Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 103.1 This Scummy Emperor (1)

Bai Rong only felt stunned by the huge surprise. They originally planned to ask for Ze La’er’s help in delivering the message to Sheng Ya but didn’t expect to be departing so soon.

“Uncle Xia, is that true?!!”

“Yes.” Xia Qingshu had already calmed down a lot and walked over to the two, “Ze La’er has obtained 12 quotas in total.”

“12?!!” Bai Rong’s eyes immediately grew wide, “Wasn’t it 20?!”

“The emperor has allocated 8 of the quotas to the crown prince.” A sneer flashed across Xia Qingshu’s eyes, “The crown prince originally had 150 quotas, bringing with him even the maids who served him well. Now his quotas have increased to bring on the family members of those maids. The emperor is so muddleheaded, acting under the manipulation of the queen and actually forcing Ze La’er to give up his quotas.”


“That’s too much! Is there a screw loose in this emperor’s head?!!!” Bai Rong couldn’t help but feel angry and unfair on behalf of Ze La’er. He simply couldn’t understand how this emperor’s brain operated, “Does he not think of Ze La’er as his child?!”

Xia Qingshu shook his head and sighed, “Ze La’er’s situation had always been in the red, but the child’s aptitude is still a lot better than the crown prince’s, scoring S Level according to Sheng Ya’s standards. Once we leave this planet, whoever will live a better life is still undetermined.”

Judging those lazy and extravagant royal members, hmph…no amount of money will ever be enough for them.

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Rd vawvb, obyv Dky Ckdtpbw eked’v pyu oyp vbyv Hl Ny’la bye yzps alplahle y plyv qsa bkx ps vblal olal sdzu 9 iwsvyp zlqv ps kv dlhla oyp ldswtb qsa bkp xsvbla’p qyxkzu.

“He forbade Ze La’er from bringing the previous empress’s family?!” Bai Rong’s anger flared up, his little face turning red, “Is this emperor even human?!!”


“Probably not.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head, “Alright. Don’t be angry anymore. In the future, Ze La’er will have a better life. It’s pretty late, we should have dinner. Are you hungry?”

“I’m not hungry yet…” Bai Rong suddenly felt a loss of appetite, “If we go, what’s gonna happen to Lu Ya and the others?”

“We’ll tell them tomorrow morning.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes flashed, “If they also want to leave, then after we leave, we’ll come back for them and bring them out.”

“We’ll come back?!”

“Yeah. We’ll drive an airship from Sheng Ya back.” Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes, “But, the attractive force of this barren planet is too strong. Normal airships would be unable to withstand this place’s force so we have to let the technicians carefully study it and make the required adjustments to the airship’s motive technology and this would take a period of time.”

“….” Bai Rong fell into deep thought with a taut face, feeling like this plan was very logical.  He nodded his head in agreement, saying, “Alright, let’s do as Mu Chongyan says.”

“Alright, let’s go. Eat and head to bed early today and tomorrow morning, we’ll discuss this matter with Lu Ya and the others.”


The group ate their meal before going their separate ways to pack their stuff. Bai Rong stored his 16 sets of weapon making machines into his spatial button and carefully put away his unused weapon making materials as well.

In truth, aside from the natural energy fluid, replacements could be found for other materials in Sheng Ya, but it had taken him a lot of ash coins to buy these, so not taking them away would be a pity.

In the end, Bai Rong had stuffed full several spatial buttons and even used half of one of Mu Chongyan’s spatial buttons.

“Chongyan, I want to buy some natural energy fluid tomorrow, can I?”


After washing up, Bai Rong ran to Mu Chongyan’s room and rambunctiously sat atop his bed.

“Sure.” Mu Chongyan warmly took Bai Rong into his embrace, “We still have about twenty million ash coins, we can use it all on energy liquid right?”

“….We could.” Thinking that there wouldn’t be any use to the currency once they left the place, Bai Rong magnanimously waved his hand, “Then let’s use it all up.”

Amused by Bai Rong’s rare display of extravagance, Mu Chongyan kissed Bai Rong’s cheek, “How much energy liquid can twenty million ash coins buy?”

“About a thousand.” Bai Rong snuggled in Mu Chongyan’s embrace, “It could probably create about three to four thousand weapons.”

“That’s certainly a lot.” Mu Chongyan felt himself turn a bit hot and subconsciously held Bai Rong’s waist tighter, “But it’s a pity that it can’t be recycled.”

“Actually…” Bai Rong’s eyes glinted, “We can buy an energy tree?!”

“An energy tree?”

“Yeah. It’s a tree that produces energy liquid. It’s like a rubber tree in that if you cut the tree bark, energy liquid would flow out, but it’s very difficult to raise.”

“Let’s give it a try. Who knows, we might succeed?” Having not had his Little Sweet Cake’s “help” for a long time, with the soft man in his arms, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but feel a little parched. He kneaded Bai Rong’s ears and stroked his cheeks.

“Chongyan, don’t fool around.” Feeling ticklish, Bai Rong tried to evade him with a smile, “Under normal circumstances, an energy liquid tree would cost a million per tree. It’s pretty expensive. If it can’t survive, it would be a great loss.”

“It wouldn’t be. As long as the tree cells are sent to the plant research center, even if the tree dies, we can still clone and cultivate it.”


“That’s right!” Bai Rong’s little face lit up in happiness and he raised his head to peck Mu Chongyan, “Why didn’t I think of that? Chongyan, you’re so smart!”

Feeling Little Sweet Cake squirm in his arms and even passionately give him a kiss, Mu Chongyan’s body tensed up and a stream of heat quickly gathered in his lower abdomen.

“Then, let’s buy 10 energy liquid trees tomorrow and use the remaining ash coins to buy energy liquid.” Bai Rong said happily, not realizing that the person behind him had turned strange and even squirming again, “Alright, Chongyan?”

Feeling Little Sweet Cake’s supple bottom carelessly rubbing against his lower abdomen, Mu Chongyan’s blood boiled and a certain part of his body turned hard.

“Chongyan, ok?” Bai Rong turned his head, “Chong…Mmm?!!”

Suddenly feeling something poking against his rear, Bai Rong subconsciously wanted to grab it but just as he reached out his hand, he suddenly realized what the thing poking him was, and his face flushed red.

Seeing that he was caught by Bai Rong, Mu Chongyan couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He held the person tight and kissed his ears, his voice a little hoarse, “Rongrong, it’s been a long time since we ‘helped’ each other out….”

“!!!” Bai Rong’s face turned red like a tomato. W-.What did he mean by they hadn’t helped each other out for a long time. They had clearly helped each other out two months ago!

Of course, that was only once….

“W-We can’t….” Feeling the body behind him grow hotter, Bai Rong had a premonition and hurriedly pushed away his passionate wife, “We still haven’t married yet!”

Moreover, father-in-law was just downstairs. He didn’t dare do anything immoral…

“We can still ‘help’ each other out even if we haven’t married. Aren’t we a couple..” Mu Chongyan gently cooed, his hand snaking around Bai Rong’s waist, gently rubbing it.


“Ah…” An electric current flowed through Bai Rong, turning his body limp and his face turned deep red, “Chongyan…we-we can’t!”

“Why can’t we….” Mu Chongyan kissed Bai Rong’s lips.

“Mm….Because we haven’t tied the knot yet…” Bai Rong pushed Mu Chongyan’s arms away with a red face.

In any case, he couldn’t grow taller anymore so at the very least, he should stick to his principles. Otherwise, he would only become a shameless tough guy that the tough guy world would spit on.

“Chongyan…” Seeing that even though Mu Chongyan was holding him, but was still very gentle, Bai Rong gritted his teeth and struggled free from Chongyans’ arms. He then rolled off the bed and scuttled off like the wind.

“In any case, that won’t do. Chongyan, I know that you want to give your hand in marriage to me but now is not the right time!”

He said while shutting the door on his way out.

Mu Chongyan was stunned at first before the urge to laugh washed over him.

Give his hand in marriage?!

Looks like…upon their return, he needed to quickly make Little Sweet Cake realize who was marrying into whom’s family…

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