Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 103.2 This Scummy Emperor (2)

The next day, after the four people finished breakfast, Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong went to the place Lu Ya and the others were living at and after telling them about the matter of departing from the barren planet, the group was frozen in surprise for a full minute but grew depressed after. However, they expressed their understanding and also indicated that if Mu Chongyan were to come back, they would be willing to leave with them.

Among them, Lu Ya and Na Erya were the most downhearted, most notably Lu Ya. Upon knowing that Bai Rong was about to leave, tears came out of his eyes. Bai Rong had to comfort him for a while before he finally accepted the harsh reality, sniffling that Bai Rong definitely had to come back to see him.

After this matter was resolved, Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong went to buy energy liquid together. They had cleaned out the biggest energy liquid shop in Zone S’s 1000 stocks and after expressing that they wanted to buy energy trees, the manager of the shop personally came out and respectfully and enthusiastically took them to see the trees.

The energy trees were planted in the wilderness and the manager brought six 8th-level mercenaries, inviting Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong into the aircraft.

“The base is located near the gathering area of sixth level mutant beasts which we should reach in about 20 minutes.” The manager smiled politely, “Are you interested in raising energy trees?”


“No. It’s purely an interest. Besides, it’s not that expensive.” Mu Chongyan casually responded.

Besides, it’s not that expensive?!!!

The refined smile of the manager turned stiff in an instant.

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“Alright. Let’s go.” Mu Chongyan put an arm around Bai Rong’s shoulder. “It’s getting late. It’s almost 11am.”


“Ok.” Bai Rong nodded in satisfaction.

“Will the two gentlemen please follow me?” La Ya smiled, “The aircraft is…”

“Steward La Ya, we have bad news!” An eighth-level mercenary suddenly rushed over and interrupted La Ya’s words, his complexion ashen, “Hordes of Thunder Tooth Elephants are heading our way!”

“What did you say?!!!” La Ya appeared horrified, “How many?! And where are they now?!!”

“There’s at least a thousand of them and they have already closed 10 kilometers in!” The mercenary had just finished his words when Bai Rong felt a very clear tremor, even faintly hearing the trumpeting of elephants.

“A thousand?!!!” La Ya’s face grew even more pale, “How could that be?!!”

“It’s true. The farthest sentry has just sent a message. Manager La Ya, what should we do?!”

What do we do….

La Ya watched the surrounding personnel start to panic and felt fear creep up his heart. How would he know what to do! Thunder Tooth Elephants were 7th grade low level mutant beasts. The number of 7th and 8th level mercenaries they had here didn’t even reach a hundred so how could they match against 1000 mad elephants!!!

“Manager La Ya! N-Not good!!” Before La Ya could even breathe, another mercenary ran over to him with a pale face, “The giant crocodile beasts have also gone mad, they’re heading towards us in a horde as well!”

“Whoosh-” La Ya’s brain sizzled and his lips instantly lost color, his hands trembling nonstop.

How…How could this be!!!


Mu Chongyan’s face also had a change, a cold look flashing through his eyes, “It might be a beast tide.”

“A beast tide?!!” La Ya’s lips quivered, and he stumbled to the ground.

“Ask everyone to leave!” Bai Rong pulled up La Ya and raised his voice, “Otherwise, a lot of people are going to die here!”

“Th-…That’s right…” La Ya quickly recovered his senses and told one of the mercenaries, “Qu-…Quickly inform everyone, the aircraft or the ones taking the vehicle, everyone should leave quickly!!”

“Yes sir!”

“Will the two gentlemen please follow me? We have to head to the aircraft!” La Ya’s voice had just fallen when the clear trumpet sound of elephants rang out.

Mu Chongyan immediately held Bai Rong’s hand, “Let’s go!”

Even though he could guarantee Bai Rong’s safety in this situation, the disparity between their numbers was too great, it was clearly a war of attrition!

The forest had already turned into a complete mess, the sound of desperate cries, wails and sharp curses ringing around them. The order of morality had taken a hit in such a terrible disaster. Everyone was running desperately to various forms of transportation. The ones who were stronger pushed aside the weaker people, but ignored the power that desperation gave to people. Before they could even run off, the people who fell down grabbed a hold of their pants, causing them to fall down as well.

Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong sat down on the aircraft that came on time and when the Thunder Tooth Elephants and Giant Crocodile Beasts figures appeared, the aircraft shot through the skies with a whoosh.

“Why did a tide suddenly come? Wasn’t it only once every 50 years?!” Bai Rong looked down at the stampede of beasts, his face a little pale.

“I don’t know, but the soldiers will soon build a wall. The beast tide happened several times already, they must’ve already had measures set in place that helped them get through this before.” Mu Chongyan watched the scene below with a slightly grave expression, “Rongrong shouldn’t worry too much.”


“How could I not worry….” Bai Rong looked at the dense herd of beasts, the feeling of panic arising in his heart.

…..The group of people swiftly arrived at Zone S and the instant they entered Zone S, they felt a heavy atmosphere. Mu Chongyan retrieved the car they had parked at the store and quickly drove them home.

Just as they reached the streets of their residence, Bai Rong caught a flustered Xia Qingshu and Kuku standing at the entrance of the villa.

“Uncle Xia, Kuku!” Bai Rong called out and Mu Chongyan pulled the car to a stop, allowing him to open the door and jump out.



The two quickly ran to each other and Xia Qingshu’s face appeared dark and grave, “The beast tide has arrived earlier than expected. We can’t run off now. The most important thing to do now is to the deal with the tide!”

“How do we deal with it?!” Bai Rong knew that Xia Qingshu had participated in the battle of one twenty years ago and had managed to achieve a breakthrough then. “Uncle Xia, what should we do?”

“Don’t worry. There’s always a fixed plan on how to deal with a beast tide. We’ve been able to get past this for a thousand years and even though it was extremely difficult, the number of people who survived was the majority.”

“What plan?” Mu Chongyan got out of the car.

“It’s that…” Xia Qingshu was just about to speak when a sharp siren sounded through the whole city, accompanied by the panicked voice of a middle-aged man.

“Attention everyone! Attention everyone! The beast tide is coming! The beast tide is coming! Third level and below mercenaries are to support Zone D, Fourth and Fifth Level mercenaries are to support Zone C, Sixth Level and Seventh Level are to support Zone B and Zone A and all Ninth Levels are to stay at Zone S! All are to stay at Zone S!!!”


The voice repeated the report, broadcasting it throughout the entire area and all the mercenaries in Zones S,A,B,C,D immediately mobilized…

“That’s not right!” The look on Xia Qingshu’s face immediately changed, “Why did the plan suddenly change?!”

Bai Rong’s voice rose, “What’s wrong Uncle Xia? What changed?!”

Xia Qingshu’s eyes turned cold as he swept a look at the northern area, “In the past, the level of mercenaries stationed to support the zones were different, but a few eight and ninth level mercenaries would be placed at Zones B, C and D for assistance. After all, if they only relied on lower level mercenaries, Zones B, C and D would have been difficult to defend!”

The look in Bai Rong’s eyes changed as he heard this, “Then what’s happening? Why did it turn out like this?!”

A ruthless look swept across Xia Qingshu’s face. He raised a hand and took out an aircraft from the spatial button. “Let’s go. This scummy emperor is clearly trying to sacrifice the lives of the citizens to buy him some time to leave. They are probably preparing to board the airship. With ninth level mercenaries all stationed at Zone S, there would be enough time for the airship to prepare to depart!”

“!!!” Bai Rong’s pupils quivered, the rims of his eyes turning red, “This scummy emperor!”

“Let’s go, the key to the beast tide is dealing with the tenth level beast king. The tenth level beast king is usually hidden among the high level beasts. We need to seize the time!” Xia Qingshu opened the door to the aircraft and seated himself in. The last tenth level beast emperor he battled narrowly took his life. This time, he definitely couldn’t make a mistake!

Bai Rong and the others quickly sat down at the back. Mu Chongyan’s gaze was cold, a dark vortex swirling in his eyes.

“Uncle Xia….” Bai Rong couldn’t help but ask, “What is a beast king and isn’t the highest creature among all the mutant beasts, the beast king?”

“Generally speaking, it is the beast king but 10th level beast kings would fight each other and breed a 10th level beast king whose strength is superior to all the beast kings. After the birth of the beast king, the beast tide would begin!”

“So…the reason why the tide came early this time is because the beast king was born earlier?!”

“There’s a big possibility.” Xia Qingshu turned his hand and a shadow appeared midair in the aircraft. He was just about to instruct them when an urgent beep rang out from his wrist.

Lowering his head for a look, Xia Qingshu quickly answered it.

Ze La’er’s anxious voice rang out from the wristwatch.

“Teacher, where are you!! Those people have already started to board the ship and it’s going to take off in less than half an hour. Where are you?!!!”

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