Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 102.2 Four quotas (2)

“So once the city wall guards find something wrong, they’ll immediately make a report. This has been the arrangement for the past 20 years and we have used up a substantial amount of money and manpower. It’s better to get used to it.” Xia Qingshu looked at them and said, “This might sound scary but you don’t have to actually worry that much. Ignoring the fact that the rune-fused city wall was enough to stand against 9th level and lower beasts, there’s about more than 300 mercenary groups inside Zone S that are 8th and 9th levels, so facing invading 9th level beasts is relatively easy. It’s only…when a 10th level beast appears that things can get a little dangerous.”

“Moreover, tenth level beasts would only appear during the tide, and this beast tide cannot be stopped at just a report. In truth, in the past millennium, every emperor used video surveillance in the beasts’ gathering area to warn people. However…the emperor of this generation didn’t send anyone to repair the surveillance video now that it had been damaged. Instead, they chose to spend countless amounts of money and manpower to report changes….”

Xia Qingshu paused, “I can only say that I don’t really understand why he would use such a method. Moreover, the emperor’s patience extends farther than the average person’s. After all, any ‘changes’ would occur at least once or twice a day.”

Ze La’er silently clenched his fists at the side, his gaze still focused out the window as he sneered on the inside.

Didn’t that good father of his used such a method all from one sentence from the empress? After all, this method sure had a lot of benefits. Not only can they avoid potential damage caused by his trusted aids going to the hinterlands of high-level beasts, they could also observe mutant beasts as well as every family and organizations movement. The most important was that they could reap a lot of profit. Looking at the imperial palace. Who lives in that place? Even if it was the emperor of the skies, it wouldn’t have been as luxurious as this. The day before he decided to run off, he heard that his fellow siblings didn’t have a good appetite, so they spent more than a million ash coins to buy 100 9th level intermediate level black tiger beasts and only took the most tender finger meat to serve as a delicious meal.


“Then…I don’t have to worry.” Hearing Xia Qingshu say this, Bai Rong let out a breath of relief. In truth, he was also surprised at what he heard but after thinking about it carefully, it actually wasn’t much.

When they were only able to hunt down 3rd level mutant beasts, the 4th level beasts who lived 100 kilometers away didn’t even appear, and weren’t they still alive right now…

“Ok.” Xia Qingshu nodded in satisfaction, “The thing you should do most right now is grab a hold of time and improve your strength. This is the most important. After all, a tide of beasts is about to come. In this safe zone, there is no place that is completely 100% safe.”

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“Rongrong, it’s time to eat.” Mu Chongyan knocked on the door.


“Alright, I understand!” Bai Rong put down the weapon he was holding and got up to open the door.

“Did I disturb you?”

“No, I was researching the rune fusion form of weapons, not making weapons.” Bai Rong pointed to the white sign on the door, “Didn’t I already tell you? White sign means I’m not making weapons.”

“Yeah but I was still afraid of disturbing your research.” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed Bai Rong’s head and lowered his head, kissing Bai Rong’s forehead, “I have good news to tell you.”

“What good news?” Bai Rong’s little face lit up, his eyes growing wide.

Every news his wife gave were always pleasant surprises!

“Rongrong will know later on.”

Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong to the first floor and pointed to the outside with a smile, “Take a look. Do you still like it?”

Bai Rong’s eyes followed Mu Chongyan’s hands and his little face immediately became stunned, his pupils quivering, “!!!”

“Do you like it?” Seeing Bai Rong frozen in place, Mu Chongyan gently prodded him with a question.

“I-I do!!!” Bai Rong promptly pounced into Mu Chongyan’s embrace, wrapping his arms tightly around Mu Chongyan’s waist. “Thank you Chongyan!”

He genuinely didn’t think that the surprise Mu Chongyan gave him would actually be the last two sets of low level weapons making machines he had been thinking about for half a month. He still remembered going to the weapons making shop in Zone S with Mu Chongyan before. Even if he was a ninth level weapons maker, the shop was only willing to sell 14 sets, and couldn’t be talked down to selling 2 sets.


Mu Chongyan also hugged Bai Rong back, tightly holding him in his arms. He muzzled his face on his hair and kissed him, “As long as you like it.”

“Chongyan….how did you manage to buy it? Didn’t they say that two sets contain high grade confidential skills so they couldn’t be sold?” After Bai Rong’s excitement had passed, he then knit his brows in worry, “What did you do?”

“Nothing much. I only made a bet with the manager of that weapon shop and I won.” Mu Chongyan pinched Bai Rong’s face, “It’s that simple.”

“How could that be?!”

Bai Rong didn’t believe it a single bit at all.

“It’s true. He said that I can buy them on the condition that I can defeat Huo Lade within 5 seconds, and I did it and won.” Mu Chongyan smiled, “Does Rongrong not believe in my strength?”

“O-Of course I do!” Bai Rong quickly raised his face and put on a serious and loyal look.

His Chongyan was naturally the best, his rate of improvement was lightning quick, his strength on par with his father-in-law’s. He now had the strength of a legendary 10th level mercenary. On the other hand, Bai Rong couldn’t compete with him, having just reached 9th level high grade.

That Huo Lade also knew. He was Zone S’s reputed mercenary leader–his reputation second only to his father-in-law, a ninth level mercenary, but compared to Mu Chongyan, he fell far behind.

However, Chongyan was very low-profile. Other people didn’t know how strong he truly was!

“That’s why it’s this easy.” Mu Chongyan pecked Bai Rong’s forehead, his eyes filled with gentle mirth, “Alright. Let’s go look at those couple machines together, alright?”

“Ok.” Bai Rong finally eased his worries and happily hugged Mu Chongyan’s arm, a smile blooming on his face, “Let’s go, let’s go!”


Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong’s smile and the corner of his lips arose in satisfaction. His eyes were filled with love. The manager’s request was naturally not easy by any means and defeating Huo Lade within 5 seconds was just one of the requests, the request that was the most difficult to carry out was asking him to hunt a 10th level high grade beast.

It took him a week to find a 10th level high grade monster and he expended a great deal of effort to kill it. The process was extremely difficult and he couldn’t avoid receiving injuries. It even took him 3 hours just to treat it fully with a treatment device, however, his abilities also achieved a breakthrough so now he was only slightly weaker compared to his dad.

However, he still thought it wasn’t enough. Thinking about the events that happened half a month ago when his Little Sweet Cake locked himself in the weapons making room for two days without eating or drinking, all to make him a ninth-level high grade weapon to celebrate his 21st birthday, he felt that his gift for him was too insignificant…

The two held hands and walked towards the courtyard to look at the machines but before they could even reach it, the iron doors of the courtyard creaked open noisily and Xia Qingshu walked over with a solemn face as if he was trying to suppress something.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Mu Chongyan looked at Xia Qingshu, the look in his eyes changing. Aside from the ‘confession’ he made on that day, he had never seen his dad looked this grave.

Xia Qingshu slowly raised his eyes and cast his gaze on Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong whose hands were tightly intertwined, and his voice sounded a little nervous.

“Dearie, Rongrong. Remember the flying ship I brought up before. The test flight was successful so they’re planning to officially fly the day after tomorrow…”

“Also, Ze La’er gave us four seats and asked us to start making preparations…”

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