Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 101.1 Deariedeariedearie….Ow! (1)

After finishing supper, Bai Rong went to brush his teeth before going to bed.

Xia Qingshu rested in an empty room on the second floor. The room was located at the end of the hall, which was coincidentally below Bai Rong’s room.

The delicious desserts not only uplifted people’s mood, it even allowed them to fall into slumber without much struggle. Despite having received a big shock today, when the night settled in, despite initially having chaotic thoughts, the group still slowly fell sound asleep and had a peaceful night of rest.

…..The next day.

When morning came, Bai Rong opened his eyes blankly and saw that the sun was already high up in the air. His whole person immediately became sober and he jumped up from the bed.


Ahhhh why didn’t his alarm ring!!!

Taking his alarm, he realized that the time was already 8:33am. Bai Rong was dumbfounded for a while before feeling bad.

He had just met his father-in-law for the first time yesterday and today, he had slept in. Oh dear, he won’t be able to marry his wife anymore. He was doomed!….

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However, even if he scolded him, he quite liked it anyway…


“Rongrong’s here.” Xia Qingshu also smiled while walking over, “Rongrong, quickly come here. Breakfast is still warm in the kitchen. Let Dearie carry it over to you.”

“N-….No need!” Bai Rong’s little face turned taut and his spine immediately straightened up, the sound of sirens ringing in his head.

Not only did he get up late, he even made his wife carry breakfast, this was simply asking him to get killed!!!

“Thank you uncle, I’ll carry it myself. I usually wake up at 6am. I don’t know what happened to me today, actually waking up late.” Bai Rong’s ears were completely red, He felt angry at himself for screwing up on such an important period, “I’m usually very diligent, I never sleep in!”

Seeing Bai Rong look nervous and fidgety, Xia Qingshu was taken aback at first. Then, recalling his Dearie’s words about Rongrong’s “Tough Guy Principles”, he couldn’t help but feel amused on the inside.

This child…He was probably trying to stick to his iron-blooded Tough Guy Principles again. Really…

“It’s not a problem. I know Rongrong is usually diligent and what happened this time was just an accident.” Xia Qingshu chuckled, “However, sleeping in is normal. Rongrong is only 19 years old so sleeping more will be beneficial to growing tall.”

“Ok….” Bai Rong replied in a soft voice. He looked at the 1.83 cm tall Xia Qingshu and really wanted to say that his secret to growing tall was not eating or sleeping but whether his contacts with Mu Chongyan were intimate enough or not…

Oh but he definitely wouldn’t say this. Wasn’t telling his father-in-law this equivalent to seeking death….

“Dearie, go and carry breakfast over.” Xia Qingshu waved to Bai Rong who was about to go together with Mu Chongyan, “Rongrong, come here. I have something to say to you.”

Bai Rong cast a glance at Mu Chongyan who left to get breakfast and thought for a moment. In the end, he decided to listen to his father-in-law.

Bai Rong behavedly sat across Xia Qingshu with a straight back, “Uncle Xia, what’s the matter?”


Xia Qingshu smiled and pushed a snack preserved in honey and motioned for Bai Rong to try it before slowly saying, “Rongrong, I just had a talk with Dearie and decided that after a few days, when your Tough Guy Mercenary Group advances into the eight level, we can all go to Zone S, what do you think?”

“Go to Zone S?!!” Bai Rong’s hand that was reaching out for the snack paused. What kind of place was Zone S? It was not a place where those who weren’t high-ranking officials or nobles could enter. Mercenary Groups who weren’t Level 8 were also not allowed. Even if they could get in, if they didn’t have an indigenous person’s guarantee, they still couldn’t reside there. At the same time, you had to pay 500 ash coins a day for the accommodation fee and you also couldn’t use mercenary group privileges so normal people simply couldn’t afford it!

“Yeah. Go to Zone S. The environment there is much better than here. The radiation is also a lot less weak than in Zone B, however, the gravity pressure there is stronger but that would only be advantageous in improving your physical aptitude.” Xia Qingshu looked at Bai Rong, “So, does Bai Rong agree or not?”

“I…” Bai Rong quickly made calculations in his heart and concluded that if the 7 of them were to live in Zone S, they would have to pay 3500 ash coins everyday. In a month, that would be 105,000. Adding on to their accommodation and food expenses, it would probably take 30,000-40,000 ash coins.

Just like the task of hunting Giant Crocodile Beasts, it took Mu Chongyan, Kuku and him a whole day to completely finish one, so earning 100,000 ash coins a day shouldn’t be a problem. For Bo Ke, Lu Kun and the others, they seem to already be able to finish six level tasks so earning 10,000 a day shouldn’t be a problem for them…..

In this way, they seem to be able to afford it. It was just that it would be a bit tight for Lu Kun and the others…

“Uncle Xia, have you discussed this matter with Lu Kun and the others?”

“I did. They said they’ll properly consider it.”

On the side, Mu Chongyan had already carried the meal over, carrying a tray of fragrant roasted bread in front of bai Rong. He also brought over a cup of warm juice, “I have already told this matter to Lu Kun and the others and by the looks of it, they will probably agree.”

After all, the average person couldn’t enter Zone S and not only was Zone S’s environment comparatively less harmful to the body, it was even more beneficial to training their aptitude. Even if all the ash coins they earned disappeared in an instant, it would still be worth it.

“I see…” Bai Rong nodded. He then pondered over it and said, “If they’re not willing to go, I’ll take them out of our group so that they can form one by themselves. They should be able to live a good life in Zone B.”

“En. So is Rongrong agreeing?”


“Of course.” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan and said, “Did Chonyan think I wouldn’t agree?”

Mu Chongyan smiled and did not say anything.

Bai Rong took a bite of the roasted bread and the pulp of the juice immediately enveloped his taste buds. He narrowed his eyes in content and harrumphed in a soft voice, “Chongyan already knows that I can’t not agree.”

How cunning!!

“I naturally know but dad insisted that I ask again.” Mu Chongyan decisively ‘sold out’ his dad, and stroked Bai Rong’s little ears, “Drink a bit more juice, it’s still warm so it’s good for your stomach…”

Xia Qingshu watched his Dearie warmly and stickily take care of Rongrong and helplessly shook his head, however, he felt inexplicably gratified on the inside.

According to his Dearie’s progress, marriage wasn’t too far away.

En, not bad, he was faster than him by a couple dozen years.

After breakfast, Bai Rong rested for a while, but he couldn’t resist calling on Mu Chongyan to go out for a trip.

“Chongyan, Kuku and the others have already gone to do tasks. Should we also go?”

Did it make sense for a younger brother to do tasks while he, the older brother, stayed at home?!

“Sure. It just so happens that Dad is coming with us.”


“Huh?!” Bai Rong appeared dumbfounded, “Uncle Shu is coming with us?”

“Yeah, will Rongrong allow it?” Xia Qingshu walked over.

“Of course I’ll allow it!” Bai Rong’s little face lit up. If father-in-law were to join them, wouldn’t they practically be invincible?!!

They probably wouldn’t even have a problem doing a tenth-level task!

“However, I’m only going to guide you. If there are no special circumstances, I won’t make a move.” Xia Qingshu smiled at Bai Rong, “This is a good opportunity for me to see how Dearie and Rongrong have adapted to this place.”

“Oh…” Upon immediately being doused by cold water, Bai Rong’s imagination of kicking and punching 10th level beast kings, sweeping the wilderness and laughing at all the mercenaries, was shattered.

Heaving a long sigh in his heart, Bai Rong took out a weapon from his spatial button and silently held it in his hand.

Fine..Even though he was a bit disappointed, he wasn’t really prepared to make Uncle Xia keep them covered.

It was just that….that image was too perfect, it simply suited his temperament, to be unable to realize it was such a shame and pity.

After locking the door, the three people sat inside the car. Mu Chongyan started the car and drove to the mercenary guild.

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