Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 100.1 Dearie (1)

After entering the villa, Mu Chongyan took Xia Qingshu and Bai Rong to the study on the third floor. The others sat in the living room on the first floor, forming a circle and looking at Ze La’er.

Ze La’er couldn’t help but feel goosebumps from being stared at, “Wh-…What are you planning to do? My teacher is here with me. He won’t let you do anything to me unscrupulously!”

Even if the person his teacher doted on the most was no longer him….

Thinking of this, a hint of sorrow and jealousy welled up in Ze La’er’s heart and his chest felt even more stifled. He raised his head and looked angrily at the people surrounding him.

“Does your Tough Guy Mercenary Group always treat guests this way? Are you not even going to pour tea for your guest?!”


Lu Ya silently poured tea on the side and pushed it forward to him. However, he didn’t do it out of fear, he just didn’t want this second prince to spread rumors outside that their Tough Guy Mercenary Group were a bunch of savages.

“So the second prince is someone like you.”

“What did you say?” Ze La’er stood up and glared at Lu Ya, “What do you mean by your words?”

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Eyvnbkdt Hl Ny’la awd sqq okvbswv zssjkdt cynj, Nw Zy yde vbl svblap zssjle yv lynb svbla. “…..”

Rd vbl lde, Iwjw casjl vbl pkzldnl.

“He’s still Uncle Xia’s apprentice, so when he comes back later, let’s leave the door open…”



On the third floor upstairs, in the study.

Mu Chongyan took a teacup and placed it on the coffee table in the south of the study. He steeped some tea leaves he bought two days ago and placed them in front of the guest.

Bai Rong took a sip from the teacup, and his eyes lit up, sweet and soft little dimples appearing on his cheeks, “Chongyan, this is really delicious. Is it still being sold with a discount? If it is, we should stock up a few cans.”

“Drink more if it tastes good.” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed Bai Rong’s hair, “Even without a discount, let’s buy it.”

Although the original price was five thousand ash coins a can, it was not as if they couldn’t afford it.

“No, it’s not a bargain if it doesn’t have a discount.” Bai Rong shook his head before taking another sip, and curled his eyes contentedly. “One can is also enough to drink for a month or two. Perhaps I will get tired of it by then. Let’s talk about it when the time comes.”

Xia Qingshu also took a sip from the cup, the fresh and cold aroma immediately filled his mouth, but after swallowing, the aftertaste was a bit astringent. The tea also had a hint of the turbidity of old tea. Although It wasn’t obvious, it was impossible for him not to detect it after having drunk  countless good teas.

Xia Qingshu rubbed the tea cup, his eyes drooping slightly, and a touch of distress suddenly arose in his heart.

The tea leaves he had in his room were several times better than these, but because there was no one to accompany him to drink, they were often left untouched for a long time, yet his dearie and Rongrong couldn’t even afford to drink tea too frequently.

These two children were so young and without anyone’s help, they started working hard from the bottommost rank of this planet. They must’ve suffered a lot…

Though Xia Qingshu felt very sorry for Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong, one must know that the two talents had only been here for less than three months. If they were given another year and a half, they would have definitely been able to reach a higher status than what Xia Qinghsu currently had.


Moreover, having said that, Bai Rong’s current situation was actually much better than that of Xia Qingshu’s first three months on this planet. However, in Dad Xia’s heart, whatever they experienced would still make his heart clench in distress.

“If Rongrong likes to drink, I have a lot.” Xia Qingshu raised his eyes, smiled and said to Bai Rong, “I usually have no one to drink it with and I can’t finish it all by myself. If Rongrong doesn’t mind, would you like to enjoy them with me?”

“O-…Okay.” Bai Rong’s small face lit up, “Thank you Uncle Xia!”

The feeling of having an elder who showed him affection was really different. Uncle Xia showed him much more love than his parents ever did…

No, his parents only treated him as a task, as a test subject. They wouldn’t even necessarily meet him once a month so they can’t be compared at all…

Seeing Bai Rong immediately turn listless, Xia Qingshu thought that he had done something wrong, and quickly said, “Rongrong, what’s the matter? Was I being difficult?”

“…No.” Bai Rong hid his feelings and put on a sweet and well-behaved smile. He said affectionately. “Thank you Uncle Xia, I hope Uncle Xia can teach me a lot, I don’t know much about this yet.”

“Of course.” Looking at Bai Rong’s smiling face, Xia Qingshu felt his heart turn soft. That’s right. If he were to give birth to another child after dearie, it would be just like him. Rongrong perfectly fit the image of his ideal child.

No, he was even better than he could imagine. This child, from talent to appearance to personality, was too outstanding. Moreover, he was exceedingly adorable and lovely. He didn’t dare to think more.

He then sighed again. His dearie sure was great, actually snatching such a child to become his daughter-in-law…

But having said that, his dearie was also top-notch, so the two children getting together was nothing less than perfect……

“Rongrong is so smart, you’ll definitely learn it quickly but you don’t need to learn it deliberately. Drinking happily is more important than anything else.” Xia Qingshu looked at Bai Rong’s eyes with love and tenderness, making him blush.


Ahhh. His father-in-law was too gentle and easy to talk to. The difficulty and contempt he expected from the first meeting was completely absent!

What was said on the Internet was not accurate at all. Who says that father-in-laws are hostile towards their daughter(son)-in-laws!

Bai Rong was feeling all happy by himself, thinking that he had met the best father-in-law in the world, but he never would have imagined that the other party didn’t regard him as a son-in-law but a daughter-in-law….

Seeing Mu Chongyan come over with a tray of fruits again, Xia Qingshu said softly, “Dearie, don’t busy yourself anymore. Sit down.”

“…Okay.” Mu Chongyan sat down beside Bai Rong, feeling helpless.

When will his father stop calling him dearie?!!

The group of people sat down and sipped their tea in silence until Xia Qingshu put down the tea cup and broke the silence first.

“Dearie, when did you fall and how did you fall into this planet?”

“We…” Seeing Xia Qingshu’s heavy worry hidden underneath his calm facade, Mu Chongyan paused, and thoughtfully said, “When we were fighting with an organization, we accidentally entered a wormhole that suddenly appeared. After we got out of the wormhole, we were sucked in by this barren planet.”

The fact that he himself jumped down here was completely glossed over.

“An organization?!!!” Xia Qingshu’s eyes turned sharp, and his voice instantly became colder, “Is that organization related to He Erya?!”

Mu Chongyan’s face turned taut, and a certain guess flashed through his heart, his aura also becoming a lot colder, “….Yes.”


A look of ruthlessness flashed across Xia Qingshu’s face and dark waves could be seen in the depths of his eyes, his right hand clenching to form a fist.

His voice was clearly suppressing anger, “Dearie, tell me how your life has been these past few years, especially what happened after encountering that organization. You must speak in detail, and not hide anything, understood?”

Seeing his father’s firm, cold eyes that didn’t tolerate refusal, Mu Chongyan lowered his gaze and thought for a second before replying, “…Okay.”

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