected in all four corners of the cold silver walls and metal instruments in the center. With the exception of Laixite, everyone else shuddered in fear on the inside.

A satisfied and excited smile surfaced on Laixite’s face. He walked towards a long metal box in the center and pressed a silver button. The metal box emitted a click sound and the silver metal cover slowly opened.

“Luofan, come here. Place him in the body preservation chamber.”

“Yes sir.”

“Mm….Mm!!” Bai Rong struggled furiously but was still placed in the white cold metal box which looked like a special coffin.

“Very good…” Laixite poked his head in and watched the struggling Bai Rong, heaving a happy sigh. “Beauty, you will thank me.”

“Mm….mm!!” Sick pervert!!!

Bai Rong watched the coldly smiling man in front of him in fear. However, he was still unable to struggle free from the air net restricting him!

Laixide walked to the other metal equipment beside the preservation chamber and pressed a button. On the left of the metal equipment appeared an odd silver tube. Laixite pulled the tube and connected it to the preservation chamber, then pressed another button.

A light rose gold liquid slowly flowed out of the tube and entered the preservation chamber.

The liquid slowly filled the bottom of the container. Bai Rong started struggling even more ferociously but the extent of which she could do so grew smaller and smaller. He alarmingly found that the places that the liquid came in contact with gradually sapped him of the strength to resist!

“Beauty, you are truly too beautiful…” Laixite watched the rose gold liquid gradually cover half of Bai Rong’s body, a look of madness flashing across his eyes, “Your bone structure is also extremely beautiful…”

As he said this, he waved to two other people. “Alright. You’re both done here. You can go.”

“Yes sir.” Ku Luode and Luofan bowed before respectfully leaving the room.

Luofan’s steps were slightly quicker. The moment he left the silver doors, Lu Luode was just 6 to 7 steps away from the doors and before he could even cross it, he suddenly heard a very minute hum.

An ominous feeling struck Ku Luode as he immediately stopped in his tracks. He turned around to walk back but just after taking two steps, his pupils shrunk and he fell down to the ground.

A tall figure appeared from the metal doors, carrying the unconscious Luofan. He surveyed the surroundings and briskly walked in.

After that, the figure held the two people by the neck and threw them inside the spatial button. He stepped lightly inside and checked out each and every room.


Bai Rong was soon unable to hold it in any longer. He could feel that this liquid wasn’t a knockout drug nor was it an anesthetic drug because he was very much awake. However, his body was slowly losing strength. He could only lay there in the container, unable to lift so much as a finger.

The liquid slowly reached his neck and continued to rise. Bai Rong couldn’t help but grow fearful. If this liquid continued to amass, he could possibly drown to death and he would drown to death alive!

“Beautiful…” Laixite wanted to lift a hand and touch the rose gold plated lustrous body but knew that he still couldn’t touch the liquid. As such, he had to hold himself back, raising his hand to touch the corner of Bai Rong’s eye instead. Immediately, he saw Bai Rong’s pupils quiver.

“Ha….” Seeing that the person before him looked extremely terrified by his touch, Laixite grew even more excited. His fingers neared Bai Rong’s brows but before he could even move a few centimeters, his pupils shrunk.

The figures behind Laixite gradually grew clearer whereas Bai Rong’s head grew more muddled, the sight before him slowly became blurry as well.


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