Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 100.2 Dearie (2)


The sky outside had already started to dim. The light and shadow that came in from the afterglow of the window, were cut into scattered pieces by the window panes. The tea on the table had already turned cold. Bai Rong was sitting next to Mu Chongyan, his head slightly lowered, and his hand in the palm of Mu Chongyan’s had clenched into a fist, the rims of his eyes turning red.

Even if all these things had passed, and the scars left behind no longer ached, now that this matter would have to be peeled open again, it would start to hurt and even provoke anger…

In just one short hour, Mu Chongyan recounted his experience over the years. His voice was not hurried or slow, and he did not express any particular resentment and indignance. It was as if he was talking about other people’s affairs, but even so, he found that this could not appease his dad….

Xia Qingshu’s whole body emitted an air as if he was on the battlefield, fierce and cold, and the air around him seemed to carry a piercing chilliness.


This He Erya was good, truly good! It was a waste for him to have treated her as a younger sister seeing how vicious she could actually be. It didn’t even matter that his dearie was her child for the past 20 years and was even filial to her yet she actually did all those things to him!!

Did this person even have a heart?!!

Oh, then again, she was able to deal a hand to him and his dearie who was only a few months old back then, so how could she have easily changed her character!

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As for Rongrong, besides possessing an unimaginable high grade talent, he was also very tenacious and kind. Not only did he save his dearie once, but he also did not resent him because he was innocently implicated in the evil plans of that organization. He even put his whole heart into helping his dearie. This child was really too kind….


“Come here,” Xia Qingshu raised his arms to the two of them, his eyes moist and hot, “Let dad give you guys a hug……”


The sky had turned completely dark.

Bai Rong’s sniffling sounded clear in the dimly lit room, and in the end, he shifted in embarrassment, leaving Xia Qingshu’s warm and gentle embrace.

Xia Qingshu had already calmed down the raging emotions in his heart. Seeing that Bai Rong was embarrassed, he took out a piece of paper towel from his space button, handed it over, and smiled softly, “Uncle lost his temper today. Hoping Rongrong doesn’t laugh at uncle……”

“I-…I wouldn’t!” Bai Rong shook his head quickly.

Mu Chongyan, who broke free from his father’s embrace with Bai Rong, took the paper towel and handed it to Bai Rong and said softly, “Rongrong should wipe your face.”

“Ok…” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan, his face a little red, Uncle Xia’s embrace was too warm, filled with the scent of a father’s affection. He had never experienced such an embrace before, so he stayed in Uncle Xia’s embrace for a few seconds. Now that he thought about it, he thought himself somewhat embarrassing…

This was too inconsistent with his tough guy temperament…

Will Uncle Xia think that his character is too soft and doesn’t match his temperament? Would he think he was unable to give his little dearie a wide and strong chest to rely on?….

Bai Rong held the paper towel and heaved a sigh of worry in his heart……

Seeing his dad and Little Sweet Cake calm down, Mu Chongyan poured them new cups of hot tea, “The weather is cold so drink some hot tea.”


He then added half a spoon of honey to Bai Rong’s teacup, “The aftertaste of this tea is bitter, so I added some honey for Bai Rong to drink.”

“En…Thank you Chongyan.” Bai Rong watched Mu Chongyan and pursed the corners of his lips. It was as if honey was poured inside his heart.

His wife was really virtuous and caring!!

Xia Qingshu watched Mu Chongyan’s actions and gaze, and smiled, sighing in his heart.

His dearie had really grown up, and his level of consideration for his lover was the perfect example of a gong. There was simply no need for his concern…

Mu Chongyan sat down after he finished busying himself, and took a sip of tea from the teacup. He hesitated for two seconds before speaking, “Dad, how did you… fall into this barren planet?”

Xia Qingshu’s actions slowed slightly, and he put down the teacup gently before raising his head. His face was slightly taut, and he said as calmly as possible, “At the beginning…when you were still in the embryonic compartment, I went to the hospital to see you alone. At that time, I still treated He Erya as my sister, and didn’t put up any defenses so I carelessly fell into her trap. We were both kidnapped and stuffed into a small flying ship. That ship was supposed to return to the base camp of that organization but an accident happened while traveling through the wormhole and we entered the wormhole turbulence. We floated for a full ten months in that turbulence. In the first ten months, the people of the organization suddenly changed their motive, and made a copy of your genes…”

Recalling one of his worst memories, Xia Qingshu’s eyes flashed red, and his fists clenched up. He took a deep breath, and then continued, “…However, before they proceeded, a wormhole suddenly appeared in the flying ship and beside the exit of the wormhole, was the barren planet. They accelerated too fast in the wormhole, and were immediately sucked in by the barren planet, unable to struggle out of it, so…they shifted their attention and released all the restraints they put on me, using your life as a bargaining chip. They ordered me to drive my mech out and help the ship to get out of the way and that’s how…”

Xia Qingshu paused, his voice turning softer, “…I got here.”

“In…” Mu Chongyan gritted his teeth, “In those ten months, did those people conduct experiments on you?!”

He didn’t believe the organization would capture his dad just to imprison him!

“Dearie, don’t worry, they just drew some blood…” Xia Qingshu’s voice was as relaxed as possible, “I don’t know what experiments they did but in any case, they all failed…No. “Xia Qingshu’s eyes suddenly changed, and the corners of his lips turned up into a sneer, “One of them succeeded.”


“What?!” Bai Rong exclaimed in apprehension.

“Gene forging.” Xia Qingshu’s voice was cold. “They used my genes and some of Luo Ersi’s genes to specially forge a baby girl’s gene, which was probably given to Hu Erya’s daughter. In fact, at that time…they were also in the flying ship.”

“They were there too?!!!” Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong were surprised.

“Yes…” Xia Qingshu traced back twenty years of events in his mind, his eyes cold, “He Erya also entered the flying ship at the time, but she entered as a VIP and a partner. She was pregnant, and had given birth to a baby girl in the sixth month when the flying ship entered the turbulent flow. The baby girl was more than a month older than you, but until I left, the baby girl had yet to have gone through ‘gene forgery’.”

Xia Qingshu sneered as he spoke, “The most ironic thing was that when He Erya was drifting on the flying ship for more than six months, she still treated me with feigned civility, but unexpectedly in the seventh month, the turbulence suddenly became fierce and overturned the flying ship. That woman accidentally knocked onto a metal instrument which left a bloody hole in the back of her head. Although she was later treated by someone from the organization, she seemed to be suffering from impulsion, unable to keep up any pretenses any longer…”

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