Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 102.1 Four quotas (1)

After dealing with Ze La’er, Mu Chongyan walked back to the villa with a cold face.

Ze La’er angrily gnashed his teeth, his body overcome with searing pain. He got up from the ground after a long time but did not let out a single sound. There was no other way. Who asked him to have a weaker fist than that sicko Mu Chongyan!

“Ze La’er, you…” Xia Qingshu worriedly looked at Ze La’er, “Do you want to treat yourself with the treatment device?”

“No need, teacher. I don’t even feel anything now at all.” Ze La’er grit his teeth and bore the pain with a stiff mouth, “I don’t want to end up lowering myself to his level.”

“…..” Xia Qingshu was a bit speechless. He was clear about the difference of strength between his Dearie and Ze La’er. At most, Ze La’er was a 7th grade intermediate mercenary and he probably wouldn’t be able to beat Rongrong….


However, he knew that this apprentice of his needed dignity so Xia Qingshu didn’t say anything, only patting his shoulder, but this only made Ze La’er let out a hiss, his face twitching.

“…..” Seeing his apprentice gnash his teeth in order not to show a pained look, Xia Qingshu helplessly took out the treatment device, “Come here. Even though your injuries look very light, you should quickly treat them, otherwise, it could affect your aptitude.”

Seeing Ze La’er remain motionless, Xia Qinghsu patted Ze La’er’s arm, “Come here.”

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“Iwjw’p yxygkdt! Zsw’al dso yczl vs bwdv esod 7vb zlhlz xwvydv clypvp!” Jyk Ssdt dyvwayzzu raykple bkx yde alynble swv y byde vs awc Iwjw’p blye, pxkzkdt, “Qs yde oypb wr, bso nswze usw tlv vbkp ekavu.”

“Hehe…” Kuku sheepishly chuckled, his expression just as behaved as before, looking a bit cute. Bai Rong was stunned slightly at first before mirth flowed out of his heart.


Alright. Cuteness and height were not related to each other. Even if Kuku had grown much taller, wasn’t he still acting the same as before? He was still his cute and obedient little brother!

Seeing Bai Rong continuously looking at Kuku, Mu Chongyan suddenly felt a bit unhappy. He wrapped an arm around Bai Rong and asked, “What’s Bai Rong looking at?”

“I was looking at…” Bai Rong’s words trailed off and a look of delight flashed across his face. He feigned a heavy cough, “I was looking at how Kuku is now so tall but he’s still so behaved. Sigh..he’s completely different from me.”

After all, when he was just a few centimeters tall, his tough man aura was overflowing, charming his wife putty. Now it went without saying that his temperament was even more iron-blooded and strong, invincible and majestic!

Seeing his Little Sweet Cake proudly puffing up his chest, his face appearing proud and complacent, Mu Chongan suppressed his amusement and helplessly rubbed his head.

“Alright…” As long as you’re happy.

Mu Chongyan

“Chongyan, what’s wrong?” Seeing Mu Chongyan’s ears turn a little red, Bai Rong held his hand, “Why are your ears hot?”

“…..” Mu Chongyan grew embarrassed and was silent for two seconds before saying in a deadpan voice, “….The weather is dry and I have a lot of internal heat.”

Dinner was quickly prepared and the group of people ate while discussing matters. Just as Mu Chongyan expected, Lu Ke and the others had agreed to go to Zone S.

“I never would have imagined that I could step foot into Zone S.” Lu Ya narrowed his eyes, feeling extremely ecstatic. He took a piece of roasted bread and ate it happily, “Brother Bai Rong, don’t you think I’m a talented and handsome youth!”

“In your dreams.” Bai Rong had yet to say anything when Kuku butt in, “You’re a long way from being a talented and handsome youth.”


“Bai Ku, you….” Lu Ya’s face turned red from anger. This Bai Ku actually kicked him off his high horse.

“Kuku’s meaning is that you’re still young and handsome whereas talented youths are at least 20 years old.” Bai Rong hurriedly appeased, “Lu Ya, aren’t you two years younger than 20? Despite that, you’re already much more amazing than those handsome and talented youths.”

As he said this, Bai Rong rubbed Lu Ya’s head.

Lu Ya stared at his idol who tried his best to mediate the situation and enjoyed his caresses. He chuckled on the inside and decided to ignore Bai Ku.

Kuku watched his brother stroke his head and was angered into gnashing his teeth.

This midget Lu was actually putting up a pretense in front of his brother when he usually provoked him behind his brother’s back!

Mu Chongyan who was watching at the side was even more unhappy. He picked up a piece of spare rib and placed it into Bai Rong’s bowl, gently telling him, “Rongrong, quickly eat up.”

“Alright.” Bai Rong nodded obediently and picked the piece up to eat. He then looked at Mu Chongyan, “Then when are we going to Zone S?”

Mu Chongyan smiled, “In about 7 or 8 days. Weren’t you planning to make a 7th level weapon in two days for Uncle Lei?”

“Yeah but that won’t take 7 or 8 days.” Bai Rong really wanted to say that three days of rest was enough but in the end, he didn’t say this out loud. He merely recalled that he hadn’t changed the weapons of Kuku and the others.

“Alright. I’ll listen to Chongyan.” Bai Rong picked up a piece of spare rib and placed it in Mu Chongyan’s bowl, “This spare ribs taste really good. You should eat more, Chongyan!”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan picked up the spare rib and smiled as he took a bite. He then handed him a glass of warm green fruit juice, “Rongrong should drink more juice. This temperature is just right, it’ll cool your injured stomach.”


“Ok…” Bai Rong held the glass up and guzzled down half the contents in an instant.


Time passed by very quickly and in the blink of an eye, 8 days had elapsed. The gang had packed up their stuff and excitedly headed for Zone S.

Zone S and Zone B were as different as heaven and earth. Bai Rong looked at the incomparably broad silver city wall and the warriors standing guard there, internally exclaiming how extravagant Zone S was. The city wall was engraved with rune marks and the weapons the city guardians were holding were 7th level weapons!

Xia Qingshu looked at Bai Rong who was completely taken aback and smiled, “Not everyone here uses 7th level weapons. In Zone S, there’s a lot more mercenaries using intermediate level weapons.”

“Huh?” Bai Rong turned his head, feeling a little confused, “But they’re only city wall guardians….and they’re already using 7th level weapons.”

He remembered that in Zones B, C and D, the guards’ and most mercenaries’ weapons were 1st level weapons and the weapons of the zone guards were one or two levels higher than the city wall guards. If they followed the standard of Zones B,C and D, wouldn’t that mean that the guards in Zone S use 8th or 9th level weapons?!

How could that be, that would’ve cost a huge sum of money!

Seeing Bai Rong’s confusion, Xia Qingshu proceeded to explain, “The guards here all belong to the Imperial Guard Bureau and the bureau servers directly under the emperor.”

“The Imperial Guard Bureau?!”

“Yeah, the Imperial Guard Bureau is rich and powerful, moreover…” Xia Qingshu looked at Ze La’er and swallowed down the words “cherish life” and said, “The royal family are more cautious so they made sure to prepare weapons very well. Majority of them are 8th level and only low level mercenaries like city wall guards are 7th level. If any slight movements are detected, the royal family will immediately be notified and would promptly send people to deal with it.”

“Slight movements?” Bai Rong blinked, “What movements?”


“These movements pertain to any unusual movements made by the mutant beasts outside the city wall or my mother’s clan’s excessively rapid development” Ze La’er interjected, feigning calm as he crossed his leg and stared outside the window.

Bai Rong suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“The northern mutant beasts are indeed much more worrying.” Seeing Ze La’er’s reactions, Xia Qingshu heaved a sigh of relief on the inside and continued, “Zone S’s geographical position is very special. Even if it’s the zone that doesn’t receive the most radiation, it has the strongest gravitational force which is good for training the physical aptitude. This was the decision that pained the royal family the most when they built Zone S. However, at present, Zone S’s circumstances have had some changes.”

“Change?” Bai Rong frowned, “What kind of change? Could you elaborate?”

“In the past, Zone S was very safe, the mutant beasts in the surroundings were also few. But in the past decade, the wilderness has been constantly changing and today, a high level beast’s habitat can be found near Zone S, measuring only 300 kilometers away.”

“300 kilometers?!” The gang was shocked. Then wouldn’t the high level beasts only take 3-4 hours just to reach this place?!

“Which high grade beasts live in that place?” Bai Rong quickly asked.

“Giant Crocodile Beasts.”

Giant Crocodile Beasts!!!

Everyone was taken aback for a moment, their breathing coming to a halt.

If the giant crocodile beast’s gathering place was only 300 kilometers away from Zone S, then wouldn’t that mean that the gathering place of 8th and 9th level beasts were only 500-600 kilometers away?!!!

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