Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 101.2 DearieDearieDearie….Ow! (2)

Bai Rong carefully selected two 8th grade low level beast tasks and two 8th grade intermediate beast tasks and after signing up for them, he, Mu Chongyan and Xia Qingshu departed together to the wilderness.

The gathering place of 8th level beasts was next to the gathering palace of giant crocodile beasts. Upon crossing the deep river, there would be all kinds of 8th and 9th level beasts. In fact, even the rumored 10th level beasts would sometimes appear there.

Even though the chances of encountering a 10th level beast was practically nil, the chances of encountering a 9th level beasts was not small, so if Xia Qingshu didn’t play convoy, Bai Rong and Mu Chongyan wouldn’t have been able to decisively hunt 8th level beasts.

In the gathering place of giant crocodile beasts, Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong cooperated perfectly, easily hunting several of the beasts. A look of surprise as well as unconcealable praise flashed across Xia Qingshu’s face. His Dearie and Rongrong’s fighting power had reached the level of an eighth grade mercenary. If his Dearie were a bit more powerful, his prowess would be up to par to 2-3 8th grade mercenaries whereas Rongrong would be an 8th grade low level mercenary. However, Rongrong’s perception was much stronger than Dearie’s, in fact, it was even stronger than his!

Without Rongrong’s perception, the two of them would’ve gotten into a lot of danger.


When the two of them fought together, even if they were up against a 9th grade low level beast, they would be able to stand a chance.

After praising the two of them without hesitation, Xia Qingshu pointed out the areas where Bai Rong was weak at whereas for Mu Chongyan….well, his earlier performance was already done perfectly so there was nothing to give pointers about.

Taking out an aircraft from the spatial button, Xia Qingshu drove the two people across the river.

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The two people had much more difficulty this time around. Bai Rong nearly got caught thrice in the 9th level beast’s sharp fangs and Mu Chongyan’s left shoulder also sported a bloody hole from the beast’s fang after saving Bai Rong. However, in the end, the two managed to successfully slash the beast’s throat.


Seeing Mu Chongyan’s injury, Bai Rong’s eyes turned red from self-blame and distress. Mu Chongyan took him into his arms and kissed his forehead, but before he could even say anything, Bai Rong struggled free from his hold.

Mu Chongyan then saw his Little Sweet Cake urgently take out the treatment device from the spatial button and treat his injuries with red eyes.

“Use mine. This is better than the treatment device of Sheng Ya.” Xia Qinghus handed over a treatment device and told the two.

He was also very distressed but he knew that the benefits this battle gave to his Dearie and Rongrong far outweighed the disadvantages, particularly for his Dearie. He should have been able to accumulate a lot of battle experience at once and from his perspective, his Dearie should’ve had a small breakthrough, reaching the level of a 9th level mercenary.

Bai Rong quickly gave his thanks and accepted the device, treating Mu Chongyan with it. The high grade treatment device of this barren planet was definitely different from that of Sheng Ya’s. In just less than half an hour, Mu Chongyan’s injuries were completely healed up. If they had used Sheng Ya’s high grade treatment device, it would have taken at least 2 hours.

“This time, you two performed very well. Dearie should have reached the level of a ninth grade mercenary. Rongrong should have also reached the level of an eighth grade low level mercenary.” Xia Qingshu praised the two people candidly. He also rubbed Bai Rong’s hair, “Rongrong shouldn’t blame yourself. You’ve done very well and perfectly used your perception. However…even though your perception is very strong, your moves aren’t fast enough. You’re also unable to evade in time after determining the attack trajectory of the beast, so in the future, Rongrong should take note and work hard to improve your physical fitness and agility, understood?”

“Ok…I understand. Thank you Uncle Xia.”

Not imagining that Uncle Xia wouldn’t blame him, even gently giving him an analysis instead. Bai Rong’s eyes turned even redder and he rubbed them. He made a resolve in his heart to earnestly raise his strength and stop dragging Mu Chongyan down.

“In fact, it was my fault this time.” Seeing Bai Rong with a look of self-reproach, Mu Chongyan helplessly let out a sigh in distress. He gently took him in his arms and said, “Rongrong’s fighting power is already very strong and he hasn’t even reached the age of twenty. He’s already reached the level of an 8th grade mercenary so this puts him as one of the best in this barren planet. Moreover, Rongrong is also a high grade weapons maker. You’ve already accomplished a lot in so many fields, why do you have to blame yourself? If Rongrong is self-reproaching like this, then I have no qualifications to be calm. After all, I can’t even make weapons…”

“Y-You can’t think of it that way.” Bai Rong hurriedly shook his head, “Chongyan is a lot more amazing than I am in many things, for example, strategizing. Chongyan is far stronger than me at this. Moreover, Chongyan’s leadership is something I can’t learn, also….”

Xia Qingshu watched Bai Rong and Mu Chongyan mutually comfort and praise each other, a smile slowly appearing on his face.

Looks like he didn’t need to worry at all. These two children have already found the best way to get along…


After placing the beasts’ corpses into the spatial button, the three people departed from the wilderness into the aircraft, however, none of them realized that a dangerous gaze had been eyeing them from a distance.

Mu Chongyan first drove the aircraft to the mercenary guild and let Bai Rong promote their mercenary group to the 8th level. After this, he proceeded to bring them back home.

“Since you’ve already become an eighth level mercenary group, Dearie and Rongrong and should leave for Zone S together with me in a few days.” Xia Qingshu looked at the empty living room and said, “Wait until they come back and we can discuss with them again.”

“Alright. Then, we’ll wait for their return and decide the time.” Bai Rong poured himself a cup of water and guzzled it down. After letting out a comforted sigh, he then asked, “Uncle Xia, is Zone C’s development comparable to Sheng Ya’s?”

“Of course it can’t be compared.” Xia Qingshu slowly drank his tea, “The development of Zone S is the same as an E Level City in Sheng Ya. However, much of the development here is based on the special environment of the barren planet, among them, two developments are pretty good and are comparable to Sheng Ya’s.”

Surprise flitted across Bai Rong’s eyes as he curiously asked, “Which two developments?!”

“Treatment devices and flying ships.”

“Flying ships?! This place also has flying ships?!” Mu Chongyan also appeared surprised.

“Yes. That’s right. Even though the aircrafts of this planet are ordinary, the flying ships aren’t the same.” Xia Qingshu paused and said, “The royal family has been putting a lot of effort into researching how to leave the planet so the research of flying ships has always preceded every other research. I heard Ze La’er say that the technology of flying ships here achieved a major breakthrough so there’s a possibility that they’ll be able to leave this planet.” When Xia Qingshu reached the last few words, his thumb unconsciously pressed harder on the handle of the cup.

“Leave this planet?!!” Bai Rong’s pupils quivered, his voice unconsciously raising high and his cheeks dyed red with excitement, “Uncle Xia, is that true?!!”

“According to Ze La’er, this is the case. It was also because of this matter that he came to Zone B in a huff.”

“Huh?” Bai Rong furrowed his brows, “What do you mean?”


“….” Thinking that Dearie and Rongrong will get to know of this matter after stepping into Zone S, Xia Qingshu remained silent for a moment before slowly starting to explain, “Actually, the relationship of the royal family here is a bit more chaotic. The current empress isn’t Ze La’er’s real mother.”


“Yeah. The royal family has four children. The eldest prince, the third princess and the fourth prince are children of the empress while the second prince, which is Ze La’er, is the child of the previous empress. After the previous empress gave birth to Ze La’er, she passed away from sickness so the current empress is the second one.”

The second empress’s son is the Crown Prince?!!

Suddenly realizing the gravity of the news, Bai Rong appeared stupefied.

Xia Qingshu also felt very embarrassed recounting this matter for the child to hear but it was important for them to know once they step foot into Zone S so he thought it better to explain it to them first.

“At present, the royal family’s power is in the emperor and the empress’s hand. After researching the flying ship, the emperor divided the flying ship locations into several parts. Among them, the smallest part, which can only carry up to 20 people, is given to the second prince Ze La’er. In truth, Ze La’er is used to it, but in the past few days, there was new news. The emperor wanted Ze La’er to give up half of his allotted quota to the family members of the crown prince’s consort but before he could call Ze La’er into the hall to discuss this, Ze La’er ran out and refused to talk with his father.”

“But, running out wouldn’t solve this matter.” Bai Rong frowned, suddenly feeling some sympathy for Ze La’er.

However, he didn’t agree with Ze La’er’s behavior. Running over here was too reckless and wouldn’t solve anything.

“Yes, this matter was an oversight on my part,” Xia Qingshu sighed, “I didn’t notice how deep his thoughts were.”

“Dad, when did you take Ze La’er in as your apprentice?” Mu Chongyan suddenly spoke out after keeping silent all this time.

“Three years ago.” Xia Qingshu lightly took a sip of his tea, “Even though I’ve already known Ze La’er for several years, it was only three years ago that I agreed to teach him. In the past, the emperor insisted that I teach the crown prince but I refused.”


“Yeah.” Mu Chongyan nodded. He felt that there was no way Ze La’er had been taught by his dad since he was young. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been this stupid.

The three people were in silence, pondering over a matter when the sound of knocks resounded outside the courtyard, “Teacher, teacher, are you in, teacher?!”

“It’s Ze La’er!” Bai Rong looked outside, “I’ll go and open the door.”

“No need, I’ll go.” Mu Chongyan stopped Bai Rong and walked out.

Evidently, Mu Chongyan and Ze La’er mutually disliked each other. Once the door was opened, the two didn’t exchange a single word at all, coldly walking into the villa one after another.

“Teacher!” Upon seeing Xia Qingshu, Ze La’er immediately pounced towards him but was held by Mu Chongyan by the collar.

“What are you doing?!” Ze La’er angrily turned his head.

“Reminding you to be careful of your behavior.” Mu Chongyan’s voice was cold and firm.

“What are you trying to say?!” Ze La’er immediately got angry. Where did he not pay attention to his behavior? Did Mu Chongyan have to keep in check his intimacy with Teacher?!!

“Dearie, don’t be rash. Ze La’er, if you have something to say, say it.”

Xia Qingshu’s words had just fallen when an earth-shattering laughter had just sounded, carrying an unscrupulously ridiculing tone.

Mu Chongyan’s face immediately turned dark.

“Dearie?” Ze La’er turned his head and narrowed his eyes at Mu Chongyan, “Aiyo, our big Mu Man is actually called Dearie…ow-!!!”

Ze La’er hadn’t finished speaking when he covered his nose and flew.

“Mu-….Mu Chongyan, if you have the skill, don’t use sneak attacks!” Ze La’er angrily glared at Mu Chongyan while getting up from the ground, his mouth chattering nonstop, “DearieDearieDearieDearieDearie…ow-!!!!!”

Mu Chongyan walked Ze La’er who had come crashing against a tree and stepped on his pants, his voice without the slightest warmth, “Say that one more time and I’ll make you return butt-naked.”

On the other side, Bai Rong was at the door, trying to pull back Xia Qingshu who was going to mediate the quarrel and he hurriedly said, “Uncle Xia, don’t go out. The matter’s going to resolve itself soon. If you go out, they might go for another round…”

After thinking about it and feeling that Bai Rong’s words hold reason, Xia Qingshu’s footsteps came to a halt, “Alright.”

Seeing his father-in-law listen to him, Bai Rong secretly smirked and narrowed his eyes at Ze La’er. Why did he feel that Ze La’er…and Walter were a bit similar….

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