Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 36.3

When the two of them brought Gu Gugu back to the house, everyone was preparing to make lunch. The moment they saw Gu Gugu, their eyes immediately lit up.

Xu Fangfang and Xia Qingqiao rushed over and tried to pet Gu Gugu, but Gu Gugu didn’t give them any face at all. It meowed proudly and hid in the hood of Gu Yanshu’s down jacket, unwilling to come out.

Gu Yanshu was taller than Xu Fangfang and Xia Qingqiao. The two of them tiptoed and stuck their heads there to take a look, but all Gu Gugu showed them was its tail.

The two of them were extremely curious and anxious.

Gu Yanshu put his hand on his hood and patted it. “Gu Gugu, come out and show yourself to these brothers and sisters.”



Gu Gugu refused to move.

Shen Jue poked it. “I’ll give you milk if you come out. If you don’t, I’ll send you back.”

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Cao Dan revealed a strange excitement, as though he was exclaiming, “We can dig a hole for them again!” He slapped his thigh and said, “Of course!”



“But it’s fine. Because you helped the farmers successfully, your previous loan was written off. You can take out a new loan now!”

Ha, they really couldn’t be happy at all.

Shen Jue knew that this would surely make things worse for their already poor “family” here. 

He rubbed Gu Gugu roughly. “Forget it, I’ll send you back.”


Gu Gugu jumped nimbly onto Gu Yanshu, and pretended to be pitiful.

Gu Yanshu caught it and looked at Shen Jue. “Why are you scaring it? Two of us men have hands and feet. Can’t we even afford to raise a cat?”

Shen Jue chuckled. “I can raise it. I can support the two of you alone.”

Gu Yanshu couldn’t be bothered with him. He lowered his head and stroked the cat.

Shen Jue also reached out to stroke the cat and said with a smile, “Of course we have to raise the kitten that we brought back ourselves. “Come, Gu Gugu, greet me and I’ll buy you canned food tonight.”

Gu Gugu: “Meow.”


Everyone burst out laughing. 

Xia Qingqiao felt that this scene was really too warm and he couldn’t help but sigh. “Teacher Shen, Brother Yanshu and the kitten look like a family of three.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the scene fell into a dead silence.

Gu Yanshu kept a straight face and didn’t say anything. The tips of his ears were a bit red.

Xu Fangfang, who was on the side, couldn’t wait to strangle Xia Qingqiao’s mouth that was spouting nonsense. It was a huge taboo to ship a couple in person. Why was this child so insensible?

Sheng Ping and Jie Shuang smiled without saying anything.

Xia Qingqiao scratched his head, not knowing what he said wrong again.

Shen Jue chuckled first, then touched Gu Gugu’s head. “That’s right. Aren’t we a family of three? Come, Gu Gugu, I’m your elder father. This is your younger father.”

Gu Yanshu, who already had a straight face, immediately blushed.

Was there something wrong with Shen Jue’s brain? How could he say such things casually? Was he afraid that others wouldn’t think that there was anything between the two of them? What happened to their agreement to not put up a couple act? What did he mean by flirting with him all day?

Gu Yanshu was about to be angered to death by Shen Jue. He was about to beat him up when his phone rang.

It was a call from Fang Yuan.


He could only put down the butcher’s knife in his mind first, as he went out and picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“Xiaoshu…” Fang Yuan wanted to say something but hesitated. After a slight pause, he finally said, “It seems like you got along well with Shen Jue on the mountains this time, right?”

It was probably not bad.

Gu Yanshu lowered his head and kicked the stones on the grass, as he mumbled, “Mm”. Then he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Just that… There’s something I don’t know if I should say.” Fang Yuan sounded a little hesitant again.

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