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Chapter 117.2 Weng Na (2)


After Bai Rong made an energy spell card, he didn’t pursue creating any more spell cards. Turning on the optical computer, he searched for some news and found that the bombings had already reached the city center, the most recent round was near a felony prison!

Watching as clouds of smoke arose, the cries of people running ringing out, charred corpses laying against dilapidated walls, and severed limbs strewn about everywhere, even if he knew that those victims were prisoners who had committed heavy crimes, Bai Rong couldn’t stop his anger from rising.

Those people were reckless and ridiculously strong. Bai Rong could see that they were all equipped with SSS Level advanced spell cards and each person had more than one!

Sheng Ya dispatched a group of warriors to intercept the SSS Level airship, however, the group of people had already sneakily snuck into the city center, hiding amongst the people. Even though Sheng Ya had been on the pursuit, it still proved difficult to single them out.


Bai Rong couldn’t sit still. At present, he was on the verge of reaching the level of an SSS Level warrior, stronger than some commanders and was completely deployable for battle. There was no reason for him to continue hiding here when Sheng Ya was in dire straits!

However, Bai Rong knew he couldn’t act recklessly. He turned on his optical computer and prepared to report his actions to Dross but before he could even turn the communicator on, a knock resounded from the door.

“Grandmaster Bai Rong, the second prince is looking for you. Will you please come out?”

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“Mbl plnsde rakdnl kp oykvkdt qsa usw yv vbl xkzkvyau ldvaydnl. Gp qsa vbl prlnkqknp, R byhl dsv y pkdtzl nzwl.”

“Ykzkvyau ldvaydnl?”

“Zlp. Mbl pkvwyvksd kp watldv. Mbl ldlxklp plkgle y jkdelatyavld yde elxydele vs pll usw! Xvblaokpl, vblu vbalyvldle vs jkzz xsal vbyd vball bwdeale nbkzeald!!!”

“Mblpl pnwxcytp!!” Jyk Ssdt kxxlekyvlzu talo ydtau, vyjkdt vbl prlzz nyaep qasx vbl vyczl yde awpbkdt swvpkel.

Mbl prlzz nyae elryavxldv oyp dsv fskdle vs vbl xkzkvyau cwkzekdt. Jyk Ssdt ayd yzz vbl oyu kd 6 vs 7 xkdwvlp, rydvkdt qsa calyvb. Mbasokdt vbl vbswtbv Frlzz Uyae Yypvla Yldt vs vbl cynj sq bkp blye, bl oyp shlaoblzxle okvb qllzkdtp sq ydmkswpdlpp yde ydtla, bsolhla, obld bl ayd vs vbl ldvaydnl sq vbl xkzkvyau cwkzekdt, vbl pktbv sq vbl plnsde rakdnl oyp dsoblal vs cl qswde.

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Mbl kdpvydv bl ldvlale bkp xlnb, vos ckt yka dlvp nshlale bkx. Jyk Ssdt iwknjzu kdplavle y prlzz nyae kdvs vbl nyae pzsv yde kdkvkyvle vbl xlnb, pldekdt swv yd yvvynj vs calyj vbl dlv.

More than 30 mechs suddenly appeared in the surroundings, launching attacks at Bai Rong. Bai Rong’s face changed and he quickly followed up with counterattacks. The soldiers standing guard couldn’t believe that the enemies would suddenly appear here and hastily reported it to the higher ups. Immediately, several more mechs joined the battle.


This group of soldiers were inferior to the enemy, the enemy dealing with them easily as if they were chopping vegetables. In a matter of seconds, only Bai Rong remained. Fortunately, Bai Rong had already achieved the level of SSS, as such, the spell cards he used far exceeded the average level of SSS. He was able to fend off against more than 30 mech warriors but the enemy numbers kept increasing, eventually increasing to more than 60 mechs. And they all targeted Bai Rong. Even if the military sent several more soldiers to aid him, there was a limit to their help. Bai Rong inevitably had his strength gradually sucked…

The battle grew farther away from the military, the enemy troops intentionally leading Bai Rong away. Even if Bai Rong wanted to struggle free from the circle, the mechs would quickly gather to number more than 80. Bai Rong laboriously faced off against them but eventually lost power. As such, he could only do his best to evade them.

Just when Bai Rong was about to launch an air exploding bullet, two mechs from the enemy side flew over. One of them held a girl in his right hand and seeing a vortex appear in the Bai Rong’s launcher, he immediately threw the girl in his direction.

Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide as he hurriedly aimed his launcher to the sky before quickly turning around and capturing the girl, handing her to a supporting mech warrior behind.

“Bing Bing–!” An extremely anxious voice yelled out and Bai Rong recognized it as Spell Card Master Meng’s voice.

Immediately, he realized why Spell Card Master Meng would betray Sheng Ya and lie to lure him out, however, Bai Rong didn’t have any forgiveness in his heart, He quickly avoided it and looked for an opportunity to kill him.

However, the hundred mechs before him didn’t dawdle. Bai Rong resisted against them with all his might for a few more minutes, rendering more than 20 mechs incapacitated, however, the enemy only closed in on him. Seeing that he was on the cusp of being captured, he killed a blood red mech at the side and went straight towards the enemy troop.

The red mech was very brave. Even if it didn’t evade the combined attacks, a hole would’ve been blasted out on it, allowing Bai Rong to break through for just a second. But this one second was enough for Bai Rong to find an opportunity to rush out.

Seeing Bai Rong redouble a siege, the leader of the group quickly changed strategies. Several of them blew themselves up in order to deal with a large majority of Sheng Ya’s mechs while the rest went after Bai Rong, trying to stop him. Another 20 of them blew themselves up to try and land a blow on Bai Rong and encircle him. Hastily taking out a mini airship, 10 of them risked their lives to stuff Bai Rong in and though some of them had lost their lives in the process, some of them boarded the airship.

The instant he was stuffed into the airship, Bai Rong saw the red mech trying to rush over to blow himself up but was blocked. In the end, half of it was blasted off, falling down to the ground, revealing a bloody part of the face and Bai Rong couldn’t help but feel that person’s face familiar…

After the group of people stuffed Bai Rong into the airship, they attempted to get Bai Rong out of his mech. However, it took them a great deal of effort, nearly wrecking the airship in the process. In the end, they had to sacrifice 7 to 8 people before they were able to confine Bai Rong in a special confinement room.

Listening to ceaseless bombardment, the leader quickly turned on their optical computer and contacted Duke Laixite.


“Luo Lu, is it done?” A cold voice came from the other side.

“It’s done.” Luo Lu gulped, fear starting creep in. “Duke Laixite, we’ve just rounded the up and are now on our way back, but..we’ve sustained great losses, only 6 of us remain.”

“What?!” A shatter came from the other side of the call, “There’s only 6 of them left?! You useless fools!!”

“I’m sorry, Duke Laixite!”

“You useless trash! Report the entire sequence of events to me!

“Ye-…Yes sir. We were discovered upon our arrival at Sheng Ya so we were unable to hide. We could only head to the city center in a rush and in the process, blew up some prisons, creating chaos in Sheng Ya. Then, we scattered in the city center, looking for an opportunity to find Bai Rong’s whereabouts. We lured Bai Rong out but we didn’t know how terrifyingly strong he was. He’s almost at the level of an SSS Level warrior!!”


“Yes sir!”

Silence prevailed for a full 3 minutes before Duke Laixite’s voice sounded even chillier.

“I’ve already sent people to support you. Where are you?”

“Responding to Duke Laixite, we haven’t left Sheng Ya Star Region but we’re almost there.”

“Keep in contact with Lu Te. I’ve already asked him to dispatch more than a thousand advanced warriors equipped with SSS Level spell cards from Sheng Suo star region to support you. Run to the direction closest to Sheng Suo star region lest Xia Qingshu or Xia Chongyan get a hold of this news and stop you.”


“Yes sir!” Luo Lu heaved a breath of relief. The direction he chose was coincidentally in the opposite direction of Sheng La star region where Xia Chongyan was currently in. It was also far from He La star region where Xia Qingshu was in, so the two of them could never catch up in time.

Since Laixite had issued an urgent command, when Luo Lu was rushing Bai Rong to the Sheng Ya star region parameters, a fight had already broken out there. In accordance to Mu Chongyan’s predictions, if Weng Na attacked Sheng Ya with everything they’ve got, Sheng Ya indeed wouldn’t have a chance to retaliate.

After all, the gap in their armaments and supplies was far too great.

Luo Lu managed to take Bai Rong out of Sheng Ya without a hitch, riding a SSS Level airship flying to Weng Na. At the same time, Mu Chongyan, who had just finished studying a detailed map of Weng Na, the surveillance signal coverage points and relay frequency that Du Han managed to find as well as managed to work out a potential route, suddenly received a message from Dross.

“I’m sorry, third brother! Rongrong….Rongrong had been kidnapped by Weng Na’s people. I couldn’t stop them!”

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