Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 10 Secretly Touching Him

Mu Chongyan raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard the little star abruptly raising his voice, softly pretending to reprimand him in anger. He was similar to a kitten who clearly knew he wasn’t a tiger yet he still bared his fangs and brandished his claws in trepidation, feigning a frightening appearance. Mu Chongyan looked at him and asked. “Domestic violence?”

“Ye- … Yeah!” Bai Rong’s neck shrunk even further as he carefully observed Mu Chongyan’s expression: “Emotional abuse is also considered domestic violence.”

An urge to laugh arose within the bottom of Mu Chongyan’s heart, and the corner of his mouth slowly raised into a small arc. He decided not to give the little star pet a more accurate definition and subject of domestic violence. Since the little guy had already regarded himself to be a genuine member of the family, he will treat him as a genuine member of the family as well.

Mu Chongyan stretched out his finger and gently rubbed the little star pet’s head lightly. Then, he spoke using a soft tone he had never used before, “Then I’m sorry.”

“Mm …” Bai Rong suddenly blushed. He was clearly ready to suffer a sudden onslaught of violence, and did not expect Mu Chongyan to apologize directly, he even … vaguely saw a little bit of warmth on the ice cold face……


“It’s fine …” Bai Rong lowered his head and replied softly, “I forgive you.” After all, being magnanimously tolerant was a good character that any man should possess.

“That’s good.” A trace of smile flashed through Mu Chongyan’s eyes before he became cold again, “Then, do you know what you’ve done wrong?”

“Ah?” Bai Rong, who was suddenly being denounced, lifted his small head, lagging slightly behind Mu Chongyan’s tempo, but the guilty conscience in his heart rushed forth without delay, “Wha-What do you mean?”

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“Kwpv oyvnbkdt MA pbsop, cwv dsv lyvkdt rasrlazu.”

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“Od.” Yw Ubsdtuyd dseele okvb pyvkpqynvksd. “Mbld pvsr oyvnbkdt vbyv MA plaklp qasx dso sd.”

“Ebu?!” Jyk Ssdt xwaxwale vs bkxplzq kd rasvlpv, “R’hl sdzu plld 12 lrkpselp, yde vblal yal pvkzz xsal vbyd y bwdeale lrkpselp vs ts…” Mbl nsdnlrv sq zshl, byvale, yde prlzz nyae xyjkdt olal yzz lprlnkyzzu kdvaktwkdt, yde bl qlzv vbyv bl nswze alyzzu zlyad y zsv qasx kv …

”Eyvnbkdt vblpl okzz fwpv byax uswa caykd.” Mbl zssj sd Yw Ubsdtuyd’p qynl pwdj kd ellr nsdnlad. “Xdnl wrsd y vkxl, vblal oyp y rlapsd yde y pvya rlv obs oyvnble y zsv sq vblpl eayxyp cwv bye lhldvwyzzu tsvvld pknj. Rd vbl lde, vblu clnyxl alvyaele.”

Jyk Ssdt: “…” R’hl alye y zsv sq cssjp, esd’v zkl vs xl …

Fllkdt Yw Ubsdtuyd clkdt qkax ycswv bkp elnkpksd yde dsv zlvvkdt zsspl, Jyk Ssdt csole bkp blye kd rsdela qsa y obkzl, yde qkdyzzu elnkele vs qktbv qsa kv, lhld kq bl nswzed’v oyvnb vbkp eayxy, bl nswze yv zlypv wpl kv kd lmnbydtl qsa psxl svbla kdekhkewyz cldlqkvp, pwnb yp vbl hkavwyz nkvu qwdnvksd. Tl bye clld ulyadkdt qsa vbkp qwdnvksd vs vbl rskdv sq easszkdt, cwv vbl hlapksd sq bkp srvknyz nsxrwvla oyp vss zso, ps bl oyp wdyczl vs plv kv wr.

“Rq usw osd’v yzzso xl vs oyvnb kv … vbld, R byhl y prlnkqkn aliwlpv.” Jyk Ssdt zssjle wr yv Yw Ubsdtuyd plakswpzu, pvyakdt pvayktbv yv vbspl ellr czynj lulp.

“What request?”


“I … I want a more advanced optical computer.” Knowing that the price of one was definitely not cheap, Bai Rong’s ears turned red in slight embarrassment, “I’m going to work hard to try and make money to pay you back in the future. “

“Why do you want a more advanced optical computer?” The light in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed as he looked at the little star pet with interest. He discovered that this little pet was becoming more and more interesting, yet he didn’t let this show and only asked indifferently: “Also, how do you plan to make money?”

“I can do housework for you when I grow taller.” Bai Rong already knew that the current pet star could grow to nearly one meter in size since three years prior, a mech warrior who was incidentally in another planet discovered a very special plant. After much research, it had been concluded that the growth rate and lifespan of this plant’s cells could be controlled and set, so this plant cell has been commonly used in certain high-end robots and certain medical prosthesis.

“Do housework?” Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet who was not much bigger than his palm, and felt it a little funny, “I already have a housekeeping robot.”

“I … I can do other things too.” Bai Rong looked firm as he clenched his small hands into fists. “Please believe me.”

“Okay, I believe you.” Mu Chongyan agreed in amusement, “But why do you want a higher level optical computer?”

Bai Rong’s dark watery eyes turned. He put on a cute appearance as he said: “I, I want to go play in the virtual city … I’m very lonely when you are not at home.”

Taking every little movement of little star Pet into his eyes covertly, Mu Chongyan paused for a moment. The face of a thousand-year iceberg slowly melted by two points, and he showed a faint smile, “Lonely?”

“En! “Bai Rong nodded in a flurry for fear that Mu Chongyan would assume that he was being insincere, “I feel especially lonely when you’re not here! I start missing you a lot!”

“Oh.” The corners of Mu Chongyan’s lips became taut. “I forgot to mention this before, but the academy has announced a new mission today, so I will be very busy at noon in the future and will have no time to come back.”

“Ah? “Bai Rong hurriedly secretly bit the inside of his cheek, allowing tears to pool in his big eyes, “What should I do then, I will become even more lonely. ….. “

“Looks like … I could only buy you a new optical computer.” Seeing the little star pet’s eyes light up, unable to contain his joy and nodding excitedly, Mu Chongyan paused again, and deliberately said, “Actually, if you want to see me that much, I could also take you to the academy.”


No, don’t! Bai Rong hurriedly stopped his head from almost shaking, and cleverly responded: “It wouldn’t be good to disturb you …”

“It’s no problem. When I’m not free, I can just store you inside the space button.”

The thought of being stored inside the dark spatial button almost made Bai Rong burst into tears, “This, this wouldn’t be too good…”

Seeing the appearance of the little star pet’s smile become even more unsightly than when he was crying, Mu Chongyan stopped teasing him, “Indeed it wouldn’t, then … we’ll talk about it later.”

“Okay.” Bai Rong nodded quickly, and didn’t dare to mention the matter of a new optical computer again, obediently finishing the meal. Then, he was picked up by Mu Chongyan and taken to the sofa, where he sat down beside Mu Chongyan quietly.

Mu Chongyan glanced at the furry shark sitting next to him in his best behavior, and casually turned the optical computer on his wrist on. He checked for any news of the 29 new models of star pets.

He had always felt that this fellow was a bit too humane, as if there was a human being contained on the inside.

After browsing for almost half an hour, he had come across a video uploaded by the owner of A28. The video showed A28 wearing a furry bunny attire seriously in the midst of learning how to cook. This video had attracted a burst of exclamation and envy from the netizens. Upon seeing this, Mu Chongyan shut the optical computer off.

The little star pet of his family only thought about eating, drinking, and playing. At most, he was just a talkative little star pet. Even then, compared to the A28 who could read recipes and learn how to cook, he didn’t seem to be all that special. 

En, at best, it was just better looking than all the other star pets.

Mu Chongyan stroked his hand along the furry shark fins, before carrying the little star pet back to the crystal glass case. Sheng Ya star region’s global mech competition was still three months away. Even if he couldn’t spend all his time at school or wait at the AS mech room and combat field, he could still practice his mech in the virtual city’s battlefield for three or four hours at night.

When Bai Rong saw Mu Chongyan taking him back to the crystal glass box and leaving, without even returning the optical computer back to him, he hung down his head miserably and trudged back to the villa.


He suddenly felt that the words of Feng Qi, the female lead in “Genius Girl Spell Card Master: Asking the Overbearing Marshal to Please Let Me Off” made a lot of sense——when a man tries to stop you from going through all means to increase your feelings and experience, he must be afraid of you turning from a novice of love to an expert, for you could see through his cunning plot and nefarious mindset.

The more Bai-Newbie at Love-Rong pondered about this, the more convinced he was that this was the case. He had never seen any educational videos that taught him about this aspect ever since he was a kid, with the exception of some animations. And when he grew up, he had never watched anything other than all kinds of learning and educational videos. Even if he secretly learned how to hack, he could not find any interesting videos through his smart computer.

So this was considered to be the first time he had seen a TV series. It was such a rich and educational series filled with academic significance, including love, hatred, and various complicated entanglements. It was clearly obvious that there was a lot that he could learn from this TV series … but Mu Chongyan was standing in the way!

Heaving a gloomy sigh, Bai Rong decisively went back home to wash up and sleep. After experiencing the optical computer … he felt that his night had become monotonous.

A night passed like this.

It was a bright day outside when Bai Rong woke up drowsily. He reached out and grabbed the physical examination device placed right beside the pillow, then he impatiently pressed scan.

In the end, even though he regarded optical computers and TV series importantly, they were still far less vital than his growth.

“8.56?!” Bai Rong’s eyes widened in the shape of saucers from seeing the numbers in front of him, and he immediately sobered up in excitement. Sure enough, he did not guess wrong, as long as he was touched by Mu Chongyan, he could grow taller!

The pent up frustrations he had yesterday caused by Mu Chongyan, had vanished without a trace. Bai Rong got up from the bed in delight, and picked up the small flower stalk, marking down a new number seriously in the mud dish before darting towards the bathroom for a wash.

After washing up, Bai Rong wore the usual shark outfit, and ate breakfast with Mu Chongyan. During this period, he couldn’t stop his glittering eyes from secretly casting glances at Mu Chongyan several times. It was as if a little dwarf had spotted a height boosting dose or a little hamster who saw an ocean of chinese chestnuts. Every glance he made was overflowing with excitement.

Mu Chongyan, who was being glanced at repeatedly, felt indescribably restless: “…”

After finishing their breakfast, Mu Chongyan transported the little star pet back to the crystal case like usual. Perhaps because he could detect that there was something different about the little star pet today, his entire attention was focused on the nerves of his hand that was carrying the little star pet. He inevitably discovered that the little guy who was sitting atop his hand, was secretly rubbing around his palm.


Once, twice, thrice…

The little fellow softly and secretly brushed his hand around like a feather, causing Mu Chongyan’s eyes to deepen. He expressionlessly placed the little star back in the crystal glass case as a mix of emotions swelled at the bottom of his heart, including a touch of complexity, guilt … and even a faint joy which the owner refused to admit, existed.

It seemed that the little star pet really loved him, depended on him, and couldn’t bear for him to leave.

That was why, whenever he had the chance … he would secretly touch him.

The author has something to say:

[Small theater]
Mu Chongyan: I know you love me so much, you secretly touch me whenever you find a chance.
Bai Rong (shaking his head desperately): That’s not true, I never did that.
Mu Chongyan: Oh, then I won’t let you touch me anymore.
Bai Rong: You were right. I do love you! And trust you! And I can’t leave you! Without you, I can’t breathe!

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