Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 93.3 Reckless Provocation (3)

Bo Ke was a little surprised in secret. This spatial button was a treasure he secretly bought from the black market in Zone B a few days ago. It almost took him his entire savings to afford it. He didn’t expect this person to recognize it at once.

“Then why didn’t you prepare more weapons in the spatial button?” Mu Chongyan frowned slightly. He didn’t want to recruit such a person who didn’t know how to prepare any escape routes.

“There’s a reason for being unprepared!” Bo Ke hurriedly said, “My tampered weapon is an intermediate weapon. I’ve already gotten used to handling it as my ultimate weapon, so I was going to save another two thousand ash coins to buy an intermediate weapon as backup, but I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.”

“Intermediate weapon?” Bai Rong’s eyes lit up, “Where?!”

“Brother Bo Ke’s weapon has been completely destroyed so just take a look at mine.” Na Erya took out a silver long dagger, “Though it’s not as powerful as Brother Bo Ke’s weapon, it can still be regarded as a kind of intermediate weapon.”


“This is an intermediate weapon?!” Bai Rong took it carefully and slowly studied the 30-centimeter-long dagger. His eyes ultimately stopped on the top pattern of the dagger blade, his heart jumping inexplicably, “What’s this pattern?”

“This isn’t a pattern. It’s a rune.” Na Erya responded, “This is the fundamental difference between an intermediate weapon and a low-level weapon. My dagger is painted with a fire rune. When used, there is a certain probability that it can stimulate a very high temperature flame……”

“Runes?!” Bai Rong’s eyes trembled.

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“Thank you for taking us in, we won’t have any crooked thoughts!” The two immediately bowed. “We are really grateful to you, please let us repay you!”


“That’s for the best.” Mu Chongyan looked at Bo Ke, “How big is your spatial button?”

“It has twenty cubic meters of space.”

Twenty cubic meters……

Mu Chongyan paused for a moment before saying, “Take out your wound medicine and ash coins, then put these thunder wolf beasts in, put in as many as you can.”

“Yes!” Bo Ke responded immediately, pressing the spatial button. He took out the things inside and handed them to Na Erya who gave the things to Mu Chongyan wittily, but Mu Chongyan didn’t accept them. “Keep it and heal your injuries.”

“Thank you. Benefactor!”

“Don’t thank me, and don’t call me that. My name is Mu Chongyan, and the person next to me is the leader of our group, he’s called Bai Rong.”

Bai Rong immediately raised his head when he heard Mu Chongyan call him. “Huh? Chongyan, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing. Continue on with your thinking.” Mu Chongyan gently smoothed away a piece of hair on Bai Rong’s head that stuck out before continuing the introductions, “That’s Lu Kun and Lu Ya. They’re brothers. The one at the sidemost is Bai Ku, he’s Rongrong’s younger brother.”

“Alright, I got it.”

“Alright, I got it.”

The two responded in unison, and bowed their heads again. Na Erya cast a furtive glance at Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong before hurriedly going to help Bo Ke gather the beasts.


He didn’t know if the benefactor called Mu Chongyan acted intentionally, making his relationship with Bai Rong very apparent. However, he didn’t really have any thoughts, just feeling a little bit of envy…

After struggling to put away eleven thunder wolf beasts in the spatial button, the remaining wolf king was tied to the roof of the car by Mu Chongyan before he let everyone get on the car and drove back to the safe zone.

After returning to the safe zone, Bai Rong first went to the task hall of the Mercenary Guild to pick up some tasks. After turning in 20 thunder wolf beasts, he earned a total of 3,200 ash coins!

Among them, the wolf king was the most valuable, valuing about two hundred and five ash coins!

Two thousand ash coins were deposited as a car loan fund, and the remaining 1,200 were divided into 90-10 before Bai Rong carefully stored it away.

Seeing that Bai Rong looked a little absent-minded, Mu Chongyan turned his head to cast Bai Rong a look while driving, “Rong Rong…still thinking about the rune on the weapon?”

“Ah…Yeah.” Bai Rong was blank at first before nodding.

He was curious… curious about the principle of this rune weapon…

“Since Rongrong wants to know, let’s put aside the tasks for tomorrow and go to the weapon shop or the weapon maker to learn more, what do you think?”

“Can we?” Bai Rong raised his head, his eyes gleaming, “The weapon making skills here are kept confidential, aren’t they?”

“No.” Na Erya interjected cautiously behind him, “Weapons makers would also look for apprentices. Although they would be very strict, if you pay enough ash coins, or hold a special friendship with the makers, they’ll accept you as a friendly apprentice or tell you something about weapon making.”

“That’s great!” Bai Rong immediately felt at ease, revealing a joyful smile. He turned his head to Mu Chongyan and curved his eyes.


His Chongyan was simply like his considerate little padded jacket! Super virtuous!!!

As for what had happened yesterday, he decided to forgive his wife for it!

After returning to their home, Mu Chongyan arranged for the two of them to stay in the living room and asked them to clean and treat their wounds. After that, he took Bai Rong to the courtyard and continued to train him.

After a “painful” training session, Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s muscles in routine fashion, then took out two nutritional doses.

After Bai Rong had downed the nutrients, he regained his energy, and went back to the bedroom to fetch a change of clothes. He then went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Lu Kun and the others gradually got up. Lu Ya went to cook a pot of soup with vegetables and meat, and the gang had their meal harmoniously.

As for Bo Ke and Na Erya, the two had fallen asleep quickly due to the anesthetic doses in their medicine.

After taking a bath, Bai Rong decisively slipped into Mu Chongyan’s room while Mu Chongyan was about to take a bath. He sneaked into the covers of his bed and in order to hide himself even more, he deliberately didn’t take his pillow, laying straight on the bed.

Hmph, he might have failed yesterday, but today he was determined to “help” Mu Chongyan!

It didn’t matter if it was for the sake of growing taller, or for keeping his dignity as a tough guy!

After Mu Chongyan came back from his bath, he found a not-so-obvious bulge on his bed in the shape of a long strip, and immediately figured out what the thing underneath was.

Walking over with a smile, Mu Chongyan gently lifted the quilt and dug out the sweet and fragrant “Little Sweet Cake filling”.


“Was Rongrong waiting for me here?”

Not expecting to be discovered so quickly. Bai Rong was taken aback. A trace of determination then flashed across his face. He clenched his fist and tensed his face, suddenly turning over and throwing himself in Mu Chongyan’s arms, he smothered his head down and ploughed under his clothes.

Mu Chongyan’s chest immediately formed a bulge and Bai Rong’s warm breath blew on Mu Chongyan’s chest. Bai Rong raised his head slightly and blinked his luminous eyes. Raising the corners of his soft lips, he revealed a soft and fair dimple, preciously saying, “Chongyan…I’ll help you today…”

“!!!” Mu Chongyan’s throat turned parched. Looking at Little Sweet Cake’s red cheeks inadvertently rubbing against his chest, the smooth and soft sensation made his whole person turn taut. A fluttering numbness instantly rushed from his chest all over his body, and a stream of heat started to scuttle forth, rushing down the lower half of his body…

Mu Chongyan’s arm subconsciously held Bai Rong tighter, locking the person in his arms. He then gently kissed him on his cheeks, tip of the nose, and eyes, and finally, he rubbed his lips against Bai Rong’s soft ones slightly, lingering…

“Rongrong…you…don’t need to help me.”

“No…I, I must help you!” The dizzy Bai Rong blinked his eyes before raising his head staunchly and aggressively taking Mu Chongyan’s lips. He licked and he bit, burying himself deeper in Mu Chongyan’s arms.

“I said I’ll help you…and you can’t refuse!”

Otherwise, he won’t grow taller! He couldn’t let that happen!!!

“No…” Seeing that his beloved Little Sweet Cake was rubbing himself in his arms, licking, biting and even softly asking to help himself, even if he truly was Liu Xiahui1Liu Xiahui – a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character., Mu Chongyan wasn’t able to control himself. Moreover, in front of the person he loved, there was no way he could ever be like Liu Xiahui.

Feeling his lower body reacting more and more, Mu Chongyan struggled to keep his mind calm, hugging the soft person in his arms. He fiercely gave Bai Rong’s lips a kiss, his voice low and hoarse.

“Be good…Don’t make trouble.”

“I’m not making trouble!” Bai Rong felt very unreluctant, “Why don’t you let me help you…”

Because I’m afraid I can’t control myself.

The color of Mu Chongyan’s eyes darkened slightly, watching his Little Sweet Cake provoke him without restraint. His palm suddenly pressed Bai Rong’s waist and kneaded it gently.

It seems that he was too gentle with his Little Sweet Cake, which led to him provoking himself wantonly without thinking about the consequences.

“If Rongrong wants to help me… it’s not impossible.” Mu Chongyan lowered his head slightly, and bit Bai Rong’s ear. “As long as Rongrong also agrees to let me help you, otherwise… No matter how much you tempt me, it won’t work…”

Bai Rong was stupefied, his cheeks turning scarlet red. His body turned putty in Mu Chongyan’s hands and his heart beat extremely fast. His whole body felt numb. Feeling flustered and afraid, he quickly grabbed Mu Chongyan’s hand that was placed on his waist.

But just as the words of refusal arrived upon his lips, the thought of growing taller beat it down and he grievously swallowed his refusal.

“I…” Bai Rong’s cheeks were hot, and the corners of his reddish eyes glowed with a faint mist. He stared at Mu Chongyan before turning his head to the side, and whispered, “I’ll think about it…”

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